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Updated July 19, 2021 - 8:42 PM EDT
Israeli Spyware Used to Hack Activists Worldwide
  Israeli Companies Aided Saudi Spying Despite Khashoggi Killing
  How Pegasus Works and Why It's Hard to Protect Yourself From Hacks
US Denies Iran's Claim of Prisoner Swap Deal
  Iran Deputy FM: Nuclear Talks Restart August 9 Under New President
Pentagon Gains Two New Air Bases in Hungary
  Azerbaijan: NATO's Strategic Gateway to the Caucasus, Caspian
  US in First-Ever Patriot Surface-To-Air Missile Firing in Australia
US Denies Drone Strike on Militia Truck in Eastern Syria
Russia Offered US Use of Central Asia Bases for Afghan Intel
Yemen Claims Houthis Expelled From District in Maarib
Cubans 'Disappointed' Biden Won't Ease Sanctions
item War Lobby Believes Washington Should Represent Everyone Except Americans  by Doug Bandow
item Foreign Governments and NGOs Will Try to Exploit Moïse's Assassination  TruthOut
item Media Play Up Protests, Play Down Effect of US Embargo in Cuba  by Alan MacLeod
item Rotten at the Core: US Appeal of Assange Ruling  by Binoy Kampmark

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Gaza 2020: How Does Palestinian Territory Compare Globally?
Before Nakba: Images Show Palestine Then and Now
Saudi Commentators Go Public in Criticizing UAE Role in Yemen
Iraqi Army, Peshmerga to Form Two Joint Brigades
Israeli Spyware vs. the World
50,000 Phone Numbers Worldwide on List Linked to Israeli Spyware
Murdered Journalist's Number Selected by Mexican NSO Client
Viktor Orban Using NSO Spyware in Assault on Media, Data Suggests
Forensic Methodology Report: How to Catch NSO Group's Pegasus
Morocco: Attempts to Spy on 10,000 Phones
Snoop List Has 40 Indian Journalists, Forensic Tests Confirm Presence of Pegasus Spyware on Some
Azerbaijan Suspected of Spying on Reporters, Activists by Using Software to Access Phones
Vietnam Buys Israeli Spyware to Repress Opposition
Financial Times Editor Among 180 Journalists Identified by Clients of Spyware Firm
Bennett's Shift on Jewish Prayer on the Temple Mount May Be a Game Changer
Israel Quietly Letting Jews Pray on Temple Mount, in Break With Status Quo
Lapid Requests Delay in Contentious Demolition of West Bank Bedouin Village
Dozens Injured as Israeli Forces and Settlers Break Into Al-Aqsa Mosque
After War With Israel, a Grieving Gaza Marks Eid Al-Adha Holiday
IDF Razes Over 50 Palestinian Structures During US Envoy Amr's Visit
Palestinian Authority Covering Up Nizar Banat's Death, Family Says
Parents, Infant Child Injured Amid Clashes Near Jerusalem's Damascus Gate
Palestinians Condemn 'Raiding' of Al-Aqsa by Israeli Forces
PM: Tisha B'Av Pilgrimages to Temple Mount to Continue as Planned
Israeli Forces Arrested 5,426 Palestinians in 2021
Syria-Based Breakaway Palestinian Faction Elects New Leader
Israel/Palestine & the World
US-Israel Fund to Invest $6 Million in Six New Joint Projects
US Envoy: PA Is in Unprecedented Legitimacy Crisis
Jordan, Egypt, Turkey All Condemn Jewish Visits to Temple Mount on Tisha B'Av Holiday
Republican Senators Introduce Bill to Sanction Iran's Khamenei and Raisi
One Killed in Iran's Khuzestan Water Crisis Protests
Iranians Desperate for Vaccines Flock to Armenia Amid Surge in Cases
Saudi Arabia/UAE
OPEC+ Agrees Oil Supply Boost After UAE Wins Argument With Saudi Arabia
UAE Political Prisoner Has Been in Solitary Confinement for Years
Small Number of Pilgrims Arrive in Mecca for Second Pandemic Hajj
Saudi Arabia: Controversial Reform Allows Businesses to Stay Open During Prayers
Iraq Daily Roundup: 17 Killed
Police Arrest Armed Men Who Participated in Retaliatory Attack Against Baghdad Hospital
Syria Govt Shelling Kills Five in Rebel-Held Idlib: Monitor
China's FM Opposes Any Attempt to Seek Regime Change in Syria
Syria: Assad Sworn in for Fourth Term After Controversial Re-Election
Syria's Assad Says Funds Frozen in Lebanese Banks Biggest Impediment to Investment
Turkey Condemns EU Court Ruling on Hijab Ban as Violation of Freedoms
Environmental Disasters a New Test for Struggling Erdogan
Turkish Opposition Leader Vows to Return Syrian Refugees, Restore Ties With Assad Regime
Middle East
Western Governments Chided at Arms Conference for 'Enabling' Arab Regimes to Spy on Citizens
Jordan's King Abdullah to Meet Joe Biden in Washington
Lebanon's Army Chief Says Situation Worsening, Urges Need for Chaos Prevention
Swedish Diplomat Hans Grundberg to Lead UN Yemen Peace Talks
UK Reaffirms Backing for Guaido as Venezuela President Ahead of $1 Billion Gold Case
Ally of Venezuela's Guaido Takes Refuge in Chile Diplomatic Residence
'The Government Is Losing Ground' Residents Say as Gangs Take Territory in Venezuela's Capital
Taliban Leader 'Favors Political Settlement' to Afghan Conflict
Afghans Will Never Allow Taliban to Achieve Its Goals: Acting DM
Afghan Rivals Agree to Meet Again After Inconclusive Doha Talks
Afghan Forces Retake District in Parwan
US Envoy Khalilzad: No Military Solution to Conflict in Afghanistan
President Ghani's Bold Stance on Pakistan Sparks Reactions
Protests Held in Kabul Over Kidnapping of Afghan Ambassador's Daughter in Pakistan
Afghanistan Withdraws Ambassador, Diplomats From Islamabad After Kidnapping
Second China Spy Ship to Watch US-Australia War Training
China Says It Conducted a Successful Suborbital Test of a Reusable Spaceplane
American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong Shows 'Long-Term Commitment' to City With Purchase of New Office
China's E-Yuan Like 'A Double-Edged Sword', and Mishandling It Carries Considerable Financial Risks
Daughter of Afghan Envoy Kidnapped and Injured in Pakistan

Chinese Investigators Visit Site of Pakistan Bus Blast

South Korea
'Historical Distortions' Test South Korea's Commitment to Free Speech
IOC Makes South Korea Remove Provocative Banners From Olympic Village
Nepal's New PM Wins Confidence Vote Amid Coronavirus Crisis
British Highlanders Heading to Ukraine for Training Exercise
Invisible Wounds: France Faces Up to War Trauma
Armenian Court Upholds June Election Win for Acting PM's Party
Rights Group in Russia Shuts Down Amid Government Crackdown
Kosovo Repatriates 11 of Its Citizens From Syria
North Macedonia Repatriates Four ISIS Fighters and Their Families
Britains' BAE to Provide Stealth Tech to Norwegian Defense Firm
Turkey's Erdogan to Visit Northern Cyprus Amid Tensions With EU
Egypt Releases Activists, Journalist After US Expresses Concerns Over Detentions
Activist Esraa Abdel Fattah Freed After Nearly Two Years Without Trial
Algeria Recalls Envoy to Morocco in Row Over Western Sahara
Algeria, Morocco Intensify Crackdown on Journalists
Another Algerian Journalist Given Jail Term: Rights Groups
Ethiopia's Tigray War Spills Into Neighboring Regions
'We Lost Everything': Despair Grows in South Africa After Unrest
Three Chinese, Two Mauritanians Kidnapped in Mali
Comedian Killed as Rocket Falls in Front Benghazi Bank
Tunisia Puts Military on Vaccination Duty as Cases Soar
Nigeria Separatist Snatched From Kenya: Lawyers
Sudan Inflation Soars Above 400% as Discontent Grows
Haiti President's Assassination Exposes Shady World of Colombian Mercenaries
Martine Moise, Widow of Assassinated President, Returns to Haiti
Core Group Urges Haiti's Designated PM to Form a Government
Cuban Government Holds Mass Rally in Havana After Protests
Cuba's President Slams Social Media 'Hatred' After Protests
Protestors Paint 'Cuba Libre' on Street in Front of the Cuban Embassy in DC
US Military
US Ground Forces Test Long-Range Rocket Launcher in Drill With Japan
How a Former Afghan Interpreter Became a US Army Officer
National Guard Two Weeks From Collapse - Stalling Promotions, Gutting Training, Canceling Drills, Leaders Warn
In Wake of Ship Collisions, Navy Revamps Surface Officer Training in San Diego
Colombia's 'Ghost Towns' Threatened by New Wave of Violence
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The War Lobby Believes Washington Should Represent Everyone Except Americans

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A Deranged Cult and Our Warped Foreign Policy

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New Triangular Axis in Greater Middle East: Turkey, Israel, and Azerbaijan

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Spare Us an Afghan Threequel, Joe: Don't Get Pulled Back In!

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Another Failed 20-Year War: America vs. Somalia

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Despite Pushing Them Together, the US Is Unhappy With Closer Russia-China Ties

David R. Henderson
Chuck Yeager on War Crimes

Justin Raimondo
The FBI vs.

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