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Updated July 22, 2021 - 8:47 PM EDT
Senator Wants Oklahoma To Ban Ben & Jerry's
  Israeli President Calls Boycotts of Israel a 'New Kind of Terrorism'
  Israel Screams for Ice Cream: The Madness of a Toxic Relationship
Israelis Strike Syrian Town in 2nd Attack of Week
  US Airstrike Hits House in NE Syria, Killing Three
US: Russia Is 'Increasing Aggression' in Black Sea
  US Airborne Troops Arrive for Multinational NATO Exercise in Georgia
Deputy US Secretary of State To Visit China
Gen. Milley: Taliban Has Almost Half of Afghan Districts
Senate Republicans Want To Hike Military Budget by $25B
Bennett Imposes 'De Facto Freeze' on Settlement Expansion
item Israel Screams for Ice Cream: The Minutiae and Madness of a Toxic Relationship  by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item Faux Populists Shill for Permanent War State  by Connor Freeman
item Why Isn't Israel Held Accountable for Spying on Journalists?  by Ali Abunimah
item If Biden Can't Stand Up to Saudi Arabia, Then Congress Should  by William Hartung
item The Graveyard of Empires  by Eric Margolis
item A Reluctant Case Against Intervening in Haiti  by Matt Purple

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US, Germany Seal Deal on Contentious Russian Pipeline
US Extends Travel Curbs at Canada, Mexico Land Borders Through Aug. 21
The First 2,500 Afghans Evacuated. What About the Rest?
Israel Forces Food To Rot in Gaza
New Self-Defense Militia Appears in Chiapas, Mexico to Fight Organized Crime
Ben & Jerry and Freedom
Ben & Jerry's: Israeli President Accuses Ice Cream Company of 'New Kind of Terrorism'
US States' Fully Baked Anti-BDS Laws Could Put the Freeze on Ben & Jerry's
Interior Minister: Israel Drumming Up US Grassroots Boycott of Ben & Jerry's
Israel-Backed App Urges 'Troll Army' to Criticize Ben & Jerry's
Australian Kosher Authority Delists Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Over West Bank Ban
China/Taiwan/Hong Kong
US Hackers Attacked Thousands of Servers in China, News Report Claims
US Senators Introduce Legislation to Strengthen Defense Ties With Taiwan
China Accuses US, Japan of Ganging Up on Them, Creating 'Anti-China Encirclement'
'Gross Interference': China Hits Back at Japan's Defense Take on Taiwan
Four Apple Daily Staff Due in Hong Kong Court on National Security Charges
Hong Kong Police Arrest Former Apple Daily Top Editor
China Appoints Afghanistan Special Envoy as It Prepares to Play Greater Role After US Troop Withdrawal
Number of Private Military Contractors in Afghanistan Drops as Biden Pushes Withdrawal Plan
Russian Envoy: Taliban Ready for Political Settlement
Afghanistan Relatively Calm on Second Day of Eid
US Details Plans to Evacuate Translators From Afghanistan
Taliban Demanding Funds, Recruiting in Balkh: Officials
US, Japan, South Korea Send Clear Message to North Korea: US Diplomat
Russia Working Closely With Post-Coup Myanmar on Military Supplies: Exporter
India, Russia Plan Extended-Range Brahmos Missile
Ukraine's President Finally Gets Date for White House Visit
Ukraine Fights Rearguard Action Against Nord Stream 2 After US and Germany Unveil Deal
How British Pro-Israel Groups Are Rewriting Middle East History Textbooks
UK Demands EU Renegotiate Post-Brexit Deal for Northern Ireland
UK Invests $2.7 Million in Unmanned Reconnaissance, Survey Systems
Russia to Reinforce Military Base in Tajikistan: Report
Russia Extends House Arrest of Kremlin Critic Navalny's Spokesperson

US Rejects Turkish Two-State Proposal for Cyprus

Cyprus Appeals to UN Security Council Over Varosha Reopening
France Calls Turkish-Cypriot Move on Ghost Town a 'Provocation'
Norway Scrambles Warplanes to Escort Russian Bombers
Greece Receives First Rafale Fighter Jet From France
Cuba: US Protest Narrative Paving Way for Military Incursion
US Weighs Sanctions on Cuban Officials Over Reaction to Protests: State Dept
Republicans Call for Criminal Tribunal for Human Rights Abuses in Cuba
Violence Flares in Haiti Ahead of Slain President's Funeral
Venezuela's Maduro Calls Vatican Letter a 'Compendium of Hatred'
Israeli Spyware vs. the World
Pegasus: How To Check for Spyware on Your Phone
Pegasus: Which Middle East and North Africa Figures Are on the Target List?
Reporters Without Borders Demands Israel Stop Exporting Spyware
Pegasus: France to Probe Reports Macron's Phone Number Targeted by Morocco
Morocco King Possible Target of Israeli Spyware
Morocco Denies Using Spyware to Target French Officials
Morocco Threatens Legal Action Over Spyware Allegations
Pegasus: From Its Own King to Algeria, the Infinite Reach of Morocco's Intelligence Services
Pegasus: Israeli Spyware 'Used to Capture Dubai's Princess Latifa'
Denying Mass Spying Claims, NSO Says It's Victim of 'An Orchestrated Campaign'
Pegasus Scandal Turns Spotlight on Israel's Controversial Military Tech Sector
Israel's National Security Council Looking Into NSO Spyware Allegations: Source
Bedouin Shepherds Used Palestinian Land With Permission. Israel Seized Their Tents Anyway
Palestinian City Councils, Organizations Call for Defunding Illegal Jewish Settlements
Far-Right Settler Youth Clash With Border Police at West Bank Outpost
Yair Netanyahu Apologises to Wexner Alumni Over 'Cult of Paedophiles' Claim
Israel/Palestine & the World
US Troops Land in Israel for In-Person Part of So-Far Virtual Air Defense Drill
Former Jerusalem Mayor Lobbies Biden Against Reopening Consulate for Palestinians
US Won't Reopen Consulate in Jerusalem Until Bennett Passes Budget
Iran, Terror Concerns Are Changing France's Ties With Israel, Say Visiting MPs
After Alleged Iranian Cyberattack, Israel's Water Authority Beefs Up Defenses
Violence Intensifies in Water-Crisis Protests in Iran's Khuzestan
Iran Says Police Officer Killed in Unrest Amid Water Protest
Biden Committed to Maintaining Turkey Sanctions Over S-400
Erdogan Vows Not to Deport Syrian Refugees
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Aramco Facing $50m Cyber Extortion Over Leaked Data
For the First Time, Saudi Women Stand Guard in Mecca During Haj
Middle East
Iraq Daily Roundup: Three Security Personnel Killed
Biden Calls Jordan King a Loyal Ally in 'Tough Neighborhood'
Lebanese MPs Accused of Beirut Blast 'Cover Up' Over Trial Move
EU Pushing for Greater Libya Influence With Military Mission
UN Migration Official: 20 Migrants Drown Off Libya's Coast
One Hundred Kidnapped Villagers Freed in Nigeria
Death Toll in South Africa Riots Rises to 276, Minister Says
Tunisia's President Orders Military to Take Over Virus Crisis Management
Tanzania's Chadema Party Says Leader Freeman Mbowe Arrested
Dozens Arrested in Fresh Colombia Protests: Police
Colombian Children Learn to Identify Landmines Buried During Country's Civil War
US Military
US Navy's Shipbuilding Plan Doesn't Meet Congress' Needs, Lawmakers Say
USAF Inks $950 Million Battle Management System Deal
To Afford Next-Gen Combat Aircraft, the US Air Force Will Make Cuts to ISR Inventory
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