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Updated August 3, 2021 - 9:27 PM EDT
Israel's DM Urges Action Against Iran 'Right Now'
  Iran Warns It Will Respond to Action Over Tanker Attack
US Continues To Step Up Airstrikes on Taliban
  Taliban Accused of Massacre in Afghan Border City
US Patriot Missile Experts Sent to Taiwan
  German Warship Heads for the South China Sea
  US Coast Guard Renegotiating Deal With China for Joint Enforcement
US Asks 24 Russian Diplomats To Leave by 9/3
National Guard Still Fighting in Middle East
Biden Administration Escalates Airstrikes in Somalia
ISIS Blamed After Attack on North Iraq Funeral Kills 13
item Washington's Bizarre and Dangerous Ukraine Obsession  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item The Drone Program Whistleblower Problem  by Laurie Calhoun
item Hypersonic Weapons To Counter China Creates a Collision Course to War  by Ethan Paul
item US Empire Finds a Friend in India  by Brett Kershaw
item The Same FBI, the Same Entrapment Scheme  by John Kiriakou
item Wrong Lessons From the Afghanistan Debacle and Defeat  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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Israel's Bennett Slams Netanyahu Government for Failed Policy on Iran
Defense Top Line 'Will Probably Go Up': Dems See GOP Boost as Path to a Deal
Haitians Investigating President's Death, Under Threat, Go Into Hiding
The War at Home
New Docs Show Pentagon Rubber-Stamping Police Requests for Military Gear
Some Veterans Exposed to Toxics From Burn Pits To Have Compensation Fast-Tracked by VA
House Panel Demands Another Investigation Into F-35 Pilot Breathing System Problems
Afghan Forces Battle Taliban for Control of Southern City
Afghan Official: Mortar Attack in Kandahar Kills Five People
Fighting in Helmand's Capital Lashkargah Continues for 5th Day
Clashes Ongoing in Herat City for 6th Day
Ghani Blames 'Abrupt' US Exit for Worsening Security
Russian and Uzbek Militaries Begin Joint Afghan Border Drills
Uzbek, Tajik Militaries Conduct Drills Close to Afghan Territory
US to Evacuate Journalists, Aid Workers From Afghanistan
US Expands Afghan Refugee Program Amid Escalating Violence
Sherman Talks Signal Firm US Support for Taiwan but 'No Blank Check'
India and China to Continue Dialogue Over Disputed Border
China Securities Watchdog Seeks Closer Cooperation With US
China Engages Mongolia in Flurry of Talks in Wake of US Envoy Wendy Sherman
China-Russia Military Drill Expected to Focus on Security in Central Asia
South Korea Says No Decision on Joint US Military Drills
South Korea Seeks to Improve Ties Despite North's Threat
North Korea Showed Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Launch in Brief Video, Report Says
Myanmar Shadow Government Condemns Army Ruler for Taking PM Role
US Dismisses Myanmar Election Plan, Urges ASEAN Pressure
Indian States Border Clash: Why Their Police Fired at Each Other, Killing Seven
Malaysia Deploys Riot Police as Opposition MPs Attempt March to Parliament
Belarus Olympic Sprinter Gets Poland Visa After Refusing to Be Sent Home
Belarus Sends Reporter to Prison Over Deleted Chat Messages
New Peace Envoy Gets Hostile Reception From Bosnian Serb Leaders
German-Italian Woman Charged With Spying for China
Israeli Supreme Court Tells Sheikh Jarrah Residents to 'Reach Agreement' With Settlers Trying to Displace Them
Israel 1967 War Interrupted Jordan Handover of Sheikh Jarrah to Palestinians, Says Court Filing
Sheikh Jarrah: Israeli Settler Shoots Palestinian in East Jerusalem Neighborhood
Testing Troops' Readiness, Israeli Military Launches Drill Along Lebanon Border
Israel Says EU Diplomat Should Not Attend Iran Inauguration
People in Gaza Suffer From Severe Power Shortage: Red Cross Study
Israeli Settler 'Shot at Palestinians Using Soldier's Rifle'
Israeli Soldiers Open Fire at Farmers and Fishermen in Gaza
Facing Religious Reforms in Israel, Some Haredim Now Call for Synagogue-State Separation
Israel's 2021/22 Budget Set for Parliament Battle After Cabinet Approval
IDF Shoots Arab Israeli Allegedly Trying to Break Through West Bank Barrier
Israeli Religious Affairs Minister Dismisses Women in Army Combat Roles as 'A Mistake'
UK Summons Iranian Ambassador Over Oil Tanker Attack
Iran, Saudi Arabia on the Edge of Rapprochement
Middle East
Iraq Daily Roundup: Nine Killed
Iraq Monthly Roundup: 133 Killed in July
David Haigh, Activist and Dubai Princess Ally, Hacked by NSO's Spyware
Armed Tribesmen Kill Senior Pro-Govt. Security Official in Yemen's Marib
Lebanon's Mikati Says He Hoped for Faster Pace Towards Government
Tunisia's Bar Association HQ 'Under Siege' as Security Forces Seek Arrest of Lawyer
Tunisia: MP Faycal Tebini Arrested Over 'Defamation on Social Media'
Several Killed in Djibouti as Communal Violence Erupts
At Least 30 Bodies Float Down River Between Ethiopia's Tigray and Sudan
Egypt: Prominent Blogger Attempts Suicide in Prison
South Sudan Swears in New Parliament Vowed Under Peace Deal
Nicaragua Party Lists Presidential Candidate Despite Arrests
EU Sanctions Eight Nicaraguan Officials Amid Wide-Reaching Crackdown
Mexico's Referendum on Trying Former Presidents Falls Short
Colombians Mourn After Deadly Protests as Amnesty Cites 'Unlawful Repression'
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Despite Pushing Them Together, the US Is Unhappy With Closer Russia-China Ties

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The FBI vs.

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