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Updated September 11, 2021 - 9:58 PM EDT
US Drone Strike Kills Innocent Aid Worker in Kabul
Israel Ready to Act Against Iran if World Doesn't

IAEA Equipment in Iran Damaged by Israeli Attack in June

1st Civilian Flight Since Withdrawal Leaves Kabul


Taliban Accuse US of Violating Doha Agreement by Keeping Sanctions


Hibatullah Akhundzada to Lead Taliban Govt

US Coast Guard Expands Presence in Indo-Pacific


Pentagon Researching Microbe Mining to Reduce Reliance on China

Arizona Divests From Ben & Jerry's Parent Company

In His Own Words: Assange Witness Explains Fabrications

item Happy 20th Anniversary. Guess What Your Gift Is? by Thomas Knapp
item How the FBI's War on Drugs Helped 9/11 Happen by Brian McGlinchey
item I Blew the Whistle on My Government After 9/11 but Fear It Did Not Matter by Thomas Drake
item Twilight of Liberty: 9/11's Legacy by Patrick Eddington
item How Can America Wake Up From Its Post-9/11 Nightmare? by Medea Benjamin & Nicolas J S Davies
item The 'No Second 9/11' Argument by Joshua Mawhorter

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Guantanamo Prison Lingers, a Legacy of 9/11

Shelling in Eastern Ukraine Wounds Troops and Civilians

Iran Launches Air Strikes on Kurdish Group in N. Iraq

France Upholds Guilty Verdict Against Assad's Uncle for Money Laundering

Palestine / Israel

Palestinians Warn of Uprising if Israel Seeks to Kill 'Beloved' Escapees

Israel Attacks Solidarity Protests for Escaped Palestinians

Israeli PM Meets Settler Heads, Said to Tell Them He Won't Freeze West Bank Construction

100 Palestinian Protesters Injured by Israeli Soldiers in West Bank: Medics

Including a Child, Israeli Army Injures Dozens of Palestinians in Hebron

Recently Released on Bail, Palestinian Prisoner, Gives Birth to Healthy Baby Boy

Calls for 'Friday of Rage' as Israel Bans Family Visits to Palestinian Prisoners

Israel Cancels All Visits to Palestinian Detainees in Its Prisons

Middle East / Northern Africa
Jordan Appeals Court Upholds Jail Sentence for Ex-Royal Aide on Sedition Charges
Lebanon Launches Cash Cards to Support Vulnerable Families
Morocco's Ruling Party Suffers Crushing Electoral Defeat to Liberal Rivals

Turkey Hits Out at Cyprus for Removing Schoolbook Praising Ataturk


Six Detained Syrian Refugees Will Not Be Deported From Lebanon, Says Security Agency

Displaced Syrians Return to Daraa Al-Balad as Siege Is Lifted


German FM Arrives in Libya to Reopen Country's Embassy

Libyan Interim PM Discusses Border Closure With Tunisian President

Libyan Parliament Speaker Says Election Plan Approved


Armed Groups Benefit From Poaching, Logging in DR Congo Reserve, Say NGOs

Ethiopia Says Tigrayan Forces Beaten in Afar, Tigrayans Say They Redeployed

Guinea Junta Tells Central Bank to Freeze Government Accounts

Sudan and Ethiopia Trade Accusations Over Weapons and Bodies as Tensions Mount

Nigeria Says It Seizes 14 Tons of Fertilizer Meant for Boko Haram Bombs

Nigerian Army Says High Profile Boko Haram Member Arrested


Iran Insists on 'Inclusive' Government in Afghanistan

Pakistan, Qatar Seek Unconditional Aid to Afghanistan

Taliban to Build Relations With All Countries, Except Israel

Taliban Closes Bank Accounts of Officials From Former Govt

Taliban Accused of Torturing Journalists for Covering Protests

Taliban Has Reportedly Banned Women's Sports in Afghanistan

China Extends $31m in Emergency Aid to Afghanistan

Afghanistan: Panjshir Residents Say Blocked Roads May Cause Starvation

Guerrilla Hero Massoud's Legacy Endures in Afghanistan

Australia Says 3,500 People Have Arrived From Afghanistan

India Approves $3 Billion Purchase of Military Transport Aircraft

How Indian Farmers' Protest Turned Into a Country-Wide Movement

Kashmir Villages Facing Submergence as India Plans Himalayan Dam

Chinese Ex-Diplomat Lashes Out at EU Envoy

Two Decades After 9/11, China Is More Concerned Than Ever About Afghanistan Post

Taiwan Commissions Homemade 'Carrier Killer' Warship

North / South Korea

Army Artillery Headquarters Moves From Washington to South Korea Permanently

Thinner Kim Steals Spotlight at North Korean Parade

Machines Not Missiles on Show at North Korea Anniversary Parade

Indonesia Orders Five C-130J Aircraft From Lockheed

Indonesia and Australia Agree to Boost Security Ties

The War at Home

US Marine Corps Acquires First MQ-9A 'Reaper'

Majority in New Poll Backs Manchin 'Pause' on $3.5 Trillion Spending Plan

The Pandemic Has Cost the Pentagon at Least $13.6B and Counting

Marine Recruit Dies at Parris Island -- the Second Death in Three Months


Lawyers at Paris 2015 Terror Attacks Trial Sharing Fees, Including Defense Team

Youths With Gun, Petrol Bombs Attack Police Near Paris

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