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Updated October 13, 2021 - 8:52 PM EDT
Israel: There's Non-Peaceful Ways To Deal With Iran
  Israel's FM Claims Iran Is 'Becoming a Nuclear Threshold State'
Yemen Military: 134 Houthis Killed Near Maarib
  Saudi Air Strikes in Yemen Are at a Six Month High
Taliban FM Seeks Good Relations With Nations
  Taliban to John Bolton: Afghanistan Not Threat to World
China 'Overly Optimistic' on Relations With the US
  French Finance Minister Issues Declaration of Independence – From US
  China Envoy Tells US: Drop 'James Bond' Theatrics, Work on Ties
US Mulls 'Full Range of Tools' to Respond to Ethiopia
Russia Says No Progress in Talks With US on Embassies
Facebook's Secret Blacklist of 'Dangerous' Groups & People
item Strategies To Cut the Military Budget: Realistic Options for an Unrealistic Govt  by Doug Bandow
item 9/11: The American Discovery of Tajikistan  by Franklin P. Huddle, Jr.
item Bellingcat Funded by US and UK Intel Contractors That Aided Extremists in Syria  by Kit Klarenberg
item Abandoning Yemen to War Criminals  by Daniel Larison
item My War on Terror, Up Close and Personal  by Andrea Mazzarino
item Murderous Fantasies: The US Intel Effort Against Assange  by Binoy Kampmark

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Amazon and Google Employees Demand Firms Cut Israeli Military Contracts
Harvard Moves Chinese Language Program From Beijing to Taipei
US To Open Canada Border Starting in Early November
Germany Not Yet Prepared to Recognize Taliban: Merkel
EU Announces $1.15bn Aid Package for Afghanistan
Taliban Permit Some Girls to Return to School
In Northern Afghanistan, Girls' Schools Working Despite Ban Elsewhere
Afghan FM Wants Good Ties, Needs More Time on Girls' Education
Kabul Girls Call for Schools To Reopen
Biden Discusses Afghanistan With G20 Leaders, Including Threat From ISIS-K
Qatar Diplomat Emphasizes Engagement With Taliban at Forum
Pakistan's Khan: 'Taliban of 2000' Might Return if No International Engagement
Fleeing Afghan Musicians Stuck in Limbo in Pakistan
'Are We Human?' Modi's Use of Antiterror Law Draws Scrutiny From India's Courts
Indian Troops Kill Five Suspected Rebels in Kashmir Gun Battles
Muslims Evicted in India's Assam
Biden Aide Says North Korea Should 'Refrain From Escalatory Actions': White House
Japan Ruling Party Seeks Defense Spending Boost
Taiwan Asks Australia to Support Regional Trade Bid
Ex-Myanmar President Says Army Tried to Force Him to Cede Power Hours Before Coup
Malaysia Hopes for ASEAN Consensus on Australian Nuclear Sub Pact
15 Women and Children Escape Boko Haram in Nigeria
Gunmen Abduct Three Catholic Seminarians in Nigeria's Northwest
Algeria to Reopen Maritime Links to France and Spain
Algerian Whistleblower Imprisoned After Spain Deportation
Libya Mass Graves Reveal 25 More Bodies
UN Slams 'Unnecessary and Disproportionate' Force Against Migrants in Libya
Two Soldiers Killed by Bomb in Burkina Faso's Southeast
Top UN Court Sides With Somalia in Sea Border Dispute With Kenya
Eswatini (Swaziland) Deploys Army to Quell Pro-Democracy School Protests
Independence Leader Says Wall Won't Stop Western Sahara Fight
Biden to Meet Kenya President as War Roils Nearby Ethiopia
ICC Hearing Opens for Central African Republic Rebel
Chile Declares State of Emergency Over Mapuche Conflict
Colombia Governor Says He Escaped Two Armed Attacks in 24 Hours
Cuban Government Denies Request for Civil Liberties Protest
Bennett Calls for 500,000 Jews From US, France to Migrate to Israel in Next Decade
Majority of Israelis Dismiss Likelihood of Peace With Palestinians: Survey
Dangerous Tomatoes: Gaza Farmers Decry Israeli Restrictions on Export of Lucrative Crop
Frustrated With US, but Reluctant to Fight, PA Envoy Looks Elsewhere for Help
Israel Demolishes Muslim Graveyards Near Al-Aqsa Mosque
Israeli PM Bennett Calls to Limit Ultra-Orthodox Political Influence, Drawing Haredi Ire
Israeli Minister Sees No Compromise on US Palestinian Mission in Jerusalem
Israel's Bennett to Travel to Russia Next Week to Meet Putin, With Iran on Agenda
Israel Signs Deal Doubling Water Supply to Parched Jordan
Former Mossad Chief Says Iran 'No Closer Than Before' to Obtaining Nukes
Iran Launches Large-Scale Air Defense Military Drill
Iran Arrests 10 for 'Spying for Foreign Intel Agencies'
Iran Halts Pumping Gas to Iraqi Power Plants
Iraq Daily Roundup: Two Killed
Iraq Elections 2021: Shia Parties Reject Results as Armed Group Threatens Violence
97 Women Win Seats in Iraqi Upcoming Parliament: Preliminary Results
Turkish Intelligence Helped Iraq Capture Islamic State Leader, Sources Say
Iraq Seeking 'Russian, French, or South Korean' Air Defense System
Saudi Arabia
Prominent Saudi Arabia Cleric Dies in Detention, Say Campaigners
Saudi Arabia Targets $100 Billion Yearly in Foreign Investment
Middle East
Turkey May Ask US To Reuse Money Paid for F-35s To
Buy F-16s
Beirut Blast Probe Suspended Again as Judge Issues Arrest Warrant
Kuwait Allows Women to Join Military in Combat Roles
Serbia's Leader Defends Right to Buy Weapons Where He Wants
Kosovo Court Detains Five Suspected Militants After Police Find Weapons Cache
Why Are the EU and UK Arguing Over Northern Ireland?
Russia Denounces Japan's Sovereignty Claim Over Disputed Islands
EU Vows to Uphold Ukraine's Energy Security at Summit
New Austrian Leader Under Fire in Parliament, Mocked as Kurz's Puppet
US Military
Hurt USS Connecticut Highlights Ship Repair Shortfalls at Key Guam Base
Marine Killed in California Dry Fire Training Exercise
Navy Recovers Remains of Five Sailors Killed in Helicopter Crash Off San Diego
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