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Updated November 21, 2021 - 9:49 PM EST
Senate Punts Defense Bill Until After Thanksgiving
  Lawmakers Question Biden's Military Operations in Syria
  Senators Make Bipartisan Push to Block Missile Sale to Saudis
Iran Slams US Sanctions for Election 'Influence'
  Iran Nuclear Deal Hanging by a Thread as Talks Set To Resume
US Official Gloats Over Giving China 'Heartburn'
  US Warns China After Standoff With Philippines in South China Sea
  US Backs Lithuania in Row With China Over Taiwan Office
NATO Presses Germany to Keep Hosting US Nukes
US Tells Taliban to 'Earn' the Release of Frozen Funds
Anne Applebaum Is Peddling a Democracy Trope No One Is Buying  by Daniel Larison
Coverup of Syria Massacre Shows Danger of Assange Extradition  by Caitlin Johnstone
item Supreme Court Should End 'State Secrets' Shield  by James Bovard
item After 20 Years of Failure,
Kill the TSA
 by J.D. Tuccille

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Belarus Crisis Grows Worse
by Ted Galen Carpenter
Russia Condemns US Lawmakers' Proposal on 'Nonrecognition' of Putin
UK: Hamas to Be Proscribed 'in Its Entirety' as a Terrorist Organization
How Tony Blair Courted Hamas Leader With Invite to London
Iraq Resistance: Ready to Expel US by Force by Year End
The War at Home
A Look at the Intimate Details Amazon Knows About Us
Facebook Demands LAPD Stop Making Fake Accounts to Spy on Suspects
As US Troops and Families Go Hungry, They Don't Trust the Pentagon for Help
US Diplomats Blast Biden Vaccine Mandate in Internal Cable
Oklahoma Guard's Vaccine Defiance Part of Long History of Disputes Over Guard Control
A Texas Man Conned the Air Force Into Buying Faulty Body Armor
More Than $500 Million for Cybersecurity Included in Sweeping House-Passed Package
US Army to Order Eight Prototype Stryker-Mounted Laser Weapons
Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Oracle to Bid on Pentagon's Next Multibillion-Dollar Cloud Contract
Thousands of Afghans Seek Temporary US Entry, Few Approved
US Treasury's Adeyemo, Qatari Leaders Discussed Afghanistan Humanitarian Needs
Key Aid Group Says Afghanistan's Most Pressing Need Is Cash
Putin Says Afghanistan Situation Requires 'Additional Measures'
Passport Requests Overwhelm Nangarhar Office
Abducted Afghan Psychiatrist Killed Despite Paid Ransom
Beijing in No Rush to Take Taiwan by Force, Say Chinese Government Advisers
US Pressed UAE to Halt Construction at Chinese Port Project Near Abu Dhabi
US and Taiwan to Hold Talks on Monday About Forging Closer Economic Ties
Australia Mocks 'Silly' China Criticism of Nuclear Subs
US Businesses in China Must Be Transparent, With More Restrictions in Place, Congressional Advisory Panel Says
ICC Halts Probe Into Duterte's 'War on Drugs' After Govt Request
Israel to Share Military Tech, Systems With Philippines
India's Modi Says Will Repeal Controversial Farm Laws
Families Bury Bodies of Kashmir Civilians, Shutdown in Protest
UN Sounds Alarm on Somalia's 'Rapidly Worsening' Drought
Saudi Arabia Reopens Embassy in Somalia
Uganda Police Kill Five Suspects Following Twin Attacks
Libyans Protest Against Haftar, Gadhafi Presidential Runs
Document Leak Shows Kabila Family, Associates Looted DR Congo Funds
Malawi Police Fire Teargas at Anti-Government Protesters
Polisario Chief Announces 'Escalation' in W. Sahara
French Military Convoy Blocked in Burkina Faso by Protesters
Octogenarian Egyptian Thinker Jailed for Saying Islam Spread by Conquest
UAE Rewards Israeli Firms That Supplied Arms for Gaza Massacre
Hamas Reacts With Fury as Britain Moves to Ban Group
Dozens of Palestinians Injured as Israeli Forces Raid East Jerusalem Neighborhood
Palestinians' Tires Slashed in Tense Jerusalem Neighborhood
Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian Teen in Jerusalem
Israel's Gantz Discusses Settler Violence With Top Brass, Calls for Soldiers to Intervene
Children Hold Vigil in Gaza to Demand Release of Palestinian Minors in Israeli Prisons
IDF Returns Wrong Body to Family of Alleged Teen Palestinian Firebomber
Christmas in Bethlehem: Gilded Treasures, but Few Tourists
Israel: Security Forces Embarrassed at Housekeeper Who Tried to Spy for Iran
Iraq Daily Roundup: 17 Killed
Sadr Says He Is Dissolving Armed Faction Loyal to Him
Iraq Churches Rebuilt After Jihadist Destruction
UN Condemns Seizure of Closed US Embassy in Yemen by Rebels
Former Guantanamo Detainee Disappeared After Return to Yemen, Family Says
Middle East
Two Children Killed by Landmine Blast in Palmyra
Syrian Singer Omar Souleyman Released From Turkish Custody
Thousands Protest in Iran's Isfahan to Demand Revival of River
Ukraine Must Have 2,500 Km Border Fence With Belarus and Russia, Minister Says
Ukraine Summons Bulgarian Envoy Over President's Crimea Comments
Belarus & Neighbors
NATO Offers Further Help to Allies in Belarus Migrant Crisis: Stoltenberg
Lukashenko Says Troops May Have Helped Refugees Reach EU
Poland: Migrant Camps Along Belarus Border Have Emptied
Belarus Clears Migrant Camp, Easing Border Standoff With Poland
Poland-Belarus: One-Year Old Syrian Boy Latest to Die on Europe's Border
EU: Armenia, Azerbaijan Agree to Talks to Overcome Tensions
Macron Says France 'Will Not Yield' in Post-Brexit Fishing Row With UK
Poland, UK to Collaborate on New Air Defense System
Spain Faces Its Past in Mass Graves Bill. Will It Be Enough?
Hungary Opposition Leader Vows to Restore Western Alliances
Former Georgian President to End Hunger Strike After 50 Days
Ten Bodies Found Hanging From Overpass in Central Mexico as Cartels Battle for Territory
Colombian President Declares 'End' of Gulf Clan Cartel
Fujimori's Ex-Strongman Sentenced to 17 Years for Peru Kidnapping
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Ramzy Baroud
From Pegasus to Blue Wolf: How Israel's 'Security' Experiment in Palestine Became Global

Ted Snider
The Difference Between US and Chinese Foreign Policy in a Word

Daniel Larison
The GOP's Hawkish Conformism on China

Doug Bandow
Saudi Arabia Makes Fool of President Biden: Continues Yemen War and Domestic Repression

Ted Galen Carpenter
The Press as the War Machine's Ally

Scott Horton
Against Intervention and Regime Change: A Debate with Bill Kristol

Ray McGovern
NYT Gives Russia-Gate CPR – WSJ Pronounces It Dead

Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)
The Perils of Forgetting: Learn From the Afghan War or Repeat It!

Sheldon Richman
Afghanistan Aftermath: No Firings? No Resignations?

David R. Henderson
Remembering Hiroshima

Dave DeCamp
Despite Pushing Them Together, the US Is Unhappy With Closer Russia-China Ties

Justin Raimondo
The FBI vs.

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