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Updated November 27, 2021 - 7:54 PM EST
US: 'All Options' Over Alleged Russian Buildup
  Ukraine's PM Calls for 'Constant' NATO Presence in Black Sea
  US Sends Another Warship Into Black Sea
US Threatens to Ramp Up Pressure on Iran
  Ahead of Nuclear Deal Talks, Iran's FM Calls for US to Lift Sanctions
Ethiopia Warns US: Stop 'Spreading False Info' About War
  The West's Diplomats Meet in Secret to Help Ethiopia's TPLF
US Won't Engage With Marshall Islands on Nuke Damage
Captured by Israel, Palestinian Children Held Out in the Cold
item Ethiopia: The West's Diplomats Meet in Secret to Decide How to Help the TPLF  by Jeff Pearce
item Pompeo's Unlawful Activities Reflect Broader Culture of Impunity  by Daniel Larison
item The Taliban's Big Rebrand  by Bradley Devlin
item What War With Russia Over Ukraine Would Really Look Like  by Anatol Lieven

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Facebook Removes Palestinian Pages Covering News From Jerusalem
Coalition Warplanes Force Yemen's Fishermen Into the Shallows
Putin Gets Armenian and Azeri Leaders to Agree to Work on Defining Border
Outrage as Facebook Removes Palestinian Pages Covering News From Jerusalem
Israel's President to Light Hanukkah Menorah at Palestinian Mosque in Hebron
Killed by Israel's Negligence
Israel's IAI and Germany's MBDA To Collaborate on Ground-Based Air Defense Systems
Israel, Egypt Sign Memorandum to Increase Gas Supplies
Iraq Daily Roundup: 13 Killed
Two Planes Bring More Migrants Back to Iraq From Belarus
Syrians in Idlib Rue Adoption of Plummeting Turkish Lira
Syria Hopes for Return of European Tourists
Hezbollah Spent $10 Million on Iranian Fuel for Lebanese, Nasrallah Says
Protesters Storm Lebanese Ministry Building as Country's Currency Sinks to New Low
Turkish Opposition Member Says He Was Detained for 'Political Espionage'
Osman Kavala, Prisoner Embroiled in Turkey's Standoff With West
Turkey Explores $5 Billion Currency Swap With the UAE
Middle East
Jordanians Rally in Protest Against 'Water for Energy' Deal With Israel
Yemeni President Appoints Qatar Ambassador for First Time in Six Years
Libya Gunmen Attack Court, Stop Gadhafi Son's Candidate Appeal
'Point of No Return': Refugees in Libya Long for Safety
43 Killed in Clashes in Sudan's Restive Darfur: UN
Sudan's PM Hamdok Backed Military Takeover, Says General
UN Envoy: Sudan's New Deal Saved the Country From Civil War
Sudanese Politicians Detained in Coup Start Hunger Strike
French Army Convoy Blocked by Burkinabe Protesters Reaches Niger on Way to Mali
Morocco and Israel Could Hold Military Joint Military Drills Following Recent Security Pact
Ethiopia PM Pledges Victory in Video From Front Line
Nigeria Designates Gunmen in Troubled North as Terrorists
Egypt: Former MP Dies in Scorpion Prison After Five Years of Ban on Family Visits
Three Killed in Shooting at Feminist March in Mexico's Guaymas City
Solomon Islands
Solomon Islands Violence Recedes but Not Underlying Tension
Three Killed in Solomon Islands Unrest
Solomon Islands Officials Impose Curfew After Days of Unrest
Taiwan to Set Up Veterans Office in Washington, Tsai Ing-Wen Tells Visiting US Congress Group
Let the People Decide: China Says US Is Not the Only Judge of What Democracy Looks Like
US, China Tussle Over Honduras as It Weighs Taiwan Ties
How Does China Really View AUKUS? This Military Assessment May Offer a Clue
US, Taliban Delegations to Meet in Doha
Malnourished Afghan Children Flooding Hospitals: Doctors
Afghan Currency Value Continues to Drop
Afghan Girls Take Exams for Turkish-Run Schools in Kabul
Pakistan 'Welcomes' Second Round of US-Taliban Talks in Doha
Kabul Residents Urge Govt to Tackle Crime
US and Others Concerned About Myanmar Army Operations in Northwest
US, Six Other Nations Urge Tight Ban on Arms Sales to Myanmar
Japan Approves Record Extra Defense Budget
Kyrgyzstan Detains 15 in 'Coup Plot' Before Vote
Thailand Probes Amnesty International After Ultra-Royalist Complaint
Philippines to Receive First T129 Attack Helicopters From Turkey
Belarus & Neighbors
US Looking for War in Belarus: Lukashenko
'Go Through, Go,' Belarus' Lukashenko Tells Asylum Seekers Near EU Border
Lithuania Says It May Close Belarus Border Crossings Over Migrant Smuggling
French Fishermen Disrupt UK Trade Routes Over Fishing Licence Row
Martinique and Guadeloupe
France Says Several Police Injured During Unrest in Martinique and Guadeloupe
French State Official's Residence Attacked During Protests in Martinique
Colombia Protesters Faced 'Intentional' Police Violence: Amnesty International
Over 100 Colombia Protesters Suffered Eye Damage by Police in 2021 Marches
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