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Updated November 30, 2021 - 8:39 PM EST
Talks to Revive the Iran Nuclear Deal Resume
  Israel Urges World to Keep Pressure on Iran as Nuclear Talks Resume
  US Officials Say Israel Was Behind Recent Cyberattack in Iran
  Israel Claims Iran Will Enrich Weapons-Grade Uranium 'Soon'
Latvia Seeks US Army Presence to Counter Russia
  Russia's Spy Chief Says Ukraine Invasion Rumor Is US Propaganda
Saudis, Allies Pound Yemeni Capital of Sanaa
  Saudi Coalition Kills Over 90 Houthis in Maarib Airstrikes
SecDef Orders Inquiry Into Deadly US Airstrike on Syria
Are US Sanctions Worsening Afghan Humanitarian Crisis?
US To Upgrade Guam, Australia Bases To Confront China
item The Usual Suspects Are Trying To Foment a Crisis With Russia  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item By Declaring Hamas a Terrorist Group, Britain Deals a Blow to Peace Prospects  by David Hearst
item The Pentagon Doesn't Care About Civilian Casualties  by Stephen Zunes
item Dark Money Network Pushes Pro-UAE/Saudi Policies From New York  by Eli Clifton & Murtaza Hussain

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Senate GOP Blocks Defense Bill, Throwing It Into Limbo
1,000 National Guard Soldiers to Deploy to Africa as Mideast Wars Wind Down
Is US-China Struggle Behind Solomon Islands Riots – or 'Just Icing on the Cake'?
In West Bank, Israeli Settler Violence Against Palestinians Up Sharply
Israel Protests as UN Marks Partition Plan With Palestinian Solidarity Event
Israel's First Ambassador to Bahrain Arrives in Manama
Israeli Forces Prevent Palestinian Students From Reaching School in West Bank Village
Israeli Settlers Are Establishing Farms to Push Palestinians Off Their Land
Egypt and Qatar Reach 'Breakthrough' on Gaza Civil Servants Salaries
Rights Groups Petition Israel's Top Court Over Omicron Phone Tracking
On Palestine Day, UN Chief Says Situation in Palestine Is Challenge to International Peace
Iraq Daily Roundup: Four Killed
ISIS Claims Deadly Attack on Peshmerga Forces in Diyala
Probe in Drone Attack on Iraq PM Yet to Identify Attackers
Iraq Arrests 13 Infiltrators Along Its Border With Syria
Cash-Strapped Lebanon Wakes Up to Countrywide Roadblocks
Lebanon's President Discusses Gulf Crisis With Qatar's Emir
Turkey Jails Founder of Opposition Party Pending Trial
Erdogan Says Turkey Seeking to Mend Troubled Ties With Israel
Erdogan Says He Will Visit UAE in February
United Arab Emirates
UAE Eases Harsh Drug Laws, Relaxing Restrictions on Cannabis Chemicals
Britain and Israel to Sign 10-Year Trade and Defense Deal
UK Unveils 'Future Soldier' Military Modernization Plan
Belarus & Neighbors
Belarusian Leader Accuses Lithuania of Dumping Dead Migrants
Belarus Announces Military Drills With Russia Near Ukraine Border
Russia Warns the US Not to Interfere With Nord Stream 2
Russia Says Latest Zircon Hypersonic Missile Test Successful
Georgia's Ex-Leader Saakashvili Goes on Trial After Hunger Strike
US Military
US Navy and Marine Corps Train for Possible Fight With China in the Pacific
Pentagon's Military Presence Review Done, but Details Are Lacking
UAE Banned Ghani From Engaging in Afghan Politics, Says Taliban Official
World Bank Works to Redirect Frozen Funds to Afghanistan for Humanitarian Aid Only: Sources
Taliban Air Force Performs Exercises in Balkh Province
50% of Private Education Centers Closed Nationwide Since Takeover
Australian Prime Minister: Chinese Navy Has 'Every Right' to Operate in Our Exclusive Economic Zone
As US Hunts for Chinese Spies, University Scientists Warn of Backlash
India Using Cyber-Volunteers to Silence Critical Voices
Indian Parliament Votes to Repeal Farm Laws After Modi's U-Turn
Fiji Sends Troops to Solomon Islands as Hunger Fears Grow
Kyrgyzstan Opposition Cries Foul After Tense Election
Philippine Elections May 2022: Candidates to Succeed President Duterte
Mob Attacks Pakistan Police, Fails to Grab Blasphemy Suspect
Sri Lankan Troops Break Up Tamil Remembrance of Civil War Dead
Ethiopia Denies Attack on Sudan, Blames Rebels for Violence
Ethiopian Govt Forces in Control of Chifra: State Media
DR Congo
22 Die in Attack on DR Congo Displaced People's Camp
DR Congo Okays Joint Operation With Uganda Against Islamist Militia, Sources Say
Libya, UN Warn Intimidation Stopping Gadhafi Son's Appeal
Libyan Presidential Hopefuls Petition Against PM's Candidacy
French Kill Two as Army Convoy Runs Into Fresh Trouble in Niger
Suspected Militants Kill Soldiers in Burkina Faso's Desert North
Chad Pardons Members of Armed Groups Ahead of National Dialogue
Gunmen Free More Than 260 Inmates in Nigerian Jail Attack
Hossam Bahgat: Egyptian Rights Activist Found Guilty Over Tweet
Opposition Leads After 'Massive' Turnout in Honduras Election
Honduras Set for First Female President as Castro Holds Wide Lead
France Sends More Police, Extends Curfew in Restive Caribbean Territory
Ecuador's President Extends State of Emergency for Prisons
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