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Updated December 2, 2021 - 9:00 PM EST
Diplomats Make No Progress at Russia-US Talks
  Putin Wants Guarantees NATO Won't Expand East
  Russia Says Some US Diplomats Have to Leave in Retaliatory Move
  Blinken Threatens Sanctions Against Russia if It Invades Ukraine
Iran Says Israel Trying To 'Poison' Nuclear Talks
  Iran Begins Enriching Uranium With New Centrifuges
Saudi Lobbying 'Shut Down' UN Probe on Yemen
  Saudi Warplanes Attack Houthi Camp in Yemen's Capital
Ruling Imminent on US Appeal on Assange
US, China Preparing High-Level Military Talks
US Anti-ISIS Task Force Expands to Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon
item Biden' Democracy Summit – Dividing Instead of Uniting the World  by Edward Lozansky & Matthew Ehret
item Congress Needs to Investigate the Pentagon's Failure to Protect Civilians  by Sarah Yager & Leah Hebron
item Blinken Attacks China in African Speech  by Ted Snider
item What Happens When the Government Breaks Its Own Laws?  by Andrew P. Napolitano

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Rubio Blocks Quick Votes on Stalemated Defense Bill
Americans' Trust in Military Plummets to Less Than 50%
Action Delayed on Myanmar and Afghan Requests for UN Seats
Clashes Over Iran-Afghanistan's 'Border Misunderstanding' Ended
The War at Home
CIA Files Say Staffers Committed Sex Crimes Involving Children. They Weren't Prosecuted.
Federal Judge Temporarily Blocks Contractor Vaccine Mandate in Three States
Thousands of Sailors, Marines Remain Unvaccinated After Deadline
'Smells Like Gasoline:' Military Families in Hawaii Say They Are Being Sickened by Their Tap Water
USS Carl Vinson's Aircraft Sustained Two 'Class A' Mishaps Last Week
Doha Talks: US Insists Taliban to Deliver Promises
A Taliban Ban on Women in the Workforce Can Cost Economy $1 Billion
NATO Debates the Lessons of Mission Creep in Afghanistan
Taliban FM Meets 16 Foreign Envoys in Doha
Putin Calls for Release of Afghan Financial Assets
Taliban Govt Praises Return of Saudis to Consulate in Kabul
UN Pushes Cash Handouts to Avert Mass Poverty in Afghanistan
Stoking Divisions Under the Cover of Democracy Spells Disaster, China Says
China's Fujian Sparks Fears About Taiwan Tensions With Emergency Drill for Blackouts
China Urges US Business Groups to 'Speak Out' as Calls for Boycott of Beijing Winter Olympics Grow
New Zealand to Send Troops to Quell Unrest in Solomon Islands
US, South Korea to Write New War Plan to Counter North Korean Nukes, Missiles
Myanmar Army Helicopter Attacks 'Force Thousands to Flee'
Kazakhstan Air Force to Receive Turkish Anka Drones by 2023
Ethiopian Govt Says It Retook String of Towns From Tigray Forces
UN Chief Says Aid and Flights Resuming to Ethiopia's Tigray
What Next After Colombia's FARC Removed From US 'Terrorist' List?
Argentine Ex-President Macri Charged With Spying on Navy Sub Families
Houthis Say Three Killed by Saudi Shelling in Yemen
Yemen's Racehorses Battle Starvation as War Grinds On
Palestinian Journalists Told to Quit Job or Face Travel Bans by Israel
Hundreds of Settlers Invade Joseph's Tomb, Dozens of Palestinians Injured
Israeli Soldiers Raid Jordan Valley Community, Seize Vehicles
Israeli Settler Gets 20 Months in Jail for Throwing Stun Grenade at Palestinian Homes
Israeli President Visit to Hebron Overlooks Violent Settler Control
Israel Rights Groups Object to Intelligence Surveillance of Covid Carriers
Middle East
Iraq Monthly Roundup: 98 Killed During November
Turkey's Central Bank Sells Foreign Reserves to Stem Lira Crash
Belarus & Neighbors
EU Proposes Scaling Back Asylum Rights for Arrivals From Belarus
Lithuania Mulls State of Emergency on Polish Border to Stop Migrants
EU Plans to Sanction Belarus, Syrian Airlines Over Migrant Crisis
Germany's Incoming Foreign Minister Vows Tough China Stance
WWII Bomb Explosion Injures Several Near Munich Station, Halts Train Services
We Need Direct Talks With Russia to End War in Eastern Ukraine, Zelensky Says
30 British Universities Face Calls to Divest From Companies Complicit in Israeli Apartheid
French Special Forces to Trial Upgraded Zapata Flying Platform
Renewed Clashes in Houn Between Two Pro-Haftar Brigades
Libya's Upcoming Election Raises More Questions Than Answers
Landmine Explosion Kills Foreign Worker, Wounds Four Others in Libya
Libya: What's Next for Saif Al-Islam Gadhafi?
After Air Raids, Uganda Sends Troops Into DRC to Hunt ADF
Nigeria's Lagos State Rejects Findings of 'Massacre' of Protesters Last Year
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