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Updated January 12, 2022 - 8:30 PM EST
Kazakhstan: Russian Troops To Leave in 2 Days
French FM: Iran Nuclear Talks Still Far From Deal
  Iran: No Interim Nuclear Deal, Agreement Must Be Lasting
  PM: Israel in Largest Rearmament in Years, Eying Iran Strike
US-Russia Talk About Where Not To Put Missiles
  US Security Adviser Seeks Hawks' Advice on Russia
  Chief: NATO Prepared for New War in Europe Over Ukraine
UN Concerned Saudis Will Attack Yemen Aid Port
  Pro-UAE Forces Claim South Yemen Victory, Advance on Maarib
Israeli PM Expects War Soon in Either Gaza or Lebanon
Guantánamo 20 Years On: A Legacy of 'Injustice' and 'Abuse'
War Monitor: US Killed 600 Syrians in Airstrikes in 2017
item Why Is America Still in the Middle of the Korean Imbroglio?  by Doug Bandow
item Biden Should Pledge Never to Use Nuclear Weapons First  by Thomas Graham, Jr. & Jonathan Granoff
item UK Deployed 31 Nuclear Weapons During Falklands War  by Richard Norton-Taylor
item Antony Blinken and a Gun at Your Head  by Ted Snider
item Counting the Costs of Reckless Militarism  by Daniel Larison
item US Sanctions Are Causing a Humanitarian Disaster in Afghanistan  by Mathias Gjesdal Hammer

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Navy Cites 'Operator Error' in Hawaii Fuel Spill Linked to Families' Tainted Water
Navy to Comply With Emergency Order on Leaking Pearl Harbor Fuel Tanks
Israeli Firm Unveils Unmanned Drone Killer
Israeli Forces Arrest 16 Palestinians, Including Minor, While Razing Bedouin Village
Negev: Israeli Forces Destroy Sit-In Tents in Palestinian Villages, Carry Out Demolitions
Palestinian Bedouins in Negev Hold Strike Over Israeli Plan to Raze Land
Israeli Paramilitary Gangs Block Roads, Invade Village Near Nablus
Iraq Daily Roundup: Six Killed
Iraq Removed From EU List of High-Risk Money Laundering Countries
Lebanon's Currency Plummets Again Amid Financial Crisis and Political Deadlock
Hezbollah to Mark Execution of Prominent Saudi Shia Cleric Sheikh Nimr Al-Nimr
Egypt Agrees to 'Speed Up' Delivery of Gas to Lebanon
Middle East
Iran's Foreign Minister in Qatar for Talks After Visiting Oman
Cross-Border Syria Aid Gets 6-Month Extension Without New UN Vote
Efforts on to Free Indians on Board Ship Seized by Yemeni Houthis
Libya Struggles to Restore Oil Supply Despite End of Three-Week Militia Blockade
Wounded Refugees 'Separated From Children' in Tripoli Crackdown
'More Than a Dozen Killed' by Ethiopian Drone Attack in Tigray
Algeria Warns Neighboring Mali Against 'Long Transition'
Tunisian Press Syndicate Says State TV Bars Political Parties
South Africa Parliament Fire Suspect Charged With 'Terrorism'
Egypt Leader Criticizes Europe's Handling of Migrant Crisis
US Quietly Ditches Greece's Eastmed Pipeline Project to Ship Israeli Gas to Europe
Bulgaria's Surveillance Laws Breach Rights Convention: European Court
Ex-Special Envoy: Biden's Approach to Haiti a 'Recipe for Disaster'
Dozens of Cuban Protesters to Face Trial This Week, Relatives Say
Biden Administration Approves Five More Guantánamo Releases
First High-Value Guantánamo Detainee Cleared for Transfer
No Escape From Guantánamo for Former Detainees
Amnesty Urges Biden to Keep Promise to Close Guantánamo Bay
Cuba Slams 20 Years of US 'Occupation,' 'Abuses' at Guantánamo Bay, UN Calls for Closure
The War at Home
US Supreme Court Denies Appeal of Woman Who Joined ISIS
US Lawmakers Launch Bipartisan Caucus to Promote Abraham Accords
Raytheon Demonstrates Drone Swarm at DARPA Exercise
Army to Stage 'Realistic' Guerrilla War Exercise in Rural Carolinas
Augmented Reality Goggles Let Soldiers 'See' Outside Bradley
Pentagon Watchdog to Probe How Military Screens Applicants for Extremism
Muttaqi: Taliban Seeks Good Relations With World
Taliban Releases Prominent Afghan Professor From Custody
Resistance Front Proposed Transitional Govt to Taliban
Private Group Keeps Afghanistan Evacuations Flying Despite Ground Halt
Afghan Women Protest Over New Restrictions
Taliban Meet Fighter Ahmad Massoud Who Put Up Resistance in Last Afghan Holdout Panjshir
Former Electoral Official Goes Missing in Kabul
Acting Defense Minister Calls for Afghan Military Aircraft to Be Returned From Abroad
US Assisting 'Few Dozen' Citizens and Families to Depart Afghanistan: State Dept
US to Give Additional $308 Million in Humanitarian Aid to Afghanistan
One Child Killed, Six Wounded in Philippines Bus Bombing
Philippines Receives 15 New Armored Mortar Carriers From Israel
South Korea Begins Deployment of Unmanned Ground Vehicles
Taiwan to Set Up $1 Billion Credit Fund With Lithuania Amid China Spat
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Doug Bandow
North Korea Continues to Act Up: Why Is America Still in the Middle of the Korean Imbroglio?

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Counting the Costs of Reckless Militarism

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Antony Blinken and a Gun at Your Head

Ted Galen Carpenter
US Officials in Glass Houses Shouldn't Throw Stones

Ray McGovern
US-Russia Talk About Where Not To Place Missiles

Patrick J. Buchanan
Where Does NATO Enlargement End?

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As Israel Plots Endgame in Occupied Golan, Bennett Must Remember Lessons of the Past

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The Specter of World War III – Handiwork of Washington's Busy-Bodies and Hegemonists

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Joe Biden, Let's Not Go to War

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Against Intervention and Regime Change: A Debate with Bill Kristol

Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)
The Perils of Forgetting: Learn From the Afghan War or Repeat It!

David R. Henderson
Remembering Hiroshima

Dave DeCamp
Despite Pushing Them Together, the US Is Unhappy With Closer Russia-China Ties

Justin Raimondo
The FBI vs.

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