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Updated January 13, 2022 - 9:31 PM EST
US, Iran at Odds Over Rules for Sanctions Relief
  Ahead of Iran Deal Decision, White House to Focus on Blaming Trump
  House Republicans Urge Biden Administration to Stop Iran Talks
No Progress in Russia-NATO Talks, More Possible
  Senate Dems Introduce Bill That Would Sanction Russia Over Ukraine
  Baltic States in Talks to Increase NATO Troop Presence on Their Soil
Saudis Admit Hodeidah Missile Video Erroneous
  Yemen: Who Are the UAE-Backed Giants Brigades?
Taiwan OKs Extra $8.6 Billion Military Spending
  Japanese Warships Sail Near Chinese-Controlled Islands
US Reps Want To Keep Arabs From Normalizing Syria Ties
  German Troops Leaving Syria, Stay in Iraq Extended
item Deconstructing the Saudi Narrative on the War in Yemen  by Aisha Jumaan
item How to Eliminate the Threat of Nuclear War  by Bas Spliet
item China Has Been a Failure at Hegemony, So Let's Just Chill  by John Mueller
item Why Sanctions Don't Work  by Starté Butone
item Nuclear War Over Ukraine?  by Eric Margolis
item NATO Aggression Is Leading America to War  by Jacob Hornberger

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Pro-Israel Groups Urge US Senate to Approve $1 Billion Funding for Iron Dome
Indian, Chinese Army Commanders Discuss Border Impasse
After 16 Years in Gitmo, Will Hambali Get a Fair Trial?
Settlers Attack, Injure Palestinian Surveying Engineer Near Nablus
FM Lapid Calls to Halt Negev Tree Planting Amid Violent Protests, Coalition Trouble
Negev: Israel Says Will Negotiate With Bedouins Amid Land Seizure Threat
Israeli Forces Demolish House, Structures in Masafer Yatta Community
West Bank: Elderly Palestinian-American Dies After Violent Arrest by Israeli Forces
Israel Charges Five Israelis Over Alleged Contact With Iranian Agent
Israeli Military Issues Demolition Orders for Homes of Suspects in Deadly West Bank Shooting
Two Deminers Killed in Anti-Tank Mine Explosion in Yemen's Hodeidah
UN: $3.9 Billion Needed for Help in War-Torn Yemen
Hezbollah Hosts Conference in Beirut for Saudi Opposition
Austrian FM: EU Ready to Help Lebanon if Leaders Reform
US Assent Paves Way for South Korea to Compensate Iranian Investor Over Dispute
British Council Worker Freed From Iranian Prison, Back in UK
Aviation Body Accuses France of Sanctions Violation Over Mali Flight
Russia, China Block UN Support for ECOWAS Sanctions on Mali
Egypt Extends Detention of Three Al Jazeera Journalists Despite Health Concerns
Egyptian or Free: Political Prisoners Forced to Renounce Citizenship to Be Released
UN Western Sahara Envoy in Morocco Before Visiting Rival Algeria on First Regional Tour
Sahel Violence Threatens West African Coastal States
Separatist Rebels Say They Killed Cameroon Soldier in City Hosting Africa Cup of Nations Teams
Southern Africa Bloc SADC Extends Mozambique Mission
Algeria Reopens Consulate in Libyan Capital After Eight-Year Closure
Blockade Creates 'Hell' in Ethiopia's Tigray: WHO
Tunisia: Egyptian Intelligence Officer Plotting Crackdown on Ennahda Party
Burkinabe Soldiers Held Over Plot to 'Destabilize' Institutions
New US Report Dismisses Beijing's Claim to South China Sea 'Historical Rights'
US and EU Will Work Together to Confront China in the Aerospace Industry, Trade Official Says
China's Meetings With Middle East Ministers Sets the Scene for Beijing to Step Up in Region
China Steps Up Construction Along Disputed Bhutan Border, Satellite Images Show
Taliban Seeking Greater Role in Distribution of Foreign Aid
US Envoy Talks With Karzai, Abdullah on Afghan Issues
Public Universities to Reopen, Female Students Included: Afghan Minister
Two Taliban Force Members Injured in Kabul Blast
Women in Kabul Demand Govt Jobs, Representation
Afghan Officials Call on Intl Community to Resume Aid to Health Sector
North Korea
North Korea Claims Successful Test of Hypersonic Missile
US Hits North Korean Officials With Sanctions After Missile Test
Kazakhstan Detains Nearly 1,700 More People Over Unrest
Myanmar Junta Replaces Air Force Chief Amid Bombing Campaign: Sources
Thailand Approves $414 Million Budget for Fighter Jets Upgrade
Pakistan Court Orders Golf Course Shut in Rare Ruling Against Military
Slovak Government Approves Defense Treaty With US
US Looking to Help Ukraine if Russia Cuts Energy Supply
Liberals in EU Parliament Seek Inquiry Into Abuse of Israeli-Made Spyware
Lithuania Says State Railway Will Cease to Transport Belarus Potash
US Military
Judge Orders Man Convicted of Sexual Assault to Join Military or Go to Jail
Navy Helicopter Slams Into Woods During Emergency Landing in Virginia
Navy Should Be 'Offended' by Its Own Maintenance and Manning Faults, Admiral Says
Counter-Drone Market To Hit $6.5 Billion by 2031
Salvadoran Journalists' Phones Hacked With Spyware: Report
Colombia Says Consul in Haiti Threatened After Moise Killing
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