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Updated January 14, 2022 - 9:59 PM EST
White House Claims Russia Planning 'False Flag'
  Advisor Jake Sullivan: Chances Russia Invades Ukraine 'High'
  Russian Official Won't Rule Out Sending Military to Cuba, Venezuela
  Russian-Led Security Bloc Begins Withdrawal From Kazakhstan
Secret Memo on Bush-Blair Plans To Topple Iraq
  How Bush and Blair Plotted War in Iraq: Read the Secret Memo in Full
  Three Injured in Rocket Attack on US Embassy in Baghdad
House Dem Wants Biden War Powers for Taiwan
  US Piles on South China Sea Pressure With Carrier Strike Exercises
Bennett Tells Putin To Take Stance Against Iran
UN Chief Calls for US to Release Frozen Afghan Funds
Suicide Bombings Kill Three Along Syria-Turkey Border
item Peeking Past the Pall Put Over Arms Talks With Russia  by Ray McGovern
item Kazakhstan and the Limit of American Power  by Doug Bandow
item Obits for a South Korean Dictator Gloss Over US's Anti-Democratic Role  by Joshua Cho
item Russian Soldiers Need a Map  by Ted Snider
item Welcome to the New Cold War in Asia  by Michael Klare
item As Gitmo Turns 20, President Biden Must Find Political Will To Close It  by Andy Worthington

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Justice Department Creates Domestic Terrorism Unit
Dems Barely Block Cruz's Nord Stream 2 Sanctions Bill
CAIR Urges US Govt to Probe Group Accused of 'Spying' on Muslims
Report: Iran Launched Solid-Fuel Satellite Rocket Into Space
The War at Home
Special Forces Will Simulate an Insurgency on US Soil in Upcoming Unconventional Warfare Exercise
US Supreme Court Declines to Hear Case of Woman Who Joined ISIS
Marine Corps Grants Two Religious Exemptions for Covid-19 Vaccine, First for Any Service
Nearly 3,000 Unvaccinated Army Soldiers Reprimanded
Army Special Forces Soldier to Retire After Sexually Assaulting Translator in Thailand
Army Investigating National Guard's Federal Border Mission Amid Reports of Problems in Texas
Pentagon's Ghost Fleet Program Ends, Its Four Unmanned Ships Will Be Transferred to the Navy
Taliban Forces Ordered to Respect Privacy of Citizens
Nation Should Be Consulted on Durand Line Issue: Afghan Envoy
Cost for Afghan Refugees at Bases Reaches $688 Million, Pentagon Says
Rights of Afghan Women, Girls 'Under Attack': UN
Former Afghan Govt Officers in India Hold Demonstration
50% Factories Have Stop Functioning as Markets Drop
Pakistan Welcomes P5 Statement on Preventing Nuclear War
Pakistan Taliban Confirm Ex-Spokesman's Death in Afghanistan
North Korea Warns of 'Stronger' Action Following New US Sanctions
Concern in ASEAN Over Cambodia PM's Myanmar Visit, Malaysia Minister Says
Don't Drag Nord Stream 2 Into Conflict Over Ukraine, German Defense Minister Says
EU Extends Russia Sanctions Over Ukraine Peace Deal Failures
Sweden Boosts Patrols on Gotland Amid Russia Tensions
Latvia, Lithuania, Poland Rapped Over Belarus Border Methods
UK Tells Yemeni Asylum Seeker He Can Return Home Safely Despite War
Senior Syrian Intelligence Officer Convicted in Landmark Case in Germany
How Bush and Blair Plotted War in Iraq: Read the Secret Memo in Full
Iraq Daily Roundup: Two Killed
Three Injured in Rocket Attack on US Embassy in Baghdad
Iraq Court Suspends Re-Elected Parliament Speaker Halbousi
Gunmen Wound Sudanese Guards in Attack on Chinese Oil Firm Cars
US Calls for Investigation Into Death of Palestinian-American in West Bank
Thousands of Right-Wing Activists Rally in Jerusalem to 'Overthrow Evil Government'
Two Israeli Officers Killed in 'Friendly Fire' at West Bank Base
Israel Forces Palestinian to Demolish Own Shop in Jerusalem, Raids West Bank Cities
How Palestinian Christians Are Being Driven Out of Jerusalem
Israel to Demolish Under Construction Mosque in Jerusalem
Gaza Child Dies After West Bank Hospital Refuses to Receive Him
Negev Residents: Israel Is Trying to Steal More Palestinian Land
Israel's Crackdown on Palestinians in Negev Threatens Bedouins and Its Own Government
Israeli Forces Violently Suppress Palestinian Bedouin Protest in Naqab
Israel Extends Detention of Ill Palestinian Teen, Father Says
US to Allow Lebanon to Import Energy Through Syria
Large Explosion Reported in Hezbollah Storage Site in South Lebanon, Cause Unknown
Middle East
Russian Strikes in Syria Kill 11 ISIS Fighters: Monitor
Turkey to Begin Mass Production of Hurjet Light Attack Jet
Sudan Security Forces Fire Tear Gas at Anti-Coup Protesters
Sudan Says Senior Police Officer Killed During Protests
Mali Condemns 'Clear Breach' of Airspace by French Military Plane
Morocco Backs UN Talks on Western Sahara as New Envoy Visits
12 in Custody in Burkina Faso Over 'Destabilization' Plot
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Where Does NATO Enlargement End?

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As Israel Plots Endgame in Occupied Golan, Bennett Must Remember Lessons of the Past

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The Specter of World War III – Handiwork of Washington's Busy-Bodies and Hegemonists

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Joe Biden, Let's Not Go to War

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Remembering Hiroshima

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Despite Pushing Them Together, the US Is Unhappy With Closer Russia-China Ties

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The FBI vs.

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