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Updated January 15, 2022 - 9:59 PM EST
White House Claims Russia Planning 'False Flag'
  The CIA Has Been Training Ukrainian Paramilitaries to 'Kill Russians'
  Report: US Considers Backing Insurgency in Ukraine
  Russia Wants Response From US on NATO Expansion by Next Week
EU Official Sees 'Better Atmosphere' for Iran Talks
  Blinken Says Only a 'Few Weeks' Left to Revive Iran Deal
Secret Memo on Bush-Blair Plans To Topple Iraq
  How Bush and Blair Plotted War in Iraq: Read the Secret Memo in Full
item How Private Contractors Disguise the Real Costs of War  by William D. Hartung
item Germany's Chancellor Is (Rightly) Taking a Chance on Russia Reset  by Daniel Larison
item How a Palestinian Hunger Striker Forced Israeli Concession  by Ramzy Baroud
item The US Needs To Compromise Over Ukraine  by Brian Clark
item What War With Russia Would Look Like  by Scott Ritter
item The Strange Case of the Casino, the Senate Leader and the Defense Bill  by Mark Satter

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Russia Takes Down REvil Hacking Group at US Request: FSB Intel Service
The Navy Has No Idea What to Do With Its Littoral Combat Ships
Fedex Wants to Equip Airbus A321s With Anti-Missile Laser Countermeasures
North Korea
North Korea Warns of 'Stronger' Action Following New US Sanctions
North Korea Says It Test Launched Missiles From Train
Early Warning Systems Warned North Korea Missile Could Hit US
US Bill Would Block Defense Contractors From Using Chinese Rare Earths
Taiwan Seeks Additional Patriot Missiles From US
China Says Britain's Political Interference Claims Are 'Groundless'
Taiwan Adds Minelaying Ships to Defenses Against China
China Touts Support From Gulf States for Uyghur Treatment
UN Chief: Rules 'Must Be Suspended' for Funds to Reach Afghans
Young Girl Shot, Killed at Checkpoint in Kabul: Relatives
Afghan Women Despair Over Closed Public Universities
Taliban Denies Claims in HRW Report on Afghanistan
Moscow Offers to Facilitate Talks for Taliban
Ex-Japan PM Kaifu, Who Dispatched SDF to Persian Gulf, Dies at 91
Russia Holds Snap Combat Readiness Inspection of Far East Troops
Pakistan to Seek Peace, Economic Connectivity Under New Security Policy
Bomb Found at Delhi Flower Market
Philippines Agrees to Buy India Anti-Ship Missile System
Factbox: Five More Legal Cases Against Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi
Swedes Step Up Military Contingency Over Russian Activity
US Offers Ukraine Support Needed to Recover From Cyberattack
Netherlands Won't Send Diplomats to Beijing Olympics
Former Danish Defense Minister Charged With State Secret Leaks
US Approves Possible $88 Million Sale of Intelligence Equipment to France
New US Envoy Says 'Absolutely Won't' Visit Settlements, to Avoid Inflaming Tensions
Danger Rises for Gaza's Fishers
Settlers, Accompanied by Israeli Soldiers, Attack Palestine TV Crew
Israeli Occupation Forces Injure Six Palestinians in Kafr Qaddum
Palestinian Bedouins Remain Resilient After Week of Israeli Crackdowns in Negev
Shin Bet Probing Several Violent Incidents During Negev Riots as Potential 'Terror'
Israeli Soldiers Injure Dozens of Palestinians Near Nablus
Former Milwaukee Resident Found Dead After Detention by Israeli Soldiers. His Family Wants an Investigation
Iraq Daily Roundup: Two Killed
Explosion Hits Building of Iraq Parliament Speaker's Party, Two Wounded: Police
Iraqi Cleric's Push to Sideline Iran-Backed Factions Risks Clash
Turkey, Armenia Talk Normalizing Ties After Decades of Animosity
Turkey Launches First Intelligence-Gathering Ship Amid Eastern Mediterranean Tensions
Middle East
Human Rights Watch Criticizes Biden for Weak Defense of Human Rights in Middle East
Doctor, Nurse Shot Dead in Separate Eastern Syria Attacks
Police Crack Down on Protests Against President
Fleeing Tunisia Dictator Wanted to Turn Back: Recordings
At Least 108 Civilians Killed This Year in Tigray Airstrikes: UN
Crowds Protest Sanctions, Pressure, After Mali Vote Delay
Libya PM Denies Meeting With Mossad to Discuss Normalization
Morocco Sees 'Unprecedented Regression' in Freedoms: Rights Group
Vice President of DR Congo's Parliament Resigns Over 'Bullying, Humiliation'
Sudanese Forces Release Al-Araby TV Journalists Arrested Over Protest Coverage
Egyptian Elections Every Year?: Four Bizarre Sisi Moments at World Youth Forum
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Ramzy Baroud
The Real 'Doomsday Scenario': How Palestinian Hunger Striker, Abu Hawash Forced Israeli Concession

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Peeking Past the Pall Put Over Arms Talks With Russia

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Russian Soldiers Need a Map

Doug Bandow
North Korea Continues to Act Up: Why Is America Still in the Middle of the Korean Imbroglio?

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Counting the Costs of Reckless Militarism

Ted Galen Carpenter
US Officials in Glass Houses Shouldn't Throw Stones

Patrick J. Buchanan
Where Does NATO Enlargement End?

David Stockman
The Specter of World War III – Handiwork of Washington's Busy-Bodies and Hegemonists

Sheldon Richman
Joe Biden, Let's Not Go to War

Scott Horton
Against Intervention and Regime Change: A Debate with Bill Kristol

Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)
The Perils of Forgetting: Learn From the Afghan War or Repeat It!

David R. Henderson
Remembering Hiroshima

Dave DeCamp
Despite Pushing Them Together, the US Is Unhappy With Closer Russia-China Ties

Justin Raimondo
The FBI vs.

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