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Updated May 15, 2022 - 9:56 PM EDT
McConnell Expects Wed. Vote on $40B Ukraine Aid
  Sen. Rand Paul Blocks Vote on $40 Billion Ukraine Aid
  Lloyd Austin Speaks With Russian DM First Time Since Invasion
  US Army to Revamp Alaska Forces to Prepare for Arctic Conflicts

Turkey Could Block NATO for Finland, Sweden

  Finland Announces Plan To Join NATO
  Ukraine Accused of Deadly Cross-Border Attack in Russia
  Russian Official Says NATO Risking 'Full-Fledged' Nuclear War
French Envoy: Quick Fix to Save Iran Deal Unlikely
  Iraq FM: Iran Has Provided No Tangible Evidence To Justify Irbil Strike
Yemen's Ceasefire Yields Five Weeks Without Air Strikes
  Deal Reached to Allow Yemen's Sanaa Airport to Reopen
FBI Asked Israel for Pegasus Hacking Tool
Israel To Build Over 4,000 Settler Homes in the West Bank
item Washington Needs to Play Better With Others: Relearning the
Art of Diplomacy
 by Doug Bandow
item Why the White House Is Refusing to Restore Normal Relations With Iran  by Daniel Larison
item Don't Think About the Unthinkable  by William J. Astore
item NY Times Shifts Pro-War Narrative, Documents Failure of US in Ukraine  by John V. Walsh

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Europe Faces Gas Supply Disruption After Russia Imposes Sanctions
Conservative Journalists Plead With Biden to Avoid Nuclear War With Russia
Biden Pledges $150 Million to ASEAN With Eye on China
Russian Logistics Ship 'On Fire in Black Sea After Ukrainian Strike'
Over 560 Ukraine National Guard Soldiers Killed in War: Kyiv
Over Six Million Refugees Have Fled Ukraine Since Invasion Began
Ukraine Keeps Up Counterattack to North of Kharkiv, Britain Says
Ukraine Offers Prisoner Exchange at Mariupol Steel Plant
Truck-Mounted Brimstone Missile Launcher Emerges in Ukraine
Sanctions, Bans, Shortages
Ukraine Won't Restart Gas Flows to Europe Until It Has Control of Pipelines
More Oil From US Strategic Petroleum Reserve Heads to Europe
Russia Could Cut Gas Supplies to Finland on Friday
Europe Gas Spikes 22% as Germany Quarrels With Russia Over Supply
Putin: West's Russia Sanctions Triggering Global Economic Crisis
EU Plan Aims to Help Get Wheat From Ukraine to the World
Putin Says Large Russian Grain Harvest to Support Higher Exports
Italian PM Draghi Now Supports Ruble Payment Scheme for Russian Gas
Spain Finds Yacht and Other Assets of 15 Sanctioned Russian Oligarchs
The World & Ukraine/Russia
Czechs in Talks to Get German Tanks as They Send Theirs to Ukraine
Why Finland, Sweden Joining NATO Will Be Big Deal
Pentagon Says It Would Not Be Hard to Integrate Finland Into NATO
France 'Fully Supports' Finland's Choice to Join NATO: Elysee
UN Rights Council Approves Probe Into Alleged Russian Abuses
In Berlin, Ukraine's Kuleba Welcomes Changes in Germany's Position
North Macedonia: US Leads Exercise in NATO's Newest Member
Canada to Deploy a General and Staff to Latvia for New NATO Unit: PM Trudeau
G7 Foreign Ministers Meet to Discuss Ukraine War, Impacts
Blinken Heads to Europe for NATO, Trade Meetings
Greece to Extend Base Access Deal With US Military
Kosovo to Apply for Council of Europe Membership
UK Tells EU: Without Flexibility, We Will Act on Northern Ireland
Gen. Milley: US Capable of 'Strike Operations' in Afghanistan
'Nearly 50 Former Afghan Govt Officials Returned': Anas Haqqani
Taliban Tightens Gender Segregation Rules in Afghanistan's Herat
G7 Tell Taliban: Stop Restricting Women's Rights
EU's Niklasson in Kabul Confirms Continued Engagement
900,000 Afghans Lose Jobs Since Taliban Takeover: SIGAR
China Faces an Increase in Extremist Threats in Central Asia, US Panel Is Told
Chinese Ambassador Says Solomons Pact No Threat to Australia
South Korea: North Korea Test-Fired Missile From Submarine
Biden Considering Korea DMZ Visit When Traveling to Asia This Month
US Clashes With China and Russia Over North Korea Sanctions
Sedition Law: India's Supreme Court Puts Controversial Law on Hold
'Majority of Common People in Pakistan Want Peace': India MP Sharad Pawar
One Killed, 12 Injured in Karachi Bombing: Police
India Successfully Tests 450-Km Range BrahMos Missile From a Sukhoi Fighter
India Extends Exemption for Afghan Agriculture Imports
Mob Kills Student Over 'Blasphemy' in N. Nigerian College
Protests in Sudan Resume as Moves for Political Deal Falter
Rwanda Genocide Suspect Protais Mpiranya Is Confirmed Dead
Somalia Set to Elect New President Amid Growing Insecurity
Tunisian President Hints He Will Not Accept Foreign Observers in Next Elections
Murder of Shireen Abu Akleh
Shireen Abu Akleh: State Memorial Service Held for Slain Journalist
Israel Army Reverses Assertion Palestinian Fire Killed Abu Akleh
Analysis Refutes Video Pinning Abu Akleh's Death on Palestinians
Israeli Minister on Probe Into Reporter's Death: 'Israel's Credibility Not the Highest'
Israel Admits Security Forces May Have Killed Palestinian-American Al Jazeera Journalist
Ahead of Friday Funeral of Al Jazeera Journalist, Cops Summon Her Brother to Station
How Western Media Failed Slain Palestinian Journalist
Western Media Slammed for Coverage of Abu Akleh's Killing
Israel Wants Bullet That Killed Shireen Abu Akleh
Israel's Bennett Says He Expects PA's 'Full Cooperation' in Probe of Reporter's Death
Palestinians in Gaza Mourn the Killing of Shireen Abu Akleh
Shireen Abu Akleh Killing: Israel Investigating Three Separate Shooting Incidents
UN Rapporteur on Palestine: Shireen Abu Akleh's Killing Is 'Potential War Crime'
Who Said What in US Congress on Slain Reporter
Palestinians Mourn Journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, Call for Justice
PA's Abbas Says Reporter's Death Will Go to the ICC So Israel Doesn't 'Go Unpunished'
Shireen Abu Akleh and the Journalists Killed by Israeli Forces
Qatar's Emir: Those Responsible for Killing Al Jazeera Reporter Must Be Held Accountable
Photos: State Service in Ramallah for Shireen Abu Akleh
Masafer Yatta: Israel Hands Notices to Palestinians Ahead of Demolition and Eviction
Timeline: Israeli Attacks in the Occupied West Bank
Qatar Leader in Iran in Bid to Help Salvage 2015 Nuclear Pact
Iran's Raisi Launches Major Economic Reform
France Calls for Release of Two French Citizens Held in Iran
Anxiety Over Price of Flour Soars
Iraq Daily Roundup: Seven Killed
Iraq Parliament Discusses Banning Normalization With Israel
14 People Injured by Gas Explosion in Iraqi Kurdistan
Iraq Agrees to Pay Iran $1.6 Billion to Secure Gas Imports
US Permits Some Foreign Investment in Northern Syria Despite Sanctions
Russia Asks Oman to Help Get Syria Reinstated to Arab League
Lebanon Unemployment Rate Almost Triples Since Crisis Began
Lebanon Elections: Hezbollah and Amal Court Bitter and Broke Southerners
Five Wounded as Turkey Hit by Rockets Fired From Syria: Ministry
Elderly Kurdish Couple Arrested in Turkey on Terrorism Charges
Top Court Upholds Prison Sentence for Prominent Opposition Figure
Two More Fuel Ships Allowed Into Yemen's Hodeidah Port as Part of Truce: Houthi TV
Sri Lanka
Many Sri Lankans Flee Colombo as Leaders Meet to Discuss Crisis
Sri Lanka Court Bans Ex-PM Rajapaksa, Allies From Leaving Country
Ranil Wickremesinghe: Sri Lanka's Returning Prime Minister
Official: Suspects Break Into Haiti Court, Ransack Offices
The War at Home
Number of Acknowledged US Airstrikes Around the Globe Hits 15-Year Low
A Ban on Excessive Gasoline Prices Heading to Congress for Vote
Britain, US Sign Commercial Spaceflight Collaboration Deal
New US-Led Task Force to Focus on the Red Sea
US Navy Hush-Hush After Secret Boat's Unexplained Sinking
F-16 Jet Breaks After Sliding Off South Dakota Runway; Pilot Safe
Israel to Supply Wolverine Drones to US Military
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