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Updated June 16, 2022 - 9:53 PM EDT
Biden: $1 Billion Weapons Package for Ukraine
  Gen. Milley Says 'Numbers Clearly Favor the Russians' in Ukraine
  Top House Democrat Slams 'Too Cautious' Approach to Ukraine Aid
  US Increases Funding to Help Russians Access US State-Funded Media
Dutch PM Says NATO Using Ukraine as a Proxy
  Report: Baltic States Won't Get the Massive NATO Buildup They Want
Sadrists Resign Iraq Parliament, Sadr's Influence Endures
  Turkish Airstrikes Hit Yazidi Militia in Iraq, Kill Two Wound Seven
US May Respond to Taiwan Invasion Same as Ukraine
Israeli FM Calls on UN to Restore All Sanctions on Iran
item Why It's Hard to Take America's Word on the Summit of the Americas  by Ted Snider
item A Case Study in American Propaganda  by Robert Wright
item Israel Calls the Nakba a Lie. So Why Do Its Leaders Threaten a Second One?  by Jonathan Cook
item Biden 'To Stay the Course' in Ukraine  by James Carden
item Cultural Amnesia in War-Torn Ukraine  by Declan Leary
item Strategic Clarity on Taiwan Will Paint the US Into a Corner  by Christopher McCallion

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China's Holdings of US Treasuries Skid to 12-Year Low; Japan Cuts Holdings
Nuclear-Armed Nations Spent $82.4 Billion on Arms in 2021
The Seven Border Crossings of Gaza
Ukraine Suffering Up to 1,000 Casualties Per Day in Donbas, Official Says
Ukraine Says Russian Forces Trying to Attack Simultaneously in Nine Directions
Russia-Backed Separatists Say Ukraine Has Disrupted Sievierodonetsk Humanitarian Corridor
Russia Says It Has Destroyed Warehouse for NATO Weapons in Ukraine
What Weapons Has Ukraine Received From the US and Allies?
Up to 1,200 Civilians May Be in Plant in Eye of Ukraine Battle, Separatist Says
North of Kyiv, the Russians Retreated. but the War Never Left.
Two US Vets Reportedly Captured by Russian Troops in Ukraine as Families Scramble to Learn More
Kremlin Says Communication With Washington Must Continue
Russia to Form 'New G8' With Iran and China
Russia Says West, Unlike China, 'Shoot Themselves in the Head' Over Ukraine
Sanctions & Shortages
Gazprom Reduces Gas Flows to Italy
Russia Offers Safe Passage for Ukraine Grain, Not Responsible for Corridors
Russia Again Cuts Natural Gas Exports Thru European Pipeline
Ukrainian Lawmakers on US Visit Accuse Russians of Sanctions Dodge Using Georgia
The World & Ukraine/Russia
Macron Says Ukraine and Russia Must Eventually Talk
FBI, Commerce Agents Probing American Electronics in Russian Military Gear
UN Experts Probing Possible War Crimes in Ukraine Say No Contact Yet With Russia
China's Xi Reaffirms Support for Russia's Security Concerns
Canada to Send C$9 Million of Replacement Barrels for Howitzer Guns to Ukraine
Ukraine Needs Strong Signal From EU, Macron Says Ahead of Possible Visit
Turkey Wants 'Concrete Steps' From Sweden, Finland Over NATO Bids
Germany Puts Russian Man on Trial Over Plot to Kill Chechen Dissident
Germany to Redeploy Troops to Bosnia Over 'Stability' Concerns
Bulgarian Opposition Calls for No-Confidence Vote
Israel, Egypt, and European Union Sign Natural Gas Export Deal
France's Macron Says Moldova's Bid to Join EU 'Perfectly Legitimate'
British Submariners' Emails Put UK Nuclear Deterrent at Risk, Judge Rules
Taiwan Official Warns Supersonic Cruise Missile Can Strike Beijing
Spy Agencies' Focus on China Could Snare Chinese Americans
Russia Would Recognize Kabul Regardless of US, World Stance
Afghan Officials: We Do Not Face Lack of Passport Booklets
Japan to Attend NATO Summit for First Time
Japan, Australia to Expand Defense Ties for Regional Order
Construction of Airbase on Tinian Island in Case Guam Gets Knocked Out Has Begun
Thousands Protest 'Bulldozer Justice' Against Indian Muslims
Australia's Foreign Minister Wong to Travel to Solomon Islands Amid Concern Over China Security Pact
Armed Groups Swarm Through City in Southern Mexico
US Ironing Out Energy Sector Disputes With Mexico Worth $30 Billion: Ambassador
Brazil: Brothers Confess to Killing British Journalist and His Guide
Ecuador Indigenous Leader Released After Protest Arrest
US Military
There's a Disturbing Trend of Animal Cruelty Reports at US Military Bases
Navy Releases Videos From Mysterious Drone Swarms Around Warships Off California
Sailor 'Seriously Injured' While Working on an F-35C Jet in Calif.
Missile Defense Agency Awards Raytheon $867 Million Standard Missile-3 Block IIA Contract
Saudi Arabia/Yemen
GAO: US Didn't Track if Aid Was Used in Yemen Attacks
Saudi Pro-Government Commentators Relish Biden's About-Face on Kingdom
Riyadh Critics Call Biden Visit to Saudi Arabia a 'Big Mistake'
Israeli Police Won't Release Findings of Internal Probe Into Conduct at Abu Akleh Funeral
US Urges Israel to Avoid Moves That Would Aggravate Palestinians Ahead of Biden Visit
Israeli Court Denies Appeal Against Demolition of Bedouin Residential Tents
Under the Israeli Commander's Nose: Nablus Has Become the Settlers' Violent Playground
With Tensions Running High, IDF to Hold Drill Near Border With Lebanon
55 Years Later: a Censored Kibbutz Decision About Arab Land Is Revealed
Religious Zionism's Smotrich Proposes Bill to Impose Sovereignty in West Bank
80% of Gaza Children Suffer Depression After 15 Years of Blockade
Gaza Strip: Meet the Children Who've Spent Their Whole Lives Cut Off From the World
Israel Convicts Gaza Aid Worker in Classified Verdict
Army Injures Many Palestinian Farmers in Northern Gaza
Israel Introduces Sixth-Gen Spike Missile
Israeli Defense Ministry To Deliver First New Advanced 'Eitan' APC to IDF
Israel Issues 20,000 Additional Work Permits to West Bank Palestinians
Russia Expresses 'Serious Concern' to Israeli Ambassador Over Syria Air Strikes
Russia Considers Turkey's Possible Military Operation in Syria Unwise
US-Led Coalition Says It Detained Senior ISIS Leader in Syria
Ireland, Norway, Turkey Want UN to Extend Aid to Syria
Iran Says Rocket Launch Coming After Photos Show Preparation
Iran, Turkmenistan Sign Nine Cooperation Agreements, Vow to Expand Ties
Iraq Daily Roundup: 16 Killed
Oil Companies Face Huge Risk as Legal Dispute in Iraqi Kurdistan Escalates
Middle East
Lebanon Keen to Enhance Cultural Cooperation With China: Minister
US to Hold Summit With India, Israel, and UAE During Biden's Regional Tour
Kuwait Opposition Lawmakers Stage Sit-In to Press for New Government
DR Congo/Rwanda/Kenya
DR Congo Official: Rwanda Will Have War if It Wants War
Kenya Calls for Immediate Deployment of Regional Force to Eastern DR Congo
Sisi Admits Filming 2013 Protests Which Led to Military Coup in Egypt
Sister of Jailed Egypt Dissident Announces Hunger Strike
Ukraine-Fueled Inflation Reaches 11-Month High of 17 Percent in Nigeria
Nigerian Troops Find Another Kidnapped Chibok Schoolgirl
Eight Gendarmes Killed in Niger Attack
Africa Being 'Punished' by Fossil Fuel Investment Ban: Niger
France Claims Capture of Senior ISIS-GS Figure in Mali
ICC Says Libya Militia Suspect Dead, Drops Case
Somali President Nominates Barre as Prime Minister After Delayed Elections
Tunisian Protest Strike to Cancel International Flights, and Halt Land and Sea Transportation
The War at Home
House Armed Services Democrats to Propose $802 Billion Defense Policy Bill
Defense Spending Plan for Next Year Will See a Significant Hike, Lawmakers Say
'Jamal Khashoggi Way': Washington Renames Saudi Embassy Street
Biden Calls on Oil Refiners to Produce More, Cut Profit Margins
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