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Updated June 20, 2022 - 9:47 PM EDT
Israel Heading to Elections, Lapid to Become PM
US, Allies Plan for Long War on Russia in Ukraine
  Ukraine Parliament Passes New Laws To Purge Russian Culture
  Lithuania Enforces EU Sanctions on Goods to Russia's Kaliningrad
  Ukraine Claims It Used US Harpoon Missiles To Sink Russian Tugboat
US Senators Say New Iran Deal Unlikely
  Iran Drops Call for IRGC Delisting To Be Part of Nuclear Deal
Macron To Lose Parliamentary Majority in Stunning Upset
Colombia Elects Ex-Guerrilla as First Leftist President
Iraq's Sunnis, Kurds Urge Sadr To Rejoin Political Process
Energy Secretary Says Biden Will Meet With MbS in Saudi
What Happens if Ukraine Fatigue Sets In?  by Doug Bandow
Sanctions on Syria Aren't Punishing Assad. They're Hurting Syrians.  by Natalie Armbruster
Biden's 'Summit of the Americas' Showcases Failed Cold War Worldview  by William LeoGrande
item Free Assange? Yes, but That's Not Nearly Enough.  by Thomas Knapp
item The Problem With Going to Saudi Arabia  by Ted Snider
item Biden Administration Continues to Disregard the Palestinian People  by Mitchell Plitnick

More Viewpoints

When the Lies Come Home
by Col. Douglas Macgregor
African Reporter Who Confronted Jen Psaki Says STRIPE Axed Site's Income
UK Troops Barred From NATO Deployment After Video of Orgy
Italian Foreign Minister Accuses Own Party of 'Immaturity' Over Ukraine
Sri Lanka Troops Open Fire as Protest Over Fuel Turns to Riot
Murder of Shireen Abu Akleh
Memorial Marks 40 Days Since Killing of Al Jazeera's Abu Akleh
Palestinian Authority Calls on Israel to Hand Over Gun Used in Abu Akleh Killing
NPR Airs Shireen Abu Akleh Family's Demand for US to Investigate Her Killing
As Israel Investigates the Killing of a Palestinian Journalist, Many Doubt There Will Be Justice
Israel Targets Gaza With Multiple Air Strikes Following Rocket Fire
Israeli Soldiers Kill Palestinian Worker Near Qalqilia in West Bank
Israeli Settlers Attack, Injure Elderly Palestinian Man in West Bank
Israel Freezes Move to Allow in 2,000 More Gaza Workers After Rocket Attack
Bedouin Face Lockout From Israel's Solar Energy Industry
Two Palestinian Protesters 'Deliberately' Hit by Scooter in Tel Aviv
Maher's Bitter Honeymoon: Attacked by Jewish Settlers and Arrested
Day After IDF Strike, Hamas Rebuilds Post Overlooking Gaza Border Community
Seven Dead as Clashes Erupt in Northern Syria
Truce Ends Clashes Among Turkey-Backed Rebels in Northwest Syria
Syrian Opposition Praise Results of Astana Peace Talks
SDF Denies Rumors of New ISIS Prison Breakout
Turkey Plans to Build 240,000 Houses in Northern Syria
Syrian Desert Monastery Seeks Visitors After Years of War
Syrian Leader Receives Credentials From Bahrain Ambassador
Turkey Reiterates No More High-Level Strategic Council Meeting With Greece
Turkey Detains 19 Suspected of Financing ISIS
Middle East
Iraq Daily Roundup: 15 Killed
Lebanese Wheat Farmers Struggle to Sustain Livelihoods in Spiraling Inflation
Iranian Fighter Jet Crashes, No One Killed
Four Soldiers Killed in Yemen Clashes as Taiz Siege Lingers On
Pelosi Meets Sister of Jailed Saudi Activist Ahead of Controversial Biden Visit to Riyadh
Witnesses Say More Than 200 Killed in Ethiopia Ethnic Attack in Oromia
Ethiopia Rights Body Says Video Shows Extrajudicial Killings
Thousands Take Part in Tunisia Protests Against President Saied's Crackdown
President Saied Lines Up 400 Tunisian Judges for Dismissal
Tunisian Judges Extend Strike Against President Saied's 'Interference' With Courts
Tunisian Party Says Will Not Recognize Any Deal With International Lenders
One Killed, Several Injured as Protests Continue in Sudan
Sudan Deports at Least 20 Egyptian Dissidents to Cairo, Says Rights Group
Two Nigeria Churches Attacked; Worshippers Killed, Abducted
Senegal Opposition Leader Gives 'Ultimatum' to President After Deadly Clashes
State Controls Just 60 Percent of Burkina Faso: ECOWAS Mediator
Russia-West Tensions Inflame UN Debate on Mali Peacekeepers
ISIS Gains Ground in the Sahel as Massacres Accumulate
DR Congo Welcomes Deployment of Regional Force, Excluding Rwanda, to Fight Rebels
EU Set to Provide Egyptian Coast Guard With 80 Million Euros to Prevent Migration
Ukraine Governor: Russia Sending Large Number of Reserve Troops to Sievierodonetsk
Four Months Into War, More Ukrainians Decide to Flee Besieged Areas
Ukraine Intensifies Strikes Against Russian-Controlled Areas
Russian Missiles Destroy Fuel Depot in East Ukraine Town, Billing 1
Russia Advances in Battle for Key Eastern Ukraine City
Ukrainian Embassy Slams Israel for Not Treating Wounded Troops
Five Ukrainian Civilians Return in Prisoner Swap With Russia
Top Azovstal Commanders Transferred to Russia for Investigation: Tass
Russia Frees Captive Medic Who Filmed Mariupol's Horror
Sanctions & Shortages
Russia Has Assured Hungary of Continued Gas Shipments: Foreign Minister
African Union Chief Urges EU to Ease Food Payments Sanctions to Russia
Germany to Limit Use of Gas for Electricity Production
Germany Turns to Coal as Russia Cuts Gas Supplies
Belgium to Return Lumumba's Gold Tooth in Bid to Atone for Colonial Crimes in DR Congo
Belgian Lawmakers Ditch Bill to Ban Kosher and Halal Slaughter in Brussels
UK Must Have Military Capable of Fighting in Europe, Says Army Head
Prague City Hall Arrests Cause Czech Government Turmoil
Dutch Prime Minister Apologizes to Srebrenica Peacekeepers
ISIS Claims Attack on Sikh Temple in Kabul That Killed Two
Deadly Attack on Sikh Temple in Kabul Leaves Community in Fear
UK Not Supporting Violent Actors Against Kabul: UK Official
Hijab Banners in Kandahar City Spark Reactions
US Considering Travel Ban Status of Taliban Officials
'We Must Facilitate Education for Men, Women': Taliban Official
China/Hong Kong
China Further Reins in Business Activities of Officials' Families
China Announces New Hong Kong Leader's Cabinet
India Will Start Enrolment Under New Military Recruitment Plan This Month
Protests Intensify Over India Military Recruitment Plan, Govt Tweaks Scheme
Militants Kill Indian Police Official in Disputed Kashmir
Pakistan Security Forces Kill Six BLF Terrorists During Operation in Balochistan
Pakistan 'One Step Away' From Exiting Dirty Money 'Gray List': Minister
Duterte's Daughter Sworn in as Philippines Vice President
'It's Hell': Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh Rally to 'Go Home' to Myanmar
Indigenous Groups in Ecuador Defy Curfew to Protest Fuel Hike
Ecuador Declares Force Majeure for Oil, State of Exception Over Protests
Mexican Marine Arrested for Killing Two Fellow Marines, Civilian
Blinken: US Looks Forward to Working With Colombia's Petro After Fair Election
Brazil Indigenous Defender, Sidelined Under Bolsonaro, Gave Life for 'Abandoned' Tribes
US Military
US Navy Has Dismissed a Dozen Officers With Little Explanation
US Navy 80% Responsible for 2017 Collision, Tanker Owner to Pay $45 Million
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What Happens If Ukraine Fatigue Sets In?

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Palestinians 'Are Bound to Win': Why Israelis Are Prophesying the End of Their State

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Biden Lets Client States Get Away With Murder

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Congress Is Willingly Abdicating Its War Powers Again

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Did Obama Know 'Russian Hacking' Was a Fraud?

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US and Ukraine, Goals in Conflict

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Perpetual Debt, Perpetual War

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NATO and Collective Insecurity

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The History Behind the Russia-Ukraine War

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'I Know You Are But What Am I': Russia's Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

David R. Henderson
Remembering Hiroshima

Justin Raimondo
The FBI vs. Antiwar.com

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