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Updated June 28, 2022 - 8:45 PM EDT
Turkey Agrees to Sweden, Finland Joining NATO
NATO To Increase Readiness Force to 300,000
  G7 Pledges to Support Ukraine 'For as Long as It Takes'
  US To Buy Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System for Ukraine
Ukrainian Officers Claim Ops Inside Russia
  Putin Says Russia Will Send Nuclear-Capable Missiles to Belarus
Biden and Xi Will Speak in the Coming Weeks
  US, G7 Announce $600 Billion Plan to Counter China's Belt and Road
Qatar to Host Indirect US-Iran Nuclear Talks
  Israel, Arabs Agree to Tighten Cooperation Ahead of Biden Visit
Pentagon Struggles to Recruit Young Americans
US Strike Kills Syrian al-Qaeda Faction Leader
France Wants Sanctions Eased to Get Iran, Venezuela Oil
Washington's Sanctions War Kneecaps the West, Not Russia  by David Stockman
Troops on the Ground Prove Canada Is at War With Russia  by Yves Engler
Activity at Saudi Embassy Coincided with Arrival of 9/11 Hijackers  by Brian McGlinchey
item NATO and a War Foretold  by Medea Benjamin & Nicolas JS Davies
item Biden's Endgame Shouldn't Be Victory for Ukraine  by Tulsi Gabbard & Daniel L. Davis
item The New Right's Rejection of War Bothers the Establishment  by Kenny Cody

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NATO Summit Protesters Play Dead in Front of Picasso War Painting
Requirement for US Women to Register for the Draft Back on the Table in Annual Defense Bill
Eleven Killed in Russian Missile Strike on Ukraine Shopping Mall
Russia Hit a Missile Factory in Kyiv: Defense Ministry
Ukraine Police Send Hundreds of Men to Military Office After Club Raids
Russian Shelling Kills Five Civilians in Ukraine's Kharkiv: Governor
Eight Killed, 21 Wounded in Russian Missile Attack on Lysychansk: Local Governor
Authorities Urge Civilians to 'Urgently' Evacuate Lysychansk
Ukraine Says It Destroyed More Russian Air Defenses on Snake Island
People's War: Ukraine, Russia Crowd-Funding Gear for Troops
8 Greek Diplomats Expelled From Russia in Tit-for-Tat Response
Russia Bars Entry to 43 Canadians in Sanctions Response
US Basketball Star Griner Held in Russia to Go on Trial on July 1
Russian Hackers Claim Responsibility for Cyberattack on Lithuania
Russian Opposition Politician Detained in Moscow: Journalist, Lawyer
Russia Denies Debt Default, Blames Western Financial Agents
Explainer: What's the Impact of a Russian Debt Default?
Russia Looks to Lure Asian Buyers With Higher Quality Crude
The World & Ukraine/Russia
Canada Sends Two Warships to Baltic Sea to Bolster Security
Ties to Russia Cannot Return to What They Were Pre-Ukraine War: Scholz
Germany, Italy Voice Support for More Fossil Fuel Investments Abroad Amid Russia Sanctions
Swiss Intel Service: Watch Out for Redeployed Russian Spies
Poland to Protest After Russia Removed Its Flag From War Memorial
Germany's Scholz Says Talks on Russia Gold Ban Still Ongoing
Father Urges Morocco to Intervene to Save Death-Sentenced Fighter in Donetsk
Visiting Ukraine, Moldovan Leader Says Her Country Also Vulnerable
Spain Turns to Africa, Lobbies NATO, Allies Over Ukraine-Driven Migration
Russian Weapons Wrecked in Ukraine War on Display in Poland
NATO To Label China 'Systemic Challenge' in Strategic Plan
US Urged to Plan Minelaying Campaign to Halt Mainland Chinese Attack on Taiwan
Biden Aims at China in New Illegal Fishing Policy Framework
Taiwan, United States to Hold Trade Talks on Monday
South Korea Would Expect US to Intervene if China Invades Taiwan, Official Says
Seoul Urges China, Russia to Prevent North Korean Nuke Test
North Korea Says US Is Setting Up Asian NATO; Vows Stronger Defense
Death Toll of Children in Afghanistan Quake Rises to 155
Earthquake Victims Seek to Rebuild Destroyed Houses
UN Official Announces $10m Aid for Earthquake-Affected Afghans
Afghan MoD Says Clashes in Balkhab Have Ended
Afghanistan's Loya Jirga of 3,000 to Be Held on Wednesday
Indian Army Receives Polish 'Warmate' Loitering Munitions
India Journalist Mohammed Zubair Arrested for 2018 Twitter Post
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Under Virtual Lockdown as Fuel Restricted for Private Cars
Sri Lanka Sends Two Ministers to Russia for Oil Amid Crisis
Pakistani Army Says Shootout With Militants Killed Two Troops
Japan, Philippines Eyeing Space Defense Cooperation
ASEAN Envoy Appeals to Myanmar to Spare Suu Kyi Jail
Move to Register Land Adjacent to Al-Aqsa Mosque Raises Fears of Israeli Takeover
Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Warns Israeli Excavations Could Cause the Collapse of Al-Aqsa Mosque
Israeli Authorities Force Palestinian to Demolish His Own House in East Jerusalem
Israel Shoots Boy, Leaves Him to Bleed to Death
UNRWA Launches 'Gaza Summer Fun Weeks' After Long Hiatus
Hamas Seizes Israel Military Surveillance Balloon
Hamas Says Health Conditions of Captive Israeli in Gaza Deteriorates
Gazan Workers Line Up to Enter Israel as Permit Boost Comes Into Effect
'Discrimination Against Palestinians Is Overt and Systemic,' Says World Council of Churches Central Committee
Iran Applies to Join BRICS Group of Emerging Countries
Cyberattack Forces Iran Steel Company to Halt Production
Iran Claims Saudi Arabia Is Ready for More Direct Bilateral Talks
Former Conscripts in Iran Guards Bemoan Ban on Entering US Due to Terror Listing
Saudi-Hezbollah Meeting Secured Yemen Ceasefire and Hadi Resignation
WFP Cuts Yemen Food Rations Further Due to Funding Gap, Inflation
Millions of Yemenis to Go Hungry as UN Forced to Slash Food Aid
Iran President Urges Permanent Ceasefire in 'Useless' Yemen War
Schengen: Turks Increasingly Being Refused EU Visas Amid Gruelling Application Process
Turkey Busts Money Laundry Ring Supporting ISIS
Turkey's Opposition Promises to Target Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Greece
Turkish Drone Attack Injures One SDF Fighter in Syria
Syrian, Russian Paratroopers Carry Out Drill in Second Joint Exercise This Month
Middle East
Iraq Daily Roundup: Four Killed
Israel Approves Allowance for Lebanon Proxy Militia Members
Israel and Saudi Arabia Negotiating Direct Flights for Hajj Pilgrims, Report Says
Ethiopia Shows Off Combat Drones at Military Ceremony
Sudan Accuses Ethiopia of Executing Sudanese Soldiers
Sudan Recalls Envoy to Ethiopia After Execution of Seven Soldiers
African Union Should Lead Tigray Peace Talks, Ethiopia's Ruling Party Says
Tunisia Parties Blame Authorities Over Protest Violence
AU Expresses 'Deep Shock' Over Deaths at Spain-Morocco Border
Nigeria Gets New Chief Justice Amid 'All-Time' Low Judicial Trust
Germany Returns Artifacts Taken From Africa During Colonial Rule
Libya May Declare Force Majeure on Oil Exports From Several Ports
US Officials Back in Venezuela in a Bid to Rebuild Ties
Ecuador President Announces Fuel Price Cut Amid Days of Protests
Guatemalan President Arrives in US for Visit After Snubbing Summit
The War at Home
GOP Megadonors Gave Millions to AIPAC's Super PAC Ahead of Democratic Primaries
Air Force ROTC Cadet Dies, Two Others Injured in Training Accident
The FBI Raided a Church Described as a 'Cult' That Targets Service Members
Armenia, Azerbaijan Trade New Karabakh Accusations
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