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Updated June 30, 2022 - 9:38 PM EDT
US to Establish Permanent Base in Poland
  EU in Talks on Kaliningrad That Could Defuse Tensions With Russia
  Oil Likely to Hit $200 if G7 Price Caps Imposed on Russia: SEB Group
Biden Throws Support Behind F-16 Sale to Turkey
  NATO: Turkey to Seek Extradition of Kurds From Sweden and Finland
  Ukraine: Finland and Sweden NATO Membership Is Prospect to Join
Iran Nuclear Talks in Qatar End Without a Deal
  Israeli Spies Doing Serious Damage to Iranian Intelligence
NATO Says China Poses 'Systemic Challenges'
  Poll: China Most Influential Power in Africa as US Influence Wanes
UN Will Cut Food Aid for Millions of Yemenis, Again
Unilever Sells Ben & Jerry's in Israel, Including Settlements
NATO Scribes vs. Russian Artillery and Rockets  by Ray McGovern
NATO Expands, Responding to War Caused by NATO Expansion  by Caitlin Johnstone
item Forever Prisoners  by Andrew P. Napolitano
item The Extradition of Assange Must Be Condemned  by Trevor Timm

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Israel's Claim It Defeated Ben & Jerry's Melts Under Scrutiny
Saudi Operative Threatened Women Dissidents in US and Canada Via Instagram
US May Release Even More Oil From Strategic Reserves
Russians Fight to Encircle Ukraine's Last Eastern Stronghold
Russia Says It Hit Training Base for 'Foreign Mercenaries' Near Ukraine's Mykolaiv
Moscow-Administered Kherson Prepares Referendum on Joining Russia
Over 140 Ukrainians Released in Biggest Prisoner Swap of War
NATO Summit: Zelensky Pushes for Modern Artillery, Funds
Russia Security Forces Detain Mayor of Ukrainian City of Kherson: Officials
Zelensky Cuts Ties With Syria After It Recognized Separatist Republics
Ukraine Co-Developing Its Own 'Iron Dome' Air Defense
'I Didn't Fire a Shot', Says American Held by Separatists in Eastern Ukraine
Russia's Oil Production Jumps by 5% in June
Strong Ruble Could Hurt Russian Businesses, Official Warns
With Coke and Pepsi Out, Russian Company Says It's Time for Cola Chernogolovka
Russia Warns West: Don't Take Your Assets in Our Country for Granted
TU-143 Missile-Like Drone Downed in Russia Near Ukraine
Russia Threatens Retaliation Against Norway Over Access to Arctic Islands
Russian Court Postpones Ruling on Whether to Label Azov Regiment as Terrorists
Sanctions & Shortages
UK Could Cut Gas Links to Europe if Severe Shortages Occur
Scholz Says Germany to Become Biggest NATO Force in Europe
'We Are in a Hybrid War': German Foreign Minister Says as Russia Cuts Gas Supplies to Europe
Millions Risk Undernourishment as Wheat Prices Surge in Wake of Ukraine War
Global Task Force Has Frozen $30 Billion From Russian Oligarchs
Britain Sanctions Russian Oligarch Vladimir Potanin
The World & Ukraine/Russia
Turkey-Sweden NATO Deal Raises Extradition Risk for Dissidents
UK to Send Another $1.21 Billion of Military Support to Ukraine
Boris Johnson Says Putin Would Not Have Invaded Ukraine if He Were a Woman
Indonesian President Offers to Take Message From Ukraine's Leader to Putin
NATO Allies to Send Weapons to Kyiv for as Long as Necessary: Germany's Scholz
US Accuses 5 Firms in China of Supporting Russia's Military
NATO to Monitor Migration as Risk of Instability to Members
Two More US Navy Destroyers Will Be Homeported in Rota, Spain
Norway to Send Rocket Launchers to Ukraine
20 Found Guilty for Deadly 2015 Paris Attack
Paris Court Rejects Italy's Request to Extradite Former Leftist Militants
Bulgaria's Socialists Say They Will Not Back Another Petkov-Led Government
EU Seeks Open Talks on Northern Ireland, Not Pre-Set UK Outcome: Official
Slovakia to Buy 152 Swedish Combat Vehicles
Czech Republic Likely to Replace Gripen Fleet With F-35

Colombia Truth Commission: 450,664 Killed in Civil War

Colombia Must Advance Talks With Armed Groups to Secure Peace: Truth Commission
US Says Venezuela Visit Focused on Americans' Welfare
Ecuador's Lasso Survives Impeachment, Halts Protest Talks
Mexican Journalist Is Shot to Death; 12th So Far This Year
The War at Home
Top Court Expands State Power Over Native Land in Oklahoma
General Dynamics to Build New US Army Light Tanks for $1 Billion
Lawmakers Postpone Vote to Dissolve Israeli Parliament Until Thursday
Israeli PM Bennett Announces He Will Not Run in Israel's Next Election
Family Members of Slain Palestinian 'Arrested for Their Testimony'
Israel Opts Not to Agree to Partial Prisoner Swap With Hamas, Sources Say
Jerusalem Churches Slam Israel's 'Judaization' of Land Near Al-Aqsa Mosque
Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian Fighter in Occupied West Bank
West Bank: Israeli Soldiers Assault Palestinians During House Raids in Silwad
Jewish Settlers Harass Palestinian Children in Hebron, Scare Them With Dogs
Israeli Forces Raid Palestinian Prisoners Cells in Asqalan
Iraq Daily Roundup: Eight Killed
Turkish Soldier Killed in Northern Iraq
Germany to Evaluate Extending Military Mission in Iraq, Says Official
Middle East
Seven Killed in Car Bomb in Yemen's Aden
Government Missile Attack Kills Nine Insurgents in North Syria
Iranian Border Guard Said Killed in Incident Near Afghan Crossing
Afghan Officials Fled to Luxury Homes Leaving Millions to Suffer
Men Will Represent Women at Afghan Gathering for National Unity: Taliban Leader
Gallup: Afghanistan Led the World in 'Negative Experiences' in 2021
Habibullah Ahmadzai, Ex-Ghani Adviser, Returns to Afghanistan
Former Afghan Military Official in Parwan Detained: Family
Students in Kabul Say They Lack Buildings, Teachers
Moscow Trying to 'Build Relations' With Kabul: Putin
Taiwan Rebuffs Philippines Complaint About South China Sea Live Fire Drills
US Protectionism Hits China Hardest, and Chinese Are More Averse to Trade Because of It, Study Finds
British MPs Call for Sanctions on Hong Kong, Chinese Officials Over Breaches of Handover Agreement
Biden Reasserts 'Unshakeable' US Backing for Japan, South Korea
South Korea Violated the Rights of Deported North Korean Fishermen: UN Investigator
South Korea to Join US-Led Multinational Cyber Defense Exercise
Disinformation Reigns in Philippines as Marcos Jr. Takes Top Job
As Sri Lanka Economic Crisis Worsens, Daily Wage Workers Struggle
Sudan's Military Strikes Disputed Region Bordering Ethiopia
Sudan's Economy Dominated by Military Interests: C4ADS Report
Pro-Haftar Sudanese Rebels Agree to Withdraw From Libya and Return Home
Charity Says 30 Europe-Bound Migrants Feared Dead Off Libya
Egypt Court Sentences 10 People to Death in Helwan Brigades Case
World Bank Agrees $500 Million to Help Egypt Fund Wheat Purchases
US Congress May Revisit Egypt Human Rights Record in Exchange for Russia Snub, Congressional Report Says
Eight Killed in Suspected Jihadist Attack in Burkina Faso
UN Mission to Mali Extended, but Without French Air Support
Rwandans in DR Congo Stay Indoors as Rebel Attacks Spur National Anger
Protests Over Economic Woes Enter Second Day in Ghana
World Bank Lends Tunisia $130 Million for Grains Hit by Ukraine War
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