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Updated August 1, 2022 - 8:34 PM EDT
US Claims al-Qaeda's Zawahri Killed by CIA Drone
Pelosi To Visit Taiwan Despite Provoking China
  China Conducts Live-Fire Military Exercises Across From Taiwan
Drone Blast Hits Russia's Fleet HQ in Crimea
  Russia's New Naval Doctrine Identifies US as Main Threat
  Blinken Calls Lavrov First Time in War, Ceasefires Not Discussed
Kosovo Delays Restrictions on Serbs After Tensions Rise
Iran Responded to EU Proposal Aimed at Reviving Deal
Ben & Jerry's Owner Admits It Melted Under Israel's Threats
FBI Raids US Black Liberation Group Alleging Russia Ties
item Bosnia's Hot Summer – and Empire's Winter  by Nebojsa Malic
item So if Europe Wants To Escalate Against Russia Who Foots the Bill?  by Doug Bandow
item The West Can't Stop Pillaging Other Countries' Bank Accounts  by Eve Ottenberg
item Pelosi-Taiwan: An Easy Way Out for Biden  by Ray McGovern
item Russia and Ukraine: The Three Scariest Statements  by Ted Snider
item Hawk Republicans Love Pelosi's Taiwan Trip  by Caitlin Johnstone

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UN Brigade in DR Congo Opened Fire at Border Post Causing Loss of Life
Ukraine War Hangs Over UN Meeting on Nukes Treaty
Vets Are Protesting Outside Capitol to Push for New Toxic Exposure Bill
Gangs Advance on the Seat of Haitian Govt Power
Zelensky Announces Evacuation of Donetsk Region
Ukraine Says Dozens of Russian Soldiers Killed in the South
Russia Hits Southern Ukraine City, Killing Grain Exporter, Governor Says
Russia Says It Has Invited UN, Red Cross Experts to Probe Jail Deaths
American Veterans Captured in Ukraine Sent to Prison, Family Says
Russia Plans to Buy Turkish Treasury Bonds Via Akkuyu Nuclear Plant $6 Billion Loan Deal
Sanctions & Shortages
Russia's Gazprom Cuts Off Gas Supplies to Latvia
First Grain Ship Could Leave Ukraine on Monday, Says Senior Turkish Official
Ukraine's Zelensky Says Harvest Could Be Halved by War
Germany Argues Over Nuclear Shutdown Amid Gas Supply Worries
Russia Bars Entry to 32 New Zealanders in Sanctions Response
Azerbaijan Says Armenia Shelled Positions Near Disputed Enclave: Tass
Azerbaijan Suspends Activities of US Companies in Country, Whose Products Presented in Karabakh
Prince Charles Accepted $1.6m From Family of Osama bin Laden: Report
Romania Defuses Drifting Mine Off Black Sea Coast
German, Turkish Diplomats Spar in Istanbul
Russia Calls on Kosovo, US, EU to Stop 'Provocations,' Respect Serbs in Kosovo
US Navy Using 'China Threat Theory' to Fund Expansion Plans, Chinese Analysts Say
What US-China Game of Chicken Over Pelosi and Taiwan Means for Southeast Asia
Kremlin Warns US Against 'Provocative' Moves Toward China
Swiss Set to Match EU Sanctions if China Invades Taiwan: Agency Chief
Interior Ministry Denies 'Drone Attack' in Kabul
Pakistani Clerics Visit Kabul, Urge Leaders to Reopen Girls' Schools
Haqqani: World Should Support Afghan Education, Despite Politics
Pakistan Says One Soldier Killed, Six Separatists Dead in Clash
Pakistan Reaffirms Support for 'Regional Connectivity, Infrastructure'
Myanmar Extends State of Emergency for Six Months Until February
Sri Lanka President Sees Long Road to Securing Economic Stability
Former Maoist Commander Reinstated as Nepal's Finance Minister
Papua New Guinea PM Cites 'Extraordinary Circumstances' for Election Results Delay
At Least 32 People Killed After Bandits Set Homes on Fire in Madagascar
US Judge Orders Haftar to Compensate Victims' Families
UN Relaxes Arms Embargo on Central African Republic
Senegal's Ruling Coalition Says It Holds Majority After Sunday Legislative Vote
Kenya Says Social Media Won't Be Blocked After Warning to Facebook
Morocco King Favors Restoration of Diplomatic Ties With Algeria
Iraq Monthly Roundup: 112 Killed
Iraqi Protesters Storm Parliament in Baghdad, Set Up Sit-In
Scores Injured in Baghdad as Pro-Sadr Protesters Storm Parliament for Second Time
Hundreds of Protesters Camp at Iraq Parliament for a Second Day
Sadr Calls on Iraqis Not to Miss 'Golden Opportunity' to Demand Reform
US Embassy in Iraq Concerned Over Reports of Violence
Tea and Hot Meals at Iraq Parliament as Protesters Settle In
Iran Ready to Conclude Talks in a Short Order: Negotiator
US Eyes Sanctions Against Global Network It Believes Is Shipping Iranian Oil
Iranian Border Guards in Deadly Clashes With Afghanistan's Taliban
Iran Arrests Swedish Citizen on Espionage Charges
Days of Deadly Floods and Landslides Wreak Havoc in Iran
Long Road Ahead as Tehran Seeks Food Security Through Cross-Country Cultivation
Hamas: Israeli Bombing During Gaza War Killed Captives' Guard
Disabled Palestinian Man Shot by Israeli Army Dies of Wounds
Israel to Close Six Palestinian Schools in East Jerusalem
EU Condemns Increase in Israeli Settler Violence
Nablus Mourns Dead Fighters as West Bank Resistance Grows
Israel Grounds F-35s Over Pilot Ejection Seat Concerns
US Envoy Said to Bring Lebanon New Israeli Proposal to Settle Maritime Border Row
Hezbollah Airs Video of Israeli Barges in Disputed Maritime Area
Lebanon Parliament Speaker Says No Presidential Vote Without Reforms
Beirut Port's Blast-Damaged Grain Silos Partially Collapse Ahead of Anniversary
SDF Arrest 16 Activists, Media Professionals in Syria's Raqqa Province
100 French MPs Slam Erdogan's 'Policy of War' Against Syrian Kurds
Saudi Arabia
Detainees' Families in Saudi Arabia Demand News on Inmates
Saudi Arabia's Position on Palestine Remains Unchanged, Despite Opening Airspace to All Carriers
Thousands Take to Sudan Streets to Protest Military Rule
Police Fire Tear Gas on Sudanese Protest as Anti-Military Campaign Enters 10th Month
Egypt Protests Ethiopia Plans to Fill Reservoir for Third Year
Egypt's President Frees Journalist Hisham Fouad and Researcher Ahmed Samir
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Rejects 'Struggle for Power,' Exiled Acting Leader Says
Tunisia Summons US Envoy Over Criticism of Constitutional Vote
Tunisian Judges on Hunger Strike Admitted to Intensive Care
In Widening Crackdown, Renowned Journalist Arrested in Guatemala
Gunmen Fired on Guatemalan Military Guarding Presidential Entourage, Giammattei Unharmed
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'I Know You Are But What Am I': Russia's Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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Remembering Hiroshima

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The FBI vs.

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