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Updated August 5, 2022 - 9:03 PM EDT
Amnesty Int'l: Ukraine's Tactics Endanger Civilians
  Amnesty International Full Report: Ukraine Govt Endangers Civilians
  NATO Working With Arms Industry to Get Ukraine More Weapons
China Launches Largest-Ever Drills Near Taiwan
  ASEAN Urges US, China to Lower Tensions Over Taiwan
  Sen. Menendez Calls for Major Overhaul of US Policy Toward Taiwan
  Chinese Trade Bans on Taiwan Risk 'Deeper Predicament'
Israel Kills 10 in Surprise Attacks on Gaza
US, Iran Return to Nuclear Talks at EU Behest
  Poll: Americans Have No Taste for War With Iran
Taliban Investigating US Claim of Killing al-Qaeda Leader
item The Provocations Behind the 'Unprovoked' War  by Phil Wilayto
item Weaning US State Department From War-Making to Peaceful Robust Diplomacy  by Ralph Nader
item How the Taiwan Lobby Helped Pave the Way for Pelosi's Trip  by Ben Freeman
item The Mess That Pelosi Made  by Dave DeCamp
item How Pentagon Dictates Hollywood Storylines  by Jonathan Cook
item Proposals for US Action in South China Sea Should Worry Everyone  by Mark Valencia

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WNBA Star Sentenced to Nine Years in Russian Prison
US Air Force Bomb Disposal Tech Charged in April Insider Attack in Syria
Argentina's New Economic Minister Promises to Stop Printing Money
Concerns as Sri Lanka Arrests Top Protest Leader Joseph Stalin
Russia May Launch Southern Offensive to Try to Regain Momentum: Ukraine General
Ukrainian Cities Shelled, Including One Near Nuclear Plant
Ukraine's President Names Telecoms Expert Head of Occupied Southern Region
Canada to Send Trainers to UK to Teach Ukrainian Forces
UN Watchdog Appeals for Access to Ukrainian Nuclear Plant: Paper
Ukraine Expects First Vessel to Arrive to Collect Grain: Official
Ukraine Tells Lebanon to Reverse Decision to Clear Grain Shipment for Travel
Blinken Will Likely Seek Out Lavrov After Griner Sentencing, White House Says
Russia's Ambassador to Japan Pays Respects at Hiroshima: Media
Russia Summons Norwegian Ambassador After 'Russophobic' Comments
Three Soldiers Killed in Renewed Nagorno-Karabakh Fighting
The Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict Between Armenia and Azerbaijan, Explained
F-22 Raptors Arrive in Poland
Berlin Forest Fire Triggered by WWII Ammunition Dump Blasts
Poland Summons Belarus Diplomat Over Jailing of Journalist
Bank of England Raises Interest Rates in Bid to Tame Inflation
Netherlands Ruling Blocking Transfer of Syrian Refugees to Denmark Hailed by Campaigners
Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council: Military Force Will Not Solve Problems
Taiwan Says Will Strengthen Self-Defense Capabilities
Pentagon Again Delays Missile Test Amid Chinese Drills Near Taiwan
China Foreign Minister Calls Pelosi's Taiwan Visit 'Manic', 'Irrational'
Chinese Missiles Suspected of Landing in Japan's Economic Zone
US Urges China Not to Overeact to Pelosi's Visit to Taiwan
Senior US Diplomat to Arrive in Pacific Amid Battle for Influence With China
China Cancels Bilateral Meeting With Japan After G7 Taiwan Statement
China Scolds G7 Foreign Ministers Over Taiwan Statement
Pelosi Vows Support to Denuclearize North Korea, Plans to Visit Korea Border
In South Korea, Pelosi Avoids Public Comments on Taiwan, China
South Korea to Launch First Lunar Orbiter as Space Bid Gathers Pace
North Korea Says Will 'Never Tolerate' US Accusation of Its Nuclear Program
US Navy Say Carrier USS Ronald Reagan Conducting Operations in Philippine Sea
Blinken Urged Transparency From Cambodia PM About Chinese Base Activity: US Statement
India Withdraws Data Protection and Privacy Bill
Nepal to Hold Parliamentary Election in November
Myanmar Charges Japanese Journalist With Dissent Against Army
Venezuela Opposition Leader Sentenced to Eight Years in Prison: Lawyer
Colombia's Next Defense Minister Faces 'A Hell of a Fight'
US Military
Abu Akleh: Official Suggests US Not Seeking Independent Probe
Pentagon Names New Press Secretary
Major Aerospace Supplier Spirit Aerosystems Looks to Expand Military, Space Business
Navy Identifies Arleigh Burke Sailor Who Died Falling Overboard in Baltic Sea
US Spy Agency Sends Another Satellite to Space in Show of Rapid Launch Capability
US Army Awards Northrop $534 Million Multi-Option Artillery Fuze Contract
Iran Arrests 10 ISIS Members, Blames Israel for Sending Them
Senior Biden Official: 'We've Lost Nothing by Keeping Door Open to Deal With Iran'
Iraq Daily Roundup: Six Killed
Raqi-Kurdish Opposition Party Calls for Protests as Anger Brews Over Stalled Election
Iraq: Dutch Police Seek Information on Perpetrators of ISIS Crimes Against Yazidis
Israel's Refusal to Join UN Treaty a 'Grave Obstacle' to Nuclear Disarmament: Saudi UN Ambassador
Gaza's Sole Power Plant May Shut Down Amid Border Closure, Warns Manager
Israel Extends Gaza Crossing Shutdown Over Retaliation Fears
Israel Deploys Attack Drones Over Gaza Fearing Rocket Fire, as Roads Remain Closed
Israeli Fire Kills Two More Palestinian Children
Israel Tightens Gaza Chokehold
Israel to Demolish Palestinian School in Masafer Yatta
Jewish National Fund Board to Vote on $18 Million 'Purchase' of Occupied Palestinian Lands
One Day Before Her Scheduled Release, Palestinian Detainee Receives Another Administrative Detention Order
Children in Gaza Left Behind After Four Wars
Israel 'May Postpone' Drilling in Disputed Gas Field After Hezbollah Threats
Middle East
Saudi Arabia: First Flight to Israel Crosses Kingdom's Airspace After Opening of Skies
US Urges Yemen's Houthis to Release Embassy, UN Staff
Suspected Turkish Drone Injures Seven Civilians, Including Children, in Syria
Turkey's Erdogan to Meet Putin in Russia: What to Expect
Part of Blast-Damaged Beirut Silos Collapse on 2nd Anniversary of Port Explosion
Fighting in Karta-E-Sakhi Between Taliban and ISIS
Anas Haqqani Says Closed Afghan Girls' Schools Not Permanent
Afghan Foreign Missions Call on World to Help Country
Parwan Governor, Citing Supreme Leader, Says Previous Afghan Constitution Invalid
Senegal Ruling Coalition Loses Big Parliamentary Majority
South Sudan Extends Transitional Government by Two Years
Rwanda Backing M23 Rebels in DR Congo: UN Experts
Erdogan Meets With Senior Libyan Officials in Ankara
Former Tunisian MP and President's Critic Arrested
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Russia and Ukraine: The Three Scariest Statements

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'I Know You Are But What Am I': Russia's Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

David R. Henderson
Remembering Hiroshima

Justin Raimondo
The FBI vs.

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