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Updated August 6, 2022 - 9:48 PM EDT
Israeli Air Strikes Kill 24 in Gaza, Including 5 Kids
Biden To OK New $1 Billion Ukraine Arms Package
  Amnesty International: Ukraine's Fighting Tactics Endanger Civilians
China Threatens 'Real War,' Cuts Talks With US
  White House at Odds With Lawmakers Over Taiwan Policy Act
  ASEAN Urges US, China to Lower Tensions Over Taiwan
EU: 'One Last Effort' Needed To Finalize Iran Deal
item Has the Ukraine Conflict Driven US Government Officials Crazy?  by Jeremy Kuzmarov
item China Retaliates With Snap Suspension of Dialogues With US  by Michael D. Swaine
item Why Resistance Matters: Palestinians Are Challenging Israel's Dominance  by Ramzy Baroud
item US and China Should Prioritize Peace Over Taiwan  by John Marks
item What Has 'Champion of Democracy' Wrought?  by George Koo
item 'Fact-Checking' Orgs Facebook Uses for Ukraine News Are Funded by Washington  by Alan MacLeod

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Death Toll Reaches 36 in E. DR Congo as Protesters Turn on UN Peacekeepers
Monkeypox in US Military Up Tenfold in 4 Weeks
Greece's Intel Boss Quits in Phone Surveillance Scandal
Bill Would Prevent Secret Service From Withholding Records From Its Watchdog
Ukrainian Frontline City Imposes Weekend Curfew to Root Out Collaborators
Moscow, Kyiv Exchange Accusations After Ukrainian Nuclear Plant Shelled
Zelensky Withdraws Hundreds of Parliamentarians' Diplomatic Passports for Leaving Ukraine in the Midst of the War
Russian-Backed Separatists Say They Have Taken Pisky Village in East Ukraine: Tass
Russian-Backed Kherson Administration Denies That Its Leader Is in a Coma
Kremlin Says Griner Swap Must Be Discussed Without Publicity
Russian Refinery Returns to Operations After Drone Strike
Key Russian Official Confirms His Country's Commitment to the Space Station
Putin Signs Decree That Bans 'Unfriendly' Investors From Selling Energy Stakes
Russia Kicks Out 14 Bulgarian Diplomats
Russian Lab Head Supporting Hypersonic Missile Program Held for Treason: Tass
Sanctions & Shortages
Ukraine Calls for Black Sea Grain Deal to Extend to Other Products
Three More Ships With Grain Depart Ukraine Ports Under UN Deal
Germany's Power Prices Hit Record-High as Utilities Limit Output
Norway Considers Limiting Electricity Exports to Prevent Domestic Crunch
Egypt to Expand Terminal Russia Used to Transport Its Oil
Russia Imposes Sanctions Against 62 Canadians in Response to Similar Measures by Ottawa
The World & Ukraine/Russia
US Will 'Pursue' Russian Offer to Discuss Griner Prisoner Swap
War in Ukraine Can't Be Ended by Ignoring Russia: Erdogan Aide
Putin and Erdogan Agree to Boost Cooperation, Some Ruble Payments for Gas
German Commissioner Urges More Aid for Roma in Ukraine
Serbia, Kosovo Leaders to Discuss Tensions at Brussels Aug. 18 Meeting
French Court Suspends Conservative Imam's Deportation
Berlin Munitions Dump Blaze Still Active as Explosion Risk Impedes Fire Crews
Could China's Massive War Games Be a New Normal for Taiwan?
Taiwan Dispatches Aircraft, Ships to React to Chinese Military Incursions
US Summons Chinese Ambassador as China Cancels Range of US Exchanges
US Must Rectify Mistakes on Taiwan After Pelosi Visit: Chinese Embassy Official
White House Says US Has Nothing to Rectify Over Taiwan
Chinese Military Forced Pelosi's Plane to Make Detour, PLA General Says
Expert: China's Missile Launches Calculated Not to Provoke US Too Much
Flights Canceled, Rerouted Over China's Drills Near Taiwan
China Sanctions US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi After Taiwan Trip
Which Countries Recognize Taiwan Independence?
Japan Remains Open to Dialogue With China: Japan Foreign Minister
Japan PM Kishida to Reshuffle Cabinet as Early as August 10
South Korea
South Korean President Misses Pelosi Meeting for Staycation
South Korea's First Moon Orbiter Launched Into Space
Afghans Protest US Drone Attack in Kabul
Blast in Kabul, Afghanistan Kills Eight; ISIS Claims Responsibility
Senior Taliban Member Haqqani: US Repeatedly Violated Doha Agreement
India Objects to Chinese Activities Near Ladakh
India Police Detain Opposition Leaders Protesting Price Rise
Why Coastal Karnataka Is Southern India's Home to Supremacist Movement
India Bids to Sell Fighter Jets to Malaysia; Six Other Countries Interested
Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan Government Accused of Draconian Treatment of Protesters
Sri Lanka Considering Restructure of Local and Sovereign Debt: President
Malaysia Receives First Maritime Patrol Aircraft Upgraded With US Funding
What Is Life Like in Kashmir Three Years After Losing Special Status?
Blinken Hails 'Strong' US-Philippine Alliance in Talks With Marcos
ASEAN Decided No Myanmar Junta at Summits Unless Peace Progress: Cambodia FM
Former Papua New Guinea Military Chief Calls for Gun Ban to Curb Election Violence
Hiroshima: 77 Years Ago
Hiroshima Day: How Many Nuclear Weapons Do Different Countries Have Today?
Hiroshima Prays for Peace, Fears New Arms Race on Atomic Bombing Anniversary
Counting the Dead at Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Truman's War Crimes at Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Criticism of Hiroshima Bombing Used To Be a 'Part of the National Conservative Creed'
How Survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Organized for Nuclear Disarmament
Nuclear War or Invasion: The False Dichotomy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
New Film Reveals Why Hiroshima Matters Today
Five Japanese Films on Hiroshima-Nagasaki Bombings
Photos: 77 Years Since the Atomic Bombings Hiroshima and Nagasaki
'No Appetite for War': Palestinians Fear New Israeli Offensive
Hamas Has Not Yet Fired Rockets, and Will Determine Whether Battle Becomes War
Gantz Approves Draft of Over 25,000 Reservists After IDF Strikes in Gaza
Islamic Jihad Vows to Hit Tel Aviv Following Attack on Gaza
Palestinian Militants Fire Rockets at Israel After Gaza Air Strikes
Israel Seeks Lebanon Maritime Deal to Pre-Empt Hezbollah Attack
Banksy Painting Sprayed in West Bank Resurfaces in Tel Aviv
Prevented From Reaching Gaza Border, Goldin Family, Supporters Scuffle With Cops
At Al-Aqsa, Whispered Prayers Defy Unwritten Accord
Iraq Daily Roundup: Six Killed, Including a Child
Sadr Rival Bloc Supports 'Constitutional' Snap Elections in Iraq
Sadr Seeks Early Iraq Elections After 'Very Good' Meeting With Top UN Envoy
Several Opposition Officials Arrested in Kurdistan Ahead of Protests: Sources
Thousands of Al-Sadr Supporters Gather for Mass Prayer in Baghdad
Furor, Indifference, Confusion: Voices Beyond the Iraq Protests
US Support to Peshmerga Depends on Quality of Reforms: Minister
Tehran Asks Iraq to Call on Saudis to Release Iranian Arrested During Hajj Pilgrimage
Baha'is Accuse Iran of Conducting 'Systemic Onslaught' on Their Community
Iran Holds Mass Funeral for Guard Officers Killed in Syria
Turkey-Russia to Act in Cooperation Against Terrorism in Syria
Kurdish SDF Forces Storm Al-Hol Camp in Syria, Detain People Suspected of ISIS Links
Lebanon Politicians Selling Passports to Syria Regime-Linked Families: French Newspaper
Saudi Arabia
UN Warns Saudi Execution of Two Bahrainis Could Be 'Arbitrary'
In a First, Somalia-Based Al-Shabab Is Attacking in Ethiopia
US Donates 24 Military Vehicles to Africa Union Forces in Somalia
From Al-Shabab to the Cabinet: Somalia's Appointment Fuels Debate
Eighteen Sudanese Killed in Ambush by Armed Chadian Group
Five Security Forces Killed in Attack in Sudan's Darfur
Egypt Government 'Running Country From Luxury Beach Hotel'
Three Public Figures Announce They Will Stop Publishing Critical Views of Egyptian Government
Kenya's Disillusioned Youth Shun Election
Kenya Presidential Wildcard Vows to Erase Debt With 'Ganja Solution'
Militants Kill 13 in Attack on Burkina Faso Counter-Terrorism Operation
Senegal Signs Peace Deal With Rebels in Country's South
UN Report Links Malian, 'White-Skinned' Troops to Civilian Deaths
Papua New Guinea PM Says He Can Form a Govt as Vote Counting Continues
State-Aligned Cuban TV Host Cautions Against 'Repression' of Protests
Colombians Cautiously Optimistic Ahead of Leftist Petro's Inauguration
US Military
Pentagon Denies DC Request for National Guard Migrant Help
Fort Bragg Barracks Evacuation Over Mold Problem to Displace Some 1,200 Troops
Amid Hiring Boom, Defense Firms Say Labor Shortage Is Dragging Them Down
US Navy Taps Six Firms for Large Drone Ship Concepts
Textron Awarded $354 Million To Supply XM204 Anti-Vehicle Munition to US Army
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'I Know You Are But What Am I': Russia's Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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Remembering Hiroshima

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The FBI vs.

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