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Updated August 14, 2022 - 9:26 PM EDT
West Pledges Long-Term Support for Ukraine
  Nuclear Catastrophe Is Gaining Momentum in Ukraine
  Ukraine DM Makes Veiled Threat Against Russian Civilians in Crimea
  Zelensky Tries to Stop Leaks Coming From His Government
Taiwan Rejects China's Plans for Unification
  Taiwan's Opposition Kuomintang Party Sends Delegation to China
US Envoy: We Support Fight Against Gaza 'Bad Guys'
  Israel Election: Netanyahu Loyalists Win Big in Likud Primary
Sweden To Extradite Man to Turkey After NATO Deal
Iran: EU Nuclear Deal Proposal Is Not Finalized
Salman Rushdie Off Ventilator and Talking After Stabbing
item Nuclear Catastrophe Is Gaining Momentum in Ukraine  by Edward Lozansky
item In Britain, Contenders for Boris Johnson's Crown Stress Fealty to Israel  by Jonathan Cook
item US Warns of South China Sea 'Provocations' – but Who Is Provoking Whom?  by Mark J. Valencia
item Is Russia a State Sponsor of Terrorism?  by Doug Bandow
item Post-9/11 Era One of the Most Militarily Aggressive in US History  by Nick Turse
item Representatives Are Too Invested in Defense Contractors  by Dylan Hedtler-Gaudette & Nathan Siegel

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Meta (Facebook) Carries Out 'Digital Massacre' of Palestinian Posts
UN Chief Says Killing of Palestinian Children 'Unconscionable'
Witnesses Say Police Kill Two in Somaliland Election Protests
Russian-Backed Authorities Say Air Defenses Thwarted Ukrainian Attack on Enerhodar and Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant
Russia Doubles Number of Air Strikes on Ukraine Positions, Infrastructure: Ukrainian General
Sanction All Russian Banks, Ukraine's Ambassador to the US Urges
Ukraine Struggles to Retake Kherson Before Russia Annexes It
Artists Paint Flowers Over Ukraine War Wreckage, Unsettling Some Locals
US Backs Calls for a Demilitarized Zone Around Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant: State Dept
Russia Confirms Prisoner Swap Talks as US Hopes for Griner, Whelan Release
Satellite Images Show Destroyed Jets at Russian Base in Crimea
Russian State TV Protester Gets Two Months' House Arrest
Russia Says Swiss 'No Longer Neutral', Can't Act as Go-Between With Ukraine
Russia Condemns Latvia's 'Xenophobia' in Calling Moscow Terrorism Sponsor
The World & Ukraine/Russia
Estonia to Stop Russians From Entering With Estonian-Issued Visas
Belarus Says 'Technical Incident' Behind Blasts at Military Base
Germany Puts Reserve Officer on Trial Over Spying for Russia
UK to Send More Rocket Launcher Systems to Ukraine
Germany Plans International Conference on Ukraine Reconstruction
Ukraine Expects to Load Grain Shipment to Ethiopia: Minister
Latvia Parliament Calls Russia a State Sponsor of Terrorism
Spain Receives First Themis Unmanned Ground Vehicle From Estonian Firm
Latvia, Estonia Withdraw From China Cooperation Group
Germany's Scholz: No Plans for China Visit
Alleged Member of ISIS 'Beatles' Charged in UK With Terrorism
Spain Evacuates 294 More Afghan Workers and Families
Xi Sought to Send Message to Biden on Taiwan: Now Is No Time for a Crisis
Chinese Military Frigates Conducts Three-Day Drill in South China Sea: State Media
Taiwan President: China Military Threat Has Not Decreased
Chinese President Xi Jinping Expected to Visit Saudi Arabia Next Week
Taiwan Fishing Community Casting for Fresh Markets After China Ban
China, Nepal Agree on Building a Trans-Himalayan Network
ISIS Claims Responsibility for Attack on School in Kabul
Afghan Cleric Killed by Bomb Hidden in Artificial Leg
SIGAR Report Says Cash Taken by Afghanistan's Ghani 'Did Not Exceed $1m'
Ghani Claims Republic Afghan Govt's Collapse Was Due to 'Deals'
RSF: Afghanistan Lost Almost 60% of Its Journalists Since August 15
Afghan Migrants Murdered, Abused by Human Traffickers: Officials
Save the Children: Hungry, Laboring Afghan Kids 'Wasting Away'
Kashmir Rebels Storm India Army Camp; Three Soldiers, Two Attackers Die
US Looks to Key Asian Partners as Indonesia 'Likely to Reject' Calls for Russian Oil Price Cap
Israel Extends Detention of PIJ Leader for Another Six Days, Possibly Breaking Ceasefire Deal
Palestinian Hunger Striker Moved to Hospital as Health Worsens
Israeli Army Detains Many Palestinians Across Occupied West Bank
Israel Decides to Demolish a Palestinian School Near Ramallah
Videos: Three Children From Gaza in Critical Condition at Al-Makassed Hospital in Jerusalem
Palestinian Girl Dies From Wounds Sustained in Gaza Bombing
Palestinian Lawyers Strike Sees Abbas Abolish Decrees
Military Court Acquits West Bank Palestinian of Terror Charge
Israel's Labor Party: The Generals Are Out, the Activists Are In
Israeli Police Chief Said to Advance Extradition and Terror-Fighting Ties With Morocco
Iraq Daily Roundup: Nine Killed
End to Iraq's Political Impasse 'Unlikely', Observers Say
UN Official Says Iraqi Kurds Should Agree 'Elections Soon'
Iranian Kurdish Leader Killed in Turkish Strike in Syria
US-Led Coalition Condemns 'Attempts' to Disrupt Anti-ISIS Operations in Syria
Turkey Rights Body Files Lawsuit Against Deportation Center
Turkey Ready to Move Armenia Normalization Talks to Yerevan and Ankara
Clashes in Oil-Rich Shabwa Test Yemen's New Presidential Council
Yemen Govt Removes Shabwa Leaders After Separatist Clashes
Officials: Floods in Yemen Kill at Least 38 People in 2 Days
Yemen's Heavy Rains Destroy 5 Heritage Buildings in Historic Old City of Sanaa
Lebanon Seizes Property of Two MPs Charged Over Beirut Blast
Iraq to Provide Lebanon With Fuel for Another Year: Lebanon PM
Middle East
Iran Rejects US Claim of Plot to Kill Ex-Official Bolton
Oman Refuses to Open Airspace to Israeli Flights
Islamic Jihad Angry With Egypt 'Betrayal' Ahead of Gaza Raids
ISIS Militants Besiege Key Points Near Egypt's Suez Canal
Sierra Leone
At Least 13 Civilians Killed in Sierra Leone Protests, Say Mortuary Staff
Calm Returns to Sierra Leone as Protest Death Toll Rises
Mali Says Soldier Death Toll in Tessit Attack Has Risen to 42
Blinken Rebukes Rwanda Over Rights, Suppression Concerns
Final Senegal Legislative Vote Tally Confirms Ruling Party Lost Absolute Majority
Colombia Peace Commissioner in Cuba to Meet ELN Rebels
Venezuela, Colombia Seek to Repair Ties With Appointments of New Ambassadors
Venezuelans Rally Against Argentina Over Grounding of Iran-Linked Plane
Argentina Hikes Rate to 69.5% as Inflation Surges to 30-Year High
Guatemalans March in Protest of Corruption, Cost of Living
Mexican Drug Cartel Gunmen Burn Shops, Cars to Avenge Arrests
US Military
Sexual Assault Case Against Former Joint Chiefs Vice Chair Gets Green Light From Appeals Court
Unmanned Program Could Suffer if Congress Blocks F-22 Retirements, Hunter Says
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