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Updated September 28, 2022 - 9:08 PM EDT
Major Damage by Blasts on Nord Stream Pipelines
  Russia Readying to Absorb Ukrainian Territory After Referendums
  Medvedev Says US, NATO Won't Intervene if Russia Uses Nuke
US Preps $1.1 Billion Arms Package for Ukraine
  US: Sanctions on Russia Opens Markets for US Weapons Makers
  Poll: Americans Support Quick Diplomatic End to War in Ukraine
Iran and IAEA Restart Talks Amid Nuclear Deal Deadlock
item Washington's Pointless War on Behalf of a Fake Nation  by David Stockman
item The Latest Addition to the Marvel Universe Is a Crusader for Israeli Apartheid  by Mitchell Plitnick
item Fact-Checking Biden's UN Speech  by Ted Snider
item War Powers Should Belong to Congress – Not the President  by Brandon Williamson

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Catalonia Seeks Spain's Agreement for New Independence Referendum
US Patrol Spots Chinese, Russian Naval Ships Off Alaskan Island
Elon Musk's Starlink Plan for Iran Raises More Questions Than Answers
In Ukraine's South, Fierce Fighting and Deadly Costs
US Congress to Vote on $12.3 Billion Ukraine Aid Package
Ukraine Urges EU to Impose Economic Sanctions on Russia Over Annexation Votes
Zelensky Says He Discussed Further Military Assistance With NATO Chief
Farmers Among Russians Drafted Into the Military, Putin Says
Russia to Transfer Wounded in School Shooting to Moscow
Russian Orthodox Patriarch: Russian War Dead Have Their Sins Forgiven
Russia Expels Japanese Diplomat Detained for Alleged Spying; Tokyo Denies Accusation
Russians Leaving Russia
White House: US Welcomes Russians Seeking Asylum
As Russians Flee, Some Find Draft Notices Waiting at the Border
Report: Over 194,000 Russians Flee Call-Up to Neighboring Countries
Kazakhstan to 'Ensure Safety' of Russians Fleeing Draft
Russians Flock to Georgia, Again, as Putin Escalates War
European Military Buildup
Finland to Procure More Light Anti-Tank Weapons for $56 Million
Denmark to Raise Preparedness Level After Leaks on Gas Pipelines
British Army's King's Royal Hussars to Lead NATO Battlegroup in Estonia
Slovak Parliament Approves NATO Membership for Finland, Sweden
Royal Canadian Air Force to Enhance Air Mobility Operations in Europe
The World & Ukraine/Russia
CIA Warned Berlin About Possible Attacks on Gas Pipelines in Summer: Spiegel
Norway, Germany, Brace for Insecurity After Nordstream Explosion
German Conservative Leader Accuses Ukrainian Refugees of 'Welfare Tourism'
Greece Proposes European Fund to Address Soaring Gas Prices
German Police Raid Yacht Linked to Russian Oligarch
Superyacht Linked to Sanctioned Russian Sold for $37.5m in Gibraltar: Court
Polish Surveillance Draws Fire at Top European Rights Court
British Pound Stabilizes, but Turmoil Still Roils UK Economy
Belgium Told To Pay 100,000 Euros in Damages for Extraditing Terrorist to US
'Dozen' Dead in Suspected Burkina Faso Jihadist Attack
Libya: Five Dead in Clashes in Western Town of Zawiyah
Morocco Acquires 150 Attack Drones From Israel
Sudan Coup Leader Bids to Co-Opt Pro-Democracy Movement
UN Urges Mali to Free Detained Ivorian Troops
Shadow of War Hangs Over Ethiopia's Meskel Festival Celebrations
US Military
Ex-US Army Reservist Convicted of Illegally Acting as Chinese Agent
US Army Launches New Multi-Domain Task Force in Hawaii
US Air Force Has Finally Rescued a Stranded Osprey Aircraft From a Remote Norwegian Island
Three Pro-Govt Soldiers Killed, 10 Injured by Houthis in Yemen's Hodeidah
Foreign Companies Looting Yemen's Oil Must Heed Warnings: Houthis
Two Killed in Turkish Shelling in Northern Syria: State Media
Landmines, Cluster Bombs Remain a Deadly Threat in Syria
Cholera Surge Sparks Fears of Uncontrollable Outbreak in Idlib Camps
Iraq Daily Roundup: 14 Killed
Iran's Revolutionary Guard Strikes Kurds in Iraq
$18 Billion Deposited in Lebanese Banks by Iraqi Politicians Has 'Evaporated'
Death Toll of Lebanon Shipwreck Off Syria Coast Rises to 100
Prisoners Affairs Commission Documents Severe Beating of Two Palestinian Children During Detention
EU Representative Visits Palestinian School Facing Imminent Threat of Demolition
Kurdish Militants Attack Turkish Police, Kill Themselves
Turkey Summons Greek Envoy Over Armed Presence on Disputed Aegean Islands
Turkey Summons German Envoy After Politician Likens Erdogan to 'Sewer Rat'
Qatari Civilians Conscripted for Security Duties During World Cup
US Agency Mounted 'Thousands of Cyberattacks' on Chinese University: Report
China's Xi Makes First Public Appearance in Beijing Since Trip to Central Asia
Pompeo in Taiwan Calls for End to US 'Blind Engagement' With Beijing
Taliban Official Calls for Schools to Be Reopened for Girls
Afghanistan's Taliban Sign Import Agreement With Russia
Dep. Minister Stanekzai Calls on Pakistan to Stop Interfering in Afghan Affairs
Afghans Deported From Turkey Report Abuse
US Defends Arms Sales to Pakistan Following Criticism From India
US Pushes for 'Constructive' India-Pakistan Relations
Abe's Militaristic Funeral Captures Japan's Tense Mood
The Church Linked to Abe's Killing, Japan's Political Troubles
Harris Focuses Asia Trip on Security, Adds Tour to Korea DMZ
Haiti Facing 'Humanitarian Catastrophe', Says UN Envoy
Haiti Hospitals Prepare to Close as Gangs Blockade Fuel Supplies
'Mocking Us': Parents of Missing Mexican Students Slam Government Missteps
Millions of Barrels of Iranian Crude and Condensate Arrive in Venezuela
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