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Updated November 19, 2022 - 2:44 PM EST
US Told Ukraine Tread Carefully Over Poland Missile
  Kremlin: Zelensky's Demand for Public Talks Shows He's Not Serious
  Deal Allowing Export of Ukrainian Grain Extended for 120 Days
  Erdogan: US, Russia Have No Intention of Using Nuclear Weapons
Republicans Introduce Bill to Audit Ukraine Aid
  US Considering Modifying Gray Eagle Drones for Ukraine
IAEA Again Condemns Iran Over Inquiry
  Armed Attacks Against Iranian Security Personnel Intensify
North Korea Fires Second ICBM This Month
HRW Calls for Probe Into US War Crimes in Afghanistan
item Why Is AP Protecting Source Behind False Russia-Bombed-Poland Story? by Sam Husseini

Signs of Diplomacy in Ukraine? Finding a Faint Pulse. by Ted Snider

item All Quiet on the Western Front (2022) by Kym Robinson
item Stop Invading Haiti by Doug Bandow

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Pentagon Has No Idea How Much Military Equipment It Left in Afghanistan
Rocket Attack Targets US Green Village Base in Northeast Syria
Finland to Spend $143 Million on Russia Border Fence
Dutch Court Convicts Three MH17 Suspects, Acquits One
Russia Says It Rejects 'Scandalous' Dutch MH17 Verdict
Ukraine Controls 1% of Luhansk Region: Russian-Installed Official
US Army Veteran Killed Fighting on Ukraine's Southern Front
EU to Provide Aid to Ukraine Over Winter Before Possible Hostility Flareup
Russian Missiles Pound Ukrainian Energy Facilities and Defense Plant
Brittney Griner Moved to Penal Colony in Russia's Mordovia Region
Israeli President Herzog to Make First-Ever State Visit to Bahrain Next Month
Israel and Jordan Sign Joint Declaration to Preserve the Jordan River
Israel Reopens Probe Into Deadly 1982 Blast at Army Headquarters During Lebanon War
Fire Rips Through Gaza Residential Building, Killing 21 People
Israeli Navy Declares Ship-Mounted Version of Iron Dome Operational
UN Palestinian Refugee Agency Warns It Is in Funding 'Danger Zone'
Palestinian Presence in Jerusalem 'Threatened': Human Rights Groups
Israeli Settlers Take Revenge After Three Are Killed
Oman 'Held US Talks' on Opening Airspace to Israel Flights
Israeli Election
Prospects of Israeli Right-Wing-Religious Coalition Are Raising Concerns as Smotrich Seeks to Annex Settlements
Israel's Netanyahu Agrees to Legalize West Bank Settler Outposts
Far-Right Israeli Party Condemns US Interference in Government Formation

Iraq Daily Roundup: Three Killed

Tensions Escalate Between Iraqi Kurdistan's Two Main Ruling Parties
Iran Accuses Israel and West of Planning Civil War in Iran

Iran to Host Regional Meeting on Afghanistan: Envoy

Taliban Reaffirms Afghanistan Is Not a Threat to Other Countries
US Watchdog Blames Washington, Ghani for the Fall of Kabul
Turkey Could Reset Relations With Egypt and Syria After Elections: Erdogan

Turkey's Erdogan Sees Issues Over Purchase of US F-16 Jets Resolved Soon

Latin America
Colombia, ELN Rebels Set to Begin Peace Talks Next Week
Mexican State Security Chief, Four Others, Die in Helicopter Crash
US Offers $5 Million Reward in Hunt for Paraguay Prosecutor's Killers
Venezuela Asks World Court to Throw Out Guyana Border Case
The War at Home
US Agent Killed, Two Wounded in Puerto Rico Gun Battle With Suspected Drug Smugglers
US Congressman Introduces 'Justice for Shireen Act'
Air Force, FBI Raid Nevada Homes in Probe of Area 51 Website
F-35 Jet Funding Is Running $1.4 Billion Short, Pentagon Tells Congress
Algeria, Russia Kick Off Joint Military Exercices Near Sahel
DR Congo Sends Warplanes Against Advancing M23 Rebels
Equatorial Guinea Leader Obiang, 80, Seeks to Extend 43-Year Rule
Haftar-Led Libya Forces Kill Seven, Capture Two ISIS Militants
Former Egypt MP Third Person to Die in Detention in 48 Hours
Egypt Is Cutting Domestic Power Demand and Selling More Gas to Europe
Alaa Abd El-Fattah: Health of Jailed Activist Has 'Deteriorated Severely'
Nigerian Soldier Kills Aid Worker, Injures UN Helicopter Pilot
US Repatriates $20.6 Million of Former Dictator's Assets to Nigeria
Natural Gas Prices in Europe Drop as Storage Units Remain Untouched
French President Macron Says Australia Submarine Cooperation Offer on the Table
Greek FM Snubs Libya Counterpart in Spat Over Turkey Deal
EU Poised to Unblock Billions in Funds for Hungary
US Approves $700 Million Patriot Missile Sale to Switzerland
United Kingdom
UK Hikes Windfall Taxes on Oil and Gas to 35%
UK Asks BAE to Ramp Up Artillery Shell Production Amid Ukraine Drawdown
Southeast Asia
US VP Harris Arrives in Thailand for Asia-Pacific Summit
Myanmar Releases Ex-UK Ambassador, Australian Aide to Suu Kyi From Prison
Philippines to Expedite US Defense Agreement on Base Access
China Says Xi Was Not Criticizing Canada's Trudeau Over Alleged Leaks
China to Adopt Consensus Reached in Talks With United States, Ministry Says
India Establishes Military Facility on Border With China
North / South Korea
South Korea's Yoon Says Saudi Arabia Is Key Partner for Economy, Energy Security
South Korea, US Complete Relocation of Combined Forces Command HQ
South Korea to Install Electromagnetic Wave Detectors Near US THAAD Base

Syrians in Turkey Fear More Animosity After Attack

US Armored Convoy Expelled by Syrian Residents in Qamishli: Local Reports
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'I Know You Are But What Am I': Russia's Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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Remembering Hiroshima

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The FBI vs.

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