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Updated November 24, 2022 - 8:18 PM EST
US Announces $400 Million Arms Package for Ukraine
  Senators Press Pentagon to Give Ukraine Advanced Drones
Russian Strikes Leave Ukrainians Without Power
  No Sign of Peace Talks Despite Increase in US-Russia Dialogue
  EU Parliament Labels Russia as 'State Sponsor of Terrorism'
Pentagon: Turkish Airstrikes Threaten Safety of US Troops
Ben-Gvir Calls to Renew Targeted Killings of Palestinians
France Accuses US of Pursuing China-Style Industrial Policy

Will FBI Probe Into Abu Akleh Killing Be a Cover-Up? by Maureen Clare Murphy

item Zelensky, Media Lackeys Caught in Most Dangerous Lie Yet by Alexander Rubinstein
item Blowing Up the De-Nuclearization Playbook: Got Any Better Ideas? by Harry Kazianis
item The Upside Down Debate on Broad Sanctions by Daniel Larison

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US Authorizes Firms to Provide Services to Russian Oil Trade
Biden Boosts US-Palestinian Ties by Appointing Special Representative
Somalia Says 49 Al Shabaab Fighters Killed in Military Operation
Russia Says 35 Captured Servicemen Released From Ukraine After Talks
Russia's Parliament Moves to Extend Anti-Sanctions Regulation
Switzerland Adopts EU's Eighth Package of Sanctions Against Russia
Russian Court Orders Google to Restore Parliament YouTube Channel: Duma
Most Moldovan Power Supplies Restored After Russian Strikes on Ukraine
United Kingdom
UK Navy Ships to Be Armed With Advanced Long-Range Strike Missiles
UK's Top Court Rejects Scotland's Independence Referendum Bid
Lockheed Martin Delivers Three Additional F-35B Jets to UK
Fossil Fuel Firms Face 33% Windfall Tax in Germany
Removal of German Colonial-Era Statue Met With Cheers in Namibia
Germany Rebukes Boris Johnson's Claim It Favored Quick Ukrainian Defeat
Israel's Far-Right Smotrich Says New Government Will Act Against Rights Groups
Palestinian Activist Joins UK Lawsuit Against Spyware Company, UAE and Saudi Arabia
One Teen Dead and 22 Wounded in Twin Jerusalem Explosions
Palestinian Children Flee as Israeli Forces Demolish West Bank Elementary School
White House 'Condemns' Twin Bombings in Jerusalem
Gazans Say Israel Will Not Attack Their Territory Soon
Prisoners in Their Own West Bank Home
Netanyahu Agrees to Hand Far-Right Ally Smotrich Control of the West Bank
UN Envoy Seeking Renewed Truce and Path to Peace in Yemen
Houthis Threaten to Target Oil Ships in Ports Under Saudi Control
Middle East
Iraq Eyes Additional Troop Deployment on Iran, Turkey Borders
Qatar to Join Consortium Pumping Gas From Offshore Field Straddling Lebanon, Israel
Saudi Arabia and Kuwait Deny Supporting Opec Oil Production Increase
Democratic Republic of the Congo
African Leaders Agree on Ceasefire in Dr Congo From Friday
History Repeats in Dr Congo for Families Fleeing Rebel Violence
Pakistan Army Chief Admits Military's Meddling in Politics
Pakistan Army Chief Takes on Ousted PM Khan Over Alleged US Conspiracy
China Holds Policing Discussion With Officials of Pacific Island Nations
Taiwan Says It Sees Less Chinese Interference Ahead of Elections
The War at Home
US Justice Department Calls on Supreme Court to Dismiss NSO Group's Immunity Petition
Pentagon Fails to Pass New Financial Audit, Unable to Account for Over $2 Trillion in Assets
US Navy Seeks Early Upgrades on Troubled Zumwalt Destroyers
Soldier Killed in WWII to Be Buried in Home State of West Virginia
Kazakh President Calls for 'Collective' Search for Peace in Ukraine
Ukrainian Energy Minister Accuses Russia of 'Gas Blackmail'
UK Delivers Brimstone-2 Anti-Armor Missile to Ukraine
UK to Send Helicopters to Ukraine for 'First' Time
Turkey Supplied Laser-Guided Missiles to Ukraine
Europe's Cities to Donate Generators for Ukraine as Winter Looms
Three Killed in Russian Air Strikes on Ukrainian Capital: Mayor
Moldova Dismisses Gazprom Allegations That Ukraine Is Withholding Gas Deliveries
EU Parliament Website Hit by Cyber Attack After Russia 'Terrorism' Vote
European Gas Market to Remain Tight Until at Least 2024
EU Plans Subsidy War Chest as Industry Faces 'Existential' Threat From US
BAE Systems, PGZ to Provide Polish Armed Forces With Armed Recovery Vehicles
NATO Allies Test Air Defense System in Romania With Simulated Attack
Kosovo, Serbia Reach Deal to End Dangerous Dispute Over Car Plates: EU
Spain to Send Troops, F-18 Fighter Jets to Romania in December, PM Says
Russia Asks Turkey to Refrain From Full-Scale Syria Offensive
Syria Provides 'Drone Lab' for Warring Parties: Peace Organization Report
Suspected Turkish Airstrikes Target Al-Hol Camp, ISIS Families Flee
Turkey to Establish a Security Belt in Northern Syria: Erdogan
Top US, Turkish Generals Hold Phone Call
Kurdish Forces Preparing to Repel Turkish Ground Invasion
Iran Guard Colonel Killed in Syria, Tehran Blames Israel
Separatists Face Off Against Security Forces in Western Iran
Iranian Kurdish Party Leader Survives Missile Attack Near Erbil
North Africa
Algeria Increases Military Spending in Biggest Budget Ever
Egyptian President: Sisi 'Courted' Turkey's Erdogan With 'Mango Juice' to End Boycott
Israeli Energy Giant Ready to Invest in Natural Gas Operations in Morocco
Former Envoy Khalilzad Urges Taliban to Start Consultative Process
Taliban Accuses US of Not Living Up to Doha Agreement
Deadly 2007 Dutch Attack on Afghan Compound Illegal, Court Rules
Two-Thirds of Afghan Households Struggle to Meet Basic Needs: World Bank
Latin America
Peace Talks Will Not Slow Colombia's Offensive Against Armed Groups: Officials
El Salvador Govt Seeks Congress Approval to Issue Bitcoin-Backed Bonds
Children Account for 40 Percent of Cholera Cases in Haiti: UNICEF
Another Mexican Reporter Gunned Down in Deadly Year for Local Media
Venezuela Government and Opposition Set to Resume Talks This Weekend in Mexico
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