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Updated January 29, 2023 - 8:44 PM EST
Russia Warns of 'Full-Blown Conflict in Europe'
  Ukraine Expects To Get All the Weapons It Wants
  US Refuses to Say if Ukraine Will Get Toxic Depleted Uranium Ammo
  US Expands Sanctions Against Russian Wagner Group
Report: Israel Was Behind Attack on Iran Facility
  IAEA Chief Falsely Claims Iran Could Fuel 'Several Nukes'
Israel Launches Gaza Air Strikes After Jenin Raid
  Seven Israelis Killed in East Jerusalem Settlement Shooting
  Death Toll Rises to 10 Following Israeli Army 'Massacre' in Jenin
  US, Israel End Largest-Ever Joint Military Exercise
  US Asks Israel to Send Hawk Anti-Aircraft Missiles to Ukraine
US Says ISIS Leader Killed in Somalia Raid
US Marines Open New Base on Guam
item Warmongers 101 – Who Is the Institute for the Study of War?  by Guy Somerset
item The Federal Reserve's Misleading Graph Exaggerating China's Military Spending  by Ben Norton
item Halt This Crazy Rush to All-Out War  by Eric Margolis
item Media Help Launder US Military PR on Joint Drills With Israel  by Ben Armbruster

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Enormous Lockheed Stock Buybacks and Dividends Come at Taxpayers Expense
Rand Paul: GOP Should Give Up 'Sacred Cow' and Trim Military Spending
France Recalls Ambassador to Burkina Faso, Pulls Out Troops
Ukraine Officials Who Shirk Wartime Duties Will Be Quickly Removed: Zelensky Aide
Canada to Send Four Leopard 2 Tanks to Ukraine
How Do Germany and the EU Fund Military Gear to Ukraine?
Blasts Near Ukraine Nuclear Plant, Says UN Watchdog; Russia Calls It Provocation
France, Italy Close to Deal on Supplying Air Defense System to Ukraine

US Army Readies Ukraine Abrams Tank Options for Policymakers

US to Send Ukraine More Advanced Abrams Tanks – but No Secret Armor
New US Ambassador Arrives in Moscow Amid High Tension
Four People With Russian Flags Kicked Out of Australian Open by Police

Russia Fires Dozens of Missiles, Drones: Ukraine Military

Russia Welcomes Mexican President's Criticism of Germany's Supply of Tanks to Ukraine
Denmark Calls for Mandatory Military Service for Women
Europe Diversifying Diesel Sources Ahead of Ban on Russian Fuel
France Urges Release of Seven Nationals Imprisoned in Iran
German Arrested for Allegedly Passing on Intelligence to Russia
Sign Deal or Face Consequences, EU Envoy Tells Kosovo, Serbia
UN Food Agency: Afghan Malnutrition Rates at Record High
More Than 160 Afghans Die in Bitterly Cold Weather
UN Official Comments on Trip to Afghanistan
Pakistan Poll Panel Announces April Elections in Two Province
Pakistan Seeks US Help in Unlocking $1.1 Billion IMF Loan
India Invites Pakistan FM to Attend Regional Summit
India Showcases Military Might in Republic Day Parade
Surveillance Concerns as India Issues New Digital IDs in Kashmir
New Fiji Govt Suspends Police Commissioner, Scraps China Policing Arrangement
Indonesia Considering Buying Smart Aviation Weapons From France
Japan Launches Intel Satellite to Watch North Korea, Disasters
UN Command: North, South Korea Violated Armistice With Drones
USS America Demonstrates Rim-116 Missile in Philippine Sea
The War at Home

How Classified Documents Became a Schoolgirl's Show-and-Tell

Former US Leaders Asked to Recheck for Classified Docs
Northrop: B-21 to Enter Low-Rate Production in 2023, as Inflation Concerns Persist
Donald Trump to Be Allowed Back on Facebook After 2-Year Ban
US Shuts Down Major Ransomware Network Hive
Israel Withholds Body of Palestinian Teen Killed in Shuafat
PA Declares End to 'Security Coordination' Following Israeli Massacre in Jenin
Ben-Gvir Calls for Establishment of Israeli 'National Guard'
Israeli Army Says It Downed Surveillance Drone During Military Raid in Jenin
Israel Raids: Why Are So Many Palestinians Being Killed?
Blinken to Head to Middle East Amid Israeli-Palestinian Tensions
Gaza Militants Fire Rockets at Israel: Israeli Army
US Seeks Facts From Israel on Jenin Raid That Killed Nine Palestinians
Iraq Daily Roundup: Two Killed
Iraq's Sudani Signs Strategic Partnership Agreement With France's Macron
Iraq's Kurdish Region Warns Against 'Unlawful' Stop to Funds
Iraqi Supreme Court Ruling May Reignite Kurdish Oil Dispute
Iraq to Hang 14 People for ISIS Speicher Cadet Massacre
Turkey Says Sweden Was Complicit in Burning of Quran Amid Tension Over NATO Membership Bid
Turkish Court Rejects Delay in Case Over Pro-Kurdish Political Party Closure
Turkey Says It Is 'Meaningless' to Restore NATO Dialogue With Sweden, Finland
Turkish Officials Call Pompeo a Liar and Say He Had a 'Meltdown' Outside Erdogan's Door
Iran Minister Urges Tolerance for Women Over Headscarves
Iran's Conservatives Cheer EU 'Retreat' on Blacklisting IRGC
Families of Beirut Port Blast Outraged by Infighting Over Inquiry
Lebanon Judge at the Center of Beirut Blast Inquiry Showdown
Ethiopia's PM Abiy Ahmed in Sudan on First Visit Since 2021 Coup
Ethiopia Acquires Dozens of Chinese Wheeled Howitzers
Witnesses Say Latest Ethnic Clashes in Ethiopia Kill Dozens
DR Congo
A Bomb Injures at Least 12 People Near DR Congo Market
UN Condemns M23 Rebel Offensive on DR Congo Town, Hundreds Flee
Mali Court Sentences Man to Death Over UN Peacekeeper Deaths
South Sudan's Displaced Hope Pope's Visit Will Bring Peace
Tanzania Squeezes Maasai by Seizing Livestock, Report Says
Latin America

Legislators Submit Motion to Impeach Peru President Dina Boluarte

Haiti Police Block Streets, Break Into Airport to Protest Officer Killings
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NATO's Phony (and Dangerous) Nonbelligerent Status Regarding the Ukraine War

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In Venezuela, the US Recognizes a Nonexistent Government

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It Has Always Been a 'Religious War': On Ben Gvir and the Adaptability of Zionism

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When Federal Interest Payments Come To Exceed the Military Budget: Time To Stop Defending the Rest of the World

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Ukraine Was Not Built To Last

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Biden Reneged – Now Russian Army Will Talk

Dave DeCamp
No Sign of Peace in Ukraine as New Year Approaches

Patrick J. Buchanan
Putin's 'Winter War' on Ukraine

Scott Horton
America First Republicans, Co-Sponsor This Yemen Resolution!

Sheldon Richman
The Scourge of Conscription

Daniel Larison
The Solomon Islands and the Perils of 'Great Power Competition'

Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)
'I Know You Are But What Am I': Russia's Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

David R. Henderson
Remembering Hiroshima

Justin Raimondo
The FBI vs. Antiwar.com

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