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Updated March 12, 2023 - 9:02 PM EDT
Iran and Saudi Arabia Agree To Normalize Ties
Biden Seeks $886 Billion Military Budget for 2024
DNI: China Should Know US Will Defend Taiwan
  Commander: US Must Focus on Sinking Chinese Ships in Future War
  US Navy Wants to Turn Australia Into a Full-Service Submarine Hub
Media Dumps Stories on Nord Stream Sabotage
  Russia Launches Barrage of Missile Strikes Across Ukraine
Saudi Arabia Seeks US Security Guarantees for Israel Ties
Sen. Graham Wants Military Intervention in Mexico
House Votes Down Resolution to Leave Syria
item Israel's Liberal Supporters Are Taking Their Denial to a New Level  by Norman Solomon
item Victory Is Defeat: Palestinian Children's Art Exposes Israel's Cultural Genocide  by Ramzy Baroud
item Biden's Iran Policy Makes No Sense  by Daniel Larison
item Imperialist Nonsense: The US Takeover of the Philippines  by David Gordon

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Saudi Engineer Released From Guantanamo Prison Camp After 21 Years
Taiwan Confirms President To Stop in US
US Approves Smotrich Visa Despite His Calls for Palestinian Town to Be 'Wiped Out'
Israeli Firm Accused of Selling Classified Spy Technology
Israel Tensions Soar as Anti-Govt Unrest Moves to Army
Israeli Reservist Colonel Dismissed Over Judicial Reform Protest
Mass Protests Over Government's Court Plans Sweep Israel
Israeli Emergency Services Say Three Injured in Tel Aviv Shooting
Israel's President Calls to Scrap Judicial Overhaul
Five Israelis Injured, Suspect Dead in Tel Aviv Shooting
Knesset Delegation Visits Bahrain in Fresh Normalization Move
Israeli Protesters Disrupt Netanyahu Trip to Rome on 'Day of Resistance'
How Israel's Political Crisis Is Fanning the Flames of Civil War
Teen Among Four Palestinians Killed by Israeli Forces in West Bank Raids
Iraq Daily Roundup: Nine Killed
US Senate Committee Votes to Repeal Iraq War Authorization
Middle East
Twitter Suspends Saudi Colonel Criticizing MbS After Defection
Ireland to Withdraw From UN Peacekeepers on Israeli-Syrian Border
UN Signs Deal to Salvage Stranded Oil From Tanker Off Yemen
Turkey's Constitutional Court Lifts Block on State Aid to Pro-Kurdish HDP
Austin and Sisi Reaffirm US-Egypt Military Ties: Presidency
Egypt's Inflation Soars Above 30 Percent in February
Military Court in Somalia's Puntland Executes 13 Men by Firing Squad
Somalia's Lower House Passes Historic Anti-Terrorism Law
Extremists Kill 25 Fishermen in Northeast Nigeria
Nigeria Election Commission Delays Polls for Governors by a Week
At Least 36 Killed in Eastern DR Congo Attack
US Embassy in Niger Threatens a Pesky American Journalist and Then Backs Down
Libya Eyes First Oil and Gas Licensing Round in Two Decades
Saied Dissolves Tunisia's Councils in Fresh Power Grab
The War at Home
White House Proposes Biggest Military Pay Raise in Decades
White House Plan Calls for Small Boost in VA Program Budget
US Army Announces Overseas Deployments for These Units
Mexican Cartel Says Sorry for Attack on Americans, Serves Up Five Suspects

Mexico's President Slams Calls for US Military to Target Cartels

Canadian Olympians Push for Opposition to Russians in Paris
Canada to Fast-Track Procurement of Defense Equipment for Latvia Deployment
China Protests Over Dutch Plan to Cut Chip Access, as Netherlands Moves to Join US Curbs on Chinese Hi-Tech
China's Xi Calls for 'More Quickly Elevating' Armed Forces
Taiwan to Allow More China Flights in Show of Goodwill
Minister Says Singapore Keen to Douse Growing US-China Tensions
South Korea Exported Weapon Components to Poland, Knowing They Would End Up in Ukraine
Latvia Donates Drunk Drivers' Cars to Ukraine's War Effort
UN Nuclear Chief Raises Alarm Over Ukraine's Zaporizhzhia Plant
Russia Takes East Bakhmut as Ukraine Builds Up Forces
Swiss MPs Urge Allowing Arms Transfers to Ukraine, in Theory
Russia Imposes Sanctions on 144 Citizens of Baltic States
Russia Says Renewing Grain Export Deal With Ukraine 'Complicated' After UN Chief Calls the Pact 'Critical'
Russia Can Fight in Ukraine for Two More Years at Current Intensity, Lithuania Says
Lawyers for Sanctioned Russians Allege EU Evidence 'Flawed'
Moldova Separatists Say Ukrainian Plot Against Leader Foiled
Transnistria Leader Says Will Urge UN to Probe 'Terror' Attack
Several Dead in Hamburg Church Shooting: German Police
Video: Germany Prosecutes Citizen for Condemning Aid to Ukrainian Nazis
Italian Officer Given 30-Year Jail Term for Selling Secrets to Russia

Leonardo to Revamp Italian Air Force's Spartan Transport Fleet

Former NATO General Petr Pavel Takes Reins as Czech President
EU Hopeful That Kosovo and Serbia Will Reach Deal This Month
Sweden Proposes Security Law Seeking Turkey's Backing for NATO Bid
US Soldiers Receive First Permanent Duty Station in Poland
South Korea Appeals Ruling to Compensate Vietnam War Massacre Victim
North Korea Fires Ballistic Missile Towards Sea, South Korea Says
US OKs $1 Billion Advanced Hawkeye Aircraft Sale to Japan
Okinawa Governor Wants More Power to Prosecute US Troops
Kabul's Restrictive Policies Demand Strong Intl Response: US Diplomat
Iran Calls for Inclusive Govt in Afghanistan
Iran and Taliban Deepen Relations
Afghanistan Coffers Swell as Taliban Taxman Collects

UN Envoy Warns Afghan Aid May Decrease if Restrictions Persist

Taliban Governor of Afghan Province Killed in Blast: Police
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The Scourge of Conscription

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'I Know You Are But What Am I': Russia's Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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The FBI vs.

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