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Updated March 14, 2023 - 9:10 PM EDT
US Drone Crashes After Enounter With Russia Jets
  Kyiv Doesn't Have Resources for Counteroffensive
  China's Xi to Speak With Zelensky, Meet With Putin
  Kremlin: Goals in Ukraine Can Only Be Achieved With Military
Ex-Official: US Could Bomb Taiwan Chip Factories
  China Appoints New Defense Minister Who Is Under US Sanctions
  China's Xi Jinping Vows 'Peaceful' Taiwan Ties
US, UK, Australia Unveil AUKUS Submarine Deal
US, South Korea Kick Off War Games
US Airstrike in Somalia Killed 7 Civilians in January
item Israel and Its US Lobby Dealt Major Blow by China-Saudi-Iran Peace Initiative  by Grant Smith
item House Democrats Attack Messengers in 'Politicization of Government' Hearing  by Ron Paul
item Protest at White House, March 18, Against US Proxy War in Ukraine  by John V. Walsh
item Drums of War With China Beating Much Louder Now  by Caitlin Johnstone

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Qatar Ranks as Top Arms Importer Despite Surge in Weapons Going to Ukraine
US Business Leaders Warn of Boycott if Israel Pushes Through Judicial Reforms
Philippines, US Kick Off Joint Military Drills Amid China Tensions
Israel Releases 83-Year-Old Palestinian Prisoner After 17 Years
Palestinian Rights Defender Hammouri Says He Will Continue Exile Fight From France
Qatar Commits $500,000 to Families of Huwara Rampage Victims
EU Diplomats Visit Palestinians at Risk of Forcible Transfer
Military Pilots Said Angry at Netanyahu for Using Them as Pawns in Deception Tactic
Allies Advance Bill to Protect Netanyahu From Being Declared Unfit to Hold Office
Opposition Leaders Threaten to Boycott Final Votes on Israeli Judicial Overhaul
France24 Suspends Renowned Journalist Over Pro-Palestine Stance
UAE Suspends Israeli Arms Deals Until Far-Right Govt 'Brought Under Control'
Hundreds Protest Israeli Finance Minister Smotrich Visit in DC
Iraq Daily Roundup: 25 Killed
Corruption Cost Iraq $600 Billion Says Former PM Al-Kadhimi
Iraqis Haunted by Disappearances After Saddam Hussein's Fall
Up to 500 ISIS Fighters Still Active in Iraq: Military
Iran Thanks Iraq for Paving Way for Restoration of Ties With Saudi Arabia
Iran 'Pardons' 22,000 People Who Took Part in Protests
Iran, Pakistan Sign Electrical Exchange Agreement
Iran and Belarus Sign Cooperation Roadmap in Lukashenko Visit
Middle East
Prosecution of Famed Jordanian Satirist Amid Vague Speech Laws Sparks Outrage
Two Syrians 'Tortured to Death' by Turkish Border Guards
Egypt Denies Identity Documents for Dissidents 'To Pressure Them to Return'
The War at Home
The Pentagon's 2024 Budget Proposal, in Short
Pentagon Seeks 21% Boost in Cyberspace Spending
US to Extend Humanitarian Stay for Ukrainians Who Entered Via Mexico Border
US Military Services Grappling With Filling Their Ranks in Budget Request
Oklahoma Guard Soldier Dies Following Army Combat Fitness Test
Hundreds of Aircraft Headed to the Boneyard in New USAF Budget
Biden Says He Intends to Visit Northern Ireland for Peace Anniversary
Russian Lawmaker Introduces Bill Pushing Back Conscription Age
Russia Suggests Renewing Black Sea Grain Deal for Shorter Term
Kyiv Criticizes Russian Proposal to Extend Grain Deal
Ukraine Faces a Lack of Herbicides, Pesticides for Spring Sowing
France Is Already Sending One Armored 'Oddity' to Ukraine. Now It Might Send a Slightly Odder One.
Norway to Send Two NASAMS Air Defense Systems to Ukraine
Finland Grants Estonia License to Export D-30 Howitzer to Ukraine
Ukrainian Soldiers Wrap Up Leopard 2A4 Tank Training in Spain
Ukraine Seeks 'Spiritual Independence,' Acts Against Church: Zelensky
Rename Russia? Zelensky Wants to Look Into It
Poland Says It Is Ready to Send Doctors to See Ex Georgian Leader Saakashvili
Slovenia's PM Urges Bosnia to Embrace 'Historic' Moment for EU Integration
British Navy Warship Escorts Russian Frigate in Waters Close to UK
Taliban Health Ministry Launches Annual Polio Vaccination Drive
'Talented' Ex-Officials Will Be Given Jobs if They Return: Taliban Commission
Taiwan Says Soldier Who Went Missing Has Been Found in China
Taiwan Says Defense Spending to Focus on Readying for 'Total Blockade' by China
UK Approves Increased Submarine-Related Exports to Taiwan, Risking Angering China
South Asia
Why India's Revival of Civil Militias in Kashmir Is Raising Fears
Nepal's New President Sworn in as PM Fights to Stay in Power
Asia Pacific
Micronesia's President Accuses China of 'Political Warfare'
New Zealand Govt Reverses Move to Introduce Bill to Lower Voting Age

US Forces and Allies Stormed Beaches and Trained in Thai Jungles

Angola to Send Forces to Conflict-Torn DR Congo
Tunisia Swears in New Defanged Parliament
Colombian President Accuses Criminal Group of Breaking Ceasefire
Colombia Prosecutor Suspends Warrant for FARC Dissidents in Step Toward Talks
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