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Updated March 19, 2023 - 8:54 PM EDT
White House Opposes a Ceasefire in Ukraine
  US Thinks Ukraine's Ammunition Use Is Unsustainable
  100,000 Ukraine Soldiers Killed in War, Including 'Most Experienced'
Slovakia, Poland Sending Fighter Jets to Ukraine
  ICC Issues Arrest Warrants for Putin and Other Russian Official
  US Releases Video of Drone Encounter With Russian Fighters
Japan, South Korea Work to Rebuild Military Ties
  Locals in Guam Are Denied a Choice on US Military Buildup

Turkey Plans To Approve Finland's NATO Bid

Senate Resolution Could Stop Saudi Arms Sales

Arab Nations Look to Make Deal on Syria Reconstruction
Former Mossad Chief Urges Rapprochement With Iran
item Does Canada Support Regime Change in Russia?  by Ted Snider
item Major US Outlets Found Seymour Hersh's Nord Stream Scoop Too Hot To Handle  by David Knox
item The Tragic Reality of Rachel Corrie's Death  by Lawrence Wilkerson
item Syrian Sanctions Punish Earthquake Victims  by J.W. Rich

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Democrats Sympathize More With Palestinians Than Israelis, for the First Time
New US Findings on China Tariffs Confirm 'Self-Inflicted Harm'
Senate Takes First Step in Repealing Iraq War Authorizations
Netanyahu Forbids Ministers From Meeting US Officials Until Biden Invites Him to DC
Israeli President Warns of 'Civil War' as Netanyahu Rejects Judicial Compromise Proposal
Israelis Back on Streets After Netanyahu Rejects Reforms Compromise
Greek Orthodox Archbishop Atallah Hanna Says Jerusalem Is Facing 'Unprecedented Conspiracy'
Undocumented in Gaza Struggle Without Israeli-Issued IDs
Palestinian Homes Destroyed in East Jerusalem for Israeli Park
Israeli Army Wounds Three Palestinians While Escorting Settlers
Nablus Resistance Fiercely Responds to Israeli Incursion
Four Palestinians Killed in Israeli Raid on Jenin
Hundreds of IDF Reservists Say Will Not Report to Duty as of Sunday
Why a Former US Ambassador Joined Israel's Pro-Democracy Protests
Former Israeli Premier Urges World Leaders to Shun Netanyahu
Iraqi Ambush of Americans Made a Mockery of 'Mission Accomplished'
Iraq Daily Roundup: 12 Killed
Many Killed in Mysterious Helicopter Crash in Iraq's North
Assad Welcomes New Russian Bases in Syria After Putin Meeting
General Milley Defends Surprise Visit to Syria
US Airman Accused of Insider Attack in Syria Cleared of All Charges
Middle East
Turkey's Erdogan Will 'Keep Promise' in Approving Finland's NATO Bid
Bahraini Activist Critical of Parliament Arrested Ahead of International MP Assembly
Blinken Announces $150 Million in New Aid for Sahel
Unrest in Senegal as Police Clash With Opposition Supporters
Somalia Executes Three
Al-Shabab Militants
US State Department Approves Potential Sale of Tomahawk Missiles to Australia: Pentagon
How the US Plans to Expand Its Submarine Industrial Base for AUKUS
Latin America
Three Dead in Rioting Blamed on Gangs in Brazil's Northeast
Ecuador, Argentina Order Out Envoys Amid Diplomatic Clash
El Salvador Extends Emergency Powers in Year-Long Gang Crackdown
No Signs Ukraine Is Withdrawing Troops From Bakhmut: Russian-Installed Official
Israel Approves Export Licenses for Anti-Drone Systems for Ukraine
British Army to Receive Swedish Artillery System as Interim Replacement for Ukraine Donations
Russia OKs Alternative Civil Service for Mobilized Believer
Russia Says It Downed Three Missiles Over Southern Region
One Killed in Blast at FSB Security Building in Southern Russia
Western Price Caps on Russian Crude Could Lead to Supply Disruption: Algeria
Russia Vows to Respond 'Proportionately' to US 'Provocations'
Pentagon: Russia Likely Trying to Recover US Drone Debris in Black Sea

Germany to Put 2-Percent NATO Spending Pledge in Writing

German Chancellor Scholz Sees Prolonged War in Ukraine
Germany: Police Admit People Detained Under 'Protest Ban' Just Looked Palestinian
Germany to Advance Purchase of Israel's Arrow-3 Defense System
Hungary Pressures EU by Delaying Finland, Sweden NATO Vote
Moldovan Parliament Approves Law on Romanian Language
US State Department Approves Potential Sale of Hellfire Missiles to Poland: Pentagon
US Approves Sale of 95 Heavy Gun Carrier JLTVs to Romania
Serb Leader Says He Won't Sign Anything During Kosovo Talks
Switzerland Passes Bill to Prosecute International 'Crimes of Aggression'
UN Security Council Asks for Advice on Dealing With Afghan Taliban
Women's Education Issue Makes Afghanistan Relations 'Difficult': Pakistan FM Zardari
Taliban Appoint New UAE Consul General in Latest Diplomatic Push

With Saudi Deals, US, China Battle for Influence in Mideast

Japan's Return to Path of Militarization 'Dangerous': China Defense Ministry
The War at Home
Senators Push DoD to Approve Recruits Who've Sought Mental Health Care
Pentagon Close to First Awards on $9 Billion Cloud Contract
Family Says Fort Hood Soldier Found Dead Faced Sexual Harassment
Soldier From Army's Golden Knights Dies in Florida Training Accident
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America First Republicans, Co-Sponsor This Yemen Resolution!

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