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Updated March 22, 2023 - 9:19 PM EDT
Hersh: CIA Planted Nord Stream Cover-Up Story
UK to Give Ukraine Depleted Uranium Shells
  Four Top Republicans Urge Biden to Send Cluster Bombs to Ukraine
  Pentagon Speeds Up Plans to Get Abrams Tanks to Ukraine
  Ukrainian Troops Complete Patriot Missile Training Early
Putin: China Plan Could Be Basis for Settlement
  Xi, Putin to 'Significantly Increase' Trade Between China and Russia
Russia Says It Downed Ukrainian Drones in N. Crimea
  US Establishes First Permanent Garrison on NATO's Eastern Flank
Taiwan Confirms President Will Stop in US Next Week
43,000 Somalis Starved to Death in 2022: UN
British Airstrikes Killed Civilians in Iraq in 2016-2017
Arizona Senate Passes Defend the Guard Act
item Epitaph for a 'Cake Walk': An Iraq Case Study  by Ray McGovern
item Iraq War Anniversary: Never Back Down on the Only Important Fact  by Thomas Knapp
item Reapers and Red Lines: Downing of an American Drone  by Ted Snider
item The Ukraine Weapons Drain  by Bradley Devlin

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Israeli Defense Minister Threatens to Resign Over Judicial Overhaul
AIPAC, FDD Websites Erase All Evidence of Their Iraq War Cheerleading
Russia Surpasses Saudi Arabia as China's Top Oil Supplier
Israeli Settlements
Israeli Govt Lifts Ban on Settlers' Return to West Bank Settlements
US 'Extremely Troubled' by Israeli Move to Lift Ban on Return to West Bank Settlements
Knesset Member Calls for Return of Israelis to Settlements in Gaza
Over 200,000 Demand Israel End Palestinian Home Demolitions
Protesting Israeli Reservists Threaten to Stop Serving En Masse if Judicial Reforms Pass
IDF Soldiers Filmed Vandalizing Palestinian Car in West Bank
Israel Court Extends House Arrest of Palestinian Journalist
Israel Holds Five Palestinian Mums in Jail on Mother's Day
Palestinian Prisoners Launch Massive Hunger Strike
Biden Administration's Human Rights Report Buries Shireen Abu Akleh Killing
Smotrich Violated Israel-Jordan Peace Treaty With Expanded Israel Map
On Mother's Day, Palestinian Mothers Dream of Saying Goodbye to Their Sons
UK, Israel to Sign Multimillion Agreement Despite Violence Against Palestinians
Israel Orders Shut Down of Palestinian Radio Offices in East Jerusalem
Killing of Kurds in Northern Syria Sparks Protests, Tensions
Pro-Turkey Fighters Kill Four Syria Kurds Celebrating Nowruz: Monitor
Helicopter Crash in Iraq Might Have Revealed a Secret PKK Air Route to Syria
Middle East
Saudis Frees American Jailed Over Tweets About Crown Prince
Turkey's Kurds Eye Kingmaker Role in Election Against Erdogan
Algerian President Says Morocco Ties Reached 'Point of No Return'
Insurgency Shuts One in Four Burkina Faso Schools
Chad Sentences 441 Rebels to Life in Prison Over Ex-President Deby's Death
Former Egyptian MP Dies in Prison, the Eighth Political Prisoner Death in Three Months
Ethiopia, Eritrea: US Allegations 'Inflammatory,' 'Defamatory'
Student Killed, 200 People Arrested in Kenya Protests
Latin America
Ecuador Officials Have Suspect in Explosives Sent to Media
Mexican President Calls US State Dept 'Liars' After Rights Report
Ukraine Amends 2023 Budget to Channel More Funds for Defense
Iran's Khamenei Says US Wants to Keep Ukraine War Going
Ukraine Appoints New Ministers to Meet 'Difficult Challenges'
Norway Army Says Delivered Eight Tanks to Ukraine
At Ukraine's Front, Police Try to Evacuate Holdout Families
NATO to Hold Ukraine Meeting Despite Hungary's Objections
'Totally Overblown': Russia Calls UN Meet on Ukraine's Taken Kids
Russian Police Target Nobel Prize-Winning Group in Mass Raids
Russia Summons Canadian Diplomat to Protest 'Regime Change' Statement
Kazakhstan's Seizure of Russian Space Assets Threatens the Soyuz-5 Rocket
Is There a War On? Big EU Powers Still Short of NATO Spending Targets
Belarus Says It's Discovered Weapons for 'Terrorist' Attacks
Croatia Seeking SPIKE Anti-Tank Missiles, Patria Armored Vehicles for $235 Million
France Requisitions Refinery Workers as Energy Strikes Continue
Ecumenical Orthodox Patriarch Plans Lithuanian Branch, in Blow to Moscow
Pakistan Court Grants Former Ousted PM Imran Khan Bail in Terrorism Cases
High-Ranking Pakistani Spy Official Killed, Seven Injured in Clash With Militants
China Protests 'Vile' Taiwan Visit by German Minister
China Welcomes Former Taiwan President's Plan to Visit
India Arrests Kashmir Journalist Irfan Mehraj on 'Terror' Charges
US F-22s Land in Philippines for First Time, Furthering Defense Ties
The War at Home
Marines Ask for Amphibious Warship in Unfunded Priorities List
New Red Hill Legal Filing Alleges Fuel Leaks at Navy Facility in Hawaii Also Contained Antifreeze
Supreme Court Has Been Paying Former DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff's Firm for Security Advice for Five Years
US Petty Officer Died on Secret Mission in Undisclosed Country After a Roof Collapse
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