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Updated March 24, 2023 - 8:50 PM EDT
US Bombs Syria After Drone Kills US Contractor
  Report: Saudi Arabia Agree To Establish Ties With Syria
Pentagon: Budget Will Prepare for War With China
  US Sails Warship Near Chinese-Controlled Islands in S. China Sea
  US Will Send Old Planes to Mideast, Advanced Jets to Asia, Europe
Zelensky to Europe: Send More Weapons
  UN Has a Plan to Curb Hunger but the EU Won't Lift Sanctions
  World Bank: Ukraine's Reconstruction Will Cost at Least $411 Billion
AFRICOM Says Coup Leaders Share 'Core Values'
  Senate Votes Down Sen. Rand Paul's Move To Repeal 2001 AUMF
Hersh: CIA Planted Nord Stream Cover-Up Story
Turkish Parliament Committee OKs Finland's NATO Bid
item The First Casualty of War Is Truth: Iraq 20 Years Later  by Joe Plenzler
item BBC Nakba Series Obscures Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine  by Jonathan Cook
item The Eight-Year-Old's Iraq  by Jude Russo
item Abu Ghraib Survivor: Taking the Hood Off  by Osama Bin Javaid

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Netanyahu Vows 'Responsible' Judicial Reform After Summoning DM
Saudi, Iran Foreign Ministers in Ramadan Call, Agree to Meet Soon
Slovakia Delivers First Four Soviet-Era MiG-29 Jets to Ukraine
Ukraine Military Receives First Domestic 122mm Artillery Shells
Ukraine President Visits Front-Line Areas as New Phase Nears
Ukrainians Say Russian Drones Pose Growing Threat, More Stingers Needed
Russia Cannot Meet Arms Delivery Commitments Because of War, Indian Air Force Says
Siberian Pipeline Deal Between China and Russia Could Be Reached This Year
Russia's Medvedev Says Any Attempt to Arrest Putin After ICC Warrant Would Be a 'Declaration of War
Russian Navy 'Repelled' Drone Attack on Crimea Port
Violence in Paris on Day of Protests Over Macron's Pension Reform
France Sets EU Precedent With 2024 Olympics Surveillance Arsenal
Oil Tankers Rerouted to Rotterdam as Strikes in France Continue
Denmark Invites Nord Stream Operator to Help Salvage Unidentified Object
Hungary Would Not Act on Putin Arrest Warrant, Official Says
PM Meloni Vows Defense Hike as Italy's Generals Announce Shopping Lists
Kosovo Will Implement Measures Agreed on With Serbia, PM Says
Swedish Lawmakers Vote to Endorse Country Joining NATO
Blinken Says 'Several Americans' Remain Detained by Taliban in Afghanistan
Imran Khan Says 'Constitution Violated' as Punjab Vote Is Delayed
How India's Hunt for Amritpal Singh Caused Diplomatic Row With UK
India's Rahul Gandhi Found Guilty of Defamation Over Modi Remark

Taiwan Recalls Ambassador as Honduras Switches Ties to China

North Korea Says It Tested New Nuclear Underwater Attack Drone
Latin America
Blinken Says US Won't Remove Cuba From Terror List
Haitian Mayor, Accused of Persecution, Is Arrested for Visa Fraud
'Open Your Eyes': Ex-Israeli Diplomats Warn of Dictatorship as Netanyahu Visits UK
What Are the Israel Judicial Reforms Causing Outrage?
Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian in West Bank on First Day of Ramadan
Israel Passes Law Protecting Netanyahu as Protests Continue
Israeli Army Attacks Ramallah Hospital With Tear Gas
Far-Right Israeli Minister Threatens to Reoccupy Gaza
Palestinian Prisoners Suspend Hunger Strike After Israel Concedes to Their Demands
Iraqis Still Await Special US Visas 20 Years After Invasion
BP Extracted $18 Billion of Iraqi Oil After British Invasion
Twenty-Nine Civilians 'Killed in UK Strikes on Iraq, Syria' Between 2016 and 2018
Erdogan Pledges Increased Water Flow to Tigris to Alleviate Iraq Water Crisis
Turkey Tightens Restrictions on Russian Aircraft Without Major Disruptions
Over 49,000 Yemeni Civilians Killed, Injured in 8 Years of War: Houthis
Yemen Fighting Kills 16, Endangering Peace Efforts
Egypt May Withdraw From UAE-Based Nile Talks With Ethiopia
Egyptian Navy Receives Three Cyclone-Class Coastal Patrol Craft From US
At Least 15 Security Force Members Killed in North Burkina Faso Attack
Ethiopia Sets Up Tigray Interim Gov't as Part of Peace Plan
US 'Actively' Working to Re-Establish Presence in Libya
Mali Govt Questions 'Credibility' of Damning UN Rights Report
Nigerian Separatist Leader's Brother Loses London Court Challenge
African Union Urges Nearly $90 Million for Its Somali Force
The War at Home
DeSantis's Pivotal Service at Guantanamo During a Violent Year
US Navy Requests $3.6 Billion for Conventional Prompt Strike Round
Red River Awarded $12.1 Billion Information Technology Contract for US Army
It Will Take Years to Replenish US Strategic Petroleum Reserve: Granholm
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