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Updated March 27, 2023 - 8:55 PM EDT
Putin Says Russia Will Deploy Nukes to Belarus
  Zelensky Says No Counteroffensive Until West Sends More Weapons
  Stolen Valor: The US Volunteers in Ukraine Who Lie, Waste, Bicker
France Willing to Work With China on Ukraine
  US, EU Hold First-Ever Joint Drills Aimed at China
  Indo-Pacific Command Seeks $3.5 Billion More Than Budget
Biden Committed To Keeping Troops in Syria
Yellen: Sanctions Created a 'Real Economic Crisis' in Iran
Netanyahu Delays Judicial Overhaul Plan After Protests
item America Hangs From
a Cross of Iron
 by William J. Astore
item For Putin, Iraq War Marked a Turning Point in US-Russia Relations  by Branko Marcetic
item The Myth of a Stronger NATO  by Ted Snider
item Banality of Biden's 'Exceptional' Elite Advisers  by Ray McGovern

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Iraq War:
Bad Lessons Learned

by George D. O’Neill Jr.
In Ethiopia, China and the US Map Rival Roads to Lasting Peace
Israel Sees Night of Fiery Protests and Riots Following Gallant Sacking
US RC-135 Surveillance Jet Has Flown Unprecedented Mission Over Finland
First Guilty Plea Comes in Assassination of Haiti's President
Strikes Across Multiple Sectors Announced After Israeli Defense Minister Dismissal
Israeli Settlers Hurl Stones at Palestinians in West Bank Attacks
Israeli Authorities Charged With Safeguarding Cultural Sites Are Now Led by Far-Right Settlers
Israeli Forces Shoot, Injure Five Palestinians, Foreign Activist in Kafr Qaddum
Israeli Forces Restrict Access to Al-Aqsa During First Friday Prayers of Ramadan
No Air Force, No Israel: Why the Fighter Pilots' Protest Is an Existential Issue
UK Government Urged to Refer Israel and Netanyahu to ICC on War Crimes Charge
Israeli Extremists Again Storm
Al-Aqsa During Ramadan
Settlers Attack Hawara After Shooting Wounds Israel Soldiers
Palestinians Expect New Intifada to Erupt, According to Polling
Israeli Settlers Set Fire to West Bank Family's Home
Jeremy Corbyn, Ilhan Omar Join Hundreds Calling for an End of US Support of War in Yemen
Yemen Soldier Killed in Houthi Drone Attack: Officials
Millions of Children Face Risk of Malnutrition in Yemen: UNICEF
Saudi-Backed Official in Yemen Targeted in Possible Assassination Attempt
Mohamed ElBaradei: 'The Iraq War Was About Regime Change, Not WMDs'
Turkey Ordered to Pay $1.4 Billion to Iraq in Kurdistan Oil Arbitration Case
Iraq Infrastructure in Decay, Buildings at Risk of Collapse
Ruling Halts Oil Exports From Iraq's Kurdish Area Via Turkey
Spiking Violence Strains Sectarian Ties in Iraqi Province
Iraq Daily Roundup: Six Killed
Lebanon Divided Again in Dispute Over Daylight Saving Time Delay
Taliban Calls for Removal of Members From UN Blacklist
Taliban Want Control of More Afghan Diplomatic Missions
Afghanistan Withdrawal Subpoenas Dropping Next Week if State Dept Stays Mum
India's Top Opposition Leader Gandhi Expelled From Parliament After Verdict
India's Gandhi Promises to Fight on After Removal as MP
Manhunt for Sikh Separatist in India Stirs Up Old Fears
US Executives Will Keep Low Profile at China Forum Amid Tensions
China Calls for Tighter Trade Ties With New Zealand
China, Haiti, and Migration Top Agenda for Biden-Trudeau Meeting
China Threatens Consequences Over US Warship's Actions
Hong Kong Residents Hold First Protest in Years Under New Rules
Honduras Establishes Ties With China After Taiwan Break

Taiwan's FM Accused Honduran President of 'Harboring Illusions' Over Chinese Promises of Financial Aid

Myanmar's Military Jet Fuel Supplies Hit by Latest US Sanctions
North Korea Fires Ballistic Missile Toward East Sea: South Korean Military
Pakistani Ex-PM Khan Sets Out Economic Rescue Plan at Rally
International Criminal Court to Open Office in Ukraine
Kyiv Calls for UN Security Council Session Over Putin's Nuclear Plans

Red Cross: Civilians in Bakhmut 'Pushed to Limits of Existence'

UN Report: Ukrainian and Russian POWs Faced Torture, Executions
Blast in Russian Town Caused by Ukrainian Drone, Three Hurt
Russians, American Delayed in Space to Return in September
Medvedev: Russian Forces May Go to Ukraine's Kyiv or Lviv Cities
Putin Ally Volodin Proposing Banning ICC in Russia
Russia Pardons 5,000 Former Criminals After Fighting in Ukraine, Prigozhin Says
Russia Will Not Return to Council of Europe: Diplomat
United Kingdom
Passport Rift Between UK and Spain Leaves Gibraltar in Limbo
UK Demonstrators Protest Israeli Leader's Visit to London
Erdogan Calls for 'Immediate' End to War in Ukraine During Call With Putin
Turkey, Armenia to Permanently Open Border for First Time in Decades
Nordic Countries Plan Joint Air Defense to Counter Russia
Estonian Firm's Takeover by Emirati Group Tests Joint EU Defense Rules
France Bans 'Recreational' Use of TikTok, Twitter, Instagram
Hungary's FM Says Criticism Makes It Hard to Cooperate With West
Polish Ammunition Firm to Boost Output Severalfold as Part of EU-Ukraine Plan
Spanish PM to Discuss Ukraine With Xi Jinping on Visit to China
Lithuania to Call for Sanctions Over Russian Plan for Nuclear Weapons in Belarus
Five Killed in West Sudan Tribal Violence, Rights Group Says
Sudanese Factions Tackle Forming Single Army in Transition Talks
Sudan's Burhan Urges Troops to Back 'Democratic Transition'
Chad Nationalizes Assets by Oil Giant Exxon, Says Government
Chad Pardons 380 Rebels in Apparent Peace Gesture
DR Congo
Militia Executes 17 Hostages in Eastern DR Congo
Former Rebel Leader Is Named DR Congo's New Defense Minister
Africa Is World's 'Future' for Touring US VP Harris
IAEA Confirms Almost All Missing Uranium in Libya Accounted For
Ministry: Niger's Army Entered Mali in Hunt for 'Terrorists'
Tunisia Criminalizes Contact With Western Embassies
Hotel Rwanda Hero Released From Prison Following Qatar and US Talks
The War at Home
South Carolina OKs Bill Barring 'Foreign Adversary' Land Holdings
DEA Overseas Review Barely Mentions Corruption Scandals
US Aims for $7 Billion in Aid for 20-Year Pacific Islands Compacts
US Navy Awards Raytheon $234 Million Over-The-Horizon Missile Contract

Canada Offers Mothers in Syrian Camps Choice to Repatriate Children Only

Canada, US Must Be United Against 'Assertive China': PM Trudeau
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The FBI vs.

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