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Updated May 22, 2023 - 8:52 PM EDT
Russia: Providing F-16s to Ukraine a 'Colossal Risk'
  Biden Meets Zelensky, Announces New Military Aid for Ukraine
  Prigozhin: Wagner to Handover Bakhmut to Regular Russian Forces
GOP Bill in Senate Would Scrap New START Treaty
  US Announces New Russia Sanctions With G7 Nations
G7 Takes Aim at China, Biden Expects 'Thaw' in Relations
  G7 Fails to Deliver on Nuclear Disarmament in Hiroshima
US, UK, French Commanders Transit Hormuz Strait
Sen. Rubio Reintroduces Anti-BDS Legislation
item Is NATO Crowding the Russian Bear Into a Nuclear Corner?  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item The US Followed a Policy of Foreign Intervention Long Before World War II  by Ryan Turnipseed
item The Feds and Their Copycats  by Andrew P. Napolitano
item US Foreign Arms and Training Programs Are Out of Control  by William Hartung

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US Considers Screening Outbound Investment to China, Experts To Urge Caution
Depleted Gaza Hospitals Count Losses After Israel's Offensive
Sudan Death Toll Reaches 850 Since Fighting Began
Canada Will Keep Training Ukrainian Soldiers, Maybe Pilots: Trudeau
Ukraine Modifying Commercial Drones to Attack Russian Tanks
Zelensky Calls on G7 to Ensure Russia Is 'Last Aggressor'

Navy Establishes Rapid Response Cell to Get Tech to Ukraine, Taiwan

At G7, Japanese PM Pledges 'Unwavering Solidarity' With Ukraine
Former Virginia Governor Terry Mcauliffe Visits Frontline in Ukraine
Russian-Installed Official Says Kyiv Struck Port City With British Storm Shadow Missiles
ICC War Crimes Prosecutor 'Wanted' in Russia Over Putin Warrant
Russia Sanctions 500 US Citizens
Former Russian Mayor Fined $3,245 for 'Discrediting' Army
Russia Recruited Over 100,000 Troops in 2023: Medvedev
Putin Congratulates Russia Troops, Wagner for 'Capturing Bakhmut'
Russia-Georgia Flights Resume Despite Protests, Strained Ties
Moscow to Hold Russia-China Security Talks on Monday
Russia's Wagner Claims Bakhmut; Kyiv Says Situation Critical
Greek PM Mitsotakis Says Has Won Decisive Mandate to Govern
Greek Conservatives Win Parliamentary Election
Denmark to Help Train Ukrainian F-16 Pilots
Estonia, Latvia Plan Joint Purchase of German Medium-Range IRIS-T Air Defense Systems
Sinn Fein Wins in Northern Ireland Local Elections, Urges Return of Government
Spanish EF-18 Hornet Crashes During Airshow Practice Flight
China Warns Against 'Geopolitical Games' as US Announces Blinken Trip to Papua New Guinea
Just Over Half of Mainland Chinese People Back Full-Scale War to Take Control of Taiwan, Poll Finds
Xi Jinping Pushes Central Asian Defense Cooperation Plan
Commerce Minister to Pay Rare Senior Chinese Visit to US
Taiwan: Tsai Vows to Keep Status Quo of Peace and Stability
Taiwan May Pay an 'Unthinkable' Price for Accepting Free US Weapons, Says Former Defense Minister
Taiwan: Truss Meets With Tsai

Japanese Atomic Bomb Survivors Worry Zelensky's G7 Visit Overshadows Nuke Disarmament Message

Hiroshima Atom Bomb Survivors Ask Whether G-7 Leaders Are Listening
Marines to Shutter Portion of Okinawa Base During WWII Shell's Detonation
Australia to Provide Surveillance Drones to Philippines
Modi, Blinken to Meet Pacific Island Leaders in Papua New Guinea
South Korean, German Leaders Agree to Cooperate on Supply Chains, North Korea
New US Legislation Aims to Block New York Charities From Funding Israeli Settlements
Itamar Ben Gvir Declares Israel 'in Charge' of Al-Aqsa During Visit
Nakba at 75: This Palestinian Survivor Would Trade Anything to Return Home
Three Palestinians Injured After Israeli Forces Attack West Bank Rally
Arab League Affirms Palestinian Cause as Central Arab Issue
Israel Forces Fire at Palestinian Fishing Boats Off Gaza
Israel House Demolitions, Seizures Displace 50 Palestinians
US Criticizes Israeli Order on West Bank Settler Outpost
State TV Says Armed Group Kills Five Iranian Border Guards in Clash Near Pakistani Border
Iran Says It Is Strong Enough to Defend Regional Waters
Iran Says 'Terrorist' Group Linked to Israel Has Been Arrested
Lebanese Army Says It Arrests Prominent Al Qaeda Leader in Deir Ammar Town
Bahrain to Restore Diplomatic Relations With Lebanon
Hezbollah Stages Wargames for Media, Asserts Readiness to Confront Israel
Saudi Arabia
First Saudi Astronauts to Blast Off in Private Mission to Space Station
Zelensky Makes Surprise Visit to Saudi Arabia
Iraq Daily Roundup: Two Killed
How Sadr's Foes Are Trying to Suck Him Back Into Iraqi Public Life
Middle East
Houthis Sign Deal With Chinese Firm for Oil Exploration
Assad and Zelensky Welcomed at Arab League Summit
Air Strikes Hit Khartoum Outskirts as War Continues
Sudan's Burhan Sacks Rival General as War Drags On
Sexual Violence and Killings in Darfur Ahead of Sudan Ceasefire
Sudan's RSF Arrests Islamists Linked to Former Regime
Hundreds of Refugees Cross Into Western Ethiopia From Sudan Every Day
Egypt 'Disappears' Former Student Leader, Prompting Calls for Probe
Chadian Human Rights Activist Disappeared in Egypt
Burkina Faso: Australian Hostage Released
DR Congo Police Clash With Opposition Protesters in Kinshasa
Zimbabwe Releases Prisoners in Amnesty, Reducing Overcrowding
Two Pilots Killed in Afghanistan Military Helicopter Crash
'Don't Have a Problem With Army Chief,' Imran Khan Says
The War at Home
Pentagon Seeks Approval to Fund NATO Defense Technology Accelerator
30 Tons of Explosive Chemicals Lost During US Rail Shipment in April
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