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Updated May 27, 2023 - 7:15 PM EDT
Ukraine Sent Untrained Men Into Bakhmut
  Gen. Milley: Ukraine Shouldn't Use US Equipment To Attack Russia
  Rep. Nadler 'Wouldn't Care' if Ukraine Used F-16s to Strike Russia
  Sanctions Cause Rising Business Fears in Ukraine
Efforts to Move Russian Nukes to Belarus Begun
  Ukrainian Intelligence Says It's Trying to Kill Putin
US, South Korea Hold Largest Live-Fire Drills
US Building New Base in Northern Syria
House China Panel Proposes 10 Ways to Prepare for War
Senators Want Probe of Price Gouging by DoD Contractors
Washington Pushes Netanyahu Over Saudi Normalization
Biden Eyes More War, South Yemen Pushes for Secession
item Trying to Build Peace One BRICS at a Time  by Ted Snider
item Survivors of Kissinger's Secret War in Cambodia Reveal Unreported Mass Killings  by Nick Turse
item Crimes Against Humanity, American-Style  by Karen Greenberg
item Why Are We in Ukraine?  by Benjamin Schwarz & Christopher Layne

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What To Expect After Bakhmut
by Col. Douglas Macgregor
Israeli Officials to Discuss Iran and Saudi Arabia With US National Security Advisor
Sudan's Warring Sides Accuse Each Other of Violating Ceasefire
Armenians Hacked With Pegasus Spyware During War With Azerbaijan: NGO
Sweden Considers Letting Ukrainian Pilots Try Out Gripen Fighter Jets
Israeli Forces Storm Refugee Camp, Injure 13 Palestinians Near Jericho
Israel's 1948 Tantura Massacre: New Mass Grave Sites Discovered
West Bank Dispatch: Over 170 Palestinians Forcibly Expelled From Ein Samiya
US Voices Support for Civil Society Groups Targeted by Israeli Legislation
Israel Shoots Down Drone From Lebanon, Military Says
'He Slipped and Died': How Israel Hides Its Troop Deaths
Hamas-Linked Bloc Wins Second University Student Election
Turkish Opposition Leader Sues Erdogan Ahead of Runoff
Turkey Test-Fires Longest-Range Ballistic Missile
Turkey Kicks Off Syria Housing Project for Refugee Returns
Iran Names Ambassador to Saudi Arabia After Seven-Year Gap
Iran Says Has Successfully Launched Ballistic Missile
Middle East
US Soldier Killed in Military Vehicle Accident at Kuwait Training Range
Syrian Babies Abandoned in Larger Numbers as War Grinds On
Acting Taliban PM: Those Not Wanted by Public Have No Place in Govt
US Has Suspended Afghan Assistance Operations in Ghor: Miller
Taliban Figure Mocks Iran President Over Water Rights Demands
Sixteen Civilians Face Military Trial in Pakistan Over Protests
Pakistani Journalist, Supporter of Former Prime Minister Imran Khan Goes Missing, Second in Two Weeks
China's Special Envoy Meets With French Official in Paris
China Is Supersizing Its Rocket Industry – and It's Coming for Starlink

China in Advanced Talks for Major Saudi, Egypt Arms Deals

Japan Says Scrambled Jets After Russian Planes Seen Off Coasts
Sunken US Navy WWII Destroyer Discovered Off Okinawan Coast
Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan Agree Not to Use Drones in Border Areas
Vietnam Demands Chinese Ship Leave Its Exclusive Economic Zone
Cambodia's Opposition Disqualified From Election, Appeal Fails
The War at Home
General Dynamics Receives $1 Billion Contract Modification for US Navy Virginia-Class Submarines
Biden Picks Air Force General CQ Brown as Next Joint Chiefs Chairman
US Approves $285 Million NASAMS Sale to Ukraine
EU Extends Ukraine Tariff Suspension, Zelensky Pledges to Make It Permanent
Ukraine Secures Release of 106 'Hero' Soldiers in Swap With Russia
Damage to Russian-Occupied Dam Floods Ukrainian Island Community
Ukraine Announces Diplomatic Push for Africa
Treason Trial Set for Russian Hypersonic Missile Scientist
Drone Boat's View of Supposed Attack on Russian Ship Emerges
Russia Signals End to Black Sea Grain Deal in July if Demands Not Met
Russia's Mercenaries Send Back Bodies of US and Turkish Citizens From Ukraine
Russian Prosecutor Asks Court To Recognize Nazi WWII Crimes Around Moscow as Genocide
Russian Gold Shipments to UAE Surge Amid Ukraine War
Six Drones Downed in Crimea, No Victims: Governor
Russia Detains Ukrainians for Plotting Attack on Nuclear Power Station Lines
Swedish Appeals Court Upholds Russia Spy Conviction
Russia Summons Germany, Denmark, Sweden Envoys Over 'Stalled' Nord Stream Investigation
Cyprus Takes Extra Measures to Ensure Air Safety Amid Turkish Warplane Incursions
Czech Republic, Sweden Complete $2.2 Billion Negotiations for CV90 Infantry Fighting Vehicles
Netherlands to Turn Reconnaissance MQ-9 Reapers Into Armed Drones
Poland in Talks to Buy Swedish Early Warning Aircraft
US Senator Hopes Serbia Adopts Russia Sanctions as Serb Spy Chief Travels to Moscow
Spain Trade Losses Mount as Western Sahara Dispute With Algeria Drags Out
Sweden Procures Artillery Vessels From Swedeship Marine
EU Remains Cuba's Top Trade Partner, Committed to 'Mutual Respect,' Top Diplomat Says
Sudan Death Toll Rises to 865 Amid Ceasefire Violations
Brit, 85, Abandoned Opposite UK Embassy in Sudan Warzone
Kenyan Official Dismisses Reuters Report on Chinese Hack as 'Propaganda'
Guinea's Suppression of Protests Stokes Anger Against Military
Libya Govt Says It Conducted Air Strikes in Western Areas

Jailed Morocco Activist Sentenced to More Prison Time: Lawyer

Prominent Algerian Opposition Activist Arrested by Authorities
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Putin's 'Winter War' on Ukraine

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'I Know You Are But What Am I': Russia's Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

Justin Raimondo
The FBI vs.

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