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Updated June 7, 2023 - 8:44 PM EDT
Ukraine Dam Supplying Water to Crimea Destroyed
  US Not Concerned About Ukrainian Attacks in Russia Escalating War
  Eastern NATO Members Want 'Multi-Year Commitment to Ukraine
Lavrov Notes F-16s Can Carry Nuclear Weapons
  WaPo: US Knew Ukraine Planned to Attack Nord Stream Pipelines
House Armed Services Chair Wants China Spending Bill
  Top Admiral: US Is Ready to Fight and Win War With China
Iran Reopens Embassy in Saudi Arabia
Abu Akleh Report 'Doesn't Shed New Light' on Killing
US Falsely Accuses Roger Waters of Antisemitism
item The Ukrainian Army Is Run Not by the Generals but by the PR Department  by Gilbert Doctorow
item Hawks Hallucinate a US-China Detente Policy That Doesn't Exist  by Daniel Larison
item It Was All in Vain: Edward Snowden's Sacrifice 10 Years On  by Patrick Eddington
item The End Stage of American Empire  by William J. Astore

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Injuries Reported as Israeli Forces Attack Palestinians Following Funeral of Slain Toddler
Blinken in Saudi Arabia to Meet Crown Prince MbS
Congress Likely to Hide Defense Spending in New Ukraine Aid Bill
IHRA Antisemitism Definition 'Suppressing Palestinian Advocacy in Europe'
Israeli Forces, Settlers Invade Masafer Yatta After Supreme Court Order to Expel Villagers
Gantz Says He Will Support Any Step Netanyahu Takes Against Iran
Israel Advances Law Preventing Palestinian Citizens From Living in 'Jewish Areas'
Mother of Slain Palestinian Child Calls for Justice
Israel Should Oppose Saudi Nuclear Ambitions, Top Minister Says
Middle East
Saudi-Backed LIV and PGA Tour Announce Golf Merger Deal
UK Donates $1.2 Million in Armored Patrol Vehicle Parts to Lebanon
Iran Unveils Hypersonic Missile Hailing Deterrent Boost
Former Turkey Amnesty Head Acquitted of Terror Charges
Sudanese Warring Factions to Resume Indirect Talks as Clashes Intensify
Khartoum Islanders 'Under Siege' as Sudan Fighting Rages
Senegal Violence Threatens Country's Stability as Experts Call on Government to Instill Calm
Senegal Temporarily Shuts Consulates Abroad Following Attacks in Several Cities
In First, IDF Sends Troops to Participate in Major US-Led Drill in Morocco
Ethiopia Rejects HRW Accusations of 'Ethnic Cleansing' in Tigray
Nigerian Troops Killed in Jihadist Ambush on Convoy
US Military
Marine Corps Again Drops Charges for Lance Corporal Who Spent 113 Days in Brig Related to Refusing Covid Vaccine
UK Military Figures Warn Ministers About Ukraine
White House: US Cannot Conclusively Determine Cause of Ukrainian Dam Destruction
Canal Irrigating Crimea Getting 'Drastically Less' Water After Ukraine Dam Blast, Says Kremlin
Kremlin Says Ukraine Sabotaged Dam to Cut Crimea's Water, Distract From Own Failure
Russia Says Ukraine Has Launched a Full-Scale Offensive in Donetsk
Russia Fines Wikipedia Owner for Failing to Delete Azov Battalion Content
Sweden Approves Extradition to Turkey of PKK Supporter for Drug Offences
Hundreds Protest Sweden's New Anti-Terror Laws Meant to Appease Turkey
EU Warns of 'Solidarity Fatigue' Despite Warm Welcome for Millions of Ukraine Refugees
Finland Expels Nine Russian Diplomats Over 'Intelligence' Work
Kosovo Open to New Municipal Vote in Its North After Unrest: FM
Serbia Backs Ammunition Shipments to Ukraine in Westward Pivot
Five Nations Elected to UN Security Council, but Belarus Denied
China, Russia Conduct Air Patrol Over Sea of Japan, East China Sea
Germany May Build Subs in India as Russian Weapons Supply Slows
Legal Officials Say Myanmar's Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Appeal of Suu Kyi's Bribery Conviction
Singapore's Defense Minister Warns of Unchecked Military Spending
Vanuatu Says Security Deal With Australia to Be Ratified Later This Year
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Putin's 'Winter War' on Ukraine

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'I Know You Are But What Am I': Russia's Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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