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Updated June 9, 2023 - 12:34 PM EDT
GOP Senators Introduce 'End Endless Wars Act'
US: New $2.1 Billion Arms Package for Ukraine
  Sweden Will Allow NATO Deployments in 'Signal to Russia'
  Russia Says It Repelled Large Ukrainian Attack
  Russian Official: US Pressured Ukraine Not to Sign Peace Deal
  Russian Neo-Nazi Fighting Putin Was Taught at UK Far-Right Camp
  NATO Members Continue Trading With Russia Despite Sanctions
US Dismisses Report on Chinese Spy Base in Cuba
  US, Taiwan, Japan to Share Real-Time Drone Surveillance Data
Report: US, Iran Close on Interim Nuclear Deal
  White House Says Iran Is Helping Russia Build a Drone Factory
  Netanyahu Threatens No Deal on Iran Will Tie Israel’s Hands
UK High Court Rejects Assange's Appeal Request
item Hypocrisy, Thy Name Is Wall Street Journal  by Walter Block
item Biden Aide's Smear of Roger Waters's 'The Wall' Performance Is Slammed at Briefing  by Philip Weiss
item NATO's Farcical Balkans Mission  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item State Secrets Undermine Due Process  by Andrew P. Napolitano

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Billionaire Biden Donor Bankrolled 2020 Election Social Media Censorship
Australia to Get One New Build Virginia Class Sub,
Two From US Navy
Kakhovka Dam Collapse Another Blow to Middle East Wheat Security
Dam's Destruction May Cause 'Much Bigger' Problem for Ukraine Farming: Minister
Zelensky Denies Ukraine Involvement in Nord Stream Pipeline Blasts
Ukraine Accuses Russia of Shelling Rescuers Amid Dam Evacuations
Two Weeks at the Front in Ukraine
Damaged Reservoir Can Still Provide Water for Big Ukrainian Nuclear Plant: IAEA
Bodies Found Floating After Kakhovka Dam Collapse: Zelensky
Russian Crude Prices Via Druzhba Pipeline to Jump 16% After Dam Collapse
United Kingdom
'Real Good Shape': Biden-Sunak Hail Ties at White House Meet
Biden Said NATO Allies Need to Discuss Candidates for Secretary General
Britain Steps Up Sanctions Against Belarus for Its Support of Russia
British Military Should Raise Recruitment Age to 18, Says UN Panel
Italy-Azerbaijan Energy Talks Spawn C-27J Aircraft Sales for Leonardo
Kosovo Complains of Biased Western Envoys in Talks With Its Former Foe Serbia
Romania's Foreign Ministry Informs Russia That It Is Reducing the Number of Available Embassy Positions by 51
India, Germany Closer to Inking $5.2 Billion Submarine Deal
11 Killed, 30 Wounded in Blast at Funeral for Assassinated Provincial Governor
US Announces Re-Parole Process for Afghan Nationals in the Country
Afghan Students Feel Abandoned as India Restricts Visas
UNICEF Concerned by Likely Stop in Operation of NGOs Active in Education in Afghanistan

Afghan Embassy Asks Pakistan to Stop Arresting Afghan Refugees

China, India Must Step Back From Himalayan Border Confrontation: Indian Minister
Rebel Mobilization in Sudan's South Raises Fears of Conflict Spreading
Battles Intensify Between Sudan's Warring Factions
Israel 'Should Recognize' Western Sahara as Part of Morocco, Says Knesset Speaker
Palestinian Journalist Seriously Injured as Israeli Army Raids Ramallah
Israeli Arms Manufacturer Sent Equipment to Myanmar Despite US Embargo, Says Report
Israel's Punitive Home Demolition Policy, Explained
Grand Mufti Warns of Religious War Following Escalation in Israeli Aggression Against Al-Aqsa
Israel to Demolish Residential Building in Northern Jordan Valley
Rights Groups Call for UN to Oppose IHRA Antisemitism Definition
Gaza's Shifting Seafood Culture Under Israel's Blockade
Saudi Arabia
Why Has Saudi Sovereign Fund Taken Over Kingdom's Soccer Clubs?
Saudi Foreign Minister: Wants US to Bid in Domestic Nuclear Program
Saudi Arabia Defense Spending Rebounds
Iraq Daily Roundup: 11 Killed
Iraq Says Over 3,000 ISIS Fighters Repatriated From Syria
US, Saudi Urge Western Nations to Repatriate ISIS Jihadists
IMF Says Lebanon Needs Urgent Economic Reforms to Stop Deepening Crisis
Why Is Hannibal Gadhafi on Hunger Strike in a Lebanese Prison?
Middle East
US Claims Russia 'Stopped Adhering to Deconfliction Protocols' in Syria
Iran Proposes New Gas Hub With Russia, Qatar, Turkmenistan
Future Unknown but Syrians in Turkey 'Relieved' After Erdogan Win
Blinken Warns Fight Against ISIS Is 'Not Yet Done'
USAID Says It Is Halting All Food Aid to Ethiopia Amid Diversions

Opposition Coalition Secures Majority in Guinea Bissau's Parliament in Landmark Elections

Moroccan Activists Protest Israeli Knesset Leader Visit
Armed Men in Civilian Clothes Spread Terror During Clashes in Senegal
Four Tunisian Soldiers Die in Military Helicopter Crash
Guinea-Bissau Heads to Power-Sharing After Legislative Vote
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