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Updated September 18, 2023 - 8:35 PM EDT
Russia: The US Is at War Against Us
  Report Urges US-Russian Cooperation to Reduce Risk of Nuclear War
  Kim Ends Russia Visit With Goal of Increased Relations
Officials: Ukraine's Goals Will Lead to a Long War
  Senate Armed Services Panel 'Aggressively' Investigating Elon Musk
  US Sends Cluster Bombs, Three More Countries Destroy Stockpiles
Milley: Chinese Spy Balloon Collected No Intel
  Sullivan Holds 'Constructive' China Talks Amid Soaring Tensions
Iran Frees Five Americans as Part of Prisoner Swap Deal
  US, European Partners Sanction Iran Amid Prisoner Swap Talks
Saudis Invite Houthi Officials for Talks to End Conflict
Niger, Mali, and Burkina Faso Establish Military Alliance
item Washington Is the Matchmaker for the Russia-North Korea Romance  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item Why the Media Aren't Telling the Whole Story of Libya's Floods  by Jonathan Cook
item Iranian-Saudi Deal: They Didn't Do It for Love  by Giorgio Cafiero
item Anti-China and Anti-Russia Propaganda  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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Americans Broadly Support Military Strikes in Mexico, Reuters/IPSOS Poll Finds
Mike Pence Says US Troops May Have to Fight if Ukraine Doesn't Repel Russia
Half of Americans Under 30 Support Sending US Troops to Defend Ukraine
Ukraine Drones Strike Crimea, Moscow, Oil Depot, Russia Says
Ukraine Media Say Sevastopol Explosions Due to Special Operation
Report: Russia Expels Two US Diplomats for Carrying 'Illegal Activities'
Russian Forces Near Norway at '20% or Less' Than Before Ukraine War: Norway's Armed Forces Chief
Finland's President Warns Europe About Russia
Russia Says US Conviction of Kremlin-Linked Businessman 'Politically Motivated'
Russian Soyuz With Two Cosmonauts, US Astronaut Docks at International Space Station
Russia's Central Bank Raises Key Interest Rate Amid Weaker Rouble
Russia's Shoigu Inspects Nuclear Submarine Modernization in Far East
World Court to Hear Russian Objections to Ukraine Genocide Case
Russian Missiles Hit Agriculture Facility in Odesa: Ukraine's Air Force
Russia Denies Claims Ukraine Retook Village of Andriivka Near Bakhmut
Ukraine Security Agency Confirms New Allegations Against Magnate Kolomoisky
Canada to Give $24.5 Million to Help Buy Air Defenses for Ukraine
Crimea: Russian-Installed Authorities to Sell Ukrainian Properties
Romanian Farmers Ask Government to Ban Ukrainian Grain
EU Urges Poland, Hungary, Slovakia to Be Constructive on Ukraine Grain
First Two Cargo Ships Arrive in Ukrainian Port After Russia's Exit From Grain Deal
Jewish Pilgrims Flock to Historic Ukrainian City Despite War With Russia
United Kingdom
UK Designates Wagner Group as Terrorist Organization
UK MPs Inundated by Complaints Over Absence of Palestinians in Anti-BDS Hearings
Czech Protesters Rally Against Government's Pro-Western Policies
Lockheed's New F-16 Training Center in Romania Could Train Ukrainians
NATO Flies Drone Over Finland for the First Time
F-35 Fighter Jets Land in NATO-Member Denmark to Replace F-16s, Some of Which Will Go to Ukraine
Belarus Ready to Boost Fuel Supply to Russia
Armenia Discusses Its International Criminal Court Plans With Russia
Slovakia Expels One Russian Diplomat, but Doesn't Explain Why
Ex-PM Calls for New Law 'To Regulate' French Muslims
Over 200 Arrested in Germany After Violence at Eritrean Diaspora Event; 26 Officers Wounded
Taiwan Opposition Candidate to Push US for Clarity on Defence Commitments
Beijing Sanctions Lockheed, Northrop Over Taiwan Arms Sales
Report: US Believes China Defense Chief Under Investigation by Beijing
China Sees 'Cold War Mentality' in US-Vietnam Pact, Vietnamese Disagree
China, Cambodia Pledge Stronger Ties as Xi Jinping Welcomes New PM Hun Manet to Beijing
PLA Daily: China's Military Rocket Force Uncovers 'Shortcomings'
US Considering Seeking Access to More Philippine Bases, Admiral Says
US Sends Last Two Cyclone-Class Patrol Ships to Philippines
Pakistan Forms New Policy for Afghan Refugees
Afghan-Pakistan Border Crossing Reopens a Week After Fighting
US Military Orders New Interviews on 2021 Afghan Airport Attack
Canada Hits Pause on Trade Mission to India After Tensions at G20 Summit
Brazilian Leader Lula Rekindles Ties With Cuba at G77 Summit in Havana
Brazil's President Calls US Economic Embargo on Cuba 'Illegal,' Condemns Terrorist List Label
FARC Dissidents Kill Four Colombian Soldiers Ahead of Talks
The War at Home
Persistent Issues Force US Navy to Decommission USS Milwaukee After Only Seven Years
Marine Corps Searching for F-35 After Pilot Ejects in South Carolina
US Army Tests Drones to Assess Vital Signs of Wounded Troops From Sky
DSEI London Arms Fair
'War Is Good for Business,' Declares Executive at London's Global Arms Fair
DSEI Ends, but Arms Companies Win
Calls for Accountability: Vigil in London Opposes DSEI Arms Fair's Role in Fueling Global Conflict
UK Government Invited Countries They Admit Are Abusing Human Rights to a Global Arms Fair
More Than 40 Israeli Firms Among 'World's Worst Arms Dealers' at London Weapons Fair
Israeli Defense Ministry Brings Start-Ups to London Tech Conference
Israel Aerospace Industries Unveils Its New VTOL Loitering Munition Called Rotem Alpha
Israel's SpearUAV Unveils New Multi-Canister Launch System for Viper Drone
New Birds, New Uses: Israel's Next-Gen UAV Capabilities on Display at DSEI 2023
Israel Denies Report Saudis Suspending Normalization Talks Over Palestinian Issue
Rallies Held Nationwide as Netanyahu Heads to US; Protesters Denounce Him at Airport
Israeli Forces Attack Palestinian Worshippers at Al-Aqsa Mosque
Israeli Forces Injure Dozens of Palestinians South of Nablus
'Acute Shortage of Medical Supplies' Put Lives of Gaza Kidney Patients in Danger
Fatah Gives Deadline for Handover of General's Killers Amid Fragile Truce in Lebanon Refugee Camp
Palestinian-Americans Accuse Israel of Bias at Borders
Israel Slams UNESCO for Declaring Ruins in Jericho as a World Heritage Site in Palestine
Women Set Fire to Prison Ward Near Tehran
Iran Cracks Down on Protests on Mahsa Amini's Death Anniversary
How Will Iran Populate the Strait of Hormuz Islands the UAE Also Claims?
Turkey Targets Over 30 PKK Positions in Iraqi Kurdistan
Three Killed in Turkish Drone Strike on PKK-Affiliated Fighters in Northern Iraq
Sources: Iraqi Kurdistan Disarms and Relocates Iranian Kurds Opposition Parties Near Mosul
Two Women Fighters Killed in Turkish Strike: Syria Kurds
Inside the Syrian Camp in Idlib Harboring Wanted French Fighters
Saudi Arabia
US in 'Regular Contact' With Saudi Arabia Over Global Oil Supplies
Rights Groups Call on X to Protect Users After Saudi Man's Death Sentence
Middle East
Erdogan Says Turkey May Part Ways With the EU. He Implied the Country Could End Its Membership Bid
British Airways 'Denied Boarding' to Bahraini Activist Flying Home to Manama
Palestinian Rivals in Lebanon's Ain Al-Hilweh Agree New Truce
Why a Former US General Thinks We Should Keep Arming Egypt
Rights Groups Condemn Biden for Allowing $235 Million in Military Aid to Egypt
Prominent Egyptian Anti-Government Activist Sentenced to Six Months in Prison
Key Buildings in Khartoum Engulfed in Flames as Sudan War Enters Sixth Month
Sudan: Hemedti Threatens to Set Up Government in Khartoum
Sudan's Armed Rivals Fight on Another Front, International Legitimacy
Sudan's Burhan Holds Talks in Uganda as Battles Rage in Khartoum
Desperate Sudanese Face Endless Wait for Passports So They Can Flee the War
Libyan Flood Survivors Face Landmine Risks
For a Divided Libya, Disastrous Floods Have Become a Rallying Cry for Unity
French Ambassador to Niger 'Held Hostage' in Embassy, Macron Says
Thousands in Niger Again Take Part in Anti-French Protests, Say 'Enough Is Enough'
Russian General With Wagner Ties Reappears in Algeria
Ethiopian Forces Clash With Al Shabaab in Western Somalia, Residents Say
Sierra Leone's President Says US Pressured Him to Interfere in Vote
Mali's Tuareg Rebels Claim Capture of More Military Bases
Burkina Faso: Attack Kills Eight Civilians
Zimbabwe's Reelected President Says There's Democracy. but Beating and Torture Allegations Emerge
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'I Know You Are But What Am I': Russia's Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

Justin Raimondo
The FBI vs.

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