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Updated September 26, 2023 - 8:16 PM EDT
First Batch of Abrams Tanks Arrive in Ukraine
  Russian Commander at Meeting After Ukraine Claimed Was Killed
  Biden Administration Not Pushing Ukraine to Hold Elections
  US Taxpayer Dollars Are Subsidizing Small Businesses in Ukraine
US $2 Billion Loan for Poland to Spend on Military
  Hungary Threatens to Pull Support From Ukraine
  US Deploys F-16s to Romania for Patrols Over Black Sea
Biden Hosts Pacific Island Leaders to Counter China
Menendez Refuses to Resign, Slams Indictment
US Has Failed to Compensate Iraqi Victims of Torture
item One Western Official Finally Comes Clean About NATO Expansion  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item Is US Punishing Turkey for Its Neutral Stance on Ukraine War?  by Mark Episkopos
item US Flouts International Law With Pacific Military Claims  by Edward Hunt
item Armed Neutrality Is the Only Moral Foreign Policy  by Ryan McMaken

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20 Dead in Gas Station Blast as Nagorno-Karabakh Residents Flee to Armenia
Russia Says It Downs Ukrainian Drones Over Belgorod, Kursk Regions
US Weighs Options in Coup-Hit Niger After France Pullout
Saudis Condemn Storming of Al-Aqsa by Radical Israel Settlers
Palestinians in Gaza Fear Loss of Calm Amid Border Tensions
Israeli Settlers Intimidating EU Diplomats From West Bank Visits
Gaza Protests Persist as Key Border Crossings Remain Shuttered by Israel
Saudi Delegation to Visit West Bank Amid Normalization Talks
PLO Official Welcomes Arrival of Saudi Ambassador in Palestine
Russia's Lavrov Says US Is Preventing Establishment of Palestinian State
Palestinians Decry Israel Army's 'Barbaric' University Raid and Student Arrests
Joint Palestinian Security Force Deployed at Ain Al-Hilweh in Lebanon

Lebanese Security Forces Detain Man Suspected of Shooting Outside US Embassy

Maldives Follow Saudi Lead in Restoring Ties With Iran
US Refuses Iran Top Diplomat's Request to Visit Washington
Iraq Weekly Roundup: 17 Killed
Iraq Christians Face Systematic Displacement, Says Patriarch
Middle East
US Military Captures ISIS Militant During Helicopter Raid in Syria
Eight Yemen Fighters Killed in Suspected Al-Qaeda Attacks
Egypt Announces Presidential Election to Be Held in December
Mother of Egyptian Political Prisoner Mohamed Hamdi Is 'Disappeared'
Somalia Bombing Toll Climbs to 21
Somali President to Meet With US Defense Secretary in Djibouti
Somaliland Rejects Talk of Unification With Somalia After Museveni Comment
Second Round of Negotiations on Ethiopia's Mega-Dam Wrap Up
Libya's Top Prosecutor Jails Eight Officials for Potential Negligence in the Deadly Collapse of Dams
Mali Postpones February Presidential Election Due to 'Technical Issues'
Sixteen People Freed After Kidnapping at Nigerian University
Hundreds Dead From Dengue Fever in War-Torn Sudan: Medics
Unpacking India-Canada Tensions Amid Trudeau's Bombshell Allegations
Punjab's Sikhs Fear Fallout From Canada-India Row at Home and Abroad
Latin America
US Condemns Latest Attack on Cuban Embassy in Washington
Chevron Getting Ready for New Oil Drilling in Venezuela
Erdogan Meets Azerbaijan's Aliyev as Thousands Flee Nagorno-Karabakh
What Is Nakhchivan? and After Nagorno-Karabakh, Is This the Next Crisis for Azerbaijan and Armenia
Azeri Refugees Long to Return to Nagorno-Karabakh
Russia Lifts Ban on Low-Quality Diesel Exports
Russia Slashes Export Price for Natural Gas for 2024 and Beyond
Russian Media Rhetoric Could Be 'Incitement to Genocide in Ukraine': UN
Taxpayers Stuck Paying the Bills for Russians' Seized Yachts and Mansions
Russia Tells Armenian PM: You Are Making a Big Mistake by Flirting With West
Using Duct Tape and Bombs, Ukraine's Drone Pilots Wage War With Low-Cost, Improvised Weapons

US Sanctions Chinese, Russian Firms Over Moscow Military Aid

West Losing Sight of Sahel After France Announces Niger Withdrawal
French Government Will Ask Fuel Industry to Sell at Cost
France Bans Own Athletes From Wearing Veil at Paris Olympics in 2024
Bulgarian Government Approves $1.37 Billion Stryker Order
Kasselakis, a Political Unknown and Ex-Banker, Wins Race to Lead Greek Left
Missile Debris Found in Moldova's Transdniestria After Strike on Odesa
US Exploring Potential Space Force Hotline With China: US Commander Says
Philippines Removes South China Sea 'Floating Barrier' Installed by China
South Korea Hosts Japan, China as US Allies Try to Reassure Beijing

Missing Pakistani Journalist Imran Riaz Khan Returns Home Four Months After Arrest
In the Taiwan Strait, Tensions Leave Kinmen Islands With Piles of Garbage
The War at Home

The Earmarks Adam Schiff Delivered for Donors

Trump, Paul Gosar Suggest Gen. Mark Milley Deserves Death

More Than a Million US Veterans Experience Food Insecurity

Drug Cartel Turf Battles Cut Off Towns in Southern Mexico State of Chiapas, Near Guatemala Border

Journalist Killed in Attack Aimed at Police in Northern Mexico Border Town
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