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Updated September 27, 2023 - 8:30 PM EDT
House Kills Move to Ban Transfer of Cluster Bombs
Senate Stopgap Bill Includes $6.2 Bln for Ukraine
  A Year of Lying About Nord Stream
  Russian Commander at Meeting After Ukraine Claimed Was Killed
Kremlin Says US Abrams Tanks 'Will Burn
  Polish Experts Confirm Missile That Hit Grain Facility Was Ukrainian
Israeli Minister in Saudi Arabia for First Time
  More Than Half of Americans Oppose Defense Pact With Saudis
Philippines Wants to Retake Shoal From China
Erdogan Wants F-16s in Exchange for Sweden in NATO
US Upgrades Ties With Kenya for Haiti Intervention
US-Backed SDF Imposes Curfew in Eastern Syria
item Bill Kristol's Refreshingly Honest Ad Supporting the Ukraine War  by Caitlin Johnstone
item This Nation Owes a Debt to the Vietnam Veterans Against the War  by Camillo Mac Bica
item A Rough Diplomatic Week for Ukraine  by Ted Snider
item Just Say No to Mideast Defense Pacts  by Sohrab Ahmari

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Canada Parliamentary Speaker Quits After Publicly Praising Ukrainian Nazi
US Attacks Israel for 'Premature' Announcement on Visa Waiver Program
Azerbaijan Won't Use Force to Create Land Corridor Via Armenia: Official
Israeli Settler Plows Into Palestinian Shop in Hebron, Injures Disabled Owner
Israel Strikes Militant Sites in Gaza as Unrest Continues, No Casualties
Rights Group Sues US Government to Block Israel's Entry to Visa Waiver Program
Saudi-Israel Normalization Means Greater Middle East Repression, Experts Say
Palestinian Authority Arrests West Bank Journalist
Saudi Arabia Wants 'Palestinian State With East Jerusalem as Capital'
Israeli Settlers Damage Electricity Poles in Northern West Bank
Iraq Weekly Roundup: 17 Killed
Foreign Troops Must Exit Iraq to 'Take Away Excuse' From Armed Resistance: PM
Iraq Wants to Overcome Dispute With Kuwait Over Maritime Waterway, PM Says
Why Did Iran's Foreign Minister Want to Go to Washington?
Iran Prisoner Dies; US Denies He Was American
Legal Fight Opens for Australian Children to Leave Syria
Dozens Dead in Syrian Clashes Between Pro-Government and Kurdish-Led Forces
Wife of Prominent Yemeni Politician Pleads to Stop His Deportation From Egypt
In Yemen, Sporadic Flare-Ups Continue to Jeopardize Peace Talks
Bahrain Says Attack by Yemen Rebels Kills a Bahraini Officer and a Soldier Patrolling Saudi Border
Middle East
Saudi Arabia Plans Tougher Checks on Its Nuclear Activities
Conviction Based on App-Use Violated Turkish Teacher's Rights, European Court Says

US Army Chief and Allies Discuss Asia-Pacific in India

India Would Look Into Any 'Specific' Info on Sikh Separatist Killing in Canada: Minister

Four International Companies Win Bid for Egypt's Oil and Gas
Egyptian Rights Group Says 73 Supporters of a Presidential Challenger Have Been Arrested
Egypt Man Disappears in Crackdown, After Saying He No Longer Supports Sisi
Sudan's Displaced Millions Struggle to Survive as Economy Seizes Up
UN Says Cholera and Dengue Outbreaks Have Been Reported in Eastern Sudan as Conflict Grinds On
Under French-Backed Military Ruler Mahamat Deby, Chad Is a 'Pressure Cooker Waiting to Explode'
Former Ghana Trade Minister Quits Governing Party to Contest Presidential Vote
Security Forces Rescue 14 Students Abducted in Nigeria's Zamfara State
Malians React to Election Postponement
Russian News Outlet in Latvia Believes European State Behind Phone Hack
Russian Drone Strikes on Odesa Region Hit Port Area and Cut Ferry Service to Romania
UK Training Ukrainians to Clear Russian Minefields
Photos: Thousands of Ethnic Armenians Flee From Nagorno-Karabakh
US Urges Continued Humanitarian Aid for Nagorno-Karabakh
Dozens Dead, 105 Missing After Blast at Karabakh Fuel Depot
Serbia Demands That NATO Take Over Policing of Northern Kosovo After a Deadly Shootout
US Working With Kosovo to Investigate Attackers' Motives
Belarus' Top Diplomat Says He Can't Imagine His Nation Entering the War in Ukraine Alongside Russia
Finland Raced to Join NATO. Now Comes the Hard Part.
Germany to Boost Border Controls With Poland, Czech Republic, Minister Says
Poland's Education Minister Says He's 'Taken Steps' to Extradite Yaroslav Hunka
Swedish Mosque Destroyed in Suspected Arson Attack
Taliban Weighs Using US Mass Surveillance Plan, Met With China's Huawei
Suicide 'Everywhere' Among Afghan Women, UN Official Tells Security Council

Pakistan PM Claims Tehreek-E-Taliban Militants Have Training Camps in Afghanistan

Pakistan Cricket World Cup Match in India to Be Held Held Behind Closed Doors Over Security Concerns
Pakistan Receives First Shipment of Russian LPG, Russian Embassy Says
South Korean Opposition Leader Attends Court Hearing on Arrest Warrant for Alleged Corruption

At UN, North Korea Says the US Made 2023 More Dangerous and Accuses It of Fomenting an Asian NATO

South Korea to Hold First Military Parade in 10 Years in Show of Strength
China Warns Philippines Not to 'Stir Up Trouble' Over Disputed Reef
Singapore Blows Up 100kg WWII-Era Bomb After Thousands Evacuated
Activist Who Called for Royal Reform Jailed for Four Years in Thailand
The War at Home
Pentagon Acquisition Chief Laplante Focused on Boosting Manufacturing
Shutdown Would Harm Military Pay and National Security: White House
Birthplace of Atomic Bomb Braces for Biggest Mission Since the Manhattan Project
Northrop Wins $705 Million Contract for F-35 Air-To-Ground Weapon
Only 55% of US F-35s 'Mission Capable:' GAO
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Putin's 'Winter War' on Ukraine

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'I Know You Are But What Am I': Russia's Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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