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Updated November 18, 2023 - 5:30 PM EST
Netanyahu: Unable to 'Minimize Civilian Casualties'
  Dozens Killed by Israeli Attacks on Two Schools in N. Gaza
  Israel Will Ignore UN Security Council Call To Pause Gaza Fighting
  Israel Tells Palestinians To Evacuate Southern City in Gaza
  Dozens of Palestinians Killed in Israeli Air Strikes Across Gaza
UN Forced to Halts Aid Deliveries Into Gaza
  Displacement and Killings Surge in West Bank
  HRW Warns Gaza Communications Blackout Cover Up Atrocities
  Netanyahu Ally Says PM's Days in Office Are Numbered
Poll: Sympathy for Palestinians Grows Among US Voters
  Biden Signs Bill to Avoid Govt Shutdown, but No Ukraine, Israel Aid
Pentagon Fails Sixth Audit in a Row
After 'Productive Discussion,' Biden Slams Xi as 'Dictator'
US To Sanction Shippers of Russian Oil Over Price Cap
item What's Next for Ukraine: The Outlines of a Peaceful Settlement  by Nicolai N. Petro & Ted Snider
item Nikki Strangelove: 'How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.'  by Bob Bishop
item Israeli Deceit and the Battle of Shifa Hospital  by Gareth Porter
item China's Territorial Disputes Don't Add Up to Rampant Expansionism  by Joseph Solis-Mullen

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Germany Gets a New Antiwar Party, This Time on the Left
Hezbollah Deploys 700 Fighters Near Syria's Golan Heights
US and Israel
US Will Not Share Intel on Hamas and Al Shifa Hospital: White House
US Seeks to Fund Israeli Laser-Based Air Defense System
Former US Defense Chief Says To Eradicate Hamas, Iran Must Be Confronted 'Once and for All'
US 'Deeply Concerned' That Attack Wounded Jordanian Medics in Gaza: Sullivan
US Protests of Gaza
Police Assault Protesters Demanding Gaza Ceasefire at DNC HQ
Protesters Call for Gaza Ceasefire Outside Sen. Klobuchar's Minneapolis Residence
Protesters Shut Down Hollywood Intersection While Calling for Ceasefire in Gaza
Demonstrators Calling for Gaza Ceasefire Block Bridge in Boston
Pro-Palestine Protesters Shut Down Bay Bridge Into San Francisco
Poetry Editor of The New York Times Magazine Resigns Over Gaza Coverage
Assad Issues Conditional Amnesty for Condemned Syrians
The Top UN Court Has Ordered Syria to Do All It Can to Prevent Torture After Accusations
Turkish Parliamentary Committee Delays Decision on Sweden's NATO Membership Bid
Turkey in Talks With Britain, Spain to Buy 40 Eurofighter Typhoon Jets
Middle East
US to Tighten Sanctions on Iran's Oil Industry Amid Israel-Hamas War
Shoot Down of Houthi Drone Over Red Sea Leads to Conflicting Assessments From US Military
Russian Artist Who Protested Ukraine War Gets Seven Years in Prison in Latest Crackdown on Free Speech
UK's Newly Appointed Top Diplomat, David Cameron, Makes Surprise Visit to Ukraine
Blackwater Founder and Four Others on Trial in Austria Over Export of Crop-Spraying Planes Modified for Military Use
German Police Raid Islamic Center Over Alleged Ties to Iran, Hezbollah
Spain's Pedro Sanchez Reelected PM Despite Controversy Over Amnesty for Separatists
Sudan Asks UN to 'Immediately Terminate' Political Mission: Letter
Seizing Darfur Region, Paramilitary Forces Are Accused of Atrocities
Low Turnout in Boycott-Hit Madagascar Presidential Election
FBI Most Wanted: Haitian Gang Leader Vitel'Homme Added to List
Armed Haitian Gang Surrounds Hospital, Traps People Inside
Kenya's High Court Extends a Block on Sending Police to Haiti Even as Parliament Approves Deployment
The War at Home
US Veteran Suicides Rose in 2021 Despite Increased Prevention Efforts
Humvee Mishaps Kill Two US Airmen in Two Months, Prompting Investigations
US Military Veterans Turn to Psychedelics in Mexico for PTSD Treatment
TikTok to Prohibit Videos Promoting bin Laden's 'Letter to America'
Israel Attacked Hospital to Pressure Hamas on Hostage Agreement
What Has Israel 'Found' in Gaza's Al-Shifa Hospital?
'No Tunnels, No Hostages, No Hamas Command Center': Outrage Over Israel's Raid of Al-Shifa Hospital
UNRWA Says Gaza Operations Being Deliberately Strangled
Their Families Wiped Out, Grieving Palestinians in Gaza Ask Why
Israeli Army Blows Up Gaza Palestinian Legislative Council Building
Foreign Workers Caught in the Chaos of Israel-Hamas War
Women in Gaza Struggle to Find Hygiene Products Amid the Siege
Do You Want to Understand the Gaza War? Look at the Beirut Siege of 1982
West Bank
Israeli Forces Kill Three Palestinians After Alleged West Bank Attack
Gunmen Wound Israeli Security Officers in Jerusalem Attack
Repression of Palestinian Prisoners 'Unseen Since 1980s'
Israeli Settlers Seek to Take Over Armenian Quarter by Force
World Reaction to Gaza
ASEAN Defense Chiefs Call for Immediate Truce, Aid Corridor in Israel-Hamas War
Western Donors Cut Off Funding to Arab Groups Amid Israel's War
Saudi Arabia Detains Worshippers Praying for Gaza in Holy Sites
Which Countries Have Cut Ties With Israel Over War in Gaza
France Calls West Bank Israeli Settler Violence 'Policy of Terror'
EU's Borrell Tells Israel: 'One Horror Doesn't Justify Another'
Iceland Premier 'Horrified' by Killing of Civilians in Gaza
Jordan Says It Won't Sign Energy for Water Deal With Israel
Anti-Israel Rhetoric in Jordan Intensifies as Kingdom Braces for Chaos
More Than 50 UK Labour MPs Break Ranks to Vote for Gaza Ceasefire
Ai Weiwei London Exhibition 'Cancelled' Over Gaza Tweet
UK Home Secretary Considers Giving Police New Powers to Take Action Against 'Offensive' Demonstrations
UN Experts Point to Evidence of 'Genocidal Incitement' Against Palestinians
North Korean Premier Meets Russian Minister Visiting Pyongyang
South Korea Cleared to Buy US-Made Sidewinder, SM-6 Missiles for $700 Million
South Korea's Yoon, Japan's Kishida Vow to Deepen Ties
Myanmar Military Admits Facing 'Heavy Assaults' From Anti-Coup Forces
Refugees Who Fled to India After Latest Fighting in Myanmar Have Begun Returning Home, Officials Say
Pakistan and IMF Reach Deal for Releasing $700 Million From $3 Billion Bailout Package
Amnesty International Demands Pakistan Stop Refugee Deportations to Afghanistan
Pakistan's Envoy: We Will Recognize Taliban Regime Alongside Other Countries
Xi Signals That China Will Send New Pandas to the US
The Americas
Peru President Boluarte Talks Trade Boost After Meeting
China's Xi
Canada's PM Trudeau Under Fire From Pro-Palestine Protesters (video)
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Putin's 'Winter War' on Ukraine

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