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Updated December 6, 2023 - 8:57 PM EST
Senate GOP Blocks $111 Billion Military Aid Bill
Majority in US Want 'Permanent' Gaza Ceasefire
  House Passes Bill That States 'Anti-Zionism Is Antisemitism'
  Israeli Used US-Made Guided Bombs to Massacre Two Families
  US Considers Forming Red Sea Task Force Amid Houthis Attacks
Netanyahu Wants Open-Ended Occupation of Gaza
  Despite Intel Warnings, Israeli Army Didn't Evacuate Nova Festival
  Israel Shuts NGO for Reporting Rape of Teenager by Israeli Forces
  Israel Attacks Khan Younis in 'Most Intense' Day of Fighting
Kyiv Mayor Says Zelensky Is an Authoritarian
  In Ukraine, a War of Incremental Gains as Counteroffensive Stalls
  Tempers Erupt at Classified Senate Briefing on Ukraine
Commerce Secretary: China Is the 'Biggest Threat Ever'
  Official: US Can Handle Middle East, Russia, and China All at Once
item History of Gaza: On Conquerors, Resurgence, and Rebirth  by Ramzy Baroud
item America Is an Overstretched Superpower  by Ivan Eland
item Predicting Pestilence in Gaza  by Kathy Kelly
item Henry Kissinger: War Criminal and Enemy of Mankind  by Ryan McMaken

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Relative of Israeli Captives Confirms '3 Hostages Killed by Israeli Fire'
At Least 85 Civilians Killed by a Nigerian Army Drone Attack
76 Attacks on US Forces in Syria and Iraq Since October 7: Pentagon
Ukrainian, European Officials Descend on Capitol Hill to Press for Funding
Ukraine Does Not Expect Allied Support to Decrease: Foreign Minister
Six Ukrainian Children to Be Returned From Russia Through Qatari Mediation
US Says Russia Rejected Proposal for Release of Paul Whelan, Evan Gershkovich
US Imposes New Round of Sanctions Over Russia's Invasion of Ukraine
Deputy Russian Army Commander Killed in Ukraine: Official
Six Held in Belgium and the Netherlands on Suspicion of Links to Russia Sanction Violation
Netherlands Returns Colonial-Era Artefacts to Sri Lanka
Poland's Outgoing Defense Chief Drops $2.6 Billion on Hanwha Howitzers
Despite No Formalized Constitution, Law Exists: Taliban Spokesman
Taliban Rule 'Made Girlhood Illegal', Says Malala
Four Children Among Seven Injured in Pakistan Blast Near Peshawar School
Taiwan: KMT-TPP Alliance Talks Under Probe
China and Mexico Officials Vow to Strengthen Cooperation
Niger's Junta Revokes Key Security Agreements With EU and Turns to Russia for Defense Partnership
Sierra Leone: Arrests 57 After Attempted Coup
Sudan War Negotiations Reach Deadlock
US Engaging With Venezuela Amid Sanctions Reconsideration: Official
Venezuela's Maduro to Push Oil Exploration in Disputed Guyana Territory

Brazil Reinforces Border With Venezuela and Guyana Over Esequibo Tensions
Latin America
Former DEA Informant Pleads Guilty in 2021 Assassination of Haiti's President
Argentina's Outgoing Government Rejects EU-Mercosur Trade Deal, but Incoming Administration Backs It
The Bodies of Five University Students Are Found in a Car in a Violence-Wracked City in Mexico
Paraguay, Brazil Launch Big Crackdown on Arms Trafficking
Peruvian Constitutional Court Orders Release of Former President Alberto Fujimori
Israel Destroys Gaza Courthouse, Dozens of Govt Buildings
Northern Gaza Hospital 'Overwhelmed by Horror' as Israeli Army Lays Siege
Israel Left Four Babies to Die in Gaza Hospital
Israel Considers 'Flooding Gaza Tunnels' With Seawater
The Gaza Strip: Tiny, Cramped and as Densely Populated as London
Amid Israel's Onslaught of Gaza, Spain's Leader Shows Empathy for Palestine
Qatar Emir Condemns 'Genocide' in Gaza, Urges Ceasefire at GCC Summit
Red Cross Chief Calls for Political Solution on Gaza Visit
UN Foresees 'Hellish Scenario' as Israel Stalls Gaza Aid
Is Israel's Gaza Bombing Also a War on the Climate?
Israel Not Doing Enough to Allow Fuel, Aid Into Gaza: US
More Than 15,900 Palestinians Killed in Gaza Since Oct. 7: Palestinian Health Minister
We Blew Up Israeli Houses on October 7, Says Israeli Colonel
For Netanyahu and His Political Allies, Peace Is More Dangerous Than War
In Rare Israel Rebuke, US to Restrict Visas on Extremist Settlers
Biden Allies Demand Israel to Limit Civilian Death as Congress Debates Aid
Israel Investigating Spike in Short Selling Before 7 October Attack
Zionism Is the ISIS of Judaism: Iranian Rabbi Lalehzar
Released Palestinians Allege Mistreatment in Israeli Prisons
Retrieved Hamas Data Shows Attack Planned for Years: Israel
Israeli Defense Minister Condemns Settler Violence
Jordan's King Abdullah Says World Should Condemn Any Attempt to Forcibly Expel Palestinians
Middle East
Lebanon Army Says One Soldier Killed in Israeli Shelling on Border Post
Iraq Weekly Roundup: 19 Killed
WFP Pauses Distribution in North Yemen as Funds Limited
The War at Home
Pentagon Scientists Discuss Cybernetic 'Super Soldiers' That Feel Nothing While Killing in Dystopian Presentation
US Allows Canada Access to Advanced Military Satellite for Secure Comms
Senate Clears Hundreds of Military Nominations Hours After Tuberville Lifts Hold
Activists Fear Radiation Compensation for Atomic Testing Is in Jeopardy
Air Force Identifies Seven of Eight Airmen Killed in CV-22 Osprey Crash
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Putin’s ‘Winter War’ on Ukraine

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‘I Know You Are But What Am I’: Russia’s Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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The FBI vs. Antiwar.com

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