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Updated December 7, 2023 - 9:02 PM EST
Senate GOP Blocks $111 Billion Military Aid Bill
  Senate Votes Down Resolution to Withdraw Troops From Syria
US Not Considering Leveraging Aid to Israel
  UN Security Council to Discuss Gaza After UN Chief Invokes Rare Rule
  White House Interns Call Israeli Actions in Gaza a 'Genocide'
  How Israel Is Squeezing 1.8M Palestinians Into Airport-Sized Area
Israel DM Threatens Military Action in Lebanon
  Israel Greenlights 'Full Jewish Control' March Over Al-Aqsa
  Israeli Raid Kills 21 Members of Al Jazeera Reporter's Family
  Scandal-Stained Israeli 'Rescue' Group Fuels Oct. 7 Fabrications
US Announces $175 Million in Weapons for Ukraine
US Granted Access to Sweden's Military Bases
White House OKs Arms Sales to UAE and Saudi Arabia
item It's Unanimous: Ukrainian Neutrality Could Have Brought Peace  by Ted Snider
item Henry Kissinger, Top US Diplomat Responsible for Millions of Deaths, Dead at 100  by Nick Turse
item How Israel Uses an AI Program to Obliterate Gaza  by Jonathan Cook
item How the US Has Darkened the Nuclear Cloud Over Humanity  by Norman Solomon

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Unexploded Bombs, Many US-Made, Could Make Parts of Gaza Uninhabitable
The West Sanctioned Russian Oligarchs But Does It Help Ukraine?
US Military Grounds Entire Fleet of Osprey Aircraft Following Deadly Crash
Ukraine Defense Minister Visits Pentagon Amid Questions About Future of Aid
Ukraine's Latest Weapons Request Includes THAAD Air Defenses and F-18s
Ukraine's SBU Killed Fugitive Ukrainian Lawmaker in Russia
EU Countries Order Only 60,000 Shells for Ukraine Via New Scheme
Court: Head of Russian Election Monitoring Group to Be Kept in Jail Until Vote Is Over
US Charges Four Russian Soldiers With War Crimes Against an American in Ukraine
Putin Makes Rare Trip to Middle East to Meet With UAE and Saudi Leaders
US Envoy Slams Hungarian Govt for 'Disregarding' Interests of NATO Allies

Hungary Ruling Party Moves to Oppose Ukraine's Entry Into EU
Belgian Army Will Be Throwing 'Stones' Within Hours of a War Starting, Laments Ex-General
Prosecutor Seeks Terror-Linked Charge for Man Accused of Killing Tourist Near Eiffel Tower
Foreigners Seeking German Citizenship Asked to Recognize Israel First
Greece, Turkey Seek to Restart Relations With Meetings in Athens
Italian Prosecutors Say No Evidence of Russian Secret Service Role in Escape of Suspect Sought by US
UK Faces Pressure to Release Guidance on Britons Fighting in Gaza
China Hopes Kabul Further Responds to Intl Expectations
Nepal Arrests People Smugglers Supplying Russia's Army in Ukraine
US Clears $271 Million F-35 Munition Sale to South Korea
Pakistan Court Rules Against
Ex-PM Imran Khan's Plea to Shift Case
Chad, Mauritania Pave Way for Dissolution of G5 Sahel Alliance
Over 50 Civilians Killed in Ethiopia Attacks Last Month: Rights Body
Morocco to Build Satellite With Israel Aerospace Industries
US Declares Warring Factions in Sudan Have Committed War Crimes
Latin America
Guyana's President Says Country Is Preparing to Defend Itself From Venezuela Over Disputed Area
In Mexico, Yellen Announces Economics Sanctions as the US Aims to Crack Down on Fentanyl Trafficking
Paraguay Rounds Up Ex-Military Leaders in Arms Smuggling Sting Carried Out With Brazil
Peru's Divisive Ex-President Fujimori Freed After 16 Years in Prison for Human Rights Abuses
Renewed Air Strikes on Jabalia Camp Kill Dozens of Palestinians
Almost 400,000 Palestinians Have Lost Jobs Due to War, Report Says
Egypt's Efforts to Broker Ceasefire in Gaza Hampered
Fighting Across Gaza Halts Most Aid Delivery
Tens of Thousands of Palestinians Escape to Rafah City
UN Warns of 'Horror' and 'Atrocities' as Israel Steps Up Gaza Assault
'Apocalyptic' Conditions in Southern Gaza Blocking Aid, Top UN Official Says
Israel Army in Most Intense Combat in Gaza War, No Safe Place to Evacuate
US Does Not Support a Permanent Ceasefire in Gaza: Kirby
Why Is Israel at War With the UN?
Bruises Found on Bodies of Palestinians Who Died in Israeli Detention
Egypt's Former VP Warns of Israeli Plan to Displace Gazans
Palestinian NGOs: 'EU Will Soon Ask Us to Become Zionist'
Israeli Forces Kill Two Palestinians in West Bank Raids
Hamas Releases Video Showing Israeli Camp 'Before Attack'
US Visa Ban on Violent Israeli Settlers Seen as 'Insufficient'
Generation After Generation, Israeli Prison Marks a Rite of Passage for Palestinian Boys
Palestinian Boy Killed by Israeli Army in Jenin
Families of Israeli Captives Clash With Netanyahu During Tense Meeting
Three Palestinians Killed, Several Wounded as Israel's Violence in West Bank Continues
Israel Approves New Settlement in East Jerusalem: NGO
Erdogan Warns Israel of 'Heavy Price' if It Targets Hamas in Turkey
Erdogan Expects Steps From US on F-16 Sale for Sweden NATO Accession
Middle East

Iran Launches Animals Into Space as It Revives Bid for Human Missions

Nearly 300,000 Yazidis Remain in Kurdistan Region Refugee Camps
US Shoots Down Another Drone Near Yemen
The War at Home
House Set To Weigh Warrantless Spy Powers as Part of Defense Policy Bill
DoD Watchdog Report Warns of Issues Across Military Health Care System
NOAA Relocates Atlantic Base to Naval Station Newport in Rhode Island
Political Fights Aren't Discouraging Recruits, Military Recruiters Say
Lawsuit Could Further Delay F-35 Deliveries
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How Much Is US Aid to Ukraine Costing You?

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Putin’s ‘Winter War’ on Ukraine

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‘I Know You Are But What Am I’: Russia’s Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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The FBI vs. Antiwar.com

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