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Updated April 1, 2024 - 9:03 PM EDT
Israel Hits Iran Consulate in Syria, General Killed
Israel Creates 'Kill Zones' in the Gaza Strip
  US Approves Billions in More Bombs and Fighter Jets for Israel
  Congressman: Destroy Gaza Like 'Hiroshima and Nagasaki'
  Pro-Palestinian Protests Disrupt Major Biden Campaign Event
State Dept: Parts of Gaza Experiencing Famine
  US Loosens Sanctions on Violent Israeli Settlers
  Dozens Killed in New Gaza Strikes Amid Reports of Talks
  Israel's High Court Says the Govt Must Stop Funding Seminaries
Death Toll in Israeli Airstrikes on Syria Rises to 52
  Eight Killed, 30 Wounded in Overnight Market Blast in N. Syria
UN Investigates Four Peacekeepers Wounded in Lebanon
US, Japan, Philippines To Launch Joint Patrols
item Complicit in Genocide: Where Israel Gets Its Weapons From  by Ramzy Baroud
item How Many Westerners Are Fighting in Ukraine?  by Ted Snider
item How To Stop the $95 Billion War Bill  by John V. Walsh
item In Defense of Inaction
 by Brad Pearce

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Families of Israeli Hostages Join Protests Calling for Netanyahu To Go
Israel Likely Tortured Palestinian To Record Rape Confession: Rights Groups
Israel Kills Over 400 Palestinians During Al-Shifa Hospital Siege
Energy Infrastructure Damaged in Six Ukrainian Regions, PM Says
France To Send Old Armored Vehicles, New Missiles to Ukraine
Ukraine Receives $1.5 Billion Funding Tranche Under World Bank Program, Says PM
Two Dead as Russia Launches Attacks on Ukraine's Energy Infrastructure
Kyiv's Top General Says Ukraine Needs Fewer Troops Than Expected
Investigators Find Evidence of Ukrainian Trail in Recent Terror Attacks: Russian Foreign Ministry
Russia Says Armenia Trying To Rupture Ties
Tajikistan Says Migrants Fleeing Russia After Concert Hall Attack
Tajikistan Detains Nine People Over Russian Concert Shooting
Why Russia's Glide Bomb Assault Is Changing the War in Ukraine
Russia Demands Ukraine Hand Over Head of Security Service, Others
Russia Conducts 'Counter-Terrorism Operation' in Dagestan, Detains Three
United Kingdom
UK MPs Pressure Government To Disclose Legal Advice on Israel's Law Compliance After Leak
MPs Urge UK Government to Reinstate UNRWA Funding 'Without Delay'
Bulgaria and Romania Partially Join Europe's Schengen Area
German State Bank Freezes Account of Jewish Peace Activist Group, Demands List of Members
Romania Says It Finds Drone Fragments Near Border With Ukraine
We Will Adhere to Sharia Despite Pressure: Taliban Supreme Court
Afghan Girls Banned From Schools for Third Year Running
Taliban Confirms Detention of Two US Citizens
A Bomb Blast Kills One Person and Wounds 14 in Pakistan's Southwest
Pakistan Official Says China Halts Work on Two Projects After Deadly Attack
China Asserts Claim to Indian-Held Arunachal Pradesh in Latest List of Place Names
India Opposition Protests in Capital Over Opposition Leader's Arrest Before Election
Fincantieri Inks $1.3 Billion Deal With Indonesia for Two Patrol Ships
Oscar-Winner 'Oppenheimer' Opens in Japan After Months of Nuclear Theme Concerns

North Korea Rules Out Any Meetings With Japanese Officials, KCNA Says

Taiwan Leader Asks Defense Chief To Stay on After Offer to Resign
Somalia's Puntland Refuses To Recognize Federal Govt After Disputed Constitutional Changes
The War at Home
California Ex-Army Base Warns Hikers of Unexploded Ordnance on Illegal Trails
Northrop to Expand Facility in West Virginia
Inside Mnuchin's Far-Fetched Plan to Buy TikTok Without Algorithm Code
National Guard Wish List Would Restore Fighters Cut From 2025 Budget
9,000 Patients 'Need Emergency Evacuation' From Gaza: WHO
Pope Renews Call for Gaza Ceasefire, Release of Captives in Easter Address
One Palestinian Woman's Journey Through Death and Destruction
Jordan Says Gaza 'Famine' Can Be Tackled Quickly if Israel Opens Crossings
Gaza Children Fly Kites To Escape Horrors of War
Gaza's Christians Mark Easter as Fighting Rages On
Biden Plan for Gaza Floating Pier Endangers US Troops: Experts
Hamas Makes Four Demands for Successful Gaza Ceasefire Talks
Dozens Killed, Injured – in New 'Flour Massacre'; Israel Targets Aid Recipients in Gaza
Cindy McCain Says 'Politics' Is Why Not Enough Aid Is Being Let Into Gaza
Israel Acknowledges Troops Killed Two Palestinians After Video Captures Shooting on Gaza Beach
Sen. Chris Van Hollen: Defy Netanyahu To Guarantee Gazans Don't Starve
Hamas Accuses Rival Fatah Faction of Sending Security Men to Northern Gaza
Palestinian Christians Barred From Jerusalem's Old City at Easter
Palestinian Killed by Israeli Army After Alleged Stabbing
Israel Seized 27 Square Kilometers of West Bank Land Since October 7
Pro-Palestine Marches Held in European Cities on Land Day
Land Day: Palestinians Mark 48th Anniversary Amid War, Death and Land Theft
Palestinians Fear Further Isolation as Israeli Minister Announces Vast West Bank Settlement Plans
Photos: Aftermath of an Israeli Air Strike on Hospital Courtyard
Tens of Thousands of Israelis Take Part in Anti-Govt Protests
Netanyahu Hernia Operation Successful, Surgeon Says
Israeli Military Says It Killed a 'Significant' Hezbollah Commander in Airstrike
Hezbollah Targets Israeli Occupation Barracks in Southern Lebanon
Drone Strike Kills Sunni Tribal Leader in Iraq's Diyala Province
ISIS Kills an Iraqi Soldier in Kirkuk
Turkish Aircraft Strike PKK in Northern Iraq
Turkish Airlines Returns to Libya After Near Decade-Long Break
Turkey's Ruling Party Defeated in Mayoral Elections in Stunning Setback
Sisi to Swear in as Egypt President for Third Time
IMF Confirms Increasing Egypt's Bailout Loan to $8 Billion
DR Congo
Eastern DR Congo 'At Breaking Point' as Security, Humanitarian Crises Worsen
As Conflict Worsens in Eastern DR Congo, Two Armed Groups Pledge to Respect Civilians
Latin America
Argentina To Buy Surplus F-16 Jets From Denmark With US Help
Canada To Train Troops From Caribbean Nations for Haiti Mission
Gunmen in Ecuador Kill Nine, Injure 10 Others in Attack in Coastal City of Guayaquil
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