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Updated April 17, 2024 - 9:17 PM EDT
Johnson Unveils $95 Billion Foreign Military Bills
Iran Attack Delays Israel's Invasion of Rafah
  IAEA Worries Israel Could Strike Iran's Civilian Nuclear Program
  US Will Try To Rally Other Nations To Sanction Iran
  US Push for a 'Mideast NATO' Failed To Emerge During Iran Strikes
  18 Israeli Soldiers Wounded in Hezbollah Attack on Army Base
Johnson To Push Ukraine Aid Despite Opposition
  Russia Restores Oil Refinery Capability Hurt by Ukrainian Attacks
Israel Still Imposing 'Unlawful' Restrictions on Aid
  Over 350 Humanitarian Sites and Convoys Attacked in Gaza
  Israel Killed Paramedics When They Tried To Save a 6-Year-Old
  German Police Shut Down Palestine Conference
US Submits 'Assurances' for Assange Extradition
Three Hezbollah Killed in Israeli Strikes in South Lebanon
US, Chinese Defense Chiefs Talk for First Time Since 2022
item A Brief History of Kill Lists,
From Langley to Lavender
 by Medea Benjamin & Nicolas JS Davies
item The War in Ukraine and Judeo-Christian Values  by Edward Lozansky
item Israel Has a Choice
 by Caitlin Johnstone
item Dead on Arrival: Israel's Blowback Genocide  by Ellen Cantarow

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Armenia Asks World Court To Pursue Ethnic Cleansing Case Against Azerbaijan
Pro-Palestinian Protests Could Foreshadow a Summer of Upheaval
Israeli Forces Besiege Gaza School, Attack Displaced People
NYT Journalists Told To Avoid Words 'Genocide,' 'Ethnic Cleansing,' and 'Occupied Territory'
Photos: Israeli Tanks Push Back Into Northern Gaza, Warplanes Hit Rafah
Palestinian Girl Shot in Mother's Arms as They Attempted To Return to Home in Northern Gaza
Israeli Drone Plays Sounds of Children Crying To Lure Palestinians, Witnesses Say
UN Agency Finds Unexploded 1,000-Pound Bombs After Israeli Pullout in Khan Yunis
Israel Artist Says Venice Biennale Pavilion Won't Open Until Gaza Ceasefire
Israel's Netanyahu Solely Responsible for Recent Middle East Tensions: Turkey's Erdogan

UK PM Sunak Tells Netanyahu Middle East Escalation Is in No One's Interest

Israel Extends Administrative Detention of Palestinian Christian Woman
Palestinians Describe Israeli Settler Rampage in Villages Near Ramallah
German Foreign Minister To Head to Israel to Urge De-Escalation
Morocco To Host Israeli Drone Site Amid Anti-Israel Uproar

Israel Extends Detention of Sister of Hamas Leader Haniyeh

Israeli Forces Taking Part in Settler Attacks on Palestinians: UN
Israel Is Still Holding Body of Detainee Walid Daqqa: Rights Group
US, Not Israel, Shot Down Most Iran Drones and Missiles

Iran Attack on Israel 'Best Way To Punish Aggressor:' Putin

US Lawmakers Push Legislation To Punish Iran After Strikes on Israel
Iran Enhances Air Defenses With Russian Support: Report
EU To Begin Work on Expanding Iran Sanctions, Borrell Says
Iraq Weekly Roundup: 22 Killed
US Approves Potential $140 Million Aircraft Support Deal for Iraq, Pentagon Officials Confirm
Middle East
Qatar Slams Democratic Congressman Calling on US to 'Reevaluate' Qatar Ties
Cholera Spreading in Houthi-Controlled Parts of Yemen: UN
Fear of High Gasoline Prices May Deter Biden From Toughening Sanctions on Iran
Ukraine Warns It Lacked Missiles To Protect Power Plant From Russian Attack
Kremlin Suggests Ukraine Would Use Olympic Truce To Try To Regroup
Inside Germany's Orwellian Crackdown on Palestine Congress
Asia Pacific
Indian Police Kill 29 Suspected Maoist Rebels in a Gunbattle in a Central State
US Envoy Visits DMZ on Heavily-Fortified Korea Border
Pakistan PM Calls for Tightening Economic Ties With Saudi Arabia
Philippines' Marcos Says 'Not One Person Died' as Police Make Huge Drug Bust, in Dig at Predecessor

Chinatown Fearful Ahead of Solomon Islands' Crunch Vote

Knife Attack at Church in Australia's Sydney a 'Terrorist Act', Police Say
Sudanese Rue Shattered Dreams as War Enters Second Year
Macron Calls for End to Regional Support for Sudan's Warring Parties
Saudi Arabia's $1.4 Million Fund To Fight Malnutrition in Sudan, South Sudan
US Judge Dismisses War Crimes Lawsuits Against Libya's Khalifa Haftar
UN's Libya Envoy Resigns Citing No Hope for Political Progress
The War at Home
Conservative Senate GOP Targets House-Passed Warrantless Surveillance Bill
How Pro-Palestinian Protestors Brought Traffic to a Screeching Halt Across the US
US Awards Potential $4.1 Billion Battle Command System Contract to Lockheed
Philadelphia Protest Part of A15 Campaign Calling to End War in Gaza
Latin America
Argentina Seals $300 Million Deal for 24 F-16 Jets From Denmark
Divisions Among Colombia's EMC Rebels Fracture Peace Talks, Rebel Leader and Govt Say
Venezuela, Honduras Announce Actions to Protest Ecuador's Raid on Mexico Embassy
Jordan Faces Scrutiny Over Israel Military Ties After Downing Missiles
Jordan Says Won't Become 'Theater of War' Between Israel and Iran
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‘I Know You Are But What Am I’: Russia’s Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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