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The Kurds and the Sticky Wicket of Foreign Entanglements by Ted Galen Carpenter , 10/14/2019 UN Accuses US-Allied Forces of War Crimes in Syria by Nick Turse, 10/14/2019
Mainstream Media Suddenly Care About Syrian Civilian Casualties by Brett Wilkins, 10/13/2019 Rep. Matt Gaetz Bashes Meghan Mccain's Calls for Never-Ending War by Jose Nino, 10/11/2019
We're In a Permanent Coup by Matt Taibbi, 10/11/2019 Why Military Build-Up, or War, Isn't a Solution to Economic Woes by Robert Moore, 10/11/2019
Why the Syrian Kurds Aren't Necessarily Our Friends by Scott Ritter, 10/10/2019 The War in Afghanistan Turns 18, and No One Notices by Sonali Kolhatkar, 10/10/2019
Pull Them All Out of Syria, Now by Jacob G. Hornberger, 10/10/2019 The Forgotten Trauma of a Forgotten War by Nick Turse, 10/10/2019
Bravo Donald! a War Washington Might Finally Leave by David Stockman, 10/10/2019 Court Ruling Show the FBI Abused NSA Mass Surveillance Database by Trevor Aaronson, 10/10/2019
Does America Need a Space Force? by William D. Hartung and Mandy Smithberger, 10/10/2019 Secretary of Defense, Incorporated by Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.), 10/10/2019
Kurdish Soldiers Always Feared Trump Would Be a Treacherous Ally by Patrick Cockburn, 10/9/2019 Donald Trump's Syria Withdrawal: Are We Asking the Right Questions? by Paul R. Pillar, 10/9/2019
America Doesn't Belong in Syria by Doug Bandow, 10/9/2019 Palestinians Face Torture in Israeli Administrative Detention by Ramzy Baroud, 10/9/2019
New Yorker Writer Omits Crucial Facts About Biden and Ukraine by Joe Lauria, 10/9/2019 Another Russiagate Flop: Senate Finance Committee Calls NRA a Russian Asset by Dave DeCamp, 10/9/2019
Snowden in the Labyrinth by Jonathan Lethem, 10/9/2019 Trump Takes Aim at a Critical Cold War Treaty With Russia by Garrett M. Graff, 10/9/2019
Stephen Kinzer Gives Book Talk on Poisoner in Chief by Jared Prenda, 10/9/2019 Donald Trump's Iran Humiliation by Scott Ritter, 10/9/2019
The Saudi Crown Prince's Crippled Agenda by As'ad AbuKhalil, 10/8/2019 Powell Criticizes Underlings for Not Standing Up to Trump by Barbara Boland, 10/8/2019
Withdrawal of All US Troops From Syria Should Be American Policy by Lt. Col. Daniel L. Davis, 10/8/2019 George W. Bush Is Not Your Republican Friend With Whom You Respectfully Disagree by Lucy Steigerwald, 10/8/2019
Entangling Alliances Make for Forever Wars by Thomas Knapp, 10/8/2019 How the FBI Abets White Supremacists and Terrorists by Nick Gillespie, 10/8/2019
A Former Agent Investigates the FBI and Finds It Lacking by Rosa Brooks, 10/8/2019 Former FBI Undercover Agent and Whistleblower's Riveting and Troubling Account of the Contemporary FBI by The New Press, 10/8/2019
The US Is Now Betraying the Kurds for the Eighth Time by Jon Schwarz, 10/8/2019 Did China Just Announce the End of US Primacy in the Pacific? by Scott Ritter, 10/7/2019
Trump's Triumph? America Finally Leaves Syria. by Doug Bandow, 10/7/2019 The Strategic Incoherence of Trump's Syria Critics by Damon Linker, 10/7/2019
Is Trump at Last Ending Our 'Endless Wars'? by Patrick J. Buchanan, 10/7/2019 The United States of Betrayal by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.), 10/7/2019
Sisi Is Getting Away With Tyranny in Egypt Thanks to His UK and US Allies by Bel Trew, 10/7/2019 The 'Whistleblower' Probably Isn't by Matt Taibbi, 10/7/2019
Death Toll in Iraq Soars as Pro-Iran Gunmen 'Shooting Protesters' by Patrick Cockburn, 10/7/2019 Trump Administration Provides New Evidence for a Saudi Connection to 9/11 by Philip Giraldi, 10/7/2019
Onward Christian Soldier: Imagining a Pence Presidency by Barbara Boland, 10/6/2019 A Disastrous 18 Years in Afghanistan by Catherine Lutz and Neta Crawford, 10/6/2019
'They Crushed Me and My Dreams': Iraqi Woman Shot by US Soldiers by Anonymous, 10/6/2019 Who Is Edward Snowden? A Review of His Autobiography, Permanent Record by Gilbert Doctorow, 10/6/2019
125 Million People Dead: If India and Pakistan Start a Tragic Nuclear War by Daniel R. DePetris, 10/6/2019 Do Not Succumb to Political Censorship on Syria by Rick Sterling, 10/6/2019
Bernie Sanders' Hypocrisy on the F-35 by Conna Craig, 10/5/2019 Why Is Europe Still Fueling the War in Yemen? by Romain Mielcarek, 10/5/2019
Murder and Murderers by Lawrence Wilkerson, 10/4/2019 The Iraqi People Are in Revolt by Patrick Cockburn, 10/4/2019
Secrecy, Overclassification, and the CIA's Hidden History by JPat Brown, 10/4/2019 America Is Likely Complicit in War Crimes in Yemen by Mohamad Bazzi, 10/4/2019
The Growing Danger of Choosing War as a Routine Instrument of Policy by Daniel L. Davis, 10/4/2019 Unasked Questions About US-Ukrainian Relations by Stephen F. Cohen, 10/3/2019
As Went the British, So Will Go America's Empire by Will Collins, 10/3/2019 Turkey Plans Attack on Syrian Kurds by Reese Erlich, 10/3/2019
Snowden Under Attack by US Government Once Again by David Nelson, 10/3/2019 Trump and Money Are Shielding Saudi Arabia From Accountability by Ben Freeman & William Hartung, 10/3/2019
Relaying Views of US's Top General, Newsweek Sees No Need for Countervailing Facts by Joshua Cho, 10/2/2019 John Bolton's Revenge Tour by Curt Mills, 10/2/2019
Tragic Folly: Supporting Death and Destruction in Yemen by Paul F. J. Aranas, 10/2/2019 Why Israel Is Struggling to Find a Way Out of Its Political Deadlock by Jonathan Cook, 10/2/2019
Iran-US Tensions Threaten Fragile Iraqi Stability, Amid Army Dismissal by Patrick Cockburn, 10/2/2019 Taiwan Arms Sales and the Erosion of US-Sino Diplomacy by Chas W. Freeman, Jr., 10/2/2019
Idiocy or Perfidy? How We Get Hooked on Foreign Democracy Movements by James Bovard, 10/1/2019 What Did Erdogan Know About the Khashoggi Murder Plot? by Andrew Cockburn, 10/1/2019
One Year After Khashoggi's Brutal Murder: Business as Usual? by Medea Benjamin, 10/1/2019 Does Impeachment Mean the End of Negotiations With North Korea? by Doug Bandow, 10/1/2019
The Hypersonic Race to Hell by Rajan Menon, 10/1/2019 Does John Bolton Want a War With North Korea? by Daniel R Depetris , 10/1/2019
Media Newspeak: Calling Trump's Deal of the Century a Peace Plan is Propraganda by Joshua Cho, 9/30/2019 If Mike Pence Becomes President the Neocons Will Stage a Comeback by Jacob Heilbrunn, 9/30/2019
What Was This CIA Officer Thinking? by John Kiriakou, 9/30/2019 The Real Saudi-Israeli Relations by Giorgio Cafiero and Lorenzo Carrieri, 9/30/2019
The US Government Refuses to Take My American Client Off a Kill List by Eric Lewis, 9/30/2019 Impeachment... or CIA Coup? by Ron Paul, 9/30/2019
The Plan to Trip Up Trump by Daniel Lazare, 9/24/2019 Trump's Middle East Communications Theater by Sam Bahour, 8/19/2019
For a New Isolationism by Murray Rothbard, 4/1/59 War is the Health of the State by Randolph Bourne, 1918
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