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British High Court Opens Door for Assange to Appeal to Supreme Court by Kevin Gosztola, 1/24/2022 Cold War Served Hot: Hawks Advocate Killing Russians by Connor Freeman, 1/24/2022
Guantanamo Isn't Ancient History. It Has Become a 'Forever Prison.' by J. Wells Dixon, 1/24/2022 Why Washington Can't Learn by Andrew Bacevich, 1/23/2022
How Emmanuel Macron Can End the Threat of War in Europe by Anatol Lieven, 1/23/2022 Smedley Butler Helped Build American Empire. Then He Turned Against It. by Jonah Walters , 1/23/2022
Ukraine Crisis: US 'Toolboxes' Are Empty by Scott Ritter, 1/23/2022 German Navy Chief Resigns; Britain Spreads Fears of Russian 'Coup' & Wider War by Joe Lauria, 1/23/2022
Global Powers Gotta' Do Everything, Says the Blob by Doug Bandow, 1/23/2022 Let's Call Sanctions What They Are – War by Sam Carliner, 1/23/2022
Godot Likely to Arrive Before Russia Invades Ukraine by Ray McGovern, 1/21/2022 State Archive Glitch Reaffirms Israel's Genocidal Intent by Zubayr Alikhan, 1/21/2022
How Israel's 'Facebook Law' Plans to Control All Palestinian Content Online by Ramzy Baroud, 1/21/2022 New Yemen Violence, Washington Backtracking, Betray Depressing Lack of Progress by Daniel Larison, 1/21/2022
Gitmo's Shameful Twentieth Anniversary by Farrah Hassen, 1/21/2022 The Abraham Accords Are Accelerating a Return to War in Western Sahara by Vijay Prashad , 1/20/2022
Diplomats and Experts: Negotiate, or Expect 'Drastic Escalation' by Russia by Anatol Lieven, 1/20/2022 Released Video Footage Shows Disastrous US Drone Strike That Killed Kabul Family by Scott Shackford, 1/20/2022
Guantánamo's Forever Elusive Endgame by Karen Greenberg, 1/20/2022 Why Russia Fears Nato by Paul Robinson, 1/20/2022
Why Washington's Focus on 'Credibility' Is a Recipe for War by Jonathan Cook, 1/20/2022 Joe Biden Clings to a Bad Trump Policy by Doug Bandow, 1/19/2022
Breathe Easier: Blinken, Lavrov Meet Friday by Ray McGovern, 1/19/2022 Israel Destroys Sheikh Jarrah Home in Cruel and Criminal Act by Tamara Nassar, 1/19/2022
Calls for Israel to Investigate Itself Are Empty Gestures by Maureen Clare Murphy, 1/19/2022 America's Secret Government Crisis by Patrick Eddington, 1/19/2022
The Cold War, Reborn and Resurgent by William J. Astore, 1/19/2022 Palestinians Fight Ongoing Ethnic Cleansing in Sheikh Jarrah by Tamara Nassar, 1/18/2022
Vladimir Putin Exposes US Hypocrisy by Jacob G. Hornberger, 1/18/2022 Humanitarian Assistance Doesn't Give Militarism a Free Pass by Kate Kizer, 1/18/2022
Why US Diplomacy Fails by Daniel Larison, 1/18/2022 Keep the President's Hands Tied by Paul W. Lovinger, 1/18/2022
US Should Leave the Balkans Be by Doug Bandow, 1/18/2022 Hawkish Pundits Downplay Threat of War, Ukraine's Nazi Ties by Gregory Shupak, 1/17/2022
AOC Needs to Go Beyond Words and Take Real Steps to End War by Brian Terrell, 1/17/2022 Joe Biden: Strike Three! by Ted Snider, 1/17/2022
Biden Should Declare NATO Membership Closed by Patrick J. Buchanan, 1/17/2022 Washington's Bi-Partisan Russia-Bashers Are Determined to Start a War by Ron Paul, 1/17/2022
What Ike's Military Industrial Complex Speech Didn't Say by Kelley Beaucar Vlahos, 1/17/2022 Dr. King's 1967 Antiwar Speech Wasn't Popular, but It Was Prescient by William Hartung, 1/17/2022
An Increasingly Ominous Response to the January 6 Riot by Ted Galen Carpenter, 1/17/2022 Knowing When to Stop by Andrew J. Bacevich, 1/16/2022
Vladimir Putin Is Not the Neville Chamberlain the US/NATO Is Looking For by Thomas Knapp, 1/16/2022 US Should Stop Starving the Afghan People: Negotiate With Kabul and Release Frozen Funds by Doug Bandow, 1/16/2022
Regional States Seek to Compel Elections in Mali by Alex Thurston, 1/14/2022 The US Needs to Compromise Over Ukraine by Brian Clark, 1/14/2022
Hawks Restart Campaign for War With Iran by Joe Cirincione and Geoff Wilson, 1/14/2022 The Real 'Doomsday Scenario': How Palestinian Hunger Striker, Abu Hawash Forced Israeli Concession by Ramzy Baroud, 1/14/2022
The Strange Case of the Casino, the Senate Leader and the Defense Bill by Mark Satter, 1/13/2022 Did This Week's US-NATO-Russia Meetings Push US Closer to War? by Anatol Lieven, 1/13/2022
Did Biden Help the Saudis Turn the Tide in Their Favor in Yemen? by Annelle Sheline, 1/13/2022 Peeking Past the Pall Put Over Arms Talks With Russia by Ray McGovern, 1/13/2022
How Private Contractors Disguise the Real Costs of War by William D. Hartung, 1/13/2022 Welcome to the New Cold War in Asia by Michael Klare, 1/13/2022
Russian Soldiers Need a Map by Ted Snider, 1/13/2022 Kazakhstan and the Limit of American Power by Doug Bandow, 1/12/2022
NATO Security Dependents Are Not Useful Allies by Ted Galen Carpenter, 1/12/2022 Obits for a South Korean Dictator Gloss Over Us's Anti-Democratic Role by Joshua Cho, 1/12/2022
Are Budget Interruptions a 'Catastrophe' for Military Readiness? Hardly by Andrew Lautz, 1/12/2022 Guantanamo: An Enduring Symbol of the Savagery Unleashed Upon Innocent Muslims by Peter Oborne, 1/10/2022
Israel Must Choose: Withdraw from Palestine or Give Palestinians Full Rights by Mairav Zonszein, 1/7/2022 China Gives Us a Taste of Our Own Medicine by Stephen Kinzer, 1/7/2022
How We Benefit From Cockburn's Spoils of War by Marc Martorell Junyent, 12/31/2021 UNRWA Stifles Employee Speech on Palestinian Rights by Khuloud Rabah Sulaiman, 12/10/2021
Israel Kills and 'Honors' People With Disabilities by Maureen Clare Murphy, 12/3/2021
For a New Isolationism by Murray Rothbard, 4/1/59 War is the Health of the State by Randolph Bourne, 1918
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