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Forget Annexing Greenland, Start Breaking Up America by Doug Bandow, 8/23/2019 US Military Named Secretive Base in Syria After 'Game of Thrones' Bastion by Nick Turse, 8/22/2019
Tlaib and Omar Controversy Shows the Power of BDS by Philip Weiss, 8/22/2019 Eighteen Years Is Enough. It's Time to Leave Afghanistan. by Ivan Eland, 8/22/2019
Spending on Defense Is One Great Big Lie by Jacob G. Hornberger, 8/22/2019 Lindsey Graham's Blank Check. Why a Defense Agreement With Israel Would Be a Disaster for Americans by Philip Giraldi, 8/22/2019
When Eisenhower Republicans Censured Israel - Three Times by Derek Leebaert, 8/21/2019 It's Just as Difficult to Leave Palestine as It Is to Enter It by Megan Giovannetti , 8/21/2019
Anti-China Cult Gets US Government Money - Runs Large Pro-Trump Ad Campaign by Bernhard, 8/21/2019 Jewish Settlers Rule the Roost in Israel, but at What Price? by Ramzy Baroud, 8/21/2019
Radio Hypocrisy: Taxpayer-Funded Propaganda by Laurence M. Vance, 8/21/2019 Taliban Peace Talks Must Not Ignore CIA-Funded Afghan Militias by Alex Emmons, 8/21/2019
Why the World Is Watching the Fate of an Iranian Tanker in the Mediterranean by Vijay Prashad, 8/20/2019 10 Declassified Russia Collusion Revelations That Could Rock Washington This Fall by John Solomon, 8/20/2019
The Deeper Meaning in a Lost War by Alastair Crooke, 8/20/2019 NPR Mocks Cancer Survivor in Drumbeat of Syria Propaganda by Rick Sterling, 8/20/2019
America's Interventionist Middle East Policy Started 66 Years Ago by Andrew Corbley, 8/20/2019 Congressman Dan Crenshaw Wants Perpetual War in Afghanistan by Jose Nino, 8/20/2019
End Foreign Aid to Israel and Everyone Else by Jacob G. Hornberger, 8/20/2019 The Post-INF Treaty US Test of a Ground-Launched Tomahawk Missile by Tyler Rogoway, 8/20/2019
Yankee-Go-Home: US Foreign Policy Is Harming Guatemala by Adice Lyneis, 8/20/2019 Forget 'Checkbook Diplomacy' and Bring the Troops Home by Ted Galen Carpenter, 8/19/2019
When, if Ever, Can We Lay This Burden Down? by Patrick J. Buchanan, 8/19/2019 As Naval Arms Race Heats Up, It Threatens Sea Life by Morgan E. Hunter, 8/19/2019
Trump's Persian-Gulf Car Crash by Daniel Lazare, 8/19/2019 Greenland and Denmark, Prepare Your Defenses by Jacob G. Hornberger, 8/19/2019
Terrorist 'Safe Havens' Are a Myth - End the War In Afghanistan by John Glaser and John Mueller, 8/19/2019 Barring Members of Congress From Israel-Palestine by Mitchell Plitnick, 8/19/2019
How the Western Media Demonizes Iran by Serge Halimi and Pierre Rimbert, 8/19/2019 Despite Devastating Crashes, Boeing Stocks Fly High by Andrew Cockburn, 8/18/2019
What Fareed Zakaria Gets Wrong About Afghanistan: Everything. by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.), 8/18/2019 War Party Hates Putin – Loves al-Qaeda by Justin Raimondo, 8/18/2019
Washington Is Backing Hong Kong Protests by Dan Cohen, 8/18/2019 The War In Afghanistan – Will Trump Finally End It? by Steven Woskow, 8/18/2019
Mr. President: Send Sam Nunn to Moscow by Edward Lozansky, 8/18/2019 Hong Kong: Don't Provoke the Dragon by Eric Margolis, 8/17/2019
NSA Asks Congress to Permanently Reauthorize Spying Program by Kieren McCarthy, 8/16/2019 President Moon Loses the Trust of North Korea as Prospects for Peace Look Grim by Stu Smallwood, 8/16/2019
Why the $1.45 Trillion F-35 Still Can't Get Off the Ground by Dan Grazier, 8/16/2019 What's Happening in Kashmir Looks a Lot Like Israel's Rule Over Palestine by Abdulla Moaswes, 8/16/2019
America's Benevolent Bombing of Serbia by James Bovard, 8/16/2019 Edward Lozansky's Operation Elbe by Martin Sieff, 8/16/2019
Netanyahu Banned Omar and Tlaib Because the Occupation Must Be Hidden to Survive by Peter Beinart, 8/16/2019 US States Deny They Were Hacked by the Russians by Gareth Porter, 8/15/2019
US Bullies Its Way Into Dispute, Moves to Seize Iranian Tanker by Barbara Boland, 8/15/2019 Ex-Blackwater Guard Nicholas Slatten Sentenced to Life for Nisour Square Massacre by Brett Wilkins, 8/15/2019
Candidates Must Commit to Immediate US Withdrawal From Afghanistan by Marjorie Cohn, 8/15/2019 The Vindication of Tulsi Gabbard by Scott Ritter, 8/15/2019
The Myth of American Military Dominance by Justin Lynch, 8/15/2019 Progressives Are Right to Endorse a 'No First Use' Nuclear Weapons Policy by James W. Carden, 8/15/2019
Why Kashmir Is Suddenly a Potential Global Point of Conflict by Vijay Prashad, 8/14/2019 Americans Oppose Israel Lobby Junkets by Grant Smith, 8/14/2019
There's No Tank Man Without the Tanks by Dominic Green, 8/14/2019 Amid Iran Crisis, US Offers Big Military Aid Boost to Azerbaijan by Joshua Kucera, 8/14/2019
How Sanctions Kill Iranians by Daniel Larison, 8/14/2019 No Racism, Just Russians by Margaret Kimberley, 8/14/2019
The US Government Doesn't Care About Afghan Women by Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.), 8/14/2019 How Voice of America Persian Became a Trump PR Machine by Jordan Michael Smith, 8/14/2019
What Is the FBI Hiding About Its Domestic Terror Arrests? by Fritz Zimmermann, 8/14/2019 America's Little-Known Mission to Support Al Qaeda's Role in Libya by Alan J. Kuperman, 8/13/2019
Seth Rich's Ghost Haunts the Courts by Ray McGovern, 8/13/2019 Military Strength Is Our National Religion by William J. Astore, 8/13/2019
The Case Against Afghanistan Withdrawal Is Weak by John Glaser, 8/13/2019 India's Hindu Nationalists Got What They Wanted in Kashmir by Mohammed Ayoob, 8/12/2019
The Prosecution of Julian Assange Affects Us All by Nozomi Hayase, 8/12/2019 India: the Next Apartheid State? by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.), 8/12/2019
Distorting the Definition of Antisemitism to Shield Israel From All Criticism by Amos Goldberg and Raz Segal, 8/12/2019 Tulsi Gabbard's Road to Damascus by Scott Ritter, 8/11/2019
The NYT's Pro-War Arguments Against War With Iran by Gregory Shupak, 8/11/2019 NBC Blames Russia for Drawing Attention to Racist Incidents by Dave DeCamp, 8/11/2019
Creating a Spectacle of Slaughter at the Movies by Tom Engelhardt, 8/11/2019 News Media's 'Both Sides' Framing Distorts Events in Israel's Favor by Greg Shupak, 8/11/2019
China Is a Paper Tiger by Justin Raimondo, 8/11/2019 Accept Reality: North Korea Will Remain a Nuclear State by Doug Bandow, 8/11/2019
The British Haven't Learned Their Lessons From the Troubles by Patrick Cockburn, 8/10/2019 Hair-Trigger Nuclear Alert Over Kashmir by Eric Margolis, 8/10/2019
Did You Kill Anyone? Isn't the Toughest Question by Anthony Barr, 8/10/2019 New York Times Persists in Russia Election Hacking Conspiracy Theory by Jeremy R. Hammond, 8/10/2019
Who's Afraid of Tulsi Gabbard by Matt Taibbi, 8/9/2019 North Korea Dislikes That US Plans to Occupy It by Bernhard, 8/9/2019
There's No Good Reason to Stay in Syria by Dave DeCamp, 8/9/2019 Biden Is Doubling Down on Iraq War Lies by Stephen Zunes, 8/9/2019
The US Shouldn't Play Endless Whack-A-Mole in Syria by Bonnie Kristian, 8/9/2019 'Humanitarian Interventionism' has Become Cover for Militarism by Helena Cobban, 8/8/2019
How the CIA Aims to Keep a Footprint in Afghanistan by Stefanie Glinski, 8/8/2019 Women Reporters in War Zones: the Stories That Need to Be Told by Nashwa Gowanlock in London, 8/7/2019
Barr Uses Fake Threat to Target Encryption by Sean Gallagher , 8/5/2019 Trump Admin Seeks Near Unlimited War Powers by Matthew Petti, 8/5/2019
EU Now Funds Israel's War Ministry by David Cronin, 8/2/2019 The Horror of War and the Thrill of Horror by Bryan Alexander, 7/30/2019
The Anthem of Militant Americanism by Bill Kauffman, 7/24/2019 Google Continues Investing in Military and Police AI Tech by Lee Fang, 7/23/2019
For a New Isolationism by Murray Rothbard, 4/1/59 War is the Health of the State by Randolph Bourne, 1918
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