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The US Should Negotiate With Iran on One Issue Right Now Trita Parsi & Sajjad Safaei, 7/23/2024 In Umm Al-Khair, the Occupation Is Damning US to Multigenerational Trauma Awdah Hathaleen, 7/23/2024
A Temporary Calm in the South China Sea Joseph Solis-Mullen, 7/23/2024 Deflating Biden's Boast on NATO by Ted Snider, 7/22/2024
Houthis Only Emboldened by Israeli Attacks by Daniel Larison, 7/22/2024 US General Wants 'Marshall Plan' to Counter China in Latam by Kelley Beaucar Vlahos, 7/22/2024
NATO Accelerates Its Conflict With China by Vijay Prashad, 7/22/2024 Europe Doubles Down on Protracted War in Ukraine by Eldar Mamedov, 7/22/2024
Israel's Continued Denial of the Reality of the Occupation Will Be Its Ruin by Haaretz, 7/21/2024 Assessing the Flames of Protest by Nan Levinson, 7/21/2024
We Volunteered at a Gaza Hospital. What We Saw Was Unspeakable. by Mark Perlmutter and Feroze Sidhwa, 7/20/2024 Neoconservatism by Another Name by James W. Carden, Douglas Macgregor , 7/19/2024
The True Purpose of NATO Remains US Hegemony by Yves Engler, 7/18/2024 When Supporting Israel Is a Liability: Is Gaza Changing the West? by Ramzy Baroud, 7/18/2024
Getting Rid of Netanyahu Is Not Enough by Interview with Gideon Levy, 7/18/2024 South Korea Must Grow Up and Defend Itself by Doug Bandow, 7/18/2024
Could a Change in Tone Lead to Peace Talks in Ukraine? by Ted Snider, 7/18/2024 Current Defense Plans Require Unsustainable Future Spending by Dan Grazier, Julia Gledhill, & Geoff Wilson, 7/17/2024
The Gaza Pier Is a $320 Million Symbol of the Biden Administration's 'Ineffectiveness' by Sophie Hurwitz, 7/17/2024 Would the President Be in Charge During a War in Taiwan? by Andy Corbley, 7/17/2024
170 Years of US Aggression Against Nicaragua by Rick Sterling, 7/17/2024 A Cancer on the West Bank by Ellen Cantarow, 7/16/2024
The US Continues to Undermine Its Own Interests in Iran by Ted Snider, 7/16/2024 The US Continues to Undermine Its Own Interests in Iran by Ted Snider, 7/16/2024
The Missed Opportunity for Peace at NATO's Washington Summit by Sen. Rand Paul, 7/16/2024 Vance Isn't Hiding His Hawkishness on Iran by Daniel Larison, 7/16/2024
Israel Is Falling Apart, and American Leaders Are in Denial by Philip Weiss, 7/15/2024 The American State-Media Complex Is Escalating the Ukraine War by Dominick Sansone, 7/15/2024
Living With Wilson's Folly Over 100 Years Later by David Stockman, 7/15/2024 The NATO Declaration and the Deadly Strategy of Neoconservatism by Jeffrey D. Sachs, 7/15/2024
NATO Summit: Not a Shield but a Bloodied Sword by John Wight, 7/14/2024 NATO Summit's Declaration: Fiction Versus Reality by Ted Snider, 7/14/2024
Similar to Biden, NATO Is Aged and Unfit for Leadership by Medea Benjamin, 7/14/2024 Nuclear War Is Imminent by Gerry Condon, 7/14/2024
NATO's Bridge to Nowhere by James W. Carden, 7/12/2024 Why the West Bank Is on the Verge of Economic Collapse by Qassam Muaddi, 7/11/2024
NATO's Endgame Appears to Be Nuclear War by Chris Wright, 7/11/2024 The Folly of Empire and the Albatross of Debt by David Stockman, 7/11/2024
It Is Time to Shut Ukraine's Door to NATO by Doug Bandow, 7/11/2024 The Perils of a US Arms Stockpile in Taiwan by Janet Abou-Elias & Lillian Mauldin, 7/10/2024
Retro Israel Panel Defies 'America First' Foreign Policy by Kelley Beaucar Vlahos, 7/10/2024 Washington Takes Another 'L' in China Policy by Joseph Solis-Mullen, 7/10/2024
NATO's 75th Anniversary: The Broken Promises That Led to War by Nicolai N. Petro & Ted Snider, 7/10/2024 All Eyes on Biden, but Can They See How Close We Are to War? by Rep. Warren Davidson, 7/9/2024
Inside China-Focused Congressional Hearings, Panic, Paranoia, and Hypocrisy Reign by Megan Russell, 7/9/2024 Is Putin Prepared to Compromise? by Ted Snider, 7/8/2024
Parody of a Statesman: Antony Blinken, Secretary of War by Laurie Calhoun, 7/8/2024 Sharon Revisited: Netanyahu's Ultimate Aim in Gaza and Why It Will Fail by Ramzy Baroud, 7/8/2024
This Week, NATO III Celebrates Itself by Anatol Lieven, 7/7/2024 Playbook for a Military Draft by Edward Hasbrouck, 7/7/2024
Lessons From the Cold War: Now Is the Time for De-Escalation by Jonathan Grotefendt, 7/7/2024 Early Signs of the Failure of American Global Power by Michael Klare, 7/7/2024
The NATO Summit Is on July 9, but Zelensky Is Already Angry by Ted Snider, 7/4/2024 That's Militainment! Big Hollywood Succumbs to the Pentagon Borg by Hekmat Aboukhater, 7/4/2024
Will Putin Attack Poland and the Baltics? by Ray McGovern, 7/4/2024 Growing Up in Nuseirat -- Where Massacres Become Routine by Ramzy Baroud, 7/4/2024
We Need Rational Patriotism by Christopher J. Coyne & Abigail Hall, 7/3/2024 Another American War in the Middle East? by Juan Cole, 7/3/2024
The US Sanctioned Georgia and Nicaragua for Laws That Copy the US by John Perry, 7/3/2024 Julian Assange Is Finally Free, but Let's Not Forget the War Crimes He Exposed by Marjorie Cohn , 7/2/2024
The Three-Hour Coup. What Just Happened in Bolivia? by Ted Snider, 7/2/2024 Washington Is Sprinting (not Sleepwalking) Into War With China by Joseph Solis-Mullen, 7/2/2024
Prolonging the Ukraine War Is Flirting With Nuclear Disaster by Ivana Nikolić Hughes & Peter Kuznick, 7/2/2024 On Aid and War - How Israel Has Used Starvation to Subdue the Palestinians by Ramzy Baroud, 7/2/2024
A War Draft Today Can't Work. Let Us Count the Ways. by Edward Hasbrouck, 7/2/2024 Former Israeli PM Admits Israel's War Crimes Can't Happen Without US Support by Caitlin Johnstone, 7/1/2024
Learning to Live With a Nuclear North Korea by Doug Bandow, 7/1/2024 Julian Assange Is Free, but Justice Has Not Been Served by Chip Gibbons , 7/1/2024
Assange Is Free, but US Spite Will Chill Reporting for Years by Ari Paul, 7/1/2024 Confronting NATO's War Summit in Washington by Medea Benjamin & Nicolas JS Davies, 7/1/2024
Save Ukraine From American Meddling by Jeffrey D. Sachs, 7/1/2024 The Republican Establishment's Sterile Foreign Policy Perspective by Ted Galen Carpenter, 7/1/2024
The Altalena Affair: Is Israel Heading Towards a Civil War? by Ramzy Baroud, 6/30/2024 Assange's Freedom Is Also Ours: to Tell the Truth by Robert Koehler, 6/30/2024
Another Cuban Missile Crisis? by James W. Carden, 6/29/2024 Should Americans Die for a Single Filipino? by Doug Bandow, 6/28/2024
Julian Assange and the Continuing Threats to Journalism by Katharine Gun, 6/27/2024 New Evidence US Blocked Ukraine-Russia Peace Deal by Aaron Maté, 6/27/2024
How Obama's Intel Czar Rigged the Debates Against Trump by Paul Sperry, 6/27/2024 Unlimited National Security Spending Doesn't Make Us Safer by Julia Gledhill, 6/27/2024
Julian Assange: Freedom This Time, No Thanks to the Media by Jonathan Cook, 6/27/2024 Will Congress' Chinese Derangement Syndrome Ground Drones? by Norman Singleton, 6/27/2024
How to Save Ukraine by Trevor Corson, 6/27/2024 The Art of the Submarine by Frida Berrigan, 6/27/2024
A US-Iran War at Last? by Kelley Beaucar Vlahos, 6/26/2024 Why Didn't You Tell Me? by Andrew Cockburn, 6/26/2024
Will Biden Drag Americans Into a War in Lebanon? by Matthew Petti, 6/26/2024 Julian Assange Is Free! by Andrew P. Napolitano, 6/26/2024
Free and Independent: The Foreign Policy of Washington and Jefferson by Michael Boldin, 6/26/2024 Is Israel-Hezbollah War Inevitable? by Paul R. Pillar, 6/26/2024
Don't Be Fooled, Push for Normalization Is About US Dominance by Edward Hunt, 6/26/2024 Philosopher Kings or New-Age Militarists? by William D. Hartung, 6/26/2024
Assange Is Free, but Feds' War on Free Speech Continues by James Bovard, 6/25/2024 The Hoover Institution Declares War on Russia by William M. Drew, 6/25/2024
Four Questions Joe Biden Should Have to Answer in the First Presidential Debate by Ted Snider, 6/25/2024 Four Questions Biden Should Have to Answer in the First Presidential Debate by Ted Snider, 6/25/2024
Why Won't the US Help Negotiate a Peaceful End to the War in Ukraine? by Jeffrey D. Sachs, 6/25/2024 Assange Is on His Way to Freedom – but the Fight Is Far From Over by Srećko Horvat, 6/25/2024
The US Hands the Reckless Driver the Keys by Daniel Larison, 6/25/2024 Exposing Elite Cynicism With Satirical Truth by Joseph Solis-Mullen, 6/25/2024
Assange Is Free, but Justice Has Not Been Done by Caitlin Johnstone, 6/25/2024 The End of the Press Freedom Case of the Century by Kevin Gosztola, 6/25/2024
In Destroying Ukraine's Power Grid the Russians Are Following Our Lead by Andrew Cockburn, 6/25/2024 Stop Listening to David Petraeus by Gregory Daddis, 6/24/2024
Mourning Donald Sutherland, the Antiwar Activist by Randy Rowland, 6/24/2024 Are You a 'Legitimate Target'? by Kym Robinson, 6/24/2024
Joe Biden Wants to Steal Your Children by Dan McKnight, 6/24/2024 Trump Cabinet Hopeful Wants the 'Israel Model' for US China Policy by James W. Carden, 6/24/2024
Ukraine's Attacks on Freedom of Expression Continue by Ted Galen Carpenter, 6/24/2024 'Wishful Thinking' - Does Israel Have All the Cards in Gaza? by Ramzy Baroud, 6/24/2024
The Ticking Time Bomb of Ukrainian Debt (That the West Will Have to Pay) by Ian Proud, 6/24/2024 Smotrich Has a Plan to Annex the West Bank and Netanyahu Supports It by Haaretz, 6/23/2024
Mourning Donald Sutherland, the Antiwar Activist by Randy Rowland, 6/23/2024 Is Joe Biden Issuing Legal Orders to the US Military? by William J. Astore, 6/23/2024
Why Putin Sent Russian Ships to Cuba by Ted Snider, 6/23/2024 Israel's War Cabinet Collapses - but It Doesn't Matter by James W. Carden, 6/20/2024
When US Officials Show You Who They Are, Believe Them by Norman Solomon, 6/20/2024 Putin's Peace Offer: Deal or No Deal? by James W. Carden, 6/20/2024
A Terribly Lopsided, Very Cruel War Continues by Rep. John J. Duncan, Jr., 6/20/2024 The Biden Administration Has No Definition of Victory in Ukraine by Doug Bandow, 6/19/2024
Ukraine's Draft Woes Leave the West Facing Pressure to Make Up for the Troop Shortfall by Nicolai N. Petro, 6/19/2024 The Switzerland Summit: Peace Through Delusion by Brad Pearce, 6/19/2024
Joe Biden's Time Interview Should Set Off Alarms by Ted Snider, 6/19/2024 The 'Missed Opportunities' Syndrome: Us-Russia Relations From 1992-Present by David C. Speedie, 6/19/2024
Why Is NATO Expanding Its Nuclear Force? by Stephen Bryen, 6/18/2024 The US Is Preparing for WWIII While Expanding Draft Registration by Caitlin Johnstone, 6/18/2024
Uncontrolled Spending on Nukes and War in Ukraine - the Tory-Labour Election Pact by Ian Proud, 6/18/2024 US Acquires Anti-China Missile Network Along First Island Chain by Reiho Takeuchi, 6/18/2024
Encouraging War in Ukraine, New York Times Misses the Point by Ted Snider, 6/17/2024 Joe Biden's Ukraine War Mistake Could Spark a War With Russia by Daniel L. Davis, 6/17/2024
Don't Send US Nuclear Weapons to Poland or Anywhere Else by Scott Strgacich, 6/17/2024 We Spent a Billion Dollars Fighting the Houthis... and Lost by Ron Paul, 6/17/2024
The United States Is the Main Obstacle to Peace in Palestine by Medea Benjamin & Nicolas JS Davies, 6/17/2024 Blinken's Lies About Hamas Rejecting a Ceasefire Reveal the Biden Administration's True Intentions by Mitchell Plitnick, 6/16/2024
The Ukrainian Border War Folly by David Stockman, 6/16/2024 America Isolated: Why Some Western Capitals Are Shifting Positions on Gaza by Ramzy Baroud, 6/16/2024
The Dangerous 'Anti-Semitism Awareness' Act by Richard Eskow, 6/14/2024 Blinken Is Dragging the US Ever Deeper Into Israel's Quagmire by David Hearst, 6/14/2024
'Trumpists and Communists' on Ukrainian NGO List Fight Back by Ella Johnson, 6/14/2024 'How Is It Reasonable to Kill Over 200 for the Sake of Four?' by Ruwaida Kamal Amer, 6/14/2024
Despite Right's Victory in Europe, the War Will Go On by James W. Carden, 6/14/2024 The Night Israel Killed My Family by Reem A. Hamadaqa , 6/13/2024
Countdown to Zelensky's 'Peace Summit' by John Zavales, 6/13/2024 Russian Warships Are in Cuba, Try Not to Overreact by William LeoGrande, 6/13/2024
After Training African Coup Leaders, US Blames Russia for African Coups by Nick Turse, 6/13/2024 Gaza Ceasefire Proposal: Diplomacy or Magic Trick? by Ted Snider, 6/13/2024
Does the Constitution Apply to Biden's War in Ukraine? by Andrew P. Napolitano, 6/12/2024 A Maryland House Race Shows How Not to Cover AIPAC by Pete Tucker, 6/12/2024
The Day the West Defined 'Success' as a Massacre of 270 Palestinians by Jonathan Cook, 6/12/2024 Joe Biden's Time Interview Should Set Off Alarms by Ted Snider, 6/12/2024
Washington Is Not Telling Truth About the Gaza Pier by Stephen Semler, 6/11/2024 The Perils of Wider War in Eastern Europe by Katrina vanden Heuvel & James Carden, 6/11/2024
Media Keeps Playing Along With Fiction There Is an 'Israeli Ceasefire Deal' by Adam Johnson, 6/11/2024 The Biden Administration Must Stop Israel Before It Escalates in Lebanon by Mitchell Plitnick, 6/11/2024
Using Ukraine Since 1948 by Joe Lauria, 6/10/2024 America's Nuclear Missiles Make Its Citizens Less Safe by Emma Claire Foley, 6/10/2024
Justin Raimondo Explains How Conservatives Flipped on Palestine During the Cold War by Ryan McMaken, 6/10/2024 How Daniel Ellsberg's Moral Power Remains Alive by Norman Solomon, 6/10/2024
Beyond Two State Solution - Why Recognizing State of Palestine Is Important by Ramzy Baroud, 6/10/2024 Will the First Amendment Save Assange? by Peter Van Buren, 6/9/2024
NATO When You Don't Want It; No NATO When You Do by Ted Snider, 6/9/2024 US-Backed Ukrainian Publication Releases New 'Enemies List' by Daniel McAdams, 6/9/2024
Zelensky's Peace Summit Is Just an Echo Chamber by Ian Proud, 6/9/2024 Navy Admiral's Bribery Charges Expose Greater Rot in the System by William Hartung & Ben Freeman, 6/8/2024
Why Does American Folly March on in Ukraine? by James W. Carden, 6/7/2024 End of an Era: Pro-Palestine Language Exposes Israel, Zionism by Ramzy Baroud, 6/6/2024
Nuclear Armageddon Is Us by William J. Astore, 6/6/2024 Suddenly, the 'Nuclear Age' Is Today by James W. Carden, 6/6/2024
Who's Minding the Stockpile of US Weapons Going to Israel? by Janet Abou-Elias, 6/6/2024 America's Arrogant Imperialism on Full Display in Tbilisi by Doug Bandow, 6/6/2024
Our Spy and Intelligence Agencies Are Out of Control by Michael Shellenberger, 6/5/2024 The Future of UNRWA and Hamas in Gaza by Rick Sterling, 6/5/2024
'We Are the World Power': Biden Offers Defense of US Primacy by Blaise Malley, 6/5/2024 Droning Russia's Nuke Radars Is the Dumbest Thing Ukraine Can Do by Theodore Postol, 6/5/2024
The Military-Industrial Complex Is Killing Us All by David Vine and Theresa (Isa) Arriola, 6/5/2024 Is Biden Leading From Behind on Ukraine? by Ted Snider, 6/4/2024
A Just-Released Watchdog Report Makes the Case for Eliminating Land-Based Nuclear Missiles by William D. Hartung, 6/4/2024 Israelis Must Wake Up to the Plight of Palestinian Prisoners by Daphna Golan-Agnon, 6/4/2024
Why Zelensky Won't Be Able to Negotiate Peace Himself by Ted Snider, 6/4/2024 Rescind Netanyahu's Invitation! by Joseph Solis-Mullen, 6/4/2024
The Speech That Military Recruiters Don't Want You to Hear by Casey Carlisle, 6/4/2024 When Nicaragua Took Germany to Court, Media Put Nicaragua in the Dock by John Perry, 6/4/2024
The West Should Be Receptive to Russia's Openness to Talks by Ted Snider and Nicolai N. Petro, 6/3/2024 Long Vietnam Syndrome by John Weeks, 6/3/2024
When a Man's Life Becomes a Bargaining Chip by Kym Robinson, 6/3/2024 Our Fight to Get the Democratic Party to Call for a Ceasefire in Gaza by Mirvette Judeh, 6/3/2024
The Untold ICC Story: How the Global South Helped Palestine Challenge Western Institutions by Ramzy Baroud, 6/3/2024 Mapping the Parallels of US Conflict: From Vietnam to the War on China by Megan Russell, 6/2/2024
Presidents Who Gamble With Nuclear Armageddon by Jeffrey D. Sachs, 6/2/2024 The Media Used a Single Comma to Distract From a Ruling to Stop Genocide by Jonathan Cook, 6/2/2024
'We Did It Too': the Ugliest Excuse for Israel by Kelley Beaucar Vlahos, 6/1/2024 Israel's Onslaught of Revenge by Joshua Frank, 5/30/2024
America's Ugly History With the International Criminal Court by Ted Snider, 5/30/2024 Sanctions Are for Losers by Steve H. Hanke, 5/30/2024
America's Ugly History With the International Criminal Court by Ted Snider, 5/30/2024 China Is Eating the United States' Diplomatic Lunch by James W. Carden, 5/29/2024
Celebrate Our Namesake's Birthday: The Brilliance of Randolph Bourne by Jeff Riggenbach, 5/29/2024 The ICC Takes on Israel and the US Congressional Mafia by Medea Benjamin, 5/29/2024
Ukraine War Rips Veil Off of US Weapons Superiority by Andrew Cockburn, 5/29/2024 The End of Zelensky's Legitimacy by Brad Pearce, 5/29/2024
Biden Was My Boss. I Resigned Because as a Jew I Cannot Endorse the Gaza Catastrophe by Lily Greenberg Call, 5/28/2024 The Message of Israel's Torture Chambers Is Directed at US All, Not Just Palestinians by Jonathan Cook, 5/28/2024
Repress U., Class of 2024 by Michael Gould-Wartofsky, 5/28/2024 Putin May Be at the Door. Why Is Biden Ignoring the Bell? by Branko Marcetic, 5/28/2024
Will Gen Z Change America's Foreign Policy Towards Israel? by James Durso, 5/28/2024 The US Is Discrediting All Arguments for Why It Should Lead the World by Caitlin Johnstone, 5/28/2024
It's Time for Diplomacy, Not Threats by Ted Snider, 5/27/2024 Biden's Rafah 'Red Line' Is a Green Light for 'Death and Destruction' by Aaron Maté, 5/27/2024
The New Theory of Ukrainian Victory Is the Same as the Old by Mark Episkopos , 5/27/2024 US-EU Assets Pushing Color Revolution in Georgia by Kit Klarenberg, 5/26/2024
US Must Accept Spheres of Influence to Preserve Peace by Ted Galen Carpenter, 5/26/2024 We're Still Way Too Close to Nuclear Armageddon by Caitlin Johnstone, 5/26/2024
The Danger Is Not China but the Fake China Threat by John V. Walsh, 5/26/2024 Why Universities Have Started Arresting Student Protesters by Christopher Sprigman, 5/24/2024
The 'Global Struggle for Democracy' Is Nothing of the Sort by James W. Carden, 5/24/2024 At Last, Justice. but Will Israelis Start Waking Up? by Gideon Levy, 5/23/2024
After Raisi, the Unendurable Endures by James W. Carden, 5/23/2024 Constant Killing: the Pentagon's .00035% Problem by Nick Turse, 5/23/2024
Nakba Resurrected – How the Gaza Resistance Ended Segmentation of Palestine by Ramzy Baroud, 5/23/2024 America's Constitutional State of Emergency by Dennis Kucinich, 5/23/2024
The US Backed Kidnapping, Torture and Murder in Afghanistan by Azam Ahmed and Matthieu Aikins, 5/23/2024 In the Fog of Forever War, the US No Longer Recognizes Alternatives by Christopher J. Coyne and Abigail R. Hall, 5/22/2024
'Four Blind Mice': Biden, Blinken, Mcgurk, and Sullivan by Zeb Larson & William Minter, 5/22/2024 Assange Wins Delay, but 'Punishment by Process' Continues by James Bovard, 5/22/2024
The Disgrace of Israel's Aid-Blocking, Right-Wing Militia by Haaretz, 5/22/2024 Jewish Students Opposing Gaza Genocide, a Powerful Counter to Antisemitism by John V. Walsh, 5/22/2024
Dr. King's Words on Vietnam Still Ring True for Gaza by Andrew Moss, 5/22/2024 Defense Spending Can and Should Be Cut by Justin Logan, 5/21/2024
Did the US Give the Go-Ahead to Strike Russia With Long Range Missiles? by Ted Snider, 5/21/2024 Did the US Give the Go-Ahead to Strike Russia With Long Range Missiles? by Ted Snider, 5/21/2024
The Elusive Chinese Boogeyman in Latin America by Juan Gabriel Tokatlian, 5/21/2024 New 9/11 Evidence Points to Deep Saudi Complicity by Daniel Benjamin and Steven Simon, 5/21/2024
Georgia Dreaming: Is Another Color Revolution About to Kick Off? by Vadim Nikitin, 5/21/2024 Why Will Bombing Iranian Proxies Work This Time? by Peter Van Buren, 5/21/2024
Logic of a Forgotten American Atrocity Is Alive Today by Daniel Larison, 5/21/2024 The American Empire Is Crumbling Under Its Debt by David Stockman, 5/21/2024
The Vietnamization of Ukraine by Ron Paul, 5/20/2024 Free Speech for Me but Not for Thee by Andrew P. Napolitano, 5/20/2024
Russia and China - Two Against One by Ray McGovern, 5/19/2024 The Hardening of the Israeli Psyche by Megan K. Stack, 5/19/2024
When Did America Stop Listening to Itself? by Ted Snider, 5/19/2024 The Staggering and Lingering Costs of American Wars by David Stockman, 5/19/2024
Foreign Bribery in Congress: 'The Way Business Is Done'? by Brett Heinz, 5/17/2024 Closer to Nuclear War by Jacob G. Hornberger, 5/17/2024
The Heroism of David McBride by John Kiriakou, 5/16/2024 How Britain Sabotaged Ukraine Peace by Kit Klarenberg, 5/16/2024
War Hysteria Fuels New Attacks on Free Speech by Ryan McMaken, 5/16/2024 Apocalypse Soon? by James W. Carden, 5/16/2024
The Continuing Farce of the US Tariff War by Joseph Solis-Mullen, 5/16/2024 The Dignity Deficit of Rocking Out in Kiev by James Carden, 5/16/2024
Beyond Awards and Accolades: Why Gaza Journalists Are the Best in the World by Ramzy Baroud, 5/16/2024 FBI Documents Allege Japan Used Germ Warfare in Attack on US and Canada by Jeffrey S. Kaye, 5/16/2024
The Recent Risk of Escalation in Ukraine by Ted Snider, 5/15/2024 The US Will Not Defend Japan, but Tokyo Doesn't Tell the Truth to the Public by Reiho Takeuchi, 5/15/2024
The Arsenal of Genocide: the US Weapons That Are Destroying Gaza by Medea Benjamin & Nicolas JS Davies, 5/14/2024 Washington DC: the Unaffordable and Unecessary War Capital of the World by David Stockman, 5/14/2024
George Washington Warned Against a 'Passionate Attachment' to Israel by Brian McGlinchey, 5/14/2024 Jackson State and Forgotten History by Lucy Steigerwald, 5/14/2024
Goodbye to Pete McCloskey, An Antiwar Hero by Connor Freeman, 5/13/2024 Dear Joe Biden: a Message on Rafah From US Military Families by Sarah Streyder, 5/13/2024
NATO's New Burden-Sharing Objectives by Ted Galen Carpenter, 5/13/2024 We've Already Got an 'Antisemitism Awareness Act.' It's Called the First Amendment. by Thomas Knapp, 5/12/2024
Biden Said Putin Killed Navalny; He Didn't by Ted Snider, 5/12/2024 On Campus Gaza Protests, Media Let Police Tell the Story - Even When They're Wrong by Neil deMause, 5/10/2024
On Israel, Student Courage Exposes Elite Cowardice by Aaron Maté, 5/10/2024 When It Comes to Israel, This 'Dissent Channel' Is Broken by Blaise Malley, 5/10/2024
War Culture Hates the Ethical Passion of the Young by Norman Solomon, 5/9/2024 Which Way, GOP? by James W. Carden, 5/9/2024
Biden Offers to Turn US Military Personnel Into Saudi Royal Bodyguards by Doug Bandow, 5/9/2024 The Abraham Accords Further Complicated America's Place in the Middle East by Aaron Sobczak, 5/9/2024
NYTimes Ignites China Doping Controversy Leading Into the Olympics by Rick Sterling, 5/9/2024 US Is Losing in Ukraine. Blame China, Says Blinken. by John V. Walsh, 5/8/2024
The US and Israel Are Playing a Dangerous Game by Daoud Kuttab, 5/8/2024 Mark Milley Throws US Military Under the Bus for Israel by Kelley Beaucar Vlahos, 5/8/2024
Biden Said Putin Killed Navalny; He Didn't by Ted Snider, 5/8/2024 How Biden Dropped the Ball on the Iran Nuclear Deal by Sina Toossi, 5/8/2024
Japan Sells Lethal Weapons Responding to US Demand, Using Ukraine as Excuse by Reiho Takeuchi, 5/8/2024 Macklemore Dares Others to Stand Up for Palestine by Dave Zirin, 5/7/2024
Israel Is Banning Al Jazeera, America Is Banning TikTok. We Know Why. by Seth Stern, 5/7/2024 Columbia Student Terrorists? NYPD Must Think We're Pretty Dumb by Branko Marcetic, 5/7/2024
The Ukraine Aid Package Heightens the Risk of Escalation by James Carden and Katrina vanden Heuvel, 5/7/2024 Biden's Foreign Policy Has the US in Deep trouble by John Mearsheimer, 5/7/2024
Another Bogus Antisemitism Scare by Sheldon Richman, 5/6/2024 How US Media Weaponized Campus Protests Coverage by Rami G Khouri, 5/6/2024
I Spent 43 Days in Gaza's Now-Destroyed Hospitals. by Ghassan Abu-Sitta , 5/6/2024 The Great Ukraine Robbery Is Not Over Yet by Ron Paul, 5/6/2024
How Israel Supported Hamas Against the PLO by Jeremy R. Hammond, 5/6/2024 The US Cannot Help Ukraine Win the War by Ted Snider, 5/6/2024
A Missed Off-Ramp for US Venezuela Policy by Ivan Eland, 5/5/2024 Enforcing Silence on Genocide by Elizabeth Vos, 5/5/2024
As Peace Protests Are Violently Suppressed, Cnn Paints Them as Hate Rallies by Julie Hollar, 5/5/2024 Antiwar.com's Determined Struggle Against the War Machine by Ted Galen Carpenter, 5/5/2024
What Ever Happened to the Freedom of Speech? by Andrew P. Napolitano, 5/5/2024 What the Nord Stream Insurers Refusal to Pay Reveals About the Explosions by Jeffrey Brodsky, 5/5/2024
Claims That Student Protestors Are Chanting 'Death to America' Are B.S. by Ken Klippenstein, 5/4/2024 Congress Passes Mega-Billions More for Ukraine by Rep. John J. Duncan, Jr., 5/2/2024
American Intifada for Gaza: What Should We Expect? by Ramzy Baroud, 5/2/2024 We've Always Known Standing Armies Are a Threat to Liberty by Joseph Solis-Mullen, 5/2/2024
For Whom Do Biden and Blinken Work? by James W. Carden, 5/2/2024 The May 4th Deaths: Kent State 54 years ago by Murray Polner, 5/2/2024
Troops on the Ground: Biden's Plan for Ukraine by Ted Snider, 5/2/2024 Campus Protests: The Kids May Not Be Alright, but They Are (Mostly) Right by Thomas Knapp, 5/1/2024
Troops on the Ground: Biden's Plan for Ukraine by Ted Snider, 5/1/2024 The Attack on a West Bank Village by Jewish Settlers Was Anything but Spontaneous by Haaretz, 5/1/2024
The News Never Stops by Dave DeCamp, 5/1/2024 What 10 Years of Meddling in Ukraine Wrought by Aaron Maté, 4/30/2024
Despite Media Cheerleading, $61 Billion Won't Beat Russia by Ted Snider, 4/30/2024 A Putin Collapse? the Dangers of Wishful Thinking by Peter Rutland, 4/30/2024
Is the Navalny Intelligence Leak an Olive Branch to Putin? by Helen Andrews , 4/30/2024 'Ukraine Today Is Not a Democracy': an Interview With Former Ambassador Jack Matlock by Gregor Baszak, 4/30/2024
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