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How the Media Mangled the 'Russian Invasion' of the Trump Administration Ted Galen Carpenter, 7/14/2020 Pay for Play? Heritage's Cozy Ties With Korean Weapons Maker Raises Concerns Eli Clifton, 7/13/2020
'Cancel Culture' Hides the Truth About Israel/Palestine by James North, 7/13/2020 Lost Cause: a Special Forces Soldier's Case for Leaving Afghanistan by Robert Gast, 7/13/2020
13 Years Without Trial at Guantanamo, My Hunger Strike Is All I Have Left by Asadullah Haroon, 7/13/2020 How Many Ways Can Israel Wage War on Iran Before It's Reported? by Ted Snider, 7/13/2020
Pompeo's Iranian Boogeyman Is Just an Excuse for Bad Policy by Daniel R. DePetris, 7/13/2020 How NATO's War Crimes Brought Chaos to Libya by Bas Spliet, 7/13/2020
George Washington Tried to Warn Americans About Foreign Policy Today by Doug Bandow, 7/12/2020 The Vet Conundrum and America's Wars by Nan Levinson, 7/12/2020
Pompeo's Flimsy Case for Extending the Arms Embargo on Iran by Dave DeCamp, 7/12/2020 The Navy Is Incapable of Competently Managing Its Fleet by Mark Perry, 7/12/2020
Trump Is Trying to Hide US and Israeli War Crimes by Attacking the International Criminal Court by Marjorie Cohn, 7/11/2020 House Armed Services Committee Approves a Huge Military Budget and More War by Glenn Greenwald, 7/10/2020
Blindness on Iraq War 'Patriotism' by Jacob G. Hornberger, 7/10/2020 The Outpost Is a War Movie Libs Like, for Their Own Reasons by James Pinkerton, 7/9/2020
Did US Prosecutors 'Bury' Evidence to Enforce Iran and Venezuela Sanctions? by Matthew Petti, 7/9/2020 Busting the Myth WikiLeaks Published Nothing on Israel & Syria by Patrick Lawrence, 7/9/2020
Ending Police Violence Begins With Cutting Pentagon Money, Militarization Program by Wayne McElrath and Mandy Smithberger, 7/9/2020 US & UK Intensify Campaign Against Russia by Lucy Komisar, 7/9/2020
Wartime Without End, War Powers Without Check by Daniel Larison, 7/8/2020 Congress Plays Hardball to Keep American Troops Overseas by Doug Bandow, 7/8/2020
The 'Camo Economy' Hides Military Costs and Exacerbates Inequality by Heidi Peltier, 7/8/2020 I No Longer Believe in a Jewish State by Peter Beinart, 7/8/2020
On Israel's Bizarre Definitions: The West Bank Is Already Annexed by Ramzy Baroud, 7/8/2020 Lessons From Dr. Strangelove: the Risks of Deploying Low-Yield Nukes on Submarines by Natasha E. Bajema, 7/8/2020
Congress Wants More Unnecessary Anti-China Weapons Programs by Michael T. Klare, 7/8/2020 Bolton Weaves a Tall Tale in His Venezuela Chapter by Leonardo Flores, 7/8/2020
How the Pentagon Failed to Sell Afghan Government's Bunk 'Bountygate' Story to US Intelligence Agencies by Gareth Porter, 7/8/2020 Michele Flournoy: Queen of the Blob by Kelley Beaucar Vlahos, 7/7/2020
US News Falsely Reports That North Korea Threatened to Nuke US by Joshua Cho, 7/7/2020 How Truman and the Military Subverted the First Atomic Bomb Movie by Greg Mitchell, 7/7/2020
Why We Can't Beat Our Addiction to War by Andrew J. Bacevich, 7/7/2020 When George W. Bush Aides Back Joe Biden, You Know the Presidential Campaign Is Getting Ugly by Doug Bandow, 7/7/2020
Russia-Baiting Is the Only Game in Town by Philip Giraldi, 7/6/2020 The Pentagon's Sword Missile Isn't an Endless War Feel-Good Story by Kelsey Atherton, 7/6/2020
International Racketeering: 'Godfather' Donald's Mafia War on the ICC by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.), 7/6/2020 How Biden's Foreign-Policy Team Got Rich by Jonathan Guyer, 7/6/2020
Korea's Endless State of War: How Does It End? by Ted Galen Carpenter, 7/6/2020 Key US Ally Indicted for Organ Trade Murder Scheme by Nicolas J.S. Davies, 7/6/2020
South Sudan: Another US-Sponsored, Nation-Building Fiasco by Ted Galen Carpenter, 7/5/2020 Remember When America Killed Moscow's Soldiers by Doug Bandow, 7/5/2020
In 'Russian Bounty' Story, Claims From Nameless Spies Became Fact by Alan MacLeod, 7/5/2020 Scapegoating Systemic Military Failure in Afghanistan by Scott Ritter, 7/5/2020
Israel Is Trying to Provoke Iran to Start a War by Muhammad Sahimi, 7/5/2020 Nuclear Testing, Never Again by Daryl G. Kimball, 7/5/2020
The US Empire Is Alive and Well by Laurence M. Vance, 7/4/2020 Most Senate Republicans Abandon 'America First' Foreign Policy in Afghanistan by Brad Polumbo, 7/3/2020
Time to Rethink the Us-South Korea Alliance by John Feffer, 7/3/2020 The Return of the Anti-Antiwar Left by James W. Carden, 7/3/2020
It's Bad Politics for Democrats to Be Hawkish on Foreign Policy by Stephen Miles, 7/3/2020 Seriously, Get the Hell Out of Afghanistan by Caitlin Johnstone, 7/3/2020
The Police and the Pentagon Are Bringing Our Wars Home by William J. Barber and Phyllis Bennis, 7/3/2020 Lawmaker Military Earmarks Are Exploding Like Fireworks by Ross Marchand, 7/2/2020
House Using Shaky Russian Bounty Story to Keep US Troops in Afghanistan by Barbara Boland, 7/2/2020 House Votes to Restrict Trump's Withdrawal From Afghanistan and Germany by Glenn Greenwald, 7/2/2020
Libya, the Forgotten War by Reese Erlich, 7/2/2020 New ICC Complaint Filed Over US-Israel War Crimes in Palestine by Brett Wilkins, 7/2/2020
Sovereignty Mockery: Drone Tyranny at Home and Abroad by Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.), 7/2/2020 There Seems to Be No Cure for Warmongering Syndrome by Daniel Larison, 7/1/2020
Who to Believe on Afghan Intelligence: CIA, NSA, or Pentagon? by Ronald Enzweiler, 7/1/2020 New York Times Deploys Heavy Gun to Back 'Intel' on Russian Bounties by Ray McGovern, 7/1/2020
Israel's Annexation: A Catastrophe Begotten by a Larger Catastrophe by Azzam Tamimi, 7/1/2020 The Russian Bounties Hoax by Scott Horton, 7/1/2020
De-Militarizing the United States by Mel Goodman, 7/1/2020 Spare US the F-35 Parts Mismanagement by Dan Grazier, 7/1/2020
Trump's Record on Foreign Policy: Lost Wars, New Conflicts, and Broken Promises by Medea Benjamin and Nicolas JS Davies, 7/1/2020 Democrats Call for Aid Cut to Israel Over Annexation by Michael F. Brown, 7/1/2020
How America Exports Police Violence Around the World by Laura Weiss, 6/29/2020 The Chickens of Empire Come Home to Roost by Nils Gilman, 6/29/2020
Distorting the Iranian-Saudi Conflict by As'ad AbuKhalil, 6/9/2020
For a New Isolationism by Murray Rothbard, 4/1/59 War is the Health of the State by Randolph Bourne, 1918
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