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A Forgotten Doc From WikiLeaks Sheds Light on Today's Politics and Wars Glenn Greenwald, 11/26/2020 Will Antony Blinken's Past Catch Up With Him? by Gilbert Doctorow, 11/26/2020
Like a Rocket in the Garden: the Unending War in Afghanistan by Kathy Kelly, 11/26/2020 Expansion and Mass Eviction: Israel 'Takes Advantage' of Trump's Remaining Days in Office by Ramzy Baroud, 11/26/2020
Biden's National Security Picks Herald Return to Hawkish Normalcy by Nick Turse, 11/25/2020 Biden Must End the War He Helped Start by Shireen Al-Adeimi, 11/25/2020
Understanding Iran's Foreign Policy by Daniel Larison, 11/25/2020 Dangerous Precedent: Military Force Works (for Some) by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.), 11/24/2020
Peace Groups Blast Biden's DNI Pick Over Links to Drones, Torture, and Mass Surveillance by Brett Wilkins, 11/24/2020 Nagorno-Karabakh Is Tragic but Not America's Problem by Doug Bandow, 11/24/2020
Pompeo's Trip to Israel: That Says It All by Ted Snider, 11/24/2020 Joe Biden's New National Security Picks Are Very Troubling by Julia Rock & Andrew Perez , 11/23/2020
The Continuing, Poisonous Russia Obsession by Ted Galen Carpenter, 11/23/2020 Tony Blinken: the Good, the Bad, and Potentially Ugly by Daniel Larison, 11/23/2020
Hey Joe, Where You Going With That Pentagon in Your Hands? by Norman Solomon, 11/23/2020 FBI and DoJ Prepared Takedown of 'Iranian' Website With Years of Legal Chicanery by Gareth Porter, 11/23/2020
Should Michele Flournoy Be Secretary of Defense? by Winslow Wheeler & Pierre Sprey, 11/22/2020 Washington Chicken Littles Would Keep Troops in Afghanistan Forever by Daniel DePetris, 11/22/2020
Will American History Forget the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars? by Jeff Schogol, 11/22/2020 Should Americans Die for the Senkaku Islands? Joe Biden Says Yes. by Doug Bandow, 11/22/2020
Top Biden Advisors Flournoy and Blinken Promise Smarter, Secretive War Policy by Dan Cohen, 11/22/2020 What if They Held an Election and Nothing Changed in the War State? by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.), 11/22/2020
Rockets Are Latest Reminder That We Need to Leave Iraq by Geoff LaMear, 11/21/2020 Pompeo's Attack on BDS Is an Assault on Free Speech by Mitchell Plitnick, 11/21/2020
Taghi Amirani on the Legacy of the US-Backed Coup in Iran by Nick Gillespie, 11/21/2020 How to Stop America's 'Endless Wars' by Zach Weissmueller, 11/21/2020
Please Close the Door and Turn Out the Lights on the Afghanistan War by Dan McKnight, 11/20/2020 Nuclear Weapons Profiteers Are Driving the Nukes Debate by Ose Okooboh & Ben Freeman, 11/20/2020
The Australian Special Forces' Culture of Death by Kym Robinson, 11/20/2020 Beyond Simplistic 'Peace' by Robert Koehler, 11/20/2020
Not So Fast, Say Lawmakers Who Suspect Trump Is Expediting UAE Arms Deal by Kelley Beaucar Vlahos, 11/19/2020 Australian War Crimes Report Means Get the Hell Out of Afghanistan by Caitlin Johnstone, 11/19/2020
After Australian Report It's Time for Serious US War Crimes Probes by Joe Lauria, 11/19/2020 Ending 'Endless Wars' Could Cement Trump's Foreign Policy Legacy by James R. Webb, 11/19/2020
The New Ruling Coalition: Opposition to Afghanistan Withdrawal Shows Its Key Factions by Glenn Greenwald, 11/19/2020 A Washington Echo Chamber for a New Cold War by Cassandra Stimpson and Holly Zhang, 11/19/2020
As Israel Destroys EU Projects in Palestine, European Foreign Policy Remains Impotent by Ramzy Baroud, 11/19/2020 The Things We Know, but Do Not Say, About the Costs of American War by Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.), 11/19/2020
Declassify America's Dirty Secrets in Syria to Stop a Biden War by James Bovard, 11/18/2020 Will Joe Biden End the Brutal War in Yemen? by Derek Davison, 11/18/2020
Trump Is Trying to Put 'Last Nails in Coffin of Iran Deal' by Philip Weiss, 11/18/2020 A Bipartisan Reform for the First 100 Days: a New War Powers Act by Nathan Smith, 11/18/2020
Killing Al-Qaeda's No. 2 Man Multiple Times and Using the IAEA Report as Excuse for Attacking Iran by Muhammad Sahimi, 11/18/2020 Will Biden Jettison the Anti-Russia Hysteria? by Ted Galen Carpenter, 11/18/2020
Ending Our 'Shell Game' Foreign Policy in the Middle East by Daniel Larison, 11/17/2020 Trump Demands Afghan Withdrawal and Washington Panics. but It's Time to Leave, Now. by Andrew J. Bacevich and Adam Weinstein, 11/17/2020
Donald Trump Isn't Gone Yet and I Already Miss Him by Doug Bandow, 11/17/2020 A Dedicated Obsession: Washington's Continuing Iran Sanctions Regime by Binoy Kampmark, 11/17/2020
'Decapitations' at DoD: 'A Purge,' 'A Coup' or Something Else? by Barbara Boland, 11/16/2020
For a New Isolationism by Murray Rothbard, 4/1/59 War is the Health of the State by Randolph Bourne, 1918
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