Ron Paul to Benito Giuliani: Apologize!

Ron Paul is everywhere — Here he is on CNN, with Wolf Blitzer, who can always be counted on to give out the “conventional wisdom” — and is put to rights by Ron. Blitzer blithers “He [Giuliani] really had some supporters in that auditorium. Are you ready to back away now?” Ron’s answer (I’m paraphrasing): NO way, says Ron: I found two passages in the 9/11 commission report that back up what I say. Blitzer: That [the bombing of Iraq by Clinton] was the reason they came over and blew us up? No, I said that was part of it. There’s also the presence of US troops on Saudi Arabian soil, which Muslims consider sacred soil. Here he is, mayor of New York, bragging about the security, and he hasn’t even read the 9/11 report. Blitzer presses him on this point, and Ron says that he couldn’t say everyting in a sound bit. Talks about the sanctions, hundreds of thousands killed: what if someone did that to us? And then the important part:

“He’s hiding behind “patriotism” and saying I’m ‘un-American’ if I dare to question the policy. But if policy is detrimental and provokes blowback then we have to change it. I don’t blame the American people, I blame bad policy” I think he [Giuliani] needs to back down and read the report, and come back and apologize to me.”

It’s so typical of Wolf Blitzer, one of the major gate-keepers of elite opinion, to try to enforce political correctness — and so typical of Ron Paul that he proudly and articulately rejects this nonsense, and turns the tables on the would-be enforcers.