Becky Akers

Woman Murdered by Airport Goons


Becky Akers discusses the case of Carol Anne Gotbaum who was killed while being detained by cops at the Phoenix airport, how the government’s control over TSA and countless other entities results in waste and mismanagement, the benefits of free-market security and America’s descent into despotism.

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Author: Scott Horton

Scott Horton is Managing Director of The Libertarian Institute, host of Antiwar Radio for Pacifica, 90.7 FM KPFK in Los Angeles and KUCR 88.3 in Riverside, podcasts the Scott Horton Show from, and is the Editorial Director of He’s conducted more than 4,500 interviews since 2003. He is also the author of Fool's Errand: Time to End the War in Afghanistan (2017).

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  1. It is really horrifying to hear the FBI expert expound on television “newscasts,” while showing several heavy padded heavily armed men last week in Phoenix jump a frail woman wearing thin clothing to the ground, while she is barely moving, on the video of this event, that this kind of capture is according to police procedure, and that he sees nothing wrong with such “rough capturing”, to put it mildly. The Phoenix airport should be boycotted by the public, at the very least. On these television shows, this expert should be answered by a citizen advocate

  2. I could not agree more, TSA has always been horrifying to me, because a bunch of undereducated and underpaid people have been empowered beyond their capacity.The U.S. TSA behaves more arrogant than any other Airport security in the Western World.

    The Police/Security is awful, why do we need 3 strong men to throw a weak woman to the ground. This is one more example of male violence prevailing in this country. The same happens with Tasers. The police is supposed to use them in self-defence, but they continue to use them indiscriminitely and shoot multiple times killing people, some of them are absolutely no threat to the police, as the poor confused black man in Quitman, GA (died of a heart attack), give me a break…got tasered multiple times. I hope the ACLU wakes up and looks at these cases.

  3. Somewhere there was an image of a bumper-sticker, “pro-life is anti-war”.

    I’ve only listened to the first half of this and of Goyette interviewing John Hagee, and in the latter case he could have showed him to be an utter hypocrite, liar, and pharisee (which would be an ultimate insult to him).

    But I find it utterly stupid that Scott Horton and Becky Ackers should be surprised at people looking the other way as a woman is battered ending in a death. I’ve had to do that for my entire adult life. Since Roe v. Wade, US Marshals or some other form of constabulary will brutally repress anyone who tries to prevent a murder.

    Ron Paul is pro-life – and I suspect would pardon everyone convicted of “making an abortionist feel intimidated under the FACE act” around the time he empties the prisons of nonviolent drug offenders.

    If it is merely up to the individual, then should not Mr. Horton leave up to the same individual judgment or whim whether “hadjis” are human or not which he would place the unique genetic human in the womb being vivisected? If cold blooded or heat of battle murder in iraq is not a matter of individual whim but of cold and logical reason, then the point where a human life, personhood, rights, begins should be a matter of reason and not individual decisions. (no, Rothbard was utterly wrong on this as Doris Gordon points out – feel free to interview her if you dare –

    But please don’t ask me to worry about one or two murders by the TSA or their minions when there are a million murders per year which those same minions will do worse things to me if I try to stop. And murders which John Hagee seems to utterly ignore.

    And if you respect Blessed Mother Theresa of Calcutta, she said (to the left on abortion) it is a poverty that a child should die so that you may live as you want. And (to the anti-war crowd here:) the end [result] of abortion is nuclear war.

    Every abortion is a federally protected act of murder. And since 9/11 the toll – under Bush the juvenile – is over six million. Or are you only against federally protected acts of murder outside our border?

    And that would be an argument against red-state fascism. Why aren’t you calling in airstrikes against abortion clinics which are destroying more innocent life than Osama ever has or even could? If you want to send your child to battle evil, why not start down the street? Why does Hagee, Robertson, etc? allow this to go on practically unopposed? When they appear before the throne of the God whom they claim to serve, what will they say about the six million deaths of innocents which they were entirely apathetic about while worrying about something literally on the other side of the world and trivial by comparison?

    The idea of a just war, e.g. from the Catholic catechism? Take the four criteria and apply them to abortion – and then simply say if you can’t have a “just war on abortion”, any evil less immediate or serious than abortion – and 40 million deaths is beyond what a nuke could do – CANNOT be justified by definition.

    For me war and life are the same issue and would divide both left and right with a sword.

    1. “And (to the anti-war crowd here:) the end [result] of abortion is nuclear war.”


      “Pro-choice” and “anti-war” doesn’t work for you? Pity.

      Putting “abortion” and “war” next to each other? Crazy.

      I’m not exactly an advocate for a free-for-all regarding abortion, but the “unique genetic human in the womb” phraseology drives me up a wall. Yes, it’s unique. So is every cloud and every grain of sand. I would rather save a person that has been built up over a long life of experiences than something that is a raw, undifferentiated mechanism that hasn’t had its “run” button pressed yet.

      1. The phraseology would drive anyone up the wall, regardless of whether the terms come from pro or anti-abortionist forces, but it doesn’t take much twisting of phraseology to pull a trigger or flip a switch on people who have built up “experiences”.

        Whether Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Pol Pot… ad nauseum you’ll find very “educated”, not moral…mind you, yet undeniably evil people deciding that some folks’ lives simply were not worthy to be lived. In their eyes, even someone like you ET, hadn’t had their run button pressed and felt it more practical to dispose of “defective” product than to waste time with mewling complaints about “freedom”, equality, rights and all that verbal vomit.

        Taken to the “logical” extreme if I and a majority side with me decide that it’s the “right thing to do” to kill you then on what basis are you to complain? The ephemeral ever changing will of the people has spoken so you’d best be quiet and take your bullet to the head like a good slave.

  4. What are anti-abortion crusaders doing here? I agree with El Tonno. Everything is unique. You better be a vegetarian if you don’t support the right to abortion. We are just advanced monkeys, not some unique special centre of the universe. tx:”the end [result] of abortion is nuclear war.” I really don’t follow this. Surely wars benefit from a lack of abortion because it means more people are born that can become soldiers. The government gets its power from the people. We can take away that power by denying rulers future subjects to rule over. I like sex, and I don’t want a baby. Therefore I am down with aborting foetuses. Please allow me this right and mind your own business.

    1. Get yourself fixed, better yet get sterilized and the third party element of your argument goes out the window like so many used condoms. Even better still you can commit suicide and all arguments become moot. The ultimate act of selfishness made manifest.

      I haven’t a problem with people having sex… have at it! Where there is a problem is that there are people who simply don’t want to be accountable for anything whether its in war, sex, whatever… someone is always using someone else for their own selfish reasons, sidestepping responsibility, pointing fingers in blame and ultimately expecting others to foot the bill so they can scamper off unimpeded by conscience.

      If blood is to be shed then let it be on their dime and on their head. Seems that a lot of Americans aren’t really as different from the violent cops or even the Prez as they think.

  5. Wow. This segment was supposed to be about a woman being interviewed, and this woman spoke about violent government men killing a “misbehaving” woman at a government airport, and yet some of the commentators (who I bet are men) want to turn the attention to wanting their right to hurt women who try to have an abortion. Frightening sexism/

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