Anti-Iran Coalition in the Gulf? Read This.

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If President George W. Bush’s main purpose in visiting the Gulf last week — as indicated by his call in Abu Dhabi last Sunday to confront Iran “before it is too late” — was to rally Washington’s Sunni-led regional allies, particularly Saudi Arabia, behind a containment-and-isolation strategy against Iran, especially in the wake of last month’s National Intelligence Estimate (NIE), it appears that he fell far short of his goal. Indeed, it now appears to have been counter-productive.

While in the run-up to Bush’s visit to Saudi Arabia, its foreign minister, Saud al-Faisal, was quoted in some of the mainstream press as warning against U.S. efforts to pit the Gulf states against Iran in this way, a remarkably blunt editorial, entitled “Peace Now,” that appeared in the Jeddah-based English-language Arab News on the second day of the president’s sojourn in Saudi Arabia — two days after his Abu Dhabi speech — received virtually no notice. It should have, because it is probably unprecedented in its bluntness about the kingdom’s honored guest, constituting what the former U.S. ambassador to Riyadh, Chas Freeman, today called “a notable …breach of standard Arab etiquette” and one that was presumably condoned, if not approved, by senior members of the royal family. No one from the News has since been publicly admonished or dismissed, let alone arrested; indeed, no official has distanced the government from the sentiments expressed in it. The entire text, which is reproduced below, warrants attention, but the last paragraph — in which U.S. policy is described as “madness” — is not a little breathtaking, considering that the presidential party probably received complimentary copies with their morning coffee.

“Our region is not short of bloodshed and instability. Iraq, Lebanon, the occupied Palestinian territories and Afghanistan are all scenes of past and present conflicts where largely innocent blood has flowed in plenty. We do not need yet another dangerous conflict.

That is why it was so sad, even depressing, to hear US President George W. Bush use his visit to the Gulf to continue his saber-rattling against the Iranians – and over a nuclear weapons program which his own intelligence chiefs say Tehran abandoned five years ago. To any dispassionate observer, US military action against Iran is unthinkable. Unfortunately the Bush administration’s record since 9/11 has not only embraced the unthinkable but, more dangerously, it has embraced it in an unthinking fashion.

To continue such dire warnings was inconsiderate given that Bush was the guest of Gulf states which are on Iran’s doorstep. Such warnings were not what we wanted to hear. As Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal told his Canadian counterpart Maxime Bernier this week in a message that he then repeated to French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner, confrontational behavior by Washington toward Iran was not the answer. If Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states had a problem with Iran concerning its nuclear program, then they would talk to Tehran as neighbors should.

Before Bush’s Middle East visit, White House briefers were telling correspondents that the president would be pushing the Israelis for a Palestinian settlement in return for Arab backing of a tough stance with Iran. It was suggested that Israel might be more tractable if the “Iranian nuclear threat” were removed. But the linkage simply is not there. It is because of the enduring injustices visited upon the Palestinians, with US connivance, that the Arab world, not least Saudi Arabia, which has long been a US ally, has been so disappointed by the failure to reward loyalty and friendship by Washington’s driving through a Palestinian settlement.

And further, it is because Israel – again with US connivance – has acquired a nuclear arsenal that Iran and, before it, Saddam’s Iraq even thought of acquiring their own nuclear deterrents.

Purblind US policies and Washington’s desperate failure time and again to listen to the advice and guidance of its Arab friends in the region have brought us to this new moment of tension with Iran. We do not need more threats of war. Warmongering has already created the greatest level of regional instability in 60 years. Bush’s inflammatory threats against Iran ride roughshod over the counsels of peace that he has heard from every Arab government on his Middle East visit.

Whatever threat Iran may constitute, now or in the future, must be addressed peaceably and through negotiations. The consequences of further war in the region are hideous, not least because they are incalculable.

Even Bush, with the ruin of Iraq before him, must surely see that. Yet in his confrontational remarks about Iran, he offers no carrot, no inducement, no compromise – only the big US stick. This is not diplomacy in search of peace. It is madness in search of war.”

Freeman, who was moderating a panel on “Iran’s Strategic Concerns and U.S. Interests,” said it was very doubtful such sentiments were expressed directly to Bush during his stay in Saudi Arabia, particularly given the efforts expended by King Abdullah to establish a warm personal relationship with the president. Other participants, who included Gary Sick, Trita Parsi, Barbara Slavin, and Ray Takeyh, appeared to agree that the administration’s efforts to rally the Sunni Gulf leaders behind a confrontational stance against Iran were unlikely to succeed, with Takeyh asserting that, “You’ve begun to see Arab governments moving to integrate Iran as a means of …disarming” the threat that it poses. The Gulf states’ stance, he went on remains contradictory. “(They) don’t want American-Iranian confrontation, and they don’t want American-Iranian normalization,” he said. Along similar lines, readers might profitably read an interesting analysis published by the Royal United Services Institute for Defense and Security Studies in London by Neil Partrick, a Gulf specialist with the International Crisis Group, written on the even of Bush’s trip.

Author: Jim Lobe

Visit for the latest news analysis and commentary from Inter Press News Service's Washington bureau chief Jim Lobe.

84 thoughts on “Anti-Iran Coalition in the Gulf? Read This.”

  1. Unfortunately, we have a leader, that from birth, he had a silver spoon up the wazoo, was a failure and alleged crook in his Oil ventures and now that he is in the "Ivory Tower," he is so removed from reality that he has become a legend in his own mind. Unfortunately, many many needless deaths are upon his head and to the Great Divider it is all an academic game to him and his warped neoconartists that are so far out of reality, that they think that their lies are the truth. Again, Unfortunately, before it is all over with "the ship of fools," Bush and his Neoconartists may have our nation in national bankruptcy status and all the things that go with it and we the people end up paying the price of suffering as they all sit in the White House drinking Champaign and cooking up the next country to demonize and invade. And that is UNFORTUNATE indeed. May God spare us from the Idiots.

    1. May God spare us from the Idiots.

      I’m tempted more and more to believe that having to live under the regime of these idiots (and their successors in 2009 and beyond) is God’s punishment for this nation’s imperial transgressions over the course of the last century.

  2. Can’t figure out what Bush’s game is. Whatever it is he doesn’t seem to be very good at it.

    1. Bush’s game?

      Now, now, … Bush is Buzz Lightyear! (Ah, Toy Story? “To infinity and beyond!”??)

      Yet unlike Buzz it will never dawn upon Bush that he’s just been a (profitable) toy for Cheney and Co.

  3. It isn’t hard to realize what Bush’s plan is. It is to get control of Iran and all its energy resources and to use it to eventually gain control of the whole region around the Caspian Sea. That is where the real prize lies. If the US could gain control of the World’s energy resources it could rule the World. Unfortunately that is not possible. Bush’s brain is not able to recognize the fact that his ambition is greater than his abilities….or most likely it is the people who pull his strings. He is a puppet anyway. Pinocchio was a much smarter one. On Bush’s recent trip to the area it looks like he exposed himself for the fool he is. He is the dumbest jackass that has ever occupied the White House and we have another year before we can put him in the pasture where he belongs.

  4. An interesting remark that the Sunni Arab states are seeking to “integrate Iran”. All of which presupposes a certain sense of identification and an unmistakable circling of the wagons. Bush’s conduct of relations with the states of the Middle East has had all the earmarks of Hitler’s with Austria’s Kurt von Schuschnigg. The bellicosity, the bullying, all the elements are present. One wonders if the King were subjected to an hour long rant or a monologue in private.

    Much has been written of the resemblance of the Bush regime to characteristic aspects of National Socialist Germany and much of it has been eminently accurate and fair, but none more so than that concerning the public strutting and belligerence. One envisions the King’s next visit to Washington as including a military parade with tanks and ominous missile carriers.

  5. If the U.S. plan was to dominate the Middle East economically and militarily, and to secure its oil, then it would seem that Bush has not only failed to achieve the goal, but instead has put U.S. influence in the region in jeopardy.

    The most plausible theory I’ve heard is that the U.S. goal all along has been to divide and conquer by splintering the larger Arab powers into tiny, warring, ethnic pieces. Whether that was truly the U.S. goal or not, that is what seems to be happening. Of course, the problem with such a strategy is that the possible outcomes include scenarios very unfavorable to the U.S.

    In any case, any country which would launch wars of aggression for any reason is at best morally bankrupt, and at worst is evil in the same sense that the bugbears of WWII (empire, missionary nationalism, fascism, totalitarianism and the police state) were evil.

    So . . . either tack seems to lead to the conclusion that the Bush administration is grossly incompetent, and that its leaders are ignorant and stupid. That may be true of Bush, but it’s not true of most of the high officials in his administration.

    It’s almost enough to seduce one into falling for wacky conspiracy theories (e.g., Bush Administration is merely the puppet of darkly sinister forces which remain hidden and whose true purposes are inscrutable).

    1. The attack and occupation of Iraq is not about oil. Oil was $29 per barrel in 2002. It is now bouncing between $90 to $100 per brrel.

      It is about the fragmentation and destruction of a secular Arab regime, and the wholesale slaughter of the population, including the encouragement of sectarian violence.

      The plan is Neo-Con and Likudite. The foreign policy interests of the United States, and even its eventual bankruptcy, are irrelevant to the hijackers.

      Saddam Hussein’s key mistake in both Gulf Wars was to think that United States policy toward his regime was both rational and in United States interest.

      It is neither as far as the Middle East is concerned.

      Bush is a figurehead, and a carefully controlled one.

      Cheney is the key officeholder and power behind the throne.

      Putin goes to Tehran and Olmert rushes to Moscow.

    2. I don’t consider those conspiracy theories as being necessarily all that wacky. You know…the Bilderbergers, CFR, Trilaterals and all those sorts of things.

    3. > It’s almost enough to seduce one into falling for wacky conspiracy
      > theories (e.g., Bush Administration is merely the puppet of darkly
      > sinister forces

      I can only think of the old saying: “Do not attribute to malice and conspiracy what can be explained by simple stupidity.” Especially when the stupid folks repeat the same things over and over, pretending to hear them from the world at large.

    4. One theory is that Bush is an agent of Putin :-) Well – at least judging by the oil prices… if you think about it – it is always better to control the World from the shadow…

  6. We have one more year to live dangerusly under this fool president who is greatest accident of USA presidential election.
    He is so wooried that he is living a legacy of crime against the humanity, aggression,torture to innocent people and he is desperate to come up with something good but that is impossible now.Maybe his logic is that whats the problem if I start enother war say with Iran since whole world managed and tolerated invasion to Iraq & Afghanistan and maybe something good come out from that to his legacy.
    It must be very tempting to him to do that specially with the warmongers around him like his deputy and Israely Mossad.

    1. When are Paul supporters and Libertarians going to become vociferous about Kucinich’s motion to impeach Cheney?

    2. I wish all the “one more year” sentiment here were true. Look who’s waiting in the wings, folks. Giuliani, with Norman Podhoretz as a key advisor? John “Hundred Years War” McCain? Hillary “All Options on the Table Except Impeachment” Clinton? Heaven help us!

  7. I thought it ominous that (Russian govt via) the Russian Gen. Yuri Baluyevsky thought it opportune to reassert their preventive war doctrine “including with the use of nuclear weapons.” and mentioning explicitly their allies as a cause for such a (severe) response. With the situation in Kosovo and the possible Russian response to it and an attack on Iran which is just a matter of time or as Scott Ritter says, “a house filled up with gasoline and flicking matches at the door, sooner or later it will connect.” I can see the logic of that not so diplomatic warning. It is the latest in a chain of warnings and signs.

    1. Indeed, it was obviously a carefully crafted and timed message. It is likely not aimed at Eastern Europe but at the United States and Israel in the Middle East, though Kosovo is also clearly a central issue.

  8. Surely any reading of the above cited editorial, Peace Now, in the Arab News should give pause to any decent Republican planning to vote for any other candidate but Ron Paul. And re poster Steve Hohensee above’s last sentence, that theory doesn’t seem so wacky to me.

  9. He belongs not in pasture, but at the gallows after a very public, very detailed trial. Along with all his criminal co-conspirators.

  10. Bush as an Oil man surely see that his continued confrontational remarks about Iran means “a big party with USD 100 per barrel”, and every body in the Persian Gulf is a dear invited guest in the party !! The other big regional actor namely Ahmadinejad, plays his part of the game and enjoys the party as well, both financially and politically at home. In between all Arabs owe Bush & Ahmadinejad a good “extra USD 30-40” per barrel of the Oil export due to the magical “confrontation show”. Bush just cashed-in part of his commission with the multi-ten-billion war toys sold to every body in the region and I wait to see when Ahmadinejad will get his share. !! However, an un-invited smart a.. just showed up in the Persian Gulf party asking for a navy base to protect the future sales of nuclear reactor !! watch this sob !!

    1. With oil at $100 per barrel the Russian Federation is sitting pretty. The prospects of Little Brother in the Balkans also just took a surprising turn for the better.

  11. Pitting one group against the other is an old Imperialist trick. The British carried it out with elan all over the world. India and Pakistan, North and South Ireland and the division of the Ottaman Empire are all examples. I am glad that the Arabians and the Jordanians (not Saudis or hasemites) did not fall for it this time.


  13. 1. Putin's Caspian Sea Monroe Doctrine is checkmate. Russia now pumps more oil than Saudi. Higher oil prices benefit Russia.

    2. We in the US have Hobson's choice in the coming election. A succession of fools to match or exceed this one, matched by bigger fools in the legislative branch.

    3. Money and power drives it all.

    It's not going to get better.

    1. Exactly right–a good player would have resigned when Putin went to Tehran.

      Instead, the Bush Administration seemingly still intends to throw every last bit of blood and treasure it can muster into a losing end game.

      Meanwhile the Democrats continue to implicate themselves int he lunacy.

  14. During his trip to the Mid East, George Bush looked like a down at his heels Willie Loman, out there with a shoddy line of goods to peddle and in a “bad” territory where he is not popular. And the only friendly client he has is a deadbeat. America, on the international stage, has become a pathetic joke. Bush goes forth with a suitcase full of frayed at the edges bromides about democracy and America’s leadership and he is followed in his footsteps by a bunch of our nervous bankers desperately trying to hock the family jewels. Arthur Miller needs Tennessee William’s collaboration to do justice to this sad drama.

  15. I think it is about time Americans snapped out of their state of denial about their country and the creature they call their ‘President’ and realise that that this ‘Ape-Man’ is the most hated figure amongst not just Muslim states, but is the singularly most odious character in Europe, Asia, South America and even in Canada. Americans must also realise that the US no longer holds any importance in the world other than the grudging audience it may be able to bully, on the strength of its nuclear threats to anyone who defies it or its sidekick Israel. US’s continued support for the pariah and brutal apartheid state of Israel in spite of all its crimes against humanity, with the daily murder, torture and oppression of it’s Arab victims. All this further accelerates US’s self-inflicted battered image. US now conjures images of torture, invasions, bombs, murder, mahyhem, death, famine and destruction. The once mighty dollar is no more. US education is now laughable and coupled with it’s government’s paranoia and the hate fomented against Muslims by US media, churches, synagogues, Republicans and current politicians, not just Muslims, but non-Muslims students have now begun shunning the US to the extent they willing to learn a language uniquely foreign to them such as German or Japanese, in order to pursue higher education. Naturally the US has lost it’s technical edge and is unable to compete in the global market. Other than bombs, missiles and tanks and weapons that cause even greater death and destruction, the US can export little else. Any wonder there is a silent exodus of intellectuals and sane people from the US to Canada and Europe. In the coming years what will be left will be a shell of a country in massive debt, with a worthless currency, an education system comparable to Rawanda and suffer the incompetent and destructive leadership of yet another resoundingly glorious idiot, elected by states populated by geriatric Evangelists, red necks and a growing generation of obese, ignorant and lazy trolls whose world is limited to the confines of their miserable little towns which in their world is the US. Wither America, you did it to yourself.

    1. Wow. The truth does hurt. As an American, however, I hope you do not blame us all. Some of us are paying attention. But we are accused of the same ranting and raving the rest of the world sees in the madness of King George when we try to warn our fellow Americans that our nation is in the hands of men to whom humanity is not a concern. Furthermore, most Americans have no idea, or any interest, of the fact that in addition to any promise of longterm economic well-being, our right to speak out about the crimes our government commits with our tax dollars is being taken away from us. It is sad to watch it all happen from the inside. Our policy makers deserve it, but the people who try to speak louder than the mind-dulling media (and have no means of joining said exodus) are left feeling like Cassandra on the eve of the fall of Troy.

      1. I believe the world blames all Americans for this mess in the middle east, even if you didn’t voted for Dubya. All Americans have to take responsibility for their countries actions. And by the way “Ignorance is not an excuse”. YOU Americans have been killing innocent Arabs for one reason or another, all you have to do is turn on the TV to see it. You are a horrible country full of greed and lust for power. You have also become the thing you hate the most, “A terrorist and a thug”.

        Stop pointing your finger and blaming the other guy. That does nothing. If Americans don’t like what you are doing to the world then stand up and change it from the inside. Writting letters on blogs doesn’t cut it. STAND UP AND SHOUT and start moving. Need examples, look into Americans past and you’ll see how real change came about. Your “Civil War” is a good place to start. How what went on in the 60’s (But stay away from drugs).

        Shame on you America, Shame on all of you for what you are doing in the world. People used to look up to you. Ot is sad to see what has become of you. =(

        1. Jack writes:

          “YOU Americans have been killing innocent Arabs for one reason or another, all you have to do is turn on the TV to see it. You are a horrible country full of greed and lust for power. You have also become the thing you hate the most, “A terrorist and a thug”.”

          Oh ok so on 9/11/01 who was killing whom?
          On 7/7/05, in London, who was killing whom?
          Who bombed our embassies in Africa?
          Who killed our sailors on the USS Cole?
          Who bombed the World Trade Center the first time, in 1993?
          Who killed 241 of our Marines in 1983?
          Who bomed Pan Am 103 over Scotland? Killing over 200?

          Oh yes, wait a minute, I think I know the answer: Muslims! Mostly Arab-Muslims. They are the terrorists and thugs and as far as I’m concerned you can go and join them because you are not much better.

        2. So if I understand correctly your solution is to clump ALL Muslims into one group and kill them all, innocent or not. If so then you’re just helping to create a negative Muslim sterotype. Most Muslims (99%) are not violent and don’t hate freedom just as most Jews (99%) are not greedy.

          So then Mr. Tim R you are no better then your enemy and you have become just like them.

          If, and I mean IF, most Americans share your attitude then the result will be simple, the circle of violence will continue. It will continue until either you destroy each other or one of you turns the other cheek. And that latter is what takes real courage, not bombs and guns. I know America has it in her to change course.

        3. Jack, Jack, Jack… A pity that “common sense is not so common.” I NEVER said we should kill all Muslims. What a horrible thought. All I said is that we must wake up to the fact and face reality: The vast majority of terrorist attacks are committed by fanatical Muslims. Islam, as it is practiced today in many countries of the world is most certainly not a peaceful religion. Hopefully it can become peacful..but first the radicals have to be dealt with.

          And you say 99% of Muslims are peaceful, um, two points buddy:

          1) 9/11/01 The Muslims on the West Bank were gleeful and joyous, dancing in the streets. Check with CNN I’m sure they still have the footage. That’s what you call peaceful?
          2) More importantly go and get a copy of the Pew Global Attitudes Survey. See what the Muslims themselves say, then come back to me and tell me that 99% of them are peaceful. Yeah right! What rubbish!

    2. J Chapman…what a HOT post…and ironically it prooves why the USA is still great! The masses of great “clear thinking” & inovative individuals …..despite the crooks!

      The USA will be ok if they get back to their business as industry produces masses of money so fast…..and get back to no wrongful interventions…..
      …the trouble is if ENOUGH people are hoodwinked by MSM, which THE key in the rackets, how can this happen?
      ?? Word of mouth, the internet, investigations, legal actions, demonstrations, union support,……all can help….??

  16. We can only hope that the saying, “what goes around come around” isn’t true. If it is, Bush will have turned our children and their children into cannon fadder or colateral damage, not to mention torture if they fight back. I don’t see any help for us if we stumble into a depession and become vanerable to our oh so many enimies.

  17. The other nations in the region, with one notable exception of course, have no interest in an American attack on Iran. They know that the ‘sectarian civil war’ is created by the occupation and don’t want the Americans to spread it regionally.

    They’re also smart enough to realize that bombing Iran won’t stop the guerrilla war in Iraq, just as bombing Cambodia didn’t get the Vietnamese to stop shooting at the Americans. So America will end up bombing Laos/Syria and trying to foment “sectarian violence” there too. This, in case anyone had doubts, won’t stop the guerrilla war in Iraq either.

  18. I don`t know mean of gulf in middle east.

    You must use Persian Gulf.It is better for you.Use of Persian

    Gulf show that you read history books.

    Iran want to be independent. If anyone attack to iran, then map

    of the middle east change rapidly.

  19. Obviously, Dubya is making a last-ditch attempt to salvage his reputation by putting together yet another ragtag ‘coalition’ to be pitted against Iran; it’s ironic that the cool, calm, and SANE heads of state are to be found in the Middle East. Bush is trying to sell something no one wants, namely, a ruined nation in exchange for a brand of ‘democracy’ that doesn’t work at gunpoint.

    It’s sad that Dubya is doing all of this for no reason; if his successor has any amount of sanity or rational thinking he or she will reverse the course we are on in the Middle East and begin working towards real solutions instead of lining the pockets of war industries. Sadly, however, I’m not holding my breath for the next round of presidential follies.

    It is now those in power in Washington who are the ‘dead enders’.

  20. Eugene Costa wrote:

    “The attack and occupation of Iraq is not about oil. Oil was $29 per barrel in 2002. It is now bouncing between $90 to $100 per brrel.”

    Precisely dear Watson. And who do you think is the beneficiary of such a price hike? Corporations. Your willingness to believe that modern world events are the product of personalities and not ‘the market’ are sadly not all that rare but ignorant and shortsighted none the less. Iraq contains oil fields that encompass a major portion of know reserves worldwide. The economies of China and India are booming. And that means they need more and more oil. It also means that they will be competing for markets for their products. Competing against the U.S. who’s economy is in serious decline. Now why do you think it would be in the United State’s interest to have some control over who produces those reserves? Figure it out genius! War’s are fought first and foremost for resources. The United States has tried to revert to old fashion, naked military colonialism to control a resource that is vital to it’s emerging competitors. That is why capitalism has reached it’s end. It is no longer progressive. On the contrary it is stifling development and creating the conditions for a world wide revolt against the established order. Why do you think there are so many ‘hotspots’ around the globe at this time. A little reading reveals that the struggle for better wages, living conditions and social justice are the root cause for all of them………

    Read “The Prize” by Daniel Yergin if you think that corporations don’t play a factor………………….

    1. You are incorrect–the NeoCons know nothing of economics when it comes to Israel.

      They and the Likud will fight not only to the last drop of American blood but to last worthless piece of currency printed up by the Federal Reserve.

      Ironcially, it is exactly the enemies the US went out of its way to make that have learned to fight economically, namely, the Russiain Federation, Iran, and Venezuela to count a few.

      I might agree with you that illusory economic motives were key in selling the policy to some, but the fact is that the US elite is not only vicious but terminally incompetent economically as well.

    2. Japan has no resources and I think it has been & will continue to be the most sucessful economy in history ….they know real productivity* is the key of plenty…and their Govt is pro their businesses for the benefit of their people NOT foreigners & offshore bankers.
      Foreigners can’t even own land in Japan I think.
      Our Govts tax the crap out of our business’s which is very anti business & employee stuff! The money goes to the PS/rorters and not REAL investment for wealth making.
      They also don’t waste money on wrongful foreign interventions which destroy wealth & does not create it. Don’t believe the media look at the current account trade figures!!

      *I think we measure our productivity as GDP which includes all the “non productive” & “anti productive” dollar exchanges.

  21. Me thinks that Bush is doing what was done in Germany by many of the same families including the Bushs. Take America down from within, blame the Jews for it to create an anti jewish attitude which will drive them and their wealth to Israel which need jews for its race based expanding territory state.

    Hitler worked closely with zionist and the Bush family worked close enough to Hitler to be convicted of trading with the enemy in WWII – a war fought to break the military alliance with Turkey (which controlled Palestine) and Germany to enable the creation of the state of Israel – the final solution to the jewish problem in Europe.

    The global jewish crime syndicate has been a problem for 4000 years and counting. You can’t fix the effect of a problem, only the cause and the jew will have to fix it. Having one of the smallest populations here on Earth, they must see that they are losing the human race?

  22. Here is a brief to put things in perspective.

    After the vistory of the Islamic revolution in Iran in 1978, Imperialist and Zionist plans were to crush, topple and if not successful contain the revolution and force it to divert from its lofty goals and objectives.

    Hence the plots to assassinate, mount coups, cause unrest both civil and ethnic, and when all failed push the idiot Saddam into launching an attack against the Islamic Revolution.

    As we all know, that war ended badly for Saddam and his Zionist, Client Arab States, European new colonialists, and Imperialist allies by backfiring on them.

    Another front in this plot was to make sure the message of the revolution was muddied by another voice. Hence the Wahabi front and their murderous cohorts in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Israel, Britain and US launched a global war against the Islamic Revolution by supporting the expansion and global reach of Wahabiism.

    In the west we usually hear of this phenomenon in terms of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan but look closer and you will see the true objective as time has unfolded layers and layers of deception, lies, corruption, murder by the Imperialists and Zionists.

    Another blowback. Now the same banckrupt morons are attempting the same banckrupted policies over and over and guess what, its not going to work.

    The same approach has been taken in the past against independent revolutionary states, forces with success. The case of Iran may be the only exception with devastating consequences for the Imperialists and Zionists.

    Hope this helps.


  23. What should worry Americans—your elections are fixed.
    Your media are the king makers.
    Here is a sure cure for America’s ills
    -All income tax filing be public information
    -All voting tabulations of individuals be public information
    If a Donkey like Jr.Bush got to be President,I bet if the Media wanted Laura Bush–she’d get in. Just shows how stupid the general public are.
    President Hitliary—-God help us!

  24. I think our DC parasite elite just wants to enrage the ME as much as possible against the US. Look- Bush’s speech in the UAE could only be seen by Arabs and Persians alike as a breathtakingly hypocritical mess that was sure to enrage any inhabitant of the ME much less “Radicals”.

    DC has nothing to lose with a protracted conflict in the ME and everything to gain- juicy “defense” contracts for decades and more and more and more power.

    Indeed- with each pinprick of a terrorist attack against Americans- our DC elite justify more “defense” spending that goes into their pockets and more power over us through ever heightening surveillance.

    A constant never ending war with “Islam” has no downside to our DC parasite class. None. And the feeble “blowback” that we do suffer will only further strengthen their hand.

    So the more “Islam” is enraged and the more radicals created to launch pathetic attacks on us- the better it is for DC. It really is that simple.

    They want a war that they will always be “winning” but that will never be won. See- the only problem with the Cold War from our DC elite perspective is that it ended. The other side stopped playing. But with stateless “Terrorists” they can be whatever DC says they are. Need them to be strong and “resilient”? Just say they are. Need them to be “on the run”? Just say they are. You can always say they have “Re-formed” and “re-grouped” in 6 months. This “enemy” will never stop playing. DC won’t let it.

    1. True that, and I suspect that’s why the CIA funded fundamentalist forces in the PDPA over democratic ones. The possibilities are endless…

      1. Chris Dowd is so right. Got to get rid of the DC elite, by starting with term limits on Congress, any oh way.

    2. When the host dies, so does the parasite.

      But it is also possible for the host to live while taking measures for the parasite to die.

    3. You think 9-11 was pathetic? They’re in no rush. Sooner or later they will strike the U.S. with even more devastation. It’s just a matter of time. They have nothing to loose: the U.S., pushed by the parasite state of Israel, will keep trying to exterminate Islam. They might as well go fighting.

      1. Thanks C Raymond, who says ….” It’s just a matter of time. They have nothing to loose”

        It is important never to forget when people are driven to do desperate acts, and I note unecesarily, they DO in fact DO desperate acts….ask why else we see suicide attacks….? It ain’t ethnicity or religion in my view!

        Who is to blame if genuine supremecists practice perpetual outragious & maddening provocations on extreemly desperate people?
        Would any of us even treat a dog like this?

        Its stupid to me as there is plenty of resorces really……

    4. Good stuff, & right in theory I think but, they all might yet end up in the dock……

      Whilst this “looks right” they can only get away with it if people don’t know it’s a “rip off”.
      Fortunately 70% of people have caught on to it to some degree and are opposed ……
      They can’t stop “word of mouth” YET …….(I suspect this is why we are looking at the prospect of domestic political spies & files …like old UUSR).

      No matter how “soft minded” people are standup to them politely and speak out for real Defence & Justice for all.

      They MIGHT yet “frighten everyone into silence” or try to start a world war, perhaps as a “smokescreen”, before to long……
      What they are doing to others they can do to us too…..the crooked mainstream Media is powerful & is the problem as it can easily make the innocent look “criminal”.

  25. What Bush wants is an Israeli/Likudnik plan. Turn the Israeli/Arab problem into an Iranian/Arab problem by using Sunni/Shiite divide. It just shows how people are stupid and fall for repeated lies. Use of the media is a great weapon at Zionist hand. Every US presidential candidate must pay homage at the altar of the god of mammon – the preservation of Zionism at whatever cost. Any candidate who disobeys is not able to raise the millions needed for US democracy to function. Otherwise they will be painted with the tar brush and the ever-obedient media is there carrying the tar and the brush.

    if you think this a conspiracy then follow the money trail and check out the names of those sitting on boards of directors. Who benefits???

    Peace be upon ALL Creation.

    1. If you pay close attention you will notice that the anti-Arab hatred stirred up by the Zionists became systematically anti-Muslim instead about a year ago. And I am referring to much more than “Islamo-Fascism”, an absurdity that was on the backburner for a far longer time.

      This actually may fall on deaf ears–many Americans, comfortable in their isolated idiocy, think Iranians and Kurds and Turks and Pakistanis and so forth are also Arabs.

      1. “Comfortable in their isolated idiocy.” Yes, that explains why when I attempt to quietly, reasonably, discuss the truths we touch on at, my siblings let me know, in no uncertain terms, that they don’t want to hear it; and why so many others do everything in their power to avoid these topics.

      2. Eugene Costa writes:

        “If you pay close attention you will notice that the anti-Arab hatred stirred up by the Zionists became systematically anti-Muslim instead about a year ago. And I am referring to much more than “Islamo-Fascism”, an absurdity that was on the backburner for a far longer time.”

        Muslim fanatics are from many races, not just Arabs. Here in the United States, Jose Paddilla, who was just sentenced to jail, was a Hispanic….who turned Muslim and went off the deep end.

        And yes, I will keep using the terms Islamo-Fascists and Islamic terrorists because it is a statistical truth. Well over 90% of all terrorist attacks on American civilians are committed by Muslims. But you expect Americans not to associate Islam with violence? That’s like telling us not to associate the Irish with whiskey or the French with cheese and wine. Give us a break. Not all of us are that stupid.

    2. Ahmed,
      Your comment – “Every US presidential candidate must pay homage at the altar of the god of mammon – the preservation of Zionism at whatever cost.” was demonstrated to me at last night’s NBC Republican debate (South Carolina). The apparent emerging victor – John McCain – went out of his way to pledge his devotion to keeping Israel “independent”. He wasn’t even asked about Israel, he just threw it in. As Orwell remarked – the sign of a well trained dog is when he jumps through hoops without even being asked to do so. And “independent” was a strange word to describe the parasitical relationship between our two countries. He really should have said that under his administration, Israel will continue to have access to the veins closest to our republic’s heart. The NBC hosts never followed up with any questions regarding this statement of support and it would have been appropriate to ask about the events in Gaza, but like other well trained dogs, they went on with the rest of their tight script. What fools they take us to be.

    3. I said NBC Republican Presidential debate (SC), I should have said MSNBC Republican Presidential debate (FL). Easy mistake to make – audiences at Republican debates look the same.

      1. Maybe they should have asked the candidates these questions at the debate:

        If the Muslims in Gaza want peace, why do they continue to fire rockets into southern Israel? Israel totally pulled out of Gaza and, nevertheless, the Muslim fanatics continue to fire rockets over the border. They fire the rockets at civilians, not soldiers.

        Another question you could ask: Barak pulled all Israeli troops out of southern Lebannon several years back. The pull out was totally certified by the United Nations. And despite that, Hezbollah continues with border raids, rocket attacks and has kidnapped, and continues to hold three Israeli soldiers.

        Maybe they should have asked those questions.

        1. Tim R,
          You say Israel totally pulled out of Gaza? Are you serious? Gaza is under total Israeli control – Israel controls their borders and the sea on one side and the air above. All goods and people coming or going are subject to Israeli control (as you may have noticed, Israel was in the process of wholesale starving the Palestinians, when the ingrateful wretches, destroyed one of the walls of their cage). As soon as the Jewish “settlers” left Gaza, the Palestinians tried to export flowers as the Jews did. Well Israel held the flowers at the Israeli border and then laughed at the Palestinians while their trade goods rotted. Israelis had the nerve to point this incident out as proof of “Arab incompetance”. Gaza is a free fire zone for the IDF. As for Lebanon and Syria, Israel is still holding onto portions of their land. And Israel feels free to conduct any bombing raids it wants to against these countries on any pretext it chooses. When Hezbollah milita seized an Israeli soldier, Israel dropped cluster bombs on innocent Lebanese and wiped out as much of the country’s infrastructure as they had bombs for. And just what reason do the “settlers” have to justify stealing the West Bank? As far as I am concerned, Israel is about as innocent as Nazi Germany was. And it rankles me no end that my own country is allied with these monsters

        2. To Richard Vajs,

          I think it is very interesting that we can both look at the same situaion, and see two completly different pictures. I like to think that I’m a reasonable person, and you seem to be one as well, so I would really like to try and understand your point of view better. I think a person should always be open to hearing and trying to consider other viewpoints. So in that spirit, let me ask you a few things:

          First of all, I think we should start with any areas of common ground. I agree with you that the Palestinians have suffered and that in many instances Israel has not treated them fairly or compassionatly. And there is no excuse for that. Israel needs to do a lot better. Now with that said, let’g go on.

          I mentioned the rocket attacks from Gaza. No matter how much the Palestinaians in Gaza may have suffered, do you for one minute think that excuses them from knowing right and wrong? Is there any excuse for deliberatly targeting rocket attacks at civilians? Do you not agree that those attacks are reprehensible?

          As to Gaza being under Israel’s control. Well, what choice is there? Should Israel just open up her borders and allow 1.5 million Palestinians in? Does Israel not have a right to protect her borders? For years they said, if only Israel pulled out, if only we had “land for piece” things would work out. Well, Israel DID indeed pull out. And has there been peace? Has HAMAS and/or Islamic Jihad and or the Popular Front even recognized Israel’s right to exist? Israel gave up land but she did not get any peace in return.

          And another thought: Why is racism only a one way street around here? There were only about 7,000 Jews living amongst over 1.5 million Muslims in Gaza. Why did there have to be this “ethnic cleansing” of Jews anyway? And what would your reaction be if, for example, 7,000 Muslims lived in a big city, say Tel Aviv for example, surrounded by over a million Jews. And the Jews said, no you can’t stay here. 7,000 Muslims among a million Jews is too much? I bet you’d be outraged about that. So why is it not so the other way around?

          The West Bank has a poplulation that is over 95% Arab Muslim. But yet a 5% Jewish population is too much? And that is not racism? Imagine: An all white county in say, South Carolina, for example. They are 95% white but black have moved in and now make up 5% and the county says, hell no! We have to put a stop to all these black people living here. I’m sure you and the NAACP would be pretty upset about that. And rightfully so. But not the other way around. For Jews in Israel is it ok to discriminate and demand ethnic cleansing. Why?

          Another point: Are you aware that prior to Israel’s becoming a state in 1948, a lot of the land now disputed was actually purchased by wealthy Jews? The Arabs willingly sold much of it. Sir Moses Maimonodes, a very wealthy British citizen personally donated a lot of his money for this cause.

          As to Lebannon: Why do you keep making excuses for Hezzbolah? Go and check the record for yourself. Yes, they still claim the tiny Sheba Farms area. But according to the UNITED NATIONS, Israel has been deemed to have FULLY complied with all resolutions regarding Lebannon. Their international borders have been certified. But yet, has Hezbollah stopped their rocket attacks, border raids, and kidnapping of Israeli soldiers? Have they recognized Israel’s right to exist? Or do they still refer to her very existance as the Naqba, the catastrophe? Again, Israel gave up land. Where is the peace? And even though you are angry at Israel, I understand that, but why make excuses for Hezbollah?

          Your last point, comparing Israel to Nazi germany was really beyond the pale. You lost me at that point. Yes, Israel has made some awful mistakes and has in many cases not treated the Palestinians in a fair or humane way. However, Hitler deliberatly sought to wipe out an entire race. He deliberatly murdered 6,000,000 Jews as well as millions of Poles, gays, the mentally ill, and other “undersireables.” How many millions of Palestinians has Israel sent to gas chambers? How many millions of them have they deliberatly killed?

          I look foward to your reply.

  26. No surprise that a large group of Republican voters cast their ballot for McCain because they thought he was “anti-war”.

  27. I am genuinely dismayed at people who think that the US ruling coalition is failing in its objectives in the Middle East.

    Nothing could be further from the truth: trillions of dollars (current and future) transferred to political cronies after being extorted from working Americans (whose lives have shown no improvement since 1974 except that funded by debt).

    That is the aim of the game. Nobody in the main game gives a flying rat’s arse about anybody except to the extent that they can provide a rationale for the continuation of the national protection racket.

    I used to think it wa a ‘blind spot’ in politicians – that they were too stupid to see that trade always generates the lowest-cost transfer of resources. In other words, invading a country is always a stupid way to get your hands on their stuff.

    Now I am a bit older and a bit smarter; I realise that it’s the TAX BASE that funds the invasion, and the DONOR BASE that receives the rights to exploit the resources. And the donor base does not give a sole solitary damn whether their control over resources costs the tax base its shirt, ‘coz the donor base don’t pay no steenking taxes.

    Just learn to live with it – they are not th same species as us; they pursue their parasitic ends in open view, while we normal folks would blush at the gall of it all if we tried to do the same thing.

    How else do you explain a world in which grubby parasites like Cheney, Perle and Wolfowitz fail their way upwards?


    >GT’s Market Rant

    1. “Sitting on a sofa on a Sunday afternoon.
      Going to the candidate’s debate.
      Laugh about it, shout about it
      When you’ve got to choose
      Every way you look at this you lose….”

      [Simon & Garfunkel]


  28. Oh – I ought to point out…

    By ‘different species’ I am not talking about da Jooze – about whom people get snarky from time to time. I am talking about a strain of homo sapiens which has no capacity for empathy or compassion. I call it Homo Cheneyensis – a subspeicies of genus Homo which has sociopathy as its default psychotype rather than simply as one of our many aberrations. It stems, I think, from inbreeding.

    It has nothing to do with any idiotic belief in some variant of Sky Wizard. I don’t dislike da Jooze any more than I dislike anybody who espouses any form of belief that their particular delusion trumps other peoples’.

    GT’s Market Rant

  29. I believe if Israel treats the Arabs properly they will get the same……as for saying the Arabs or Iran are a threat to them in view of the facts….(including that Jews have been living peacefully in the Arab world for century’s) is a huge con & simply the old “Inversion trick”….
    I believe no Govt will drop Nukes if it is assured of “total destruction in retaliation” to itself…..that would be MAD….and, the best or ONLY way to stop the tiny chance of “Nukes going off all around the place” is to listen to Blix and get rid of them ……
    Team Israel could not be doing more to endanger people under the pretence that “Iran et al” are a threat.
    If Israel wants to nuke Iran I wonder how long before whoever else with Asian or Russian Bombs might SUCCESSFULLY retaliate….If the US & Israel can’t subjugate 26 Million people in Iraq how will they subjugate the whole world …which they could not do more to make hostile to them!!…….
    I think it’s all very marginally about “oil & defence” (that’s an excuse) & it’s is really “a profiteers blood racket” and we should have inquiries & if need be prosecute all real War Criminals.

    1. Bill writes:

      “I believe if Israel treats the Arabs properly they will get the same”

      Question: What do you mean by “treating them properly.” Does that mean going back to the pre-1967 borders? And if so, why did Jordan and other countries attack Israel in 1967. Prior to June of 1967, Israel was already on “pre-1967” borders. There were no UN resolutions to comply with because they were already on land set aside for them by the UN in Nov. 1947. So why did they attack? (Unless of course, the very existance of a Jewish state is what the Muslims are so upset about.)

      Also: The Palestinians and almost all Muslim governments in the region refer to the State of Israel and the founding of Israel as the “Naqba” a “catastrophe.” Is that what you would call treating someone properly?

      Bill also wrote: “Jews have been living peacefully in the Arab world for century’s)”

      Have they? Or have they been living in a state of subjugation? Haven’t they been living as second class citizens, called “Dhimmis”? Second class citizens that have to practice their religion “quietly” and pay tribute to their Muslim overlords? Is that what you call “living peacefully?”

  30. Exhorting Arab states to contain Iraq “before it is too late” appears reasonable. When the Israelis bombed Saddam Hussein’s reactor back in 1981, it certainly set-back his plans to make Iraw a nuclear player. Israel daily bets it’s very existence on good and accurate intelligence.

    The despotic Arab states have no reliable news organs – evey news service is owned and operated by and for the Islamic government and the advancement of Islamic authority. Why do you people still believe there’s any vestige of truth in anything they say?

    Does anyone think that Osama bin Laden wouldn’t have used an atomic device is he had access to one? Wise up and get smart – it’s a war based on their irrational hate of us and our non-Islamic culture. Its irrational of us to think any changes in our policy will change their minds. The hate preached in every mosque to “kill the damned Americans and drive the Jews into the sea” isn’t just talk. The moderate Westernized Muslims will stand by, wringing their hands, saying they’re very sorry for all the killings. When will you people rea;lize that they are ireelevent? Moderates will not recliam their religion without significant incentives and pushing from non-Muslims who are fed-up with this religion of hate.

    Bush sees it, however inept he is at executing policy.

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  32. A friend of a friend has also asked for some of our meat chicks, and she wanted 40!!!!!! As she lives in Surrey and doesn’t get up here very often. The only thing is, the meat chicks are only 8 weeks old, plus I do have other people who want to try them too! Anyway, I sorted out 19 yesterday, who weigh between 2. 5 and 3kgs! So she’ll just have to make do with them. they are segregated from the others at the moment, as we’ve had to put them on finisher pellets. This is because the rearer pellets they were…

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