PNAC No More?

The website of the Bill Kristol’s Project for the New American Century ( has vanished. If you go to the site, you are diverted to another one that says, “This Account Has Been Suspended. Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible.” A metaphor, perhaps, for the bankruptcy of the ideas that inspired the project and the strategic disaster that they produced for U.S. interests in Iraq, the greater Middle East, and the wider world?

You can still find most of PNAC’s documents — including its letters and their signatories — through, but it seems that the original site is gone for lack of payment. While the site became effectively dormant in 2005, its sudden disappearance is somewhat alarming. What does it say about the new American Century itself, particularly in light of the slew of recent books on the decline of American power and the end of unipolarity? A coincidence or an augury?

Visit for the latest news analysis and commentary from Inter Press News Service’s Washington bureau chief Jim Lobe.

Author: Jim Lobe

Visit for the latest news analysis and commentary from Inter Press News Service's Washington bureau chief Jim Lobe.

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  1. Have you checked under PNIC (Project for the New Israeli Century)? As you should have suspected, there never was anything in it for America.

    1. The United States has been Israel’s chump for a long, long time. I can think of no other case in history where such a small, distant country of no value or importance has been able to exercise such an incredibly disproportionate influence in the affairs of another. It would be as if the Republic of Ireland was determining the political and foreign policies of Russia in regards to the Anglosphere.

    2. I’ve always wondered why PNAC was so open about its agenda. Especially the document “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” that eerily predicted almost one year to the day before 9/11 that it would take an “attack on the scale of Pearl Harbor” to rally Americans around the PNAC agenda.

      Amazing — 9/11 (allegedly orchestrated by a former CIA operative living on dialysis in a cave in Afghanistan and killing approx. the same amount of people as the Pearl Harbor attack) happens and suddenly all of PNAC/ Israels’ dream wars are on the table! Within hours!

      What a coincidence!

      PNAC isn’t gone, it’s just in hiding. That sinister cabal remains intact, perhaps plotting the next new Pearl Harbor. How they’re going to tie in the agenda Wes Clark reported (the Sudan to Iran for instance) remains to be seen. But given that the top headline of the day was which David would win American Yodel, and given the liberal idiots in the “Save Darfur” crowd are already hankering for military intervention there, I would not put any faith in Americans perceiving obvious deceptions.

      1. Yes. In hiding. Hoping to rise again after Republicans have sufficiently blamed Obama for the coming coming stagflation, just as Carter was blamed in his time.

        This country desperately needs war crimes trials.

  2. Israel has more influence in America than Ireland, Germany, Spain, Russia, Canada, Italy and Mexico put together. China comes the closer but is still far less influencial.

  3. Several years ago there was a big outcry about China attempts to influence American politics!?

  4. Well, of course, the neocons are going into hiding, destryoing all the evidence pointing to their culpability. It’s the beginning of the final phase of world domination brought about via a Lieberman Presidency. And to scrutinize the timeline of events and documents would enable people to figure out who it was that brought our planet to its nadir of murdering, genocidal fascist corporatism blended with the zionism ideology of Strauss and Milton Friedman.

  5. I lived in Arizona from before the time McCain was first elected until recently. I think that McCain’s gotten progressively crazier, especially since his melanoma scare.

    I do fear that he’s going to pick Lieberman.

    One thing to understand about McCain is that he really is a Zionist — he’s not faking it. It could be a reaction to his father’s role in covering-up the Israeli attack on the U.S.S. Liberty. By which I mean, in McCain’s brain, or what’s left of it, his father’s actions protecting Israel had to be right, because otherwise his father wouldn’t have covered-up the Israeli attack. Therefore protecting Israel is the right thing to do.

    Yet another father-obsessed president — that’s all the U.S. needs…

    Lieberman is so transparently a Likudnik, but then all U.S. politicians are. But since McCain most probably will pop-off soon, in Lieberman we’ll have the first official Israeli president of the U.S., which might be a good thing in the extremely long run (that is, if the world survives) because then the machinations of the Israel Lobby would be right out in the open.

    1. But how many people would be “disappeared” by the CHEKA-like homeland security apparatus before the people rebelled and threw this despotic regime out? No, reading Russian history to get an idea of where our country would be headed is not worth the experiment you’re alluding to. McCain/Lieberman must be defeated before Lieberman could take over for McCain.

      1. I’m pretty sure that I would be one of the first “disappeared” under a Lieberman regime. Despite that my spouse has the so-called “right of return” to Israel.

        The world becomes increasingly absurd, but I fear that there’s no way to stop the Likudnik madness.

        I back others on this site in asking people to call their congressional reps and demand that Israel be taken out of the U.S. foreign policy equation AND no attack on Iran, Syria, Lebanon, the Palestinians, or we will KICK THEIR BUTTS OUT OF OFFICE. And also prosecute these congressional traitors for treason.

        Call the media too — it’s at least as culpable in hyping the myth that Israel is this tiny, innocent, defenseless country, surrounded by barbarians/ heathens/ ravening hordes.

        We have to stop an attack on Iran because it’s our future at stake.

  6. Once you put something out on the Web, you can never take it back. It’s nice to see that the site is gone. Of course, they have accomplished more than they ever dreamed of when it was all started.

  7. I like the name “Project for the Nihilist American Century” by the way. That’s most descriptive, and it doesn’t change the acronym.

    1. I’m no fan of John McCain’s, but from a technical standpoint that article in the ‘Rock Creek Free Press’ is a bunch of sensationalist hogwash fed more by rumor rather than facts. Lt Commanders don’t run a carrier, pilots don’t dictate what type of ordnance their aircraft will be loaded with, and ship’s captains and airwing commanders don’t dictate what ordnance will be carried by the ship when it goes to sea on combat cruises. Leftover WW II ordnance was used extensively in the early years of the Vietnam war by the Navy, Air Force, and Marines…and I doubt if its ‘cookoff’ time is any less than that of any modern MK-83 GP bomb without thermal shielding. Additionally, the A4 aircraft is designed to carry one 1000 pound bomb each on the parent centerline and inboard wing pylons. Whoever said that the aircraft is limited to carry only 500 pound bombs is full of beans. The aircraft would also not be illegally loaded…that is, there would not be a 1000 pounder on an outboard wing pylon…guaranteed. I’ll go out on a limb here and assume his aircraft was probably loaded with one MK-82 (500#) one each outboard wing station, a 300 gallon fuel tank on each inboard wing station, and a single 1000# bomb on the fuselage center station. This would comprise a typical maximum combat load for the A4 if 1000# bombs were being used. That said, I don’t consider John McCain a ‘hero.’ Any damn fool can get himself shot down and being a POW just means sitting out the combat phase of the war…not fun, but neither particularly ‘heroic,’ at least not in my book. But to blame him for the Forrestal fire is nothing but a phoney bullsh*t smear!

      1. Thanks for clarifying that. I don’t see anything heroic about dropping bombs on innocent civilians, but I wouldn’t want to accuse McCain of something he hasn’t done when there’s plenty of crap he has done to talk about.

        To get back to PNAC, a friend told me about it in early 2002. I was incredulous reading the PNAC document “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” which predicted that it would take an attack on the scale of Pearl Harbor to rally Americans around PNAC’s agenda.

        Like countless others, I was searching for answers about 9/11, and I have to say the scales fell from my eyes when I read up on PNAC.

        Something that’s rarely mentioned (although I think I first saw it here) is that Rabbi Dov Zakheim, a prominent PNAC member, was comptroller/ CFO of the Pentagon on 9/11/01. Zakheim had previously been CEO of SPC Intl., a company that had developed technology to remotely control hijacked planes.

        SPC had a division, TriData, that was in charge of investigating the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center, so Zakheim would have had access to a lot of information on the towers.

        But of course, all of this is just COINCIDENCE, right? Everything surrounding PNAC members and 9/11 reek of some kind of grim serendipity.

        Here’s Zakheim’s bio from the website of SPC itself:

  8. PNAC simply got too much attention and I hope i contributed to that by posting information about it on various blogs (couldn’t on rightwing ones, it means a quick ban)
    I don’t doubt that the ideologue lives on in one for or another though, like through AEI.

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