Biden’s ‘Disinfo Board’ RIP? Don’t Hold Your Breath!

After an outcry over the creation of a “Ministry of Truth” within the Department of Homeland Security – with a champion disinformation-spreader hired to fight disinformation – the Biden Administration announced the program is on “pause” and the kooky director has resigned. But this is a government power grab so they can hit the “play” button at any time. Also today, champion doxxed Taylor Lorenz blames Disinfo Board demise on the “far right.” And…George W. Bush accidentally tells the truth.

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The Politics of the Iran Nuclear Deal

Michael Hirsh reports on the lingering toxic effects of Trump’s foreign policy decisions, including the decision to renege on the nuclear deal. Biden’s timidity on reversing Trump’s policy has left many observers baffled:

“The decision-making process in the administration is such that people who have the last word with the president are prioritizing domestic policy over foreign policy,” said Ali Vaez of the International Crisis Group, who is a former top aide to Robert Malley, the Biden administration’s chief Iran negotiator.

The result, Vaez said, was “tragic” for Biden and would come back to haunt him, especially with Iran edging toward potential nuclear breakout – the point at which the country has enough fissile material for a bomb. “For someone like him with so much foreign-policy experience to allow politics to play such a role is unbelievable.”

Biden’s mishandling of the revival of the nuclear deal has loomed larger than some of his other foreign policy mistakes because it is such a high-profile issue, it was a major difference between Biden and Trump during the campaign, and the magnitude of Trump’s failure was so great. It has also undermined Biden’s claim to competence in matters of foreign policy, which his supporters assumed was one of his strengths. Rejoining the agreement is a no-brainer on the merits, so it has been discouraging to see the process drag on for more than a year when U.S. reentry should have been relatively straightforward. Vaez says that it is “unbelievable” that Biden is allowing domestic politics to play such a dominant role in the decision-making process, but it is unfortunately all too believable given the president’s tendency to favor the status quo even when it was created by Trump. Add in political calculations during an election year, and you have a recipe for inaction and stagnation.

Carl Bildt and Javier Solana are similarly mystified by Biden’s slow-walking approach:

So it’s puzzling that, after running on a return to the nuclear deal and promising that “America is back,” Biden has been slow-walking diplomacy that US allies strongly support. The common refrain is that he is “playing it safe” on Iran ahead of the upcoming midterms. But frankly, being the president under whose watch efforts to contain Iran’s nuclear efforts succeeded would be a much bigger hit for Biden and the Democrats in advance of the 2024 elections.

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Putin: If Finns, Swedes Get NATO ‘Military Infrastructure,’ We’ll Respond

On May 16, just before I was interviewed for The Critical Hour (click above), Putin addressed Finland’s and Sweden’s plans to join NATO, using words far milder than had most expected:

“Russia has no problems with these states. There is no direct threat to Russia in connection with NATO’s expansion to these countries.”

Then, the kicker:

“But the expansion of NATO’s military infrastructure to these territories will certainly evoke a response on our part. We will see what it will be like based on the threats that are created for us.”

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‘Let’s Make a Deal’ – Turkey Sets Demands for Finland/Sweden NATO Membership

And the winner of “never let a crisis go to waste” is Turkey’s Erdogan, who vows to block NATO membership for Finland and Sweden unless his shopping list of concessions is fulfilled by the US, EU, and NATO. Who will blink? Also today: Greece gets in on the “give us something” game. Finally: Washington Post and NYTimes drop serious disinformation on Azov surrender in Mariupol. Will Nina Jankowicz go after them?

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US Cranking War Back Up in Somalia

President Joe Biden is cranking back up the US government’s war in Somalia. Previously, President Donald Trump brought some reprieve in US military action in the African nation. But, intervention reducing developments in US foreign policy tend to face much pressure to end.

In a Monday article at the New York Times, Charlie Savage and Eric Schmitt relate some of the new developments in US military action in Somalia. The article begins with the following reporting of key developments:

President Biden has signed an order authorizing the military to once again deploy hundreds of Special Operations forces inside Somalia – largely reversing the decision by President Donald J. Trump to withdraw nearly all 700 ground troops who had been stationed there, according to four officials familiar with the matter.

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