A Personal Message From Eric Garris

Dear Readers,

I never thought the situation in Palestine could become this dire. It is clear that the goal of the Israeli government is total war against all Palestinians in Gaza. The Israelis told Gaza citizens to leave the north to avoid being bombed, and then they started bombing the south. Now they are planning for a year-long war.

Israel is deliberately targeting civilians. “The emphasis is on damage and not on accuracy,” Israel Defense Forces official Daniel Hagari said.

This week, the US House of Representatives voted to equate anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism (not just anti-Israel). I am not sure how many members of Congress even understand what Zionism means. The Biden Administration has stated that it places no conditions on how Israel uses the massive military shipments being sent to Israel. Congress is about to send even more money for war in Gaza, while the majority of Americans now support a permanent ceasefire.

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Military and Foreign Policy Experts Open Letter on US Diplomatic Malpractice

From the Eisenhower Media Network:

Does America inspire the world by the power of its example or the example of its power? Far too often, and despite President Joe Biden’s words during his inaugural address, America’s overmilitarized power and diplomatic malpractice are its examples to the world.

We must change that. To make America truly essential and indispensable, we must not remain the world’s leading arms maker and weapons exporter. We must instead become the world’s greatest and most committed peacemaker and diplomat.

The problem is that America continues to make war, continues being “essential” only as the world’s leading merchant of death, and continues seeking dominance through military supremacy that ends, in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, and earlier in Vietnam, in mass death and colossal folly.

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Famine Stalks the People of Gaza

The UN emergency relief coordinator, Martin Griffiths, issued a grim warning about the humanitarian crisis created by the war in Gaza:

The UN’s top aid official has said the Israeli military campaign in southern Gaza has been just as devastating as in the north, creating “apocalyptic” conditions and ending any possibility of meaningful humanitarian operations.

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The Obliteration of Gaza

Reprinted from Bracing Views with the author’s permission.

We are witnessing the obliteration of Gaza. The death toll has already surpassed 16,000 as Israel continues to pummel targets with American-made bombs and missiles. Even CNN is worried (from my email update this AM):

Top UN officials are warning of an “apocalyptic” situation in Gaza with “no place safe to go” for civilians as the deepening humanitarian crisis sparks international concern. Israel is expanding ground operations to the entire territory to “eliminate” Hamas and has told Palestinians to flee large swaths of southern Gaza, where many had previously sought refuge. But the war-torn region is in the midst of a near-total internet blackout as the last major telecommunications operator said services are completely cut off. This means many Palestinians are unable to communicate with one another or call for help while evacuating, and emergency workers can’t coordinate their responses.

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Shock Poll: Most Americans Support Permanent Gaza Ceasefire!

On today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Despite what you may hear in the mainstream media, poll after poll demonstrate clearly that the American people have very little interest in being involved in Israel’s war on Gaza. The latest poll, released this week, shows that a majority of ALL American voters want a permanent ceasefire. Meanwhile, US Congress keeps stoking the flames of war and the President keeps delivering weapons. Also today… even Germany’s Die Welt admits that Ukraine war likely lost.

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.